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Found 6 results

  1. Our community, About us: We are a community of two clans: [POI--] and [NAN0] We are a community consisting of anime Lovers and warships players. We come from all around Europe and the world! Everyone is welcome, you're sure to fit in! We are mainly for fun, jumping into divisions to do daily tasks and missions. We are all laid back people happy to chat and discuss the game, anime and other games alike! We have a community discord with over 80 members and active admins; It is open to all and can be used as you please for chatting. MEMBERSHIP AVAILABILITY: [POI--] 48/50 [NAN0] 07/50 [POI--] Yuudachi's Poi Show: The main and therefore more competitive clan Requirements: Must be able to speak English( on at least a basic level) Access to discord for communication purposes 1500 battles played 52% WR or higher At least one tier 7 or higher Unhidden stats [NANO] Desu: Our new second clan. For all of those who don't meet the requirements outlined in the main clan or simply aren't interested in the competitive aspect. Requirements: Must be able to speak English( on at least a basic level) Access to discord for communication purposes 650 battles played 46% WR or above At least one tier 6 or higher Unhidden stats What do we offer you? A fun , friendly group of players willing to division and assist you in daily tasks day to day. A group of experienced players happy to division and help you become a better player. Daily active discussions both Wows related and not. A bunch of naval district bonuses. (In [POI])An active and effective clan wars unit, which you can be part of! Poi! (obviously) OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/87zHmNN Our clan discord is open to everyone! not just the clan! The discord server is for anime lovers and warships players feel free to hop in and chat How to apply: If you are interested you have a few application options: Drop me a pm here on the forums. Contact us through discord by messaging an admin or moderator on our discord server. (link found above) If you aren't interested, go on your merry way and we hope to meet you out on the seas!
  2. AKTUELL: Wir suchen aktive Spieler für Cws um unsere bereits erfolgreiche Orkan-Truppe weiter auszubauen! Ahoi Kapitäne, Der Clander „German Ocean Troublemaker“, sucht aktive und zuverlässige Spieler für erfolgreiche Clanwars. Aktives Teamplay, das gemeinsame Fahren in Divisionen und allgemeine Kameradschaftlichkeit sind uns sehr wichtig. Des Weiteren gilt: Freundliche und höfliche Umgangsformen setzen wir voraus, allerdings kommt Spaß und gute Laune bei uns nie zu kurz. Alterseinschränkungen gibt es keine, es wird nur eine gewisse Reife erwartet. Für die Kommunikation verwenden wir Discord. Die Nutzung ist für Mitglieder Pflicht, aber Jeder ist dort Willkommen! Das Realleben steht auch bei uns jederzeit über dem Zocken! Unser Ziel ist es, Erfolg mit einer familiären Clangemeinschaft zu vereinigen. Böswillige Beleidigungen von Minderheiten oder ethnischen Gruppen, sowie rechtsradikale Äußerungen werden bei uns nicht geduldet! Jeder der Interesse hat, kann uns gerne ingame anschreiben und sich bewerben: Luepre, Its_aTräumchen, Eric_140 , Dr_ScarFace86 oder SaltySteve freuen sich bereits deine Bewerbung zu erhalten. Komm zu uns und schau es dir einfach an! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Luepre und die German Ocean Troublemaker
  3. Hello captains! Allow me to introduce our clan. Sons of Glory is a clan that was initially founded as an L2P community that has since evolved to become a fully-equipped competitive clan with a hardy and tight-knit group of members and is continuing to reform itself to become as professional a clan as possible. Our ambitions have necessarily gotten higher, but we haven’t forgotten our roots as an L2P community. SOG membership gives you access to an academy with some of our brightest players, a structured and well-organized environment, training and consultation, as well as membership among a great group of people we are sure you will be immensely proud to belong to. Membership requirements are: - At least 1500 battles in account - A familiarity with at least one line that is competitive, with plenty of T10 experience - A winrate that surpasses 52% (this requirement is subject to change as the clan evolves) - Spend some time with us. Cohesion and camaraderie is highly valued in this clan as we are very social folk. You will soon realize this clan is founded and led by some pretty talkative and jovial individuals. We'd also like you to get to know us as much as we'd like to get to know you. - Active participation in our Discord server. Note that this is only the requirement list for joining SOG as a full-fledged member, but not a requirement for the wider community of which anyone can be a member. You can find the community at http://sonsofglory.club We will accept applications to the clan