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Found 27 results

  1. About us: Knowing where the clan's title comes from isn't a must but it helps! We are a clan consisting of anime Lovers and warships players. We come from all around Europe and the world! Everyone is welcome, you're sure to fit in! We are mainly for fun, jumping into divisions to do daily tasks and missions. We are all laid back people happy to chat and discuss the game, anime and other games alike! We have a community discord with over 80 members and active admins; It is open to all and can be used as you please for chatting. We have around 30 clan members and are active daily! What do we offer you? A fun , friendly group of players willing to division and assist you in daily tasks day to day. A group of experienced players happy to division and help you become a better player. Daily active discussions both Wows related and not. A new active and effective clan wars Unit.(which you can be part of!). A bunch of naval district bonuses. Poi! (obviously) What do we want from you? You must be able to speak English.! Secondly harassment, insults and racism are not tolerated! We are a multinational clan! At least 600+ matches played. You will need at least a 50% win rate or higher, with a decent level of skill and at least one tier 7+ ship (We will make exceptions!) Discord is Necessary for communication purposes. Finally I won't accept you if you have stats hidden, purely for transparency reasons, nobody should be ashamed of your stats! FYI: YOU DO NOT NEED TO AN INTEREST IN CLAN WARS TO JOIN! WE ARE ACCEPTING ANY VALID MEMBERS! Clan wars We are currently in need of people able to participate in clan wars: Our first season was pretty successful with our limited members and now we need your help; We have been looking for people with tier 10 ships, able and willing to participate in clan wars for more than a season; good communication and a tier 10 ship or two are a must! Let me know directly if you are interested in this aspect of the clan. OUR DISCORD: Our clan discord is open to everyone! not just the clan! The discord server is for anime lovers and warships players If you wish to join the discord server it can be found here: https://discord.gg/87zHmNN How to apply: If you are interested drop me a pm here on the forums, or contact us through discord by messaging an admin or moderator on our discord server. (link found above) If you aren't interested, go on your merry way and we hope to meet you out on the seas! POI POI!
  2. English summary: Papat is a Finnish speaking clan for mature Finnish speaking gamers. The Papat WoWS clan is an extension of the bigger Papat Multigaming Community, which has hundreds of members playing a variety of games. If you don't speak Finnish, don't read further. GGs! Papat lyhyesti Olemme keski-iän partaalla oleva Suomea puhuva ryhmä "pappoja". Pelaamme mielellämme sekä yhdessä että erikseen. Emme ota pelaamista kovin vakavasti, sillä suuri osa meistä on perheellisiä & harrastaa muutakin kuin pelaamista. Huutelemme hävyttömyyksiä toisillemme TeamSpeakin kautta (koska Discord on aivan liian uutta teknologiaa papoille). Klaanissa on tällä hetkellä 25 pelaajaa, joista aktiivisia vajaa 20. Klaani on epävirallinen osa laajempaa Papat Multigaming Communityä, jossa on satoja jäseniä pelaamassa useita eri pelejä. Papat Multigaming Community on rekisteröity yhdistys, josta voit lukea lisää täältä. Klaaniin liittyminen ei edellytä yhdistykseen liittymistä. Mitä toivomme sinulta? Olet vähintään 18 vuotias. Puhut ja ymmärrät Suomea. Kestät hiukan rankempaakin läppää ja huumoria (ja osaat antaa takaisin samalla mitalla). Pelaat semi-aktiivisesti (yksin, divisioonissa tai klaanitaisteluissa). Omaat vähintään yhden Tier 8 laivan, jotta voit osallistua klaanipeleihin. Suostut pelatessasi kommunikoimaan TeamSpeak palvelimellamme (vaikka pelaisitkin yksin). Osallistut klaanitaisteluihin silloin kun se on mahdollista (useat meistä ovat perheellisiä, eli ymmärrämme että aina ei vaan voi). Omaat avoimen mielen & osaat noudattaa käskyjä klaanipeleissä vaikka ne sotisivat omia tapojasi vastaan. Et ole piilottanut statsejasi & statsisi ovat kohtalaiset (käymme hakemukset läpi tapauskohtaisesti). Et käytä huijausohjelmia. Mitä tarjoamme sinulle? TeamSpeak palvelimen & klaanille varatut kanavat. Peliseuraa lähes joka päivä. Mahdollisuuden parantaa taitojasi ja oppimaan paremmaksi WoWS kapteeniksi. Osallistumisen klaanipeleihin. Klaanibonukset (päämajamme on melko hyvin päivitetty). Miten haen klaaniin? Lähetä viestiä pelin sisällä jollekin seuraavista (tai vaikka kaikille): GONA MacMoulinex needle Käsittelemme jokaisen jäsenhakemuksen erikseen ja pidämme pienen haastattelun Discord tmv. kanavan kautta jos vaikutat hyvältä tyypiltä! Papat Multigaming Community ry - Slow Reaction Gaming Since 2005.
