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Found 35 results

  1. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Team SPAM- est un groupe multigaming avec comme socle commun wows ouvert sur les jeux suivant GTFO /HALO / BDO et Monster Hunter pour l'instant. Liste des Responsables du clan Responsable discord : Youti_God_of_Pantsu Modérateur discord : Elitefatal / In_the_Navy / UnicornGall / Nardof /NoSkill_All_Luck/redspirit69 Notre hymne Objectif du clan Pour le FFA/opération/coop : Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Pour CB wows : Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus wows Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration dans le clan wows d'avoir : - stat en progression - 3500 partie mini - 5 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne (53%) Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Ouvert au recrutement aussi sur GTFO /HALO / BDO / Monster Hunter , vous n’êtes pas obliger d'appartenir au clan wows pour rentrer dans la team SPAM-. Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  2. FukushuNL

    On DDs and detonations...

    I think it's a given that all people that sail their DDs should have some anti-detonation countermeassure, most preferably the 100% anti-det signal, mounted on their ship, right? In my opinion, this situation is the same as the detection captain skill we used to have that WG found manditory enough to bake it into the basic gameplay. With that I mean the "spotted" exclamation mark, which used to be a 1 point captain skill. The anti-detonation signal as such is as much a manditory part of any DD kit as the captain skill was back in the day, taking up one of the 8 signal slots where as the skill took up one of the limited amount of captain skillpoints way back when. Up to a point where DDs effectively have only 7 useable signal slots to play around with. So I want to suggest that WG with help from the community could take a more closer look at this issue and decide what would be the best option to solve this. A few options I like to share: 1. ofcourse leaving it as it is would be a viable option too. One does not have to be forced into carrying an anti-det meassure, but one already kinda is as not only will you be a liability for your team, if you detonate you can perfectly hear everyone in the match facepalm and calling you out for nout having the signal equiped. So we'd be only kidding ourselves if we would try to tell the other that setups without the 100% anti-det flag would be viable, right? 2 which brings me to just give all DDs a baked in 100% detonation proof hull, and only 7 signal slots to play around with. Things will stay as they are effectively and the flags could still be there for use in other ships where they might be a choice for people to equip them instead of a manditory thing. 3. Get rid of detonations all together as multiple people already suggested on the forums several times before. I however don't find detonations that much of an issue to get rid of it all together (not that I'm against getting rid of it either), but more that having a manditory spot on a speciffic class for something everyone will agree on must be put in that spot is the worst kind of gameplay and could easily be ommited, just like WG has done with the "Detected" captain skill which they baked into the basic gameplay. As such, this isn't a thread to discuss detonation as a gameplay mechanic, but DDs and the non-gameplay of having a signal slot every single on of us knows can only be occupied by the detonation signal. I personally opt for option 2: Bake the code for 100% anti-det flag into all current and future dds, get rid of 1 of the signal slots and put a fat cross over the anti-det sgnal just like +fire chance signals got with the RN cruisers for instance. I think one could only go for option 1 if one would want the chance to be there that one of the enemy captains would have forgotten to equip their signal and thus would have the opportunity to det said enemy DD, but that could very well happen to your own DDs and the enemies would then be able to det yourfellow DD. So in the end everyone would just want their DDs to have the 100% anti-det signal equiped 100% of the time, which makes having the choice to equip them essentially void and could very well be broken out of the game and the choice taken out of our hands, so we don't have to bother with it...
  3. Detonation It was gone for a while (turned of even i think), but I noticed (the hard way) that it's back. However, it is still broken: - I think I detonate to often (a WG trick to get you to buy the detonation flag?) - I detonate taking a torpedo on my BB's torpedo belt. That belt is made to catch the torpedo, how in the hell can I detonate? I purposely turn so it hits my BB's belt... As I recall, torpedoes explode outside the ship, the massive pressure creates an opening. Modern torpedoes create such a void under the ship it might even break. But the WW2 ones did not have that power. So technically speaking, I don't think your ship can't even detonate because of a torpedo. So: - To my knowledge, it's not correct to detonate because of a torpedo. - If you take a torpedo on your belt, you should certainly NOT detonate - I think I detonate to often (3 times in the last 7 days, yes I play a lot) I think they should turn it off again cause it is not working as it should.... what do you guys think?
  4. Flavio1997

