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Found 18 results

  1. So last weekend, in the mornings and noons, I had no problem playing warships whatsoever. Till prime time kicked in, then I had major lag, packet loss and it was just unplayable, so I quit. Next day same thing, and yesterday too. So today I log in and what do I see? I got pink for 3 battles because "I quit the battle too early"... well I would play out the battle if I was not disconnected every 2 minutes! (yesterday's last battle I played, after the first DC I never reconnected because of the multiple DC's I had the battle before) So why am I having connection issue's only in prime time? (for me that is 5pm-10pm GMT+1) And am I the only one having these issue's or are there more players? if so, can it be fixed? Because I'm thinking of shelving this game for a while (again) till this is fixed. because getting pink for unintentional DC's isn't fair! PS: I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong topic, I'm seldom on forums. edit: What I also tried to minimize the lag; change the graphic settings from medium to low, changed alternative battle view from always visible to off (the alt) but still I got lag, packetloss and dc's within prime time.
  2. _Wunterslaush

    Being punished for server issues

    Hello! Lately I haven't been able to finish games because of insane lag followed by disconnects, which means I lost valuable time doing the new Fly! Strike! Win! Tasks, which I mean, is annoying, but I can make that back fairly easily. BUT THIS This is just plain fucked up. Why the [edited]do I get the teamkilling penalty on top of being unable to play for half a day? And why is there 0 info on what the [edited]is happening to the servers? When will the game be playable?
  3. Hello, Yesterday I had this problem, I'm in battle and after a while it happens that I have -35 ms and after this I'm taken back to the login screen. So I try to reconnect again, I'm back in the battle but soon after I'm re disconnected... Usually I only have between 30 and 60 ms. Do you know why this happen ? For exemple: Thank you in advance ! (sorry for bad english)
  4. Hi, For whatever reason, I get a lot of disconnects the last few days. (on 0.7.5), and of course I got reported, and now I am pink. First of all, the disconnects, no idea. It happened before, occasionally, but the last few days, and especially today, unplayable. Second, I am pink because of things beyond my control. It is not fair.
  5. Brutaluc

    Scenario queue and disconnect

    So appearantly there is a queue for battle if you go into a scenario with a full division and when you reach 28 seconds people start to disconnect untill everyone in the division is disconnected. This seems to be for all scenarios but the weekly one. Tho we had it most on The Ultimate Frontier. We'll try again probably at some other day and time, but you may want to look into it.
  6. hey guys having issues with the game, and am unable to solve this. i already contacted WG support and after several days we didnt reach any conclusions apart from "contact your ISP" and "talk to other players for a solution" after this, WG suggested it's my antivirus and/or firewall after this, WG support suggested using a VPN service WG asked for another pingplotter report, and then said "it's not a network issue" and i'ts extremely annoying to know that my clanmate is connecting to EU server from New Orleans (the city, not the ship ) and has a better connection than i do in central europe. i've really run out of ideas, so any suggestion is welcome thx
  7. Hi, wollte mal melden, dass es heute ständig zu dc's kommt in laufenden Runden, da ich nicht der einzigste lt. Chat bin den es betrifft. Gruß Requilor
  8. ekram_alhadidi

    constant disconnection

    During the past three days i've been preparing my laptop for format. moving files to external HD, finishing stuck downloads and such. i was downloading the latest update patch for the game back then. and i applied the update when finished then backed the whole game to the external HD. long story short, after getting done with refreshing my windows 8 and updating the drivers. i launched the game only to find myself getting constant disconnecting and redirected to login page in less than a minute. that means i don't even have the time to view couple of my ships. i thought it was due to some software missing after reinstall, but i checked them back and every important software was installed like directX, alopen, .netframewark, c++ components. i can even launch my steam games without problems. i launched the game through my brother's laptop which also runs win8 and had the same issue. i remember running the game once before reinstalling windows and the disconnection issue was present. i thought maybe because i was uninstalling software randomly to narrow down the backing process so i might've removed something that important for the game. but now after i got everything updated it seems this is a problem with server side. or something obscure still missing since i'm also having similar problem with other mmo games that launches through a standalone launcher like LoL. i am on EU server. please let me know if others are having the same issue or it's just me and if there is anything i can provide like logs or something to help identifying the problem. thanks in advance.
  9. Rivalon


