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Found 14 results

  1. Hallo zusammen, in den Patchnotes hat sich folgende Meldung 'versteckt': Kurzum, folgende Aktion ist mit Patch 0.8.0 NICHT MEHR MÖGLICH: ALTES Verhalten in 0.7.12 - Schiff A ist von Feind B weiter entfernt als die eigene Erkennbarkeitsreichweite - Schiff A schießt auf Feind B (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite weitet sich aus bis zur maximalen Reichweite der Hauptbatterie) - Feind B entdeckt Schiff A - Schiff A fährt hinter eine Insel und bricht dadurch den Sichtkontakt (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite nach abfeuern der Hautpgeschütze schrumpft auf normale Erkennbarkeitsreichweite zurück) - Schiff A fährt hinter der Insel vor und ist von Feind B NICHT ENTDECKT Stattdessen kommt folgender Mechanismus zum tragen: NEUES Verhalten auf PTS 0.8.0 - Schiff A ist von Feind B weiter entfernt als die eigene Erkennbarkeitsreichweite - Schiff A schießt auf Feind B (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite weitet sich aus bis zur maximalen Reichweite der Hauptbatterie) - Feind B entdeckt Schiff A - Schiff A fährt hinter eine Insel und bricht dadurch den Sichtkontakt (Erkennbarkeitsreichweite nach abfeuern der Hautpgeschütze schrumpft NICHT auf normale Erkennbarkeitsreichweite zurück. 20s Regel) - Schiff A fährt hinter der Insel vor und ist von Feind B immer noch entdeckt (bis die 20s abgelaufen sind) Für WG war die erste Funktionsweise wohl ein Bug. Dieser soll nun gemäß der beschriebenen NEUEN Funktionsweise gefixt werden. Für uns Spieler aber eine intuitive Mechanik die das Spiel besser und angenehmer gestaltet hat. Im Englischen Forum haben bereits zahlreiche Spieler abgestimmt darüber welche Funktionsweise implementiert werden soll. Meine Frage an euch: - Soll die ALTE Funktionsweise erhalten bleiben? - Soll die NEUE Funktionsweise mit dem Patch eingeführt werden? Anscheinend ist dieser Fix im Zuge des CV Rework völlig untergegagen. Link zum englischen Forum: (Stand 22:00 29.01.2019: 1100 abgestimmt, 93.5% für die aktuell implementierte Mechanik)
  2. Donnée 0.8.4 Test Torpilles Japonaise Torpilles Américaine Torpilles Allemande Torpilles Russe Torpilles Anglaise Torpilles Française Torpilles Pan asia Torpilles autres nations Tableau des résistances des navires aux inondations Calcul de la portée de détection des torp avec module et comp (Détection de base de la torp) X (module acquisition X comp vigilance) = portée de détection réelle Exemple torp F3 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.25 = 2.7 km Cas du sonars : (Portée du sonars) X ( comp vigilance) = portée de détection réelle Calcul temps de réaction (Distance en km / (vitesse de la torp en knt x 2.6)) x 1000 = Temps de réaction Exemple : torp F3 1.8 / (76x2.6) x 1000 = 9.1 sec Si comp vigilance et module acquisition 2.7 / (76x2.6) x 1000 = 13.7 sec Calcul inondation réelle (Nombre de base d'inondation de la torpille + flag ) X (la résistance en % du navire au inondation) = % d'avoir une inondation par torpille Exemple : on prend les 406% des type 93 mod3 du shima contre un yama et contre un pensacola 406* 15%(0.15)= 60.9% de chance de mettre une inondation sur un yama avec une torp de shima 406* 32%(0.32)= 129. 92% de chance de mettre une inondation sur un pensacola avec une torp de shima Type Deep Water Nation Pan asia touche tout sauf DD. Nation Japon/ allemande touche seulement BB et CV. Les Deep Water ignore aussi une partie de la protection anti torpille entre 20% et 30%. Note Mise à jour 0.8.4 Test , ajout de nouveaux navire et autre stats ST
  3. Hi all, Dear WG: For the love of God please re-make in-battle UI with simple fix that can show _ALL_ detection icons ("Detected" / "Priority Target" / "Incoming Fire" / "Radar" / "Hydro" / "Plane Spotted" etc.) at once and not altering like it is now! Right now even with brand new v0.8.0 (and new separation of icons for "Hydro" "/ Radar") they can't all be shown at once and that is _HUGE_ problem in many occasions because player needs all information he can get... For example please just check this thread on Reddit regarding new v0.8.0: Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I had this very same topic here almost 1 year ago ago and nothing changed: And Reddit:
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    German cruisers and detection are broken.

