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Found 10 results

  1. So yeah ... if you are gonna force us to play T10s again ... How about we get some T8-10 discounts. Its been a while since we got something nice. I've been siting on a pile of T10 credits for a while now. Will we have to wait another 4 months to get Santa discounts ? I remember that we always had some nice discounts when Gamescon started. What is happening this year? PS: nothing happend. No discounts. Thank you WG -.-'
  2. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    [DD445] Recruitment: Member benefits!

    Hi all, We at DD445 are always willing to take in new members. Basically i got 0 demands except that you play every once in a while & are a bit nice to the rest. We offer a couple of clan based discounts: - tier 5/6/7 ship purchase - destroyer/ cruiser/ battleship repairs Eventually wed like to play CW but currently we are too small for that. We do play in divs & training if wanted. Just apply if you see what you like & ill let you in. Isoruku_Yamamoto Languages info: - English fully supported - good number of dutch members - Other languages totally welcome, but we cant guarantee smooth communication if you dont speak english (or dutch)
  3. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    [DD445] Recruitment: Member benefits!

    Hi all, We are a small clan, focussed at low key playing. We offer bonusses, which is the main selling point. In WoWS its downright dumb not to be in a clan, since you can get ships cheaper, with discounted upkeep just by playing. So; what do we offer? - Tier 5& 6 discounts (10%) - Cruiser, destroyer and battleship upkeep discount (10%) - 3% US ship XP bonus - Active player base, even though small - Highly experienced staff, willing to train you & take you for divs - Extensive knowledge of the game - English as main language - Nederlands ook mogelijk - other languages welcome, though not actively spoken. - TS3 not in active use, but being set up. Contact me for more info or apply straight away. Demands: - Activity: weekly. more is better. - Preferrably 1 or more tier 8, even better is tier 9 and 10 also. - Sportsmanlike behaviour. - Willingness to learn, i don't like noobs who wanna stay bad at the game.
  4. SamuraiShakaViking

    Golden Week: Great Event

    Just some positive feedback for WG devs and also PR / Marketing & Community divisions, which is often lacking on the forums perhaps. I think the whole Golden Week event and the accompanying rewards and discounts are awesome . Thank you and well done. This is a great idea and great implementation of cool content. It benefits especially new players, but also veterans too; and its both skill stimulating and also more FUN!. Its very encouraging and motivating and makes one want to keep playing even after getting the 12500 second crate. (usually i stop after 12,500 xp , but not when there's events like this that last a week, not just 2-3 days on the weekend only. (ofc some of us can only play more after work during the week, and are busy/away/out on weekends; so getting objectives and more to play for during week days is really VERYwelcome. Please bring it on more!! :)) I am always impressed by the historical links in WoWs and also the incredible programming and IT design goes into this game. The beauty of the ships themselves. The ambience of the maps and playing environment. And that 30 players from many countries can all participate together in a game!, Even some I know even on low spec machines. And all in a free to play game! And its extra awesome when events and challenges promote historical and naval events and campaigns. You also honour veterans, and promote awareness of naval history and events that really affected and even changed our course of history. Its fascinating to learn so much and be able to feel immersed into participating in this. The historical department do a great job; and even explain it all in videos etc. The campaigns and missions and so on too are commendable. Dare I say "We want more!" in future hehe ;). This is very promising for the direction and future of the game imho Well done, thank you, and please keep up the good work. Honto ni arigatou!
  5. until
    Captains, New Special is here! What you can get? Discounts on British Battleships Discount on Consumables And two missions granting you the special camouflage! Want to see the details? Head to our Portal! Action Stations!
  6. Rage_Unchained

    Premium camo discounts?

    Hi all, Recently bought my 10th tier X, the HIV - mind you, not the virus, but the french cruiser :P Love the ship, got a bunch of camos from boxes, rewards and what not, but...income is kinda tight, even with zulu flag and premium account, altho it's still decently positive. The price of premium camo for HIV, and any other tier X is 5,000 doubloons. While I can afford it, I'd still prefer to get it when it is discounted, and save doubloons for some future premium ships maybe. 1) Have there been discounts on purchasing premium camouflages for ships (if so, which tiers and what % discounts were they?)? 2) Is there any planned discount upcoming for the camouflages (doubloon/premium ones in the future)? Thanks for reading and replies!
  7. DutchDelightsNL

    French Cruisers "On Track"

    In "Talkin Ship" with Trevzor on the NA channel, I noticed that they have A World of Tank like an event called "On Track", this is where you are on track to a tier X, with discounts all down the line. Maybe this is something we will also soon see on the EU server, at least rather sooner than later. On the website, it looks like this I hope we will get this here on EU also..... What are your thoughts on this?
  8. nambr9


    Hello, Regarding the Talking Ships video: NA: -60% off Skill point reset -60% off Commander retraining -60% off Premium consumables + tons of other stuff EU: x2 XP first win of the day 15% discount Atago, Kutuzov, Eugen 30% discount VI - VIII Cruisers I mean .. where is your imagination EU WG???? Have I missed this on the EU server? I have several captains that I need to reset, because of the 0.6.0 patch. So this would be very handy. When can we expect this to get in the EU? And why is there not a similar series for the EU server? Is WG EU really that "tight" up? I am already sorry that I did not register on the NA when I started playing this game. NA guys care and interact with their player base, unlike EU staff.
  9. Hi guys, Questions re specials & discounts - do WG run regular weekend specials in WoWS, or offer low tier ships on sale at all? Reason for asking is that I've decided to play only Japanese ships and I've elited all of the tier 3s so find myself needing to buy three tier 4s. Just wondering if it's worth waiting a week or so in case the tier 4s get discounted (because a saving is a saving...) or shall I just go ahead and buy them now? Same question for port slots and the premium ships Ishizuchi and Atago. Do they get put on discount, and if so, by how much and (very roughly) how often? Thanks, krazypenguin
  10. Hi folks. I was wondering if WG will give us decent discounts over the gamescom hype? I would like 30% off a Warspite or some other premium ships. I reason 50% of Port Slots would be nice too! As far as I can see, it is just some bundles that not many seem to want! Over at WoT they have some pretty tasty deals, will WoWS match it? Which is SerB's favourite child?