    WG STOP ( rant)

    ok guys...really? 3 games with my harogumo, 3 detonation, 2 of with where dev strike ( more than 50% of my hp) from an hindy a henry and a gk shell...it's starts to get frustrating. I know, it is a " fun and engaging mechanic" and that i should mount the flags ( that i would like to keep for ranked)...but it's really starting to piss me off. Rant over, sorry for the time you spent reading this
  5. ItsTipez

    Just some ideas

    1: Add special effects when you detonate someone like guns flying off barbettes, lifeboats flying, hull ripping up ect... 2: new achievement; Detonating Strike. If you detonate someone who is over 50%hp, it will award you with this achievement rather than devestating srike 3:a blue name tag that is on your name, which is like violator or division tags. Its purpose will be to tell your team that you have a slow game, and the punishment for being afk wont be applied. 4: issues about he (keep in mind that this is if the player has ifhe through this and the next issue) . If a he shell hits the hull and shatters (like if you are bow on in a bb), there is no way that a he shell can start a fire that way. Another weird angle that can start fires is a shell hitting a deck at 95 degrees and starting a fire (correct me if i got the angle wrong). A bigger issue is he hitting super structure (like the hoods,and has ifhe skill) penning and constantly causing 1k damage each and never getting saturated (i will discuss this in the 5th problem). Also, PLEASE stop adding more he spamming ships or ships which specialize in he. By 2020, battleships will be impossible to play because cruisers are getting more popular and op. 5: fire/he saturation. Imagine a yamato, that got hit in the nose by he and caused a fire, losing 9k hp. Now imagine it again, but with less hp and fire causing the same amount of damage. This is the problem with playing bbs, especially high tier. I wondered why it dosent saturate the hull, like torpedoes do to ships. He hitting the deck in the same place realistically has to saturate it at some point. 6: a built in replay system. Just press a button if you think you liked the battle enough to see it again, drops into a tab and you can watch it infinite times (i know you can do this manually with a few lines of code, but im too paranoid to edit the code without breaking something)
  6. I'll open with a question: Does any player think this mechanic is something that is needed in the game. Especially now, nearing 2019, when there are numerous tournaments, clan wars, organized team battle events etc.? After all those years, I haven't seen anyone enjoy this. I tried to find a reasonable explanation for it, but I just can't. 1. Business Since you cannot directly purchase anti-detonation signals for money, or coal for arsenal purchases, this means that WG isn't getting any incentive to keep the mechanic in the game when it comes to company income. No, I am not giving you WG an idea. Forget about it. 2. Gameplay 100% RNG, no skill involved. Pretty sure we have enough RNG in the game as it is. 3. Realism I believe it's been long established WoWS isn't even aiming for realism. So, what are your opinions on this everlasting subject? Should WG finally do something about this?
  7. Flavio1997

    WG, this bs has to end

    today i was happily sailing in my shochors when i got detonated by an he from a QE ( thx wg for that 1/4 pen rule bs on bbs) when i was full hp ( i know that you have to get below 75%, and the citadel bring me there), and perfectly nose into the enemy., and my death resulted in the defeat of my team ( my team at some point reached 960 points, so even if i was afk we would have won). And is the 3rd detonation i get in a week from rn bbs he with shochors ( you are asking yourself why i don't use deto flag on her, that's because i consider them more valuable for my dds). https://replayswows.com/replay/31980#stats And to my point now....WG; THIS BS HAS TO END, it's not funny, it's not engaging, especially from HE shell that you can't do anything about ( i know that ap overpen and you can do frontal cits, but still). WG please, remove the detonation altoghether or at least remove it from he shells. p.s. some love to the shochors would not be bad in general
  8. So, Diskutiert wurde ja schon öfter darüber, aber nachdem ich gerade mal wieder mit einer Mumpel 75000HP verloren habe, dachte ich, ich starte mal eine Umfrage um ein Meinungsbild in Zahlen zu haben. Vielleicht bin ich ja der Einzige oder zumindest in der Minderheit mit meiner Meinung, dass diese Mechanik absoluter Schwachsinn ist, auch wenn es jetzt nur noch ab 75%HP geht. Ändert in meinen Augen nichts daran, dass es schlicht und ergreifend eine Lotterie ist, die im Zweifelsfall das Spiel plötzlich dreht, ohne dass es etwas mit dem Können und Gameplay des Teams zu tun hat.
  9. Dark_Havoc

