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Found 13 results

  1. This game is worse and worse with every new patch and atm is really unplayable - CV, desync, 35-42% WR T10 playerbase, CV clan battles and so on...
  2. Admiral_Fukov

    Massiver Desync der WoWs Server !

    Hallo werte Community und WG Staff "Flamus" aktuelles Video hat mich zu diesem Thread motiviert, da ich denke das die deutschsprachige Community ein Recht hat, davon zu erfahren. Seit ein paar Patches scheint der Netcode auf sämtlichen WowS Server(RU,EU,NA sowie SEA) an massivem Desync zu leiden. Mir und anderen ist schon länger aufgefallen das abgefeuerte Salven ein teils nicht nachvollziehbares Verhalten aufweisen. Da landet die Salve in der Schiffsmitte, und die Mumpeln klatschen dennoch ins Wasser, oder sichere Zitadellen werden doch wieder zu unerklärlichen Overpens. Auch CV Spieler/Gegner bekommen das zu spüren. Da fallen Bomben offensichtlich ins Wasser (Splash) machen aber dennoch Schaden, oder machen keinen obwohl man deutlich sieht dass das Schiff getroffen wurde. Das sind alles sichere Anzeichen eines Desyncs. Ein Desync tritt auf, wenn als Beispiel die Position des Schiffes im Gefecht sich zwischen Server und Client(Spieler) unterscheidet. Der Spieler bemerkt dabei in den meisten Fällen allerdings an seinem Ping keine Änderungen, sprich das Problem liegt am Server bzw an der Kommunikation zwischen Client und Server(Netcode). Als temporärer "Fix" wird empfohlen ca eine halbe Schiffslänge weiter vorzuhalten, da die tatsächliche Position des Gegners nicht dem entspricht was der Spieler sieht. Hier anbei das Video von Flamu ! Daher Frage ich mich ob WG Kenntnis von diesem Problem hat und es seit Monaten unter den Teppich kehrt, oder ob diese Problematik neu für sie ist. Letzteres halte ich für unwahrscheinlich, da es aufgefallen sein muss ! Ich werde diesbezüglich diesen Thread auch noch mit einem eigenen Video ergänzen, und würde mich auch über Replays der Community freuen, die diesen Desync belegen können. Diese würde ich dann noch mit hinzufügen. Und noch ein Wort @Sehales & co. Bitte nicht wieder die "Der PC des Spielers ist Schuld" Debatte mit Pingplotter Anfragen ins Endlose ziehen. Der Fehler liegt KLAR auf Seiten von WG ! In Hoffnung auf eine baldige offizielle Stellungnahme Admiral_Fukov
  3. Hola: Es más pataleta que otra cosa, porque ya he comentado este problema aquí (Inglés) , y hace tiempo aquí y también en español. El problema es el mismo, la conexión va bien, con ping y fps normales, pero el sonido se escucha con pequeños drops o microcortes. El barco tarda en reaccionar al giro, aunque veas en la pantalla el indicador que hace caso a tiempo. Cuando dejas de girar y el indicador vuelve a 0, pero el barco sigue girando y ves como derrapa en el agua. Otra característica es ver que el barco está por delante de donde tu lo ves, verás como te impactan proyectiles por delante de donde está la silueta de mi barco, donde yo solo veo agua y si caen en esa silueta, salpica agua y no hay daño. Por supuesto, los enemigos están por delante de donde yo los veo, les delata las animaciones de sus disparos y los impactos que reciben. Puedes empezar una partida y estar bien, y producirse esta desincronización a los 3 o 5 minutos de empezar la batalla. Obviamente jugar así es imposible, llevo 3 días que lo intento y solo me dan ganas de ejecutar el uninstall. Lo graciosos del caso es que llevo solo una semana jugando, desde que allá por marzo, WG quitase la compatibilidad con win XP Vista y no lo he cambiado hasta ahora. En toda una semana no me ha dado ni medio problema. Y cuando lo dejé daba ese problema de forma aleatoria unos días sí, una temporada bien... He probado un montón de cosas, lo único que funcionaba era salir del juego en medio de la partida y reiniciar el router. Aparte de ser un rollo, (lo normal es que te hundan, aún si lo detectas según empieza). Ahora ni eso funciona, en apenas unos segundos vuelve a pasar. Comentaban de desactivar el antivirus, pero nada, no ha funcionado. Aparte que reconoce el juego como tal y lo mete al saco de los programas que hay que dejar correr. ¿Algún aporte?
  4. luca0483

