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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, PSA: You can stock up the discounted upgrades (currently 50% OFF) on "rental" Tier X ships you got for the "Clan Wars"! This way you can get those upgrades back for free in inventory when "rental" ships rotate out... Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Tun13

    Steam Sale

    Hi, Just noticed the steam summer sale is on and it has some warships stuff for sale (list below) will wargaming be matching this sale as I had my account long before it was on steam and your unable to link my account to be able to get them. World of Warships - Exclusive Starter Pack: £19.49 is£4.87 World of Warships - Tachibana Lima Steam Edition: was£0.79 is£0.39 World of Warships - Smith Steam Edition: was £0.79 is £0.39 World of Warships - Yubari Steam Edition: was £3.99 is £0.99 World of Warships - Huanghe Pack: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Marblehead Lima Steam Edition: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Admiral Graf Spee Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Texas Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Anshan Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - IndianapolisPack: was £37.99 is £9.49 World of Warships - Haida Pack: was £33.99 is £8 World of Warships - Monaghan Pack: was £33.99 is £8
  3. SamuraiShakaViking

    Discount on tech tree ships

    Hello, I cannot find the mention of the duration of the discount on all tech tree ships... nor on when the discount on port slots, and also starting a clan start and end,,,, I guess it is somewhere there on the news page, but I couldn't find it though. My searches here didn"t either. Is there an in game client that shows detail on special , eg the discount on starting a clan & its duration. In general the UI is very sketchy in english for some of us. Also there have always been buggy the friends list and groups and channels, was always very frustrating. but now since this update I cannot open friend list at all.... Im trying to 'recruit' my friends who left the game to return, trying to find incentives to persuade them, eg better UI and QOL improvements. Please advise where to check out for these discount incentives and their duration, Thanks
  4. Tuccy

    Clan Battle Discounts

    Captains, As the Clan Battles are getting close and we want to give you an opportunity to properly prepare, we will lend you a hand: From October 19, 8:00 CEST (or when 0.6.12 comes live, depending on what comes later) until October 24, 08:00 CEST you can reset Commander Skills and dismount Upgrades from your ships for free! This should help you to properly prepare your ships for the upcoming ordeals. Action stations!