    Mechanika DETONACJI

    Detonacja! Zdarzenie, które nienawidzi każdy gracz, któremu okręt na pełnych życiu poszedł w objęcia Neptuna oraz budzi śmiech i zachwyt u gracza, który nas zdetonował. Jak działa, jak zapobiegać i jak to wybucha? 1. Jak działa detonacja? W World of Warships detonacja to wybuch magazynu amunicji, która pozbawia okręt całości punktów życia. Okręt zdetonowany natychmiast tonie. Jako nagroda pocieszenia należy się paczka 10 flag Juliet Charlie - zmniejszających ryzyko detonacji o 100%. 2. Gdzie znajdują się magazyny amunicji? W mechanice gry magazyny znajdują się zawsze pod wieżami artyleryjskimi. Ich ilość bywa różna i zależy od konkretnego okrętu. Najwięcej magazynów ma Danae - 5, najmniej Izumo - 1 dla wszystkich 3 wież. Dunkerque na przykład ma 2 magazyny. Większość pancerników ma 2 magazyny - po jednym na przednie i tylne wieże. Okrętami uprzywilejowanymi są lotniskowce - z racji nie posiadania wież artylerii głównej, nie posiadają one również magazynów. Dlatego są to jedyne okręty w grze, których nie można zdetonować. 3. Jaka jest szansa na detonację? Każdy magazyn ma ilość punktów życia około 50% całości HP okrętu. Szansa na detonacje zależy od ilości obrażeń zadanych magazynowi: - od 0 do 30% szansa wynosi 1% - 100% - szansa wynosi 10%. Pomiędzy 30% a 100% utraconych HP przez magazyn szansa rośnie liniowo od 1% do 10%. Jednocześnie każde trafienie magazynu amunicji może spowodować uszkodzenie lub zniszczenie losowej wieży związanej z tym magazynem. 4. Jak się bronić przed detonacją? Najprostszym sposobem jest posiadanie flagi Juliet Charlie - zmniejsza ona szanse na detonację o 100%. Drugim sposobem jest posiadanie modułu z pierwszego slotu: Modyfikacja Magazynu amunicji - zmniejsza ona szansę na detonacje o 70%. 5. Mam flagę Juliet Charlie, a jednak wybuchłem. WG oszukuje! Zgodnie z definicja 100% to 100%. Mając samą flagę Juliet Charlie NIE MAMY PRAWA ZDETONOWAĆ. To prawda. Jednak istnieję flagi ZWIĘKSZAJĄCE szansę na detonację: są to: India X-Ray i Juliet Whiskey Unaone - obie zwiększają szansę na detonacje o 5%. Posiadając wszystkie 3 flagi mamy najprawdopodobniej 10% szans na detonację. Zatem wpis na wiki mówiący o 100% odporności na detonację dotyczy prawdopodobnie przypadku, gdy nie mamy flag zwiększających szans na detonację. Uwaga: ta część oparta jest na domysłach, gdyż istnieją ludzie którzy ponoć detonowali mając flagę Juliet Charlie. Niestety nie ma fizycznego dowodu na razie by ktokolwiek zdetonował z flagą. Zwykle pomyłka polega na tym, że flagi się skończyły i ktoś MYŚLAŁ, że ma flagę i zdetonował. Nie ma dostępnej powtórki pokazującej detonację z flagą JC. 6. Od czego można zdetonować? Najłatwiej detonują okręty o małej ilość całkowitego HP - niszczyciele, najrzadziej pancerniki. Każde trafienie w magazyn może nas wysadzić. Najprawdopodobniej będą to pociski PP, rzadziej HE - magazyn musi się znaleźć w zasięgu wybuchu pocisku. Nie możemy zapominać również o torpedach. Jeśli trafią obszar pod wieżą artylerii głównej to nawet największy pancernik może zostać posłany na dno. 7. Jak uchronić się przed detonacją Należy pamiętać by chronić obszary pod wieżami. Jeśli chodzi o pociski szanse na reakcje są znikome. Inną sprawą są torpedy. W przypadku, gdy nieuniknione jest otrzymanie torpedy w nasz okręt staramy się, by torpeda trafiła nas w śródokręcie - tam poziom ochrony przeciwtorpedowej jest największy. Trzeba mocno uważać, by nie dostać torpedą pod wieże. Ciekawostka: można zadać obrażenia detonacją większe niż 100%HP. Wynika to z przypadku, gdy pocisk jednocześnie trafi cytadelę oraz magazyn amunicji. Każde trafienie w cytadelę kasuje licznik obrażeń, a ponieważ potem detonuje za 100% HP. Zadamy wtedy obrażenia równe cytadeli +100%HP. 8. Zmiany w patchu 0.7.2 Od patcha 0.7.2 (od 01.03.2018) detonacja jest możliwa dopiero wtedy, gdy okręt będzie miał mniej niż 75%HP. Okręty z większą ilością punków życia NIE MOGĄ DETONOWAĆ! Dziękuję za uwagę. Powodzenia w grze!
  10. Dear WG, Please let me have a match in my NC where she does not detonate by the very first torpedo that hits her, especially the ones that hit her on the M*****F****** BOW. I hate you, WhiskeyWolf
  11. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    The fun and engaging game mechanic

