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Found 60 results

  1. _Scarrry_


    Poproszę moderatora o wstawienie w odpowiednie miejsce bo nie ma katalogu francuskie niszczyciele, a mamy pierwszy z nich. Na Shipcomrade recenzja Aigle w skrócie: za - największa pula HP na tier 6, przypominająca tier 7 (ze skilami kapitana prawie 20 000 HP) - najpotężniejsza artyleria na tych tierach - bardzo silne torpedy przeciw: - fatalne kąty zrzutu torped - fatalne prędkości obrotu wież dział - duży, niezbyt zwrotny - słabe camo - dramatycznie słaba plotka, nawet jak na niszczyciel podsumowanie: średniawy mehbote hmm... mi przychodzi do głowy najbardziej chyba pasujące do niego określenie - kanonierka
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    High tier German destroyers

    At this moment in World of Warships the balance is pretty on point at the higher tiers, but in my opinion destroyers are in a weird spot, especially the German DDs. See the table below: High tier destroyers Nation Tier Ship name Purpose Conc Gimmicks IJN 9 Yugumo Torpedo 5.5 TBRB IJN 10 Shimakaze Torpedo 5.6 Wall of skill RN 9 Jutland Cap cont/gunship 5.7 Hydro 3km & repair party PAN 9 Chung Mu Cap cont 5.7 Radar USN 9 Fletcher Hybrid 5.8 DF PAN 10 YueYang Cap cont 5.8 Radar USN 10 Gearing Hybrid 5.9 DF IJN 9 Kitakaze Gunship 5.9 TBRB KM 9 Z46 Cap cont 5.9 Hydro 5km RN 10 Daring Cap cont/gunship 6.0 Hydro 3km & repair party SN 10 Grozovoi Hybrid 6.0 DF and repair party KM 10 Z52 Hybrid 6.1 Hydro 6km IJN 10 Harugumo Gunship 6.2 TBRB SN 9 Udaloi Gunship 6.8 DF SN 9 Tashkent Gunship 7.4 Repair party SN 10 Khabarovsk Gunship 7.9 Repair party I am probably a bit off with the purposes I have given to some DDs. The difference between a gunship and cap contester is that a cap contester functions really well against other DDs, where a gunship doesn't. EG: It is impossible for a Harugumo to hunt down a Shimakaze. Z46 Z46 feels a bit forgotten imo. With her current concealment she will encounter ships such as the Kitakaze, Jutland and Daring. Z46 has some really nice reload torpedoes, but her shell damage output is pretty darn low. Jutland can dish out 220,32k HE damage and Kitakaze 242,88k HE damage, where the Z46 can only do 170,1k HE damage per minute. This leaves me wondering, where does the Z46 belong? They used to be darn good cap contesters, but the game has passed that stage. Okay, well they are still really good torpedo boats. Fast reloading torpedoes, which could inflict some sweet flooding damage. Wait, what, flooding damage got nerfed... Now what? EDIT: She never had a 5.6km hydro range, it was 4.7km. My bad. Z52 The hydro of the Z52 stayed pretty steady, it was around 5.94 before, or something like that and it is now 6km. While having superior hydro she also got nerfed by the flooding nerf that was brought into the game lately. Just as the Z46 she used to be a pretty good torpedo boat that could set many floodings. It used to be a reward for the low damage torpedoes. Still really good at lighting up an entire cap when you can hit the rock in the middle of the cap. Doubts I am not really sure about the German DD line. The lack of gun power used to make up for their strong hydro, but with the addition of RN DDs and the IJN gun boat line, and the flooding damage nerf, they feel really weak, especially the Z46. I think the Z46 deserves a 6km hydro as well, and that both ships should receive a buff to their torpedo reload time. Improved torpedo dispersion? In my opinion the Kitakaze, Jutland and Daring should all receive a concealment nerf. Especially the British DDs were really strong before they fixed the concealment mechanic. They definitely need to be looked at when they introduce it as a feature. Your thoughts?
  3. I was bored one day, and decided to follow up on a theory of mine. I've seen many people who only consider how much BFT lowers the reload of their guns when deciding whether or not to take it on their DDs. This leads them to disregard or undervalue BFT on ships with an already low reload time. After doing some maths, I discovered something that seems obvious once explained, but seems to go right over the heads of most people. Counterintuitively, the ships with the lowest base reload time benefit the most from BFT. To explain this, we need to look at BFT differently. Instead of viewing it as a percentage based reload decrease, we should view it as a percentage based rate of fire increase. When you look at it this way, it's quite obvious that the ships with the highest base rate of fire (and therefore lowest base reload) will benefit the most. To help avoid further confusion about this, and to allow you to calculate the usefulness of BFT on a ship yourself, here is a formula for calculating rate of fire increase. To find DPM, simply multiply the answer you get by the shell damage. ((60/(Base Reload*0.9))-(60/Base Reload))*Number of guns For your convenience, here is a list of the rate of fire and DPM increases BFT gives to each of the tier X DDs: Gearing: 13.3 rpm, 24000 HE DPM, 28000 AP DPM Shimakaze: 7.02 rpm, 15087 HE DPM, 15438 AP DPM Harugumo: 22.2 rpm, 26666 HE DPM, AP DPM Z-52: 10 rpm, 15000 HE DPM, 30000 AP DPM Grozovoi: 10 rpm, 18000 HE DPM, 26000 AP DPM Khabarovsk: 10.6 rpm, 20266 HE DPM, 27733 AP DPM Daring: 16 rpm, 27200 HE DPM, 33600 AP DPM Yueyang: 10 rpm: 18000 HE DPM, 21000 AP DPM Rate of Fire is given to two decimal places and is the total increase provided from all guns. DPM is given to the nearest whole number.
  4. The Tier X Pan-Asian destroyer is a strong ship, has good concealment, good rate of fire and the ability to install the consumable "Radar", which can effectively deal with adversaries, a small silhouette which gets less hits when under fire as well as low detection torpedoes which are very effective against cruisers and battleships. Of course, we must not forget about the unique smoke screen that allows you to successfully hide from enemies for much of the battle, as well as to fight more effectively for control points and retreat in the event of an unsuccessful skirmish. All these factors allow the destroyer to significantly influence the outcome of the battle and is statistically superior to its classmates. To address this, we have increased the reload time of the main caliber guns by 1 second (from 3 to 4 seconds) and torpedo tubes by 20 seconds (from 136 to 156 seconds). These changes will minimally affect the unique features of the destroyer, while bringing its statistics to the same level as other destroyers at its Tier. Source:- https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  5. Dirty_Dunc