  3. Welcome to the Recruitment Thread for Solaire Invictus - known by the moniker [TORCH] Our Main Aims: - Friendly tight knit community with a dictatorship with an open diplomatic forum style setup. - Chilled atmosphere and jolly co-operation! - Regular CB sessions, at minimum 3 session per week. - Inter clan lottery, prizes ranging from flags to ships, and containers! General Guidelines: - English-speaking, Access to Discord. - PR of 1200* (>1500 Battles) - Having at least one Tier 8 Ship would be beneficial to get enjoyment from divisions. - Having a Tier 10 Cruiser for Clan Battles will mean some immediate exposure! We recruit on a trial and case-by-case basis, however general rule of thumb is your stats are 2000PR and 60% WR if you have a decent first impression and positive character. Therefore we usually use an extended trial initiation (7 days) - At the end of this period you are forwarded an invite to the clan. If you're interested please contact Myself on the forum here - or on our discord here: https://discord.gg/YajtxgH So to summarise us, please watch the below introductory video to explain what we're about. Disclaimer - This video was included for purely entertainment purposes and has no explanatory content to the nature of the clan in question, viewer discretion is advised, as the audio track of the song in said contetn above will likely get stuck in your head and drive you up the f***ing wall.
  4. [Situation typical; all fked up] Hello there~ We are a chill clan looking for new people to play clan wars, divisions and hang out with us! What we offer: A discord server filled with active people Ability to div up every time you play Ability to play in clan wars Chill atmosphere What we need: Stats that are close/above clan average [ Clan Stats ] (PR >1300 / Win Rate 53%) English on a decent level (obvs) Mic/Discord Desire to play with others and improve To go into more detail; we are looking for people to play clan wars or just hang and play in divisions. Currently we have a stable roster of 7 people + around 8 who come and go. We decided to run a friendly rivalry and depending on how skilled you are in any aspect of the game, you'll have priority to join the first team to climb to typhoon and beyond. As you can tell from our numbers we have both clan war divs running from time to time, so we can all play and try to get missions done. Aside from clan wars, we usually have divs running most of the time. Most of our players enjoy playing together, so if you want some casual fun, we also have that~ Here's our discord server: https://discord.gg/KPFj4AJ anyone are welcome to join! You don't have to be a clan member to come and hang out, maybe play a few games. How to apply: The best way would be to join our discord where you will be given a recruit role. We usually like to play/talk to everyone before we make decisions. The whole process usually takes 3-4 days.
  5. Hi there I am looking for a clan that is serious about clan battles and can have fun in divisions uses Discord or ts3 communicates in English and has mature players that are over 18 years old. The clan I am looking for is around my win rate has finished in typhoon or storm league (if your a new clan but have good set up feel free to message me). As you can see I have not found the right clan yet but i hope to have trial to give each other a chance see if we are both good fits. Thanks very much for reading this
