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Found 4 results

  1. Even if the grind was practically possible, (which it never was?), it may be a health hazard? For either healthy customers and those with "health issues" ( presumably eg customers who are persons with a disability , wounded military veterans) as mentioned by wows manager / oligarch it's supposed to benefit
  2. Good evening all, I just quit a match with the HMS Hood where my defensive fire consumable (Y) and AA in general would not work. Now I am aware of the P button that can switch AA and seconadries off but this was not the issue. I have logged a ticket with WG but I wasn't recording the match. So my question is has anyone come across this bug with any of their ships? Basically a consumable not working even though you are pressing the corresponding key and/or guns of some sort not working? Because of this bug I was an easy target for the carrier once he realised I was defenseless. I am well aware of the old bug making guns useless whereby no matter how many times you click you cannot fire but I though this had been fixed. If it is making a comeback they better patch it quick. Kind regards, Hj
  3. HI Guys, I wanted to state something and wanted to hear your opinion. I really like the udaloi. Good firepower, good speed and it is very nimble. But my biggest problem is that with almost every shot I take my engine get's nocked off. I have last stand so I can continue but I feel like this is way out of balance with other DD's on this level. And I mean I get it a lot, in a round at least 5 -6 times. I think it is to fragile on that point. I know the armor of the USSR is very bad, but the Kiev and Trashkent don't have this problem. Or at least not in that degree so it really anois me. What do you guys and girls think. Should this be improved? Omeslikkum
  4. TheRealSlimFufu

    Icapacitation of modules Patch

    Hey WG Since the new patch I have experienced a heavy increase in disabled modules. Especially on the US destroyers. I have experienced weird situations where on my Montana that I got hit and my main gun got critically damaged and 3 seconds after without getting hit further it got destroyed. On my Fletcher I haven't had any issues before this patch out of the ordinary but after this patch my main guns have been destroyed in every encounter I have had with IJN destroyers. But it's not only destroyers. I have experienced an increase in destroyed guns even with main battery modification upgrades since the new patch. Don't know if it's intentional but it's not a very good experience.