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Found 4 results

  1. MS_Surface

    Detectability issues

    Hi, i'm having these weird issues with detectability: 1 - Undetected ships - because of islands - should be detected as soon as "logic demands", not a few hundred meters after the moment when they should appear. 2 - I have 5.5km detection range so i know that if i fire at more than 9.5km i can do it undetected. Now if i fire, say, at 10km and by the time the shell hits the target, i am at 9.4km i get spotted. The "hit" itself is a reason to be detected or there could be another reason? 3 - In a battle a few minutes ago (i can post the replay if you want) i detected a Benson only at 1.7km (no islands in the way) he was inside smoke but he was also firing. How is it possible that a ship less than 2km away from me, even with smoke, can fire undetected? Are some of you having this kind of issues?
  2. BloodyTourist


    I am the proud owner of the tier VIII premium IJN cruiser "Atago". This fast, light cruiser kinda depends on its stealth sometimes so i wanted to buff the camo. I was glad that with open beta in rank 8, there was camo consumables available. Also I invested 2 million credits into concealment system modification 1. Now, as I'm sure the actual mechanics already take account with these consumables, the numbers in port remain the same. They don't change. And you can imagine how I would like the have the numbers correct to be able to adjust my tactics on that. When unlocked I'd like to add a commanderskill regarding this as well. Can anyone tell me how I can get the numbers right? Or do i have to wait for WG to patch it someday?
  3. DBaron

    Q: How does detectability work

    Hi all, I have a question regarding detectability of ships. Lets take the Myoko as example: Surface detectability range:11.9km Air detectability range: 8.2km Now I installed the "Concealment System Mod 1" for 10% bonus, that should change those values to 10.71km and 7.38km Does that now mean that I will (under normal circumstances) not getting spotted by ships (or respectively planes) if they stay above those values? Will firing my guns above those ranges make me visible? And if yes, for how long? How do floatplanes affect those values? Thanks in advance for all useful answers! DB
  4. Hi all, Is there a MOD that counts down the 20 seconds "bloom" when main battery guns are fired (i.e. the counter would show for how long the extended surface detectability would last)? The counter would be set to 20 and started counting down to 0 after each firing of main battery guns (of course if the ship remains undetected at the moment of the "bloom" it would reset to 0 immediately)... Leo "Apollo11"