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    I'm sick to the back teeth of high tier / Tier 10 destroyers playing badly and throwing games right from the the outset by : 1. Not attempting to cap or going everywhere but the cap circle, even when the enemy is clearly at the other end of the map. 2. All DD's going to one cap and then wondering why the game was lost on points. 3. Asking why Battleshsips and Cruisers dont blindly enter caps at the start of a match to '"support" them. 4. Suiciding at the start of the game leaving the rest of the team to be blindly picked off for the next 15 minutes. This is especially excruiating when there are four or five dd's per side and yours are all dead. 5. Launching torpedoes from behind team mates and then accusing everyone else of 'camping'.
  6. Kawaiidesune

    Destroyers steering off course

    Hey guys,i noticed that when i m playing destoyers they slightly steer of course to the left or the right.Is this a bug or?It happens every time i play DDs at random points.
  7. having played cruisers for quite a bit I have noticed that I have citadel hit and received citadel hits in pretty much all classes in the game, save 1...now I don't know if I've just been unlucky, or that this class is just immune to citadel hits. -cruiser vs. cruiser..happens all the time -cruiser vs battleship...rare but you can citadel hit them if the gun is strong enough..battleships are better suited for this though -cruiser vs aircraft carrier, the citadel is located a bit high on the ship for most of them -cruiser vs destroyer...I can't honestly say I ever got a citadel hit ribbon from hitting a destroyer, with other destroyers, cruisers or battleships. nor can I remember receiving the "heavy damage" message after anything other then a torpedo hit when playing a destroyer. is it possible to citadel hit destroyers? do they even have a citadel to hit?
  8. Hi everybody! I started this thread very recently on the NA server and decided I should share what I'm doing with the EU server too. Anyways, with WoWS coming out in the near future I figured it would be awesome to learn a bit about some of the ships that are going to be in the game. Hopefully in the upcoming days and weeks I will be able to put up more episodes for all of you to enjoy. These videos are purely for educational purposes and there will be absolutely no ads on these videos. Enjoy and tell me what you all think ^_^ Episode 38 - The Other Scharnhorst / Shinyo Class Carrier Episode 37 - Gnevny (Gremyashchy) Class Destroyer Episode 36 - Nagato Class Battleships Episode 35 - Invincible Class Battlecruisers Episode 34 - Andrea Doria Class Battleship Episode 33 - Fuso Class Battleship Episode 32 - Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 31 - USS Olympia Episode 30! - HMS Ark Royal Episode 29 - Langley Aircraft Carrier Episode 28 - Kaga Aircraft Carrier Episode 27 - Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser Episode 26 - South Dakota Class Battleship Episode 25 - HMS Dreadnought Battleship Episode 24 - John C. Butler Class Destroyer Escort Episode 23