    That one game mechanic that ALWAYS frustrates the hell out of me?? Detonation! Well today it happened, and it was a real kick in the balls too. Happily closing in on a Hiryu in my Kamikaze R, when a single secondary shell from the Hiryu detonated me!! I mean come on WG...really?. I couldn't do anything but stare at the screen, then after it sank in(pardon the pun), I simply exited the battle and then the game. I`ve had my wrist slapped before for commenting on WG employees making dubious design choices etc.......but this just utter B******S!!!! When I detonate other players I apologise to them because I hate it when it happens to me. *Edited
  12. Bootack_of_Mar_Mar

    Admiral Hipper Det problem

    So... is it just me or is there a sweet spot for the Hipper, where you will get increased chance of detonation. 'Cause it seems as if RN BB HE constantly detonates me. Had 5 games the past 3 - 4 days with me Hipper, 2 of them were detonations from higher tier RN BBs.
  13. Mandorbg

    Detonation mechanics

    Greetings, Detonation is one of the more annoying aspects of the game for me. Is it possible to get a more clear view into the mechanics of that feature as most of the time it seems to be completely random? I can perfectly understand being detonated by a torpedo or by several AP shells penetrating the same magazine. But I don't understand how it's possible to detonate a ship with a HE shell. I think it will be much more acceptable if I knew how it works and how to avoid it happening or at least minimize the chances.
  14. Temujin27

    HMS Orion - Detonation

    I suffered a total Detonation this morning in the new RM IV BB Orion. It was just a couple of minutes into the game and i was still on full health, but caught two air launched torpedoes (i know my bad). They impacted a split second apart and so cant really tell which one set off my magazine (see photo - hit points indicated). The first just missed the 305 mm Armour Belt, and impacted the 63 mm Aft Armour Belt. The blast would have had to overcome the 254 mm Athwartship and / or the 254 mm Barbette Armour of Turret E. So I'm not sure if that one could have done the damage (the torps where only from a Langley)? The second looked like it hit the 305 mm Armour Belt amidships, so i was confused how that would have set off the magazine of Turret C ? I would really like the thoughts of the community. Is it possible that the second one actual hit BELOW the 305 mm Belt (due to roll of ship) and so would have had to only overcome the 25 mm Torpedo Bulge and 38 mm Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead before dealing with the 78 mm Barbette Armour at the bottom of Turret C ? And lastly "if" that is what happened is this a portent of things to come with the new Pan Asian "Deepwater Torpedoes" ?
  15. Risalan


    the wiki says: Note: This flag reduces detonation chance to zero, regardless of other modifiers that may increase the chance of detonation (such as India X-Ray and Juliet Whiskey Unaone). I think this is not correct, but, someone knows?, by developers or have the both signals mounted and have a detonation. Thanks.
  16. SmartassNoob

    What could have happened?