only after we’ve determined that you’ve met the requirements we’ve listed here and had taken some time to speak with you. You're more likely to be listened to if you PM someone from the admin group who's online in our Discord. You should get a quick reply, usually within some hours if not minutes. If you are unsure whether you want to join SOG, just join our Discord community. This relationship goes both ways: We want to get to know you, but would also like to earn your confidence in us. ATTN OTHER CLAN LEADERS: Our community also opens itself up to other clans, as we have partnerships with various Typhoon/Hurricane clans for off-season training. If you’d like to shake hands with us, give a PM to Gomez. Clan benefits for joining SOG include: -10% post battle service costs -14% cost of researchable ships +4% XP per battle +15% FXP per battle +8% commander XP per battle +7% coal Off-season training and scrims 1-to-1 consultation with detailed replay analysis and discussion on uncommon knowledge about many ships at any tier The ability to get one vote in major decisions that we make, democratizing the process of building up this clan. It would be unfair to say that this clan was built by its leaders; every member who involved themselves always shaped the clan in one way or another. This is a clan of its members as much as it is one of its leadership. If this sounds good to you, we look forward to working together! See you in our Discord!
  4. English summary: Papat is a Finnish speaking clan for mature Finnish speaking gamers. The Papat WoWS clan is an extension of the bigger Papat Multigaming Community, which has hundreds of members playing a variety of games. If you don't speak Finnish, don't read further. GGs! Papat lyhyesti Olemme keski-iän partaalla oleva Suomea puhuva ryhmä "pappoja". Pelaamme mielellämme sekä yhdessä että erikseen. Emme ota pelaamista kovin vakavasti, sillä suuri osa meistä on perheellisiä & harrastaa muutakin kuin pelaamista. Huutelemme hävyttömyyksiä toisillemme TeamSpeakin kautta (koska Discord on aivan liian uutta teknologiaa papoille). Klaanissa on tällä hetkellä 25 pelaajaa, joista aktiivisia vajaa 20. Klaani on epävirallinen osa laajempaa Papat Multigaming Communityä, jossa on satoja jäseniä pelaamassa useita eri pelejä. Papat Multigaming Community on rekisteröity yhdistys, josta voit lukea lisää täältä. Klaaniin liittyminen ei edellytä yhdistykseen liittymistä. Mitä toivomme sinulta? Olet vähintään 18 vuotias. Puhut ja ymmärrät Suomea. Kestät hiukan rankempaakin läppää ja huumoria (ja osaat antaa takaisin samalla mitalla). Pelaat semi-aktiivisesti (yksin, divisioonissa tai klaanitaisteluissa). Poistamme epäaktiiviset pelaajat klaanista (yli 60pv), jotta mahdollisuutemme Naval Battlesissa ovat paremmat (pääset toki mukaan potkimisen jälkeenkin jos taas aktivoidut). Omaat vähintään yhden Tier 10 laivan, jotta voit osallistua klaanipeleihin. Suostut pelatessasi kommunikoimaan TeamSpeak palvelimellamme (vaikka pelaisitkin yksin). Osallistut klaanitaisteluihin silloin kun se on mahdollista (useat meistä ovat perheellisiä, eli ymmärrämme että aina ei vaan voi). Osallistut Naval Battlesiin kun pelaat viikonloppuisin (jokainen tsäänsi on mahdollisuus :P ). Omaat avoimen mielen & osaat noudattaa käskyjä klaanipeleissä vaikka ne sotisivat omia tapojasi vastaan. Et ole piilottanut statsejasi & statsisi ovat kohtalaiset (käymme hakemukset läpi tapauskohtaisesti). Et käytä huijausohjelmia. Mitä tarjoamme sinulle? TeamSpeak palvelimen & klaanille varatut kanavat. Discord palvelimen tiedotuksia & uutisvirtaa varten. Peliseuraa lähes joka päivä. Mahdollisuuden parantaa taitojasi ja oppimaan paremmaksi WoWS kapteeniksi. Osallistumismahdollisuuden klaanipeleihin. Klaanibonukset (päämajamme on hyvin päivitetty). Miten haen klaaniin? Lähetä viestiä pelin sisällä jollekin seuraavista (tai vaikka kaikille): GONA MacMoulinex needle Tai vaihtoehtoisesti liity Discord palvelimellemme ja huhuile siellä: https://discord.gg/qTxQsSf Käsittelemme jokaisen jäsenhakemuksen erikseen ja pidämme pienen haastattelun Discord tmv. kanavan kautta jos vaikutat hyvältä tyypiltä! Papat Multigaming Community ry - Slow Reaction Gaming Since 2005.
  5. locky92003

    Just for Fun clan recruitment

    We are looking for players to join an easy going clan who do not take things seriously as a lot of banter is usually involved. We ask that you have discord and access to a mic (mainly for clan battles). While we play clan battles we also division up for randoms, co-op, scenario battles and will help you grind ship lines. English is preferred as we are a UK based clan with members from all over Europe and the US. Must have a sense of humour and that's it lol. Any questions feel free to message me in game locky92003. Thank you.
  6. Hi people, I'm looking for a new clan to join that's regularly active, I'm not the best WoW player and I'm still learning but with teammates and guidance I can get better :)