  6. Good day Commanders!! I'm a new Deputy in ROEL and i want to come forward with improvements. To be short: I'm looking for (we - ROEL) Romanian players, active ones on WoWs and Team Speak 3, also i'm searching for competitive ones with expectations from them to grow and improve and from the clan to help them conquer the 7Seas and having a good time with our Commanders. Requirements(minimum): - Main Ship: (DD/BB/CC/CV) Avg DMG: 60k-70k, PR 1400, 50% win rate - General: Avg DMG: 50k-60k, PR 1300, 50% win rate - 1 Tier X ship or 2-3 competitive Tier VIII ships. - active and more or less competitive - strong personality + humour and sociable - 25+ age (we can have exceptions) - Playing WoWs means being on Team Speak 3 with the others from the clan Don't hesitate to contact me even if you don't have all the minimum Requirements. You can find me on WoWs as Yo_MaPrey or on Whatsapp: +40721094726 (anytime) o7!!! Give them a heart break! :) Yo_MaPrey <<<<< Salut Comandanti! Sunt un Deputy nou in clanul ROEL si odata cu mine vin si reforme. In ultima vreme ROEL se afla intr-o usoara scadere de forma de aceea urmeaza o curatenie de sarbatori. Prin acest topic doresc sa imi exprim interesul asupra jucatorilor cu caracter competitiv si care au asteptari mari(de la ei si de la clanul din care vor sa faca parte). Dorim jucatori activi si care vor sa se simta bine alaturi de comunitate. Consider ca trebuie sa existe 2 tipuri de criterii si anume: 1) Statisticile jucatorului: - Main Ship (DD/BB/CC/CV) Avg DMG: cel putin 60k-70k cu un PR de cel putin 1400 si cel putin 50% win rate - Statistici generale: PR 1300(de vazut la recrutare) , Avg. DMG cel putin 50k - 60k cu 50% win rate minim - cel putin un Tier X, posibil sa accept si VIII (ramane de vazut). *Nota: daca cumva nu va incadrati in minimul cerut, NU ezitati, luati legatura cu mine. Consider ca sunt jucatori buni si foarte buni care nu au cerintele mentionate anterior. Atata timp cat sunt dispusi sa se perfectioneze si sa isi imbunatateasca jocul, sunt deschis la o discutie. 2) Caracterul jucatorului: - Competitiv - Cu cei 7 ani de-acasa - sociabil - varsta minima ramane la hotararea colegilor dupa impresie :) *NOTA: TOTI CEI CE DORESC SA FACA PARTE DIN CLAN TREBUIE SA INTRE PE Team Speak 3 (nu suntem absurzi sa obligam pe cineva sa fie prezent tot timpul, dar cel putin cand este pe WoWs sa se afle si pe TS) - CRITERIU FOARTE IMPORTANT!!!!!! Pentru mai multe informatii va stau la dispozitie. Ma gasiti la: pe WoWs: Yo_MaPrey, pe Whatsapp: +40721094726 (oricand) Fir Intins la Kraken! :) Zi buna va doresc!
  7. Ahoy Mateys!! Avast Ye!! Arrr ye lookin' for a new Krew, aye? Or arrr ye sick of only hearin' that parrot all t' time, aye? Or arrr ye lookin' for a place to stash ye Booty, aye? Or do ye just want to Plunder and Feed the Fishes, aye? (Yo-ho-ho that was my best and probalbly worsted Pirate impression ever ) [-TFD-] The Flying Dutchman is an international clan with members from all over Europe. Respect and Fun is our highest priority. We have experienced players and a lot of knowledge of the game. So if you are looking to improve you playstyle. Or want to learn more about the Ships, Maps, Modules, Commander Skills, etc. Or if you just want to have friends to play with. We can all offer you that. Our members are cool and relaxed and always happy to help or just play a few battles. We offer: - An fully upgraded clan with all the perks unlocked. - Knowledge of the game to help you improve your game. - A monthly in-clan Tournament with prizes. - A chance to play Clan Battles - And absolutly awesome Discord Server where you can: chat and voice chat, share your results and replays, watch videos of the famous wows youtubers, share your music, talk BS and lots more. (we have 80 members on our server. Members, allies and friends) We ask: - You to have atleast 1x T10 Ship, or willing to get is fast. - Use English as your main language - Respect your fellow clanmember - Dont be in-active for longer then 20 days without notice - Discord voice chat is mandatory for clan battles only If you like to know more or want to join, then contact me here or ingame or join our Discord (Ask me for the link). Or contact one of our deputy commanders or recruiters. Ohhhh and dont forget to check our awesome clan video here below. (Serious just click play )
  8. Boaty_Mc_Derpface