    The battle had been on for under a half a minute and suddenly an enemy Colorado was marked as sunk. There was no indication of how, or who did it. Just that it sunk. Someone on chat mentioned that apparently the Colorado was still causing damage and speculated that he had set someone on fire. Strangely, after the battle he was credited with -1 kills. And that's also weird, because we never saw any low health ship that he could have HE salvoed. (Or maybe I just missed the moment when he was credited with a kill. In any case, normally teamkills on the enemy team are notified as [some red username] [weapon icon] [some username]. But we didn't see that.
  17. My last post was about the Gallant i recieved in a Dunkirk container thanking WG. This one though is about hitting the nail on coffin, preety much sick and tired of getting detonated... I don't know if you realy take seriously what your playerbase thinks and they ask you to put in the game or remove but since the last update you preety much "F"ed up the game experiece for me and i think many others too. I realy ask for forgiveness from people i detonate once or twice a day. This is not "a fun and engaging mechanic". This is plain trolling. People ask you to remove it, and make detonations even more common. Just now 88k health Tier X Kurfurst and puff... "get to the port". I was about to get some money in on Monday and buy the ultimate treat, get the Scharnhorst that i was looking forward to buy in the summer sales(but you didn't even bother again to put in) since i got the Gallant from a crate and it was a kind of cut in the price if think of it that way(no sale price on the Scharhorst-got Gallant-nice tradeoff) but i think you don't want money right? You just want to piss off your playerbase.... So all and all, untill i see in the a next patch that detonations are removed or ships can only detonate if the players ship is below 10-15% health... don't expect a cent from me. And make an huge explotion when ships detonate dont give us flags, you can stick your detonation flags ... you know where... We detonate, you give us 10 flags, we use the flags(not that a detonation could happen in the next 10 matches but...) the flags run out then we detonate again. No point, its plain Stoopy . There is nothig realistic about it. this is a game and people play it to have fun, not to get trolled by you. The guy who thought of detonations and came up with this approach needs to get castrated and have his head shaved like that guy in game of thrones who always walks with his hands where his balls where supposed to be.(yes i'm trolling you too) So have fun, but no money from me untill you start to listen to what people want. I hope more players react in the same way untill you realise who pays your bills. ps. 100 euros for a ship.... i can get a sheep for that money! ps2. please don't put this as a comment in another thread as a comment again, it realy shows that you are trying to burry a thread on another that no one reads, if this is a forum, opinions should and must be heard. oh and it spent time to wright it. Thanks again... not!
  18. Don_Roderick

    Rate this meme I made.

    Title says it all.
  19. primi3

    It's all about the aim!

    Guys, best luckshot ever! Unfortunately I don't have a replay
  20. shamelesscreature

    Hindenburg armour model broken?

    In the last 6 weeks, I've been detonated 5 times by Moskva or battleship HE in this ship (1x Moskva, 1x Missouri, 3x Bismarck / Tirpitz iirc). Mostly by what appeared to be hits or splashes near the #2 turret. In the same time frame, I've had 2 detonations in all other cruisers combined, once by torpedo and once by AP.
  21. WhiteCliffs

    Detonation by Torpedo...

    No doubt something people have moaned about before, but I just got detonated on Warspite by a single torpedo to my torpedo bulge. 53,000 hp to 0. I get how it would happen via a shell. If a North Carolina penetrates my belt armour with a 16" super heavy, straight into the magazine, fair play, but a torpedo straight into my torpedo bulge? How in any universe does that cause a magazine detonation?
  22. Aotearas


    If the game decides to screw over a player with random OHKs, can we at least make it a BIG boom that's aesthetically impressive with a giant burst flame, smoke plume and explosive shockwave racing over the water surface? The smoke plume in particular might just stay for the remainder of the match slowly spreading as a poignant reminder of my or anothers untimely demise. I'd at the very least like to look fabulous if RNG gives me the stinking finger, thank you very much!
  23. Please, wargaming, remove the possibility of a random hit killing you at full hp. Nothing is more demotivating. If it was at least something that can be planned, like citadel hits, ok, but this is just completely random. What do you think? Is this just so that people buy the flag that prevents magazine detonations? Personally, sometimes I detonate someone else and I am like "ok, that's unexpected but nice". When I get detonated, I just get mad. Overall, it doesn't improve the fun of the game. Detonating someone at full hp just with secondaries, it's ridiculous:
  24. TL1000R2000

    Detonationen seit neuem Update

    sagt mal haben die Russen irgendwas daran geändert? Habe jetzt 2 mal BB gespielt und ein einzelner Torpedo hat eine Detonation zur Folge? Amagi und Tirpitz mit 3/4 Health durch einzelnen Torpedo zur Strecke gebracht. Selten blöder Zufall oder ein neues Feature in dem zu Tode generften Game?