    langsam hab ich echt die nase voll. da steckt mann einen haufen geld in das spiel und hat ständig disconnect.PC und Leitung wurdwn geprüft.es liegt offensichtlich am server. wenn das nicht geregelt wird schreib ich mal an Computerbild wie die gamer bei wargaming geneppt werden. kann echt nicht sein das ich auf 2 beschwerden nicht mal eine antwort bekomme.
  10. Moin Moin zusammen, ich habe bisher keinen passenden bisher bestehenden Thread gefunden daher mache ich mal einen neuen auf. Sollte meine Frage bereits beantwortet sein, würde ich mich über einen Link sehr freuen. Mein Problem ist das ich nach jedem Spiel aus dem Spiel fliege. Wo eigentlich die Abschlußstatistik auftauchen sollte bleibt bei mir das Bild kurz stehen und ich lande im Login-Screen. Hier muss ich die Anmeldung dann auch jedes Mal 3 - 4 Mal probieren bevor ich rein komme. (Ansonsten kriege ich immer die aussagekräftige Fehlermeldung "Unknown Error".) Hat jemand den gleichen Fehler oder eine Idee woran das liegen kann? OS: Windows 10 GraKa: GeForce GTX 460 (Treiber ist aktuell) Zu den Temperaturen kann ich ehrlich gesagt nichts sagen, da ich aber bei anderen Games keine Probleme habe (D3, SC2, BF4) habe ich keine Probleme. Würde mich aber auch wundern wenn eine erhöhte GPU/CPU Temperatur einen Disconnect nach sich zieht. Als AntiVirus benutze ich Kaspersky, das hält aber artig die Klappe. Als Firewall nutze ich die Windoof-OnBoard Lösung, habe aber bei der Installation über den Installations-Client das Spiel in die FIrewall eintragen lassen. Das sollte also auch nicht das Problem sein. Vielen Dank schonmal das du dich durch meinen Post gelesen hast. Liebe Grüße Flo
  11. Hello Everyone! I would like to ask it, why they are one with a chance implement program halt in the game? And why there are random accession problems, and random disconnect? Your answer greet. Additional beautiful one G'day.
  12. Oderisson

    Disconnection issue

    So, is the issue been somehow secretly resolved? Checked, and still cant play getting 2-3 disconnects per match (probably would get more but by that time usually somebody decides to put a whole torpedo salvo into me soo... ) Checked the forum and all i could find were discontinued threads. This is not the network issue, of that i am certain, so was there any solution to this?
  13. Doc_Snyder_1977

    Permanente Disconnects

    Hallo, ich hoffe, ihr habt eine Idee woran es liegen kann (ein ähnliches Problem hab ich hier im Forum noch nicht gefunden). Ich spiele bereits seit Anfang des Jahres World of Warships. Die ersten Monate, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, auf dem NA Server. Dort bestand mein Problem auch schon und ich hoffte, es mit einem Wechsel auf den EU Server zu beheben. Doch Fehlanzeige. Mein Problem ist folgendes: Ich habe permanente Disconnects. Das bedeutet, dass ich bei fast JEDEM Gefecht mindestens 1x aber in der Regel 3x bis 5x (pro Gefecht) aus dem laufenden Spiel fliege und wieder bei Client Login Screen lande. Dort muss ich dann auf Connect klicken um wieder in das laufende Spiel zu gelangen. Der Fehler tritt an verschiedenen Wochentagen zu verschiedenen Uhrzeiten (auch mitten in der Nacht) auf. Es ist auch egal welche Art des Spiels (Co-Op oder Zufallsgefecht) und welche Schiffsklasse (Flugzeugträger, Schlachtschiff, Kreuzer oder Zerstörer) ich spiele. Die Disconnects bleiben bestehen. Der Ping im Spiel Spiel ist konstant und "gut" (30-50) und auch die Framerate ist ok. Das Problem besteht auch nur bei diesem Spiel. Alles Anderen online Games laufen Problemlos (darunter auch World of Tanks) Auch PingPlotter zeigt nichts Außergewöhnliches (alles im unteren grünen Bereich). System Informationen (mir ist bekannt, dass es ein "sehr" altes System ist): Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ Memory: 3070MB RAM DirectX: 9.0c Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Display Memory: 512.0 MB Freier Speicherplatz auf der Installations Partition: 26.4 GB Informationen zu Internet Provider: Anbieter: Unitymedia Anschlusstechnologie: Kabel Geschwindigkeit: 120 Mbit/s DOWN & 6 Mbit/s UP (dieser Werte werden auch erreicht und überschritten [im positiven Sinne]). Mit diesen ständigen Disconnects kann natürlich keinerlei Spielspaß aufkommen da ich natürlich in dieser Zeit bewegungsunfähig und irgendwann natürlich versenkt bin. Ich habe bereits einige Möglichen der Fehlerursachen überprüft. WLAN Karte getauscht, LAN Kabel verwendet, Firewall deaktiviert, im Hintergrund laufende Anwendungen und Prozesse beendet, Treiber aktualisiert ... alles erfolglos. Hoffentlich hat einer von euch einen Lösungsvorschlag. Danke im Voraus.
  14. tiborovsky91