    The Axiom Raiders - [AXIOM] - [AX2OM]

    Hello fellow pixel ship warriors we are the Axiom Raiders, we are a clan made up of players who like nothing better than jumping on to Teamspeak having a laugh and playing World of Warships. We currently have 2 clans Axiom Raiders [AXIOM] and the newly formed Axiom Raiders 2 [AX2OM] , what can i tell you about the clans. The Axiom Raiders [AXIOM] - Clan Wars driven with the focus on reaching the top league using teamwork, tactics and the right ships for the job, that doesn't mean that it's all business because as the saying goes " all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy " so we do let our hair down (if you have hair that is) and play operations, divisions etc. We would ask for any applicant to be willing to play multiple ship roles what we are looking for 1. Must have Teamspeak with working mic 2. Must be able to understand Basic English 3. Must be 18+ years of age due to mature nature of clan dynamic, exceptions can be made 4. Plays regularly 5. Willing to give and accept feedback to help each other 6. Willing to be a team player 7 .Willing to follow clan rules All applications will be on a Trial basis of 2 weeks that way it gives you time to see if you want to be part of the clan and you will be guided through by 1 of the recruitment team. The Axiom Raiders 2 [AX2OM] - The Casual side of the clan, working on promoting team play with in a group of players, playing operations, divisions and all other team based activities. what we are looking for 1. Must have Teamspeak with working mic 2. Must be able to understand Basic English 3. Must be 18+ years of age due to mature nature of clan dynamic, exceptions can be made 4. Plays regularly with in there means e.g. family life, work etc 5. Willing to give and accept feedback to help each other 6. Willing to be a team player 7 .Willing to follow clan rules 8. Must have a tier 6 non premium ship When applying for 1 of the above clans please do so in this format Clan name [axiom]/[ax2om] - short description about yourself & why you want to join - your top tier ship/ ships e.g. Tier 8 benson, edinburgh Good luck and Fair seas
  9. Atroxic

    A-SLO | Recruiting

    A-SLO |Admirals Slovenia| We're looking for you! | Iščemo tebe! |SLO| Smo slovenski klan, ustvarjen z namenom, da združimo aktivne slovenske igralce in se ob tem zabavamo. Cilj klana je igranje v divizijah in igranje Team Battlov. Če si že zadel citadelo, zadel s torpedom, zakuril ladjo, potem v igri napiši našim rekruterjom, vse potrebne informaciji in kmalu boš z nami, v dobri družbi. V prošnji navedi najvišji tier ladje, in katero katergorijo ladij igraš najraje oz. najbolje. Nudimo TS, dobro družbo. Admiraliteta A-SLO - - - |EN| We're Slovenian speaking clan, created with purpose of gathering active Slovenian player, while having fun. Our goals is to actively play in divisions and playing Team Battles. If you ever shot citadel, made torpedo hit, burned a ship, just send us your application in game, and you'll be with us in no time. In your application let us know your highest tier ship, and which class of ships do you like to play or with which class you're the best. We offer TS and good company. Admiralty of A-SLO Za dodatne informacije se obrni na Life2Party ali Fireonham, Bronx00 in v izrednem primeru na Atroxic | For any additional info contact Life2Party or Bronx00 or in extreme situations Atroxic Izredni primeri: - Tipkovnica ti ne dela - Ubistvu te sploh ne zanima klan - Te zanima kej več o lamah - Rad bi nam sporočil, da smo šponski - Imaš punco v .jpeg formatu, in se noče pogovarjat
  10. tenceus

    about Divisions

    Hi Folks! We have this nice feature in tis game to be able to play with friends. It is awesome but definitely needs two things as divisions are small fighting groups in the whole team: -An In-game chatroom. The ability to talk only to division members would greatly help the communication which is key in every team game. -The game should place the division members close to each other in the beginning of the battles. If I decide to play together with a friend or two I want to work together with them not watching their minimap markers the other wing of the front or in some cases the opposite side of the map. Also quite annoying if a division in our side decides to spend the first three minutes of the battle looking for each other instead of helping the team. I would be happy if you could take this things into consideration during the developing of the next patch. Good luck and fair seas!
  11. Adrian1914