    Movement/Position Desync

    I just reinstalled the game and i have got this problem that i have seen many people talk about back in the days of the beta, but nothing for quite a while. The problem is that slowly over the course of a game, all the ships' position on my screen differs more and more from the serverside postion, including my own in relation to the map. This has made me dump 6 torps at 1.6 km range, only for me to discover that the ship isn't actually physically there, sail straight through the ship model, and continue on to hit a friendly who had no idea that those were coming. I am now pink in the garage. I have platooned with friends over voice-comms and had to have them tell me by mouth where the ships were so i could hit them because it was so far off, sometimes more than twice the length of the ships i was firing at. But when firing at where they said i should, i did manage to score hits, even though it was just empty waters on my screen. When they died, the ships jumped to where they actually were, where i had been shooting. Ingame ping is at ~38, FPS at 50-60, all graphics settings set to low just to see if that helped, it did not. Any known causes for this issue?
  5. Tuench

    Massive Desync

    hello, I have desync problems. Its 5-10 sec behind the what i see on my client. Ping is 20-40 so pretty ok and my framerate is also constant 50-70 fps. The reinstalling/WGcheck, what helped me 6 months ago as i experieced the same problem, ist helping this time. I have no clue whats going on and its unplayable atm. Anyone have simular problems latly and maybe got a hint for me to solve this gamebreaking sheit? grettins, Tuench
  6. varangian_payday

    Game unplayable since last patch

    Hello, I've only played for around one month, worked great first week, unplayable since patch. Last time I attempted a game, I got killed with shellfire around 3km in front of my ship. My CPU is stock, I turn my PC off everyday, downloaded no new software, changed no settings, by elimination the patch is the cause. Any suggestions please? DxDiag.txt
  7. PanzerFuchs