    Random dc

    Hi guys, just installed the game yesterday and from the start I've been having some trouble, basically I get disconnected randomly, during the games and even while in the main menu. Wanted to ask if any of you have the same problem?
  15. As it is now, if someone dc's, their ship comes to an immediate halt, in a way no ship would be able to do without help from an isle to run into. And while being at dead stop makes you easier to hit (Fair deal, if you're not at the helm you should be easy to kill), the sudden stop is in my opinion not the best way to do it. To exemplify this, I have a happening in my tier 4 japanese battleship, the Myogi, a fairly fast beast, as battleships goes. I, through carelessness and good play from the enemy DDs, notice a huge swarm of torpedoes coming in from my starboard side, probably from multiple Minekazes or something. I start to turn, but know that I will fail, the torps are too close and I'm going too fast to be able to avoid the spread, so I think 'Damn, another one' and bam ---> Login Screen. I log back on as fast as I can (fairly quick, adrenaline pumps) and when the game is done loading, I expect to be a sinking wreck, having had some half a dozen torps hit me midships. Instead, I am greeted by the blaring torpedo-warning, and the indicator shows them to the port side. What the ...?! I see the closest little red triangle speeding away, some 3-4 meters in front of the ship. and the rest further in front. I had my speed set to zero when I dc'd, and the entire spread had clean missed, leaving me totally unscathed. I can imagine the rage of those DD captains as the hand of god descended and saved my ship. Then I dc'd twice more and ... well a ship at dead stop doesn't survive all that long. But that is another thing entirely. My solution to this problem: I suggest that when one loses ones link, that ones ship comes to a stop in the same manner as when ones engine have been shot to pieces. Simple, the code obviously already exist for it and not in any way unfair. At least not in my opinion.
  16. Dracken_Darck

    Was bei Kick

    Ahoi Captains, was ist eigentlich, wenn man z.B. wegen Internetproblemen ein Verbindungsabbruch bekommt und aus dem Spiel fliegt, kann man irgendwie wieder reinkommen? Weil wenn man ja im Hafen ist sehe ich keinen Button für reconnect. Gruß Dracken
  17. So this happens every now and then since Open Beta started letting people in around the 28th http://i.imgur.com/dzy7Yp9.jpg - lost control -disconnect http://i.imgur.com/A4BYRjL.jpg - lost control http://i.imgur.com/ezsZrKz.jpg - in control again -taken in succession - Ping shows over a million - I cant control my ship, but everything still happens live, i get shot i see that shells hit me, enemies die and such, no notifications. - If i dont get disconnected, i suddenly regain control and ping goes normal My internet connection is a Bahnhof 1000/100, i have a new networks cable, no router/firewall or similar, no issues or packet loss. Halp, only happens to me or others suffer from this?
  18. Grinderbar


    Sorry, maybe it's offtopic. I found two "bugs" in WOWS. While I spectated the Myogi battleship secondary guns cannot move just firing. All guns viewed in the same direction. But the target was fully elsewhere. What i mean under secondary guns? The small caliber guns that automatically targeting and firing. I dont know how about the other ships. The second one and it is frustrating. When I'm in port and watching ships or modules the game automatically disconnect me. It has been observed it occurs if I win the battle or lose or draw. Fortunately not always happen. Then I reconnect and everything is ok.