    So a few days ago I was in a DD division with a friend - and he started complaining about how he was detected inside his smoke cloud by a german cruiser. A little later in that game (he got killed) I experience the same - I'm inside my smoke lying completely still, and get detected - but I can't see the enemy. He ofc starts he-spamming me so I try to retread and lay torps beind me but to no avail - I can't even shoot back as he invisible to me because of the smoke. Now over a few days of playing it has happened to me again several times - I get detected but can't see enemy (I'm outside of their ability - that's not the issue) And latest just now today it happened again: I pop smoke in my Mutsuki and come to a complete stop - enemy Königsberg keeps seeing me - I can't see him. And he just HE-spams me to death - Distance was about 5 kms so well outside the 3.48 kms of the acoustic ping.
  5. Aragathor

    Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    So, @wilkatis_LV has posted a video of the new ship detection changes that were teased before. Watch the video: Instead of solving the issue, WG again went for the dumbest solution and decided to punish people with minimap awareness. Because adding a delay to the minimap is the way solve detection issues. If this goes live, the first notification you will have that there's a ship nearby will be a dev strike in your side. My reaction:
  6. Edit : réponse possible ! Merci à Verdandi_ de m'avoir prévenu que ce n'était pas possible avant - coché un truc qu'il ne fallait pas dans le vote;) Beaucoup d'entre nous utilisent des mods afin d'améliorer la visibilité des icônes de détection en jeu. Toutefois ce point en jeu est, bien qu'ayant eu certaines évolutions au fil des mise à jour, toujours aussi petit et discret qu'au début. Je soumet donc l'idée que WG fasse évoluer ce point. Les îcones en jeu sont actuellement (sauf oublis de ma part) : 1. - Détection 2. - Détection avec cible prioritaire (le nombre d'ennemie qui vous visent) 3. - Détection avec alerte de tir en approche 4. - Détection aérienne 5. - Détection radar/hydro 6. - Localisation par RPF Dans le jeu toutes ces icônes sont relativement petites (très petites même) et toutes de la même couleur (jaune orangé). Par moment il se peut que l'on ne note pas le changement de l'indicateur, par exemple de simplement détecté à détecté avec plusieurs ennemie visant, ou bien de simplement détecté à détecté par radar (dans le cas de pose d'un fumigène par exemple). C'est pourquoi je propose de rajouter dans les options la possibilité de choisir : - entre trois tailles d'affichage pour les icônes (petite -> celle actuelle / moyenne / grande comme par exemple celles du mod de BlueManCA) - des couleurs différentes par type de détection. exemple : ⦁ - détection par bateaux (avec cible prioritaire et alerte de tir en approche) >> orange ⦁ - détection par avions >> bleu ⦁ - détection par radar/hydro >> vert ⦁ - détection par RPF : rouge Aussi un petit son (sélectionnable ou non) qui serait associé à l'activation d'une icône de détection. Aussi cela permettrait de ne pas avoir à recourir à des mods spécifiques, c'est fatiguant de devoir tout remettre à chaque mise à jour ;) Qu'en pensez-vous ?
  7. Hello, I have noticed that even though I have similar or better concealment ships seem to detect me first. I think there is a really big problem with the rendering or graphics settings. I am on laptop so I put it on low graphics quality to get more fps which is around 30 but I think this is affecting my gameplay vastly. However, this shouldn't definitely happen because it should just affect the graphics. I noticed that most of the cases the enemy ships shot the first shot because of this some sort of rendering issue. I have also proved that with my friends on discord because they said to focus a ship that I didn't even see yet. Also, after with the latest patch after I see the spotted icon and music starts the ship appears like 1 or 2 seconds later so that gave me another reason to create this topic. I wonder if I am the only one who is having this issue or not Please note that this has nothing to do with spotting or game mechanics because I am very well experienced with the game concepts and have tried almost every scenario. Therefore, I am going to give you some examples. I am playing with z-46, there is a myoko inside the island but I see him, then he disappears for a couple of seconds and leaves the island from right in 4km range. My guns are aiming at him my entire vision is clear and there is nothing in my path. He starts to shows his front but I don't see him instantly then he sees me and shoots me even though I was never detected till now. At that moment I only see him even with spotted icon early and shoot back. Additional example, I rush to cap so is the enemy dd. We have same or a bit better spotting range but I see detected and spotted icon. He shots me first I see his ship after like 1-2 second later that I saw spotted icon, so I shot him later. There are so many other examples that I can give but I think you got the point. I am not entirely sure if this caused by low fps(around 30) or graphics settings. However, I do know that this affects my gameplay severaly because the enemies will always get the first shot on me and you know how important this is. I hope that this issue is fixable and I will be able to play the game in more fair circumstances.
  8. Cuddly_Spider