    BUG: Ingame desync

    Hi to all fresh Captains of the CBT! I've encountered this really weird and hard-to-explain issue in my game where the battle runs fine for the first few minutes and then, supposedly after a set time, sort of "desyncs". What happens is that the battle runs normally, then after a few minutes of normal play (can't say for sure after how long exactly, but I'll return to that soon) all the ships, including yours, freeze on the spot spot. What's really weird about this issue is that the game actually continues in the background and I keep receiving damage, rewards and other announcements as they occur while I'm frozen. Then after a minute or so, the game continues, but it doesn't throw me straight to my actual spot where I should be now, it just proceedes from where it left off for everyone and for a while it's like watching a replay. Any control inputs I made during the lag will now happen with an appropriate delay and while the game is "catching up" I am not actually able to steer my vessel and any control inputs I make while it's doing so will only materialize later. It will take the game a while to catch up and for me to have normal control of my vessel again. What's really weird is that the guns fire and traverse in real time while in this "replay" state is active but I've yet to actually hit anyone during that period. After the game catches up, the game resumes normally, provided I don't die before that which is a real possibility. The issue is really weird, and I hope I explained it in a way that you folks can understand. I've turned off pretty much all programmes that could be messing with my 24meg internet connection (Steam, Skype ect) but the problem persists. It's as if my game stops receiving vehicle positioning data mid-battle but is still connected enough to give me all the battle messages. One more thing, this doesn't seem to influence anyone else, because I keep getting shot very consistently while desyncing and all other players behave normally.
  8. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/32573-desync-shells-flying-thru-enemy-ship-whitout-contact-not-over-pen/ Heres link to the old thread. Same issue still persists. Issue did not happen on Test server.
  9. As the old Desync thread is archived in beta section, i think this one should be brought back to the release side as it still is problem for many. This issue can also be refferred as the same issue in WoT as Ghost Shells So what is it the desync causes? 1. Your shells will fly thru the enemy ships aft/midsection, usually whitout anykind of contact at all splashing behind or inside the texture of ship. (Also enemy shells going thru your ship in your game if they aimed bad.) 2. You are never hitting citadels as your aim is completely off. 3. When enemy ship dies you will see it will warp to the actual position where it is at the server side. 4. Torpedoes will go thru your and enemy ships. 5. Your shells will be fired from front of you, at position you have not yet reached in your game but you actually are there at the server end 6. Gets gradually worse as the match continues. Heres some links to other threads that i find quite informative on the matter: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/53090-severe-delaylag/ US Forum thread, their support has answered it is at WGs end and they are looking for fix. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9489-visible-ship-position-vs-hitbox/ Archived topic on beta forums. Indicates problem whit bigworld edngines visibility check counter. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7998-repeat-of-client-server-de-synch-thread-per-conans-request/ >WG asia forum thread of the same bug where moderator is on it. Im quoting next the most important messages from the old topic, if you are more interested you can check it out here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/24414-wrong-display-of-ship-positions/ I asked before in one thread and i ask again, could everyone who does have desync PLEASE post your PC configuration! As WG is not going to make this a big priority, we must figure out workaround probably ourself. Mostlikely this is gonna end in that, the client has problem whit some processors. My bet is Intel i7 family or any multithreading units. Free template here: Cpu: GPU: RAM Size/speed: OS: Installation drive same as OS: Core temperatures:
  10. Theres huge desync issues, heres a flying example of it. Im sick of it, its completely unplayable again. And i lost 3*8 flags for it already. 3 Games in row all desync... Post your epic desync pics here too! Heres one more, it seems my target is invisible see the shells hitting thin air!
  11. So i figured we should collect some data and inform people what and how desync shows up. Its known that overclocked systems might have more desync than regular systems, so i would like to have everyone who have desync to post up if they have overcloked system or regular non OC system. Here is a template example of info i would like to know: Overclock: Yes Performance enchancing program: No Motherboard: X58A-UD3R Processor: i7 930 ~3.8ghz GPU: Asus R9 280 So how do you know if you have desync? Its easy if you have it alot, not so if its just a little. For me it starts from a little, and ends to the worst. Little desync shows up shells going thru just the afts of the enemy ships, and hitting just before their bows. Or games where i fire only AP all the time to midships of the enemy, and not even the 100th shell do a citadel. When it gets worse my shells go thru the whole enemy ship texture, and splash behind him. I can then adjust my lead so much that i would shoot past enemy bow, but instead it hits thin air where is no texture where the actual server hitbox is going. If this has happened to you, its desync beetween your client and the server. If you notice it early on the battle you have time to restart the client and it will fix it for while, but it might sneak around like DD whit torps soon again. I dont know any fix for this problem but, i have had similar desync problems whit one another game, and want to compare if it is same kind of source for the problem. Ie overclokc, HPET, motherboard or some processors.
  12. Rekre4tor

    Desync, movement delay

    Hello, my ping in game still shows values between 30ms and 50ms, but some things in game are delayed for me like the ping is much higher. I see all enemy ships delayed for cca 2-3 seconds. When I hit back of enemy ship, shell just go through it, and hits the water. As well when I shoot too forward, I dont hit water but the "invisible" ship. I belive this happens because of irregularities between my computer and server. This occur also when I am turning my ship. I set my rudder for some side, but the ship starts to turn after 2-3 seconds, even when the rudder is already sloped. This really affects my gameplay, for example long range firing (or firing small and fast tragets) or avoiding shells by wiggling. Its impossible to hit a destroyer. Other online games works fine (as well as other WG products) without any conncetion problems, so why I have them in this game? I attach PingPlotter report.
  13. reefclaw

    Desync and premium time

    So, I'm one of many people experiencing desync issues. And i'm running an AMD proc (one core affinity is no option). And my internet connection is great. This however is not a topic about that. As there are many other topics like this. This topic is related to premium time. With these desync issues, the game is unplayable. Even untestable. We can not see where the enemy ships really are. We can not see where torpedo's really are. And we (at least i) experience huge rubber banding when maneuvering the ship. So, the game is unplayable and untestable. As how can you test that which you cannot play. But, when i bought one of the ship packages. (I believe it's the warspite one). I got 30 days of premium time. That time is now lost. The does not calculate premium time on actual time played. Nor on actual days online. So, i got the 30 days, and it's sitting there, now being used. Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you think wargaming should reimburse the premium time lost due to this desync issue? Ahoy, Reefclaw