    4 players in Division chat

    Greetings! A couple of days ago I encountered this which I believe should be a bug: As you can see the other division guys don't see the 4th player. The only information I think could be relevant is that I was playing with the 4th guy in another 3-man division earlier, then I left to take a 1h break or so, but didn't close the game. Then I PM-ed the leader of the new division to invite me and when I joined I saw the 4th guy.
  12. Ozunix

    générateur de Divisions

    Bonjours à tous, Après avoir rencontré beaucoup de joueurs francophones que je ne connaissais pas pour KotS, il y a quelque chose qui m'a sauté aux yeux : des joueurs, dans leur majorité, ont leur cercle de partenaires et ne vois pas plus loin que le bout de leur Discord. (ou TS, pas de jaloux). Certains joueurs ont des préjugés sur les autres membres, selon leur âges, leur statistiques ou leur clan. Je propose de partager nos expériences, nos forces comme nos faiblesses, avec des plus forts et des moins forts que nous. Que dites-vous d'avoir chaque semaine une personne différente avec qui vous faites simplement quelques parties ? L'idée, je l'ai déjà dit, est d'aider les joueurs les plus faibles à progresser mais aussi, pour ceux plus confirmés, à aller plus en profondeur dans le jeu en jouant avec d'autres joueurs d'expérience. J'espère aussi que ça apaisera les tensions qui sont présentes, ici, pas de différence selon le clan auquel on appartient. L'objectif est de se connaître et de découvrir les personnalités de chacune des personnes dernière cette écran d'ordinateur. Comment ça va fonctionner ? Et bien chaque lundi il y a un nouveau tirage au sort avec un forum pour la semaine d'après. Le premier forum sera donc pour la semaine du 29 janvier au 4 février. Alors si vous en êtes, les inscriptions c'est juste là : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dPllecMa6fyymmzyr3OuXfTaUqURwXWbrULS7NsPazk/edit
  13. im having issues leaving a division i started a day ago and its stopping me from starting any matches. anyone else having this issue?

    Bigger teams in co-op battle

    Hey I often play with my freinds ,and often we are 4-5-6-7 ppl online that would like to team op and play together. It would be nice if it was possible to make teams of up to 7 in co-op battles, i understand that it would be unfair in random, but in co-op i guess the bot's dont care. So why not make it possible for more ppl to team up in co-op??.
  15. Commander_Steph

    Time for Divisions Contest

    Hey, The link to the contest: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/time-for-divisions/ It's supposed to be ended at 8th december, when are the winners will be announced?
  16. wilkatis_LV

    MM rigging

    Srsly, when is there going to be something done against morons who are effectively rigging the MM? People are complaining that 3 man divisions can have too much impact on the game. How about 6man and 9man divisions? Count down and queue up at the same time, very f-ing nice!
  17. Never thought I'd say this but I'm missing the individual chaos of Random. It appears to me that just recently a lot of clan divs have been turning up and many of them are very annoying as they play for themselves only which means(it seems to me) that teamplay is even worse than it was when it was just individuals without much of a clue What say you?
  18. ABED1984