    Environmental camouflage

    I searched and I couldn't find this topic anywhere, apologies if I missed something. I also couldn't find out if this is already in the game. WoS mechanics, like most WG games, is a convoluted mess of mathematics that has more artistic-type brains like mine giving up on understanding how it works. That said... I know basically how detection works, and how it can be made to work with smoke. But I think that's a bit too simplistic in terms of gameplay function. If a ship is on fire that ship will likely be far more visible for obvious reasons. However, other ships in the vicinity will be somewhat obscured by the thick smoke billowing out of the conflagrating vessel. There are also more natural obstacles to detection. Rolling fog banks randomly blowing across the map for example, or storms with driving rain. While these shouldn't be as good as destroyer smoke for masking an area I think it would improve the game if some of this stuff was included. Normal smoke having affecting detection, random weather reducing visibility etc. It'd give captains the chance to adjust tactics mid game and use more of the environment to their advantage rather than just the land masses.
  9. I've just unlocked the tier VIII IJN destroyer Fubuki. This ship has a module, the concealment system modification 1 that gives -10% to visability. My captain is 1 skill away from having the level five skill concealment expert that also gives -10%, and with cammo paint, a further -3% would occur. The base detection range is 7km. But if these are cumulative then the detection range would be 5.49Km. That is better than the Minikaze at 5.9. If they are not cumulative then there is no point in having both a captain with the skill and the ship with the module. I'd be better off selecting a different skill or module. Does anyone know if they are cumulative?
  10. horvath6th