    Divisions In Ranked

    Wargaming, Can you please add division in ranked games? I'm sick of players that aren't willing to co-operate or understand each other playing techniques. Ranked gameplay is not only about teamwork, But it's also about players sharing the same thoughts without saying it. Thank you.
  19. Hello, this is a direct message to WG . WG , i have played your games since years , including world of tanks , world of warships , and total war arena .and i actually played your games more than anyone should play a single game . but i have done it because i like them . and i will share a screenshot of my world of tanks profile since i will mention that game a bit here for the sake of argument . if you include clan wars and team battles , my account would have 65.000 battles , 38 tiers10s owned , +20 prem tanks . but at the end i have stopped playing that game since it became unfair to play . and i joined world of warships to be my main game . it turned out that world of warships can be even more unfair , we have people that are abusing an exploit in the matchmaking that allows them to get ridiculous numbers of winrate . here are some examples a 90% winrate ? and it's not over 10 games , its over 6000 games played . many people are busing what i called an exploit to farm winrate while ruining our games everyday , in world of tanks , even the Na'Vi super unicum players can't get 70% winrates ; how is it possible warships , i will tell you . they are abusing division system by playing in CV division with 2 super AA ships , to practically deny the enemy CV to have any chance influencing the outcome of the game thus ensuring a win every single time for themselves , and many people have started to have enough of this . many threats in the forums are complaining about it , and i urge everyone who had face such divisions to speak loud about it . note that i am not talking about normal divisions , i am talking about AA divisions is particular . my proposed solution is : before i suggest any solutions , i would ask WG , since these players are abusing a system that gave them unfair advantage over thousands of games to gain fake winrate values , just reset there accounts' statistics without removing any ships . as for solutions i propose : 1) don't allow CVs in divisions ( bit too harsh , might not be practical but could be taken into consideration , even tho i am CV main players , i would accept it ) 2) nerf the AA of the ships being abused . 3) match them only vs simular divisions and remember WG , once a game become unfair for people , no matter how mush they love it , no matter if they have spent a lot of money in it , no matter what , they will just quit . thanks for understanding . edit :i encourage everyone who is going to read the comments of this thread or the comments of other threads complaining about the same thing , take the names of everyone who disagrees and check his stats in division , you will note they he is abusing this exploit . here is a website where you can check . https://wows-numbers.com/
  20. Dirty_Dunc


    Dear war gaming, 1. Standard and domination game modes must be selective before enetering a random game!!! At least then whoever your team mates are will know and have chosen a game type to play and lose in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. 2 cv's, 5 dd's and torpedo laden cruisers per random game .. Enough .. Too many torpedo laden ships .. Players dont even bother firing guns and just spam torpedoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2.5 one cv and 3 dd's per side is enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (2.6 make dynamic aiming standard ..................... Enough of the guess work for new players .... Get them used to aiming guns rather than spamming torps) 4. Divisions must share there plans with the rest of the team 5. Stats over gamemode !!!!!!!!! Stop rewarding damage only and bad play ... What is the point of capping or defence ? If the only thing in a players profile that counts is damage done that prevents you from being called a edited or edited? (5.5 is it any wonder that cv's and dd's are favoured by new players and bb's are been shot to pieces ?) 6. Players know how to report before they know how to play the game .... Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7.2 around the corner ffs .. Enough already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix what is broken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. This is not for YOU! We are recruiting gamers! And that is much harder. Still in doubt? Take a look at our recently improved conditions and requirements: - A minimum of 18 years old (beard and life saving jacket are an option of yours); - You have to know how to count: active, active, active. How many? Three! Three times a week you have to play ("that's what she said"); (You still reading? Good, because you need...) - To be able to communicate in English, furthermore; - A fully functional headset is needed, in order to join our Discord channels; (What else?) - Willing to division (not the operation inverse to multiplication - now go and find out); - A minimum of 500 battles played, in your track record (to avoid puberty); - A 45% win rate (just because). (If you have the guts to participate in Clan Battles (ahahahah) that is a point in your favor.) You see....?! Not an easy thing. You have been warned!!! Still thinking you might have a shot at it?! Then apply: either to the Clan directly, contact Satsanga ingame (mentioning you have read and accepted the conditions referred to in this thread), or drop a line in here.
  22. _L_o_k_i

    Join Company Gamers Today!

    Company Gamers We are actively recruiting like minded english speaking players. we are predominantly from the UK but have people from all over the europe Semi casual clan, though we made it to Typhoon league in S1 of clan battles. Aim to do so again or get to the hurricane league so we are after a few more active players Mainly active in the evenings 6 - 10pm GMT (though people are online outside those hours Mature clan, age range 26 to 50+ (though exceptions are made to those outside that range) Lots of banter, profanity etc We still use Teamspeak, so have a working microphone Daily division games We have been around ingame since the start of open Beta. So if your active most nights, dont mind using teamspeak (still), pm me in game _L_o_k_i or join our teamspeak IP:, No Password, someone will be along to meet you shortly.
  23. Just don't you start off with that "balancing" thing... - like in random battles, division likewise ranked battles could happen only with a division on the other side (and limitation e.g. only one BB on the division). I ask cause people don't really (in most of the cases) play in ranked battles teamwise (as if as a team)... And it would be interesting to find challenges betweem REAL teams...