    [Suggestion] Enemy Detection & Ammo

    Just a quick note from the author, me. This is a long-ish thread and I hope people don't just post tl;dr. I also hope that this can be discussed in a civil manner. Cheers Part One: Enemy Detection & Camouflage I’m not entirely sure how these particular mechanics works at the moment but here is my suggestion(s) as to how I think it could work in an alternate gameplay environment. My comments / suggestions do not necessarily need to be considered as being implemented to the current game modes but rather could be added to a different, ‘Realism’ game mode which is slower but more in-depth. To start I believe the detection ranges need to be adjusted with more parameters being added to the specific ships to further increase realism. To start, maximum detection range should be calculated using four (or five!) factors… Note Ship 1 is your ship, Ship 2 is the enemy ship you’re detecting.. Height of Ship 1 Distance from Ship 1 to Ship 2 Size of Ship 2 Camouflage used Technology? To expand on the five points, first we have the height of your ship, Ship 1. This determines how far you can see across to the horizon. As you probably know, the horizon is based on the curvature of the Earth and changes depending on how high you are. If you’re standing on the coast and you are of average height, your horizon is only 2.9 miles (4.7km). But if you’re atop the observation mast (or whatever you call it) of a huge battleship, this will increase dramatically. If you know the height of your observation area then you can calculate the distance you can see using this equation (d in km, [1000m], h in m) or in the second image (d in miles, h in feet) Or For more information on the horizon - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon Next we have the distance (point 2) and size (point 3) of the enemy ship, Ship 2. These two factors should be considered together for all intents and purposes. The smaller and further away the ship, the more difficult it will be to detect and thus the closer is has to be to be detected. This however must also factor in the size of your own ship and if applicable (point 5) the technology historically employed on your vessel to aid in detecting enemy ships such as more advanced optics, scout planes or RADAR. This would become more valuable as you go through the tiers but could also be used as possible upgrades as a separate modification or as part of the Hull Type. All of these factors must be used to calculate the base distance in which a specific ship can be detected by your own ship. It should not be simply a base detection range for any ship to be detected by any other, but a more realistic system based on multiple factors. Lastly we have camouflage, which would basically modify the detectability of the enemy ship (Ship 2) by your ship, Ship 1, lowering it by a percentage. The more complex and or effective the camouflage, the greater that percentage. With this new system, I believe aircraft in particular, as well as larger ships, prove more useful in detecting the enemy fleet’s position(s). As a result I believe the ship responsible for detecting another ship (and thus informing the team of this) should receive points for sightings as it greatly increases the team’s ability to effectively manoeuvre and engage the enemy. I hope this first part has made sense to those who could be bothered to read it. I believe in the current set up these suggestions would not be feasible for WoWs, but in a more realistic mode on larger maps, they would be a significant boost to game play. Part Two: Ammo The next part should go a lot quicker. I believe it would be great to see historical ammunition used to label the ammunition used by our ships. AP and HE is so very arcade and I feel is a bit lazy on the part of the developer. At least put (for instance) 356mm HE and perhaps have some information on that shell. This would also open the door for advanced forms of the shell(s) employed based on historical data. If say, the US Navy started using more advanced 152mm AP shells in 1943, this should be seen as a possible upgrade in the game for US Naval ships that operated at that time with those guns. Once again, this asks more from the developer, but I believe this would open the door for some great historical and realistic additions to the game. That’s all for now folks, sorry for typing too much.
  11. OldChieftain

    Kitakami wallows like a pig

    This ship is totally unusable and worthless to the point selling it should constitute theft. Here's why... 1. range. It gets spotted a full 1k before it can even launch it's torp spread. it has anemic guns to compensate for the number of torps and they barely reach beyond surface detection. 2. maneuverability. This is the biggest flaw with this pig. It can't turn, so no ability to evade fire as you try and get to a useful torp range (or even max range ffs). once you do manage to get in range can you turn to get the torps into their firing arc? No. 3. fragility. this glass cannon explodes long before it can turn to fire it's torps and as it can't turn no zig zagging for any hope of dodging under 11km (cruiser on cruiser it shouldn't be destroyed in 2 salvoes which most cruisers can fire before you turn to fire torps). 4. concealment. none to speak of really. I understand it isn't a DD, but the game mechanics make it unusable without the ability to get into firing range with it's primary armament, torpedoes. with the number of planes in a game TB, DB, Fighters, Scouts. you can only rarely sneak through islands or bergs to get a salvo off. Far too rarely to make it viable. How to fix this? It needs a faster rudder shift (recommend 8 seconds), smaller turning circle, and a 10.5 percent drop in surface detectability. So until this is tweaked I recommend avoiding this plague ship.
  12. bonjour, petite question, vous est-il arrivé d'être détecté par des avions dans une smoke ? Ou est-ce un problème d'affichage d'icône et c'est un radar ou un hydro mais l'icône ne change pas ? Qu'en pensez vous ? Bonne journée
  13. Bon, n'y aurait il pas un souci avec la détection de certaines torpilles, non deepwater! Car elles sont détectées super tardivement pour certaines... Du moins, j'en ai le sentiment... J'ai et eu, shima, yueyang, Z52, yog, Z46, Gearing, Fletch... En gros tous les DD et j'ai l'impression que pour certains, la détection a changé... Pas vous?
  14. pradz

    Too much smoke

    Nowadays, more and more players are using smoke a very smart way. However, the issue seems particularly unfair. If detection have been had to the ships which have unload smoke and fires, it does not apply to those standing in smoke when they shot at enemies. As smoke can stands for 70 sec and some can use 3 times smoke during a single battle, it means some players can shot at others during more than 3 minutes with an unfair protection. It is a too big advantage and so far from reality. So please, shortened the smoke time, or let all ships appearing during a short time when firing, or stop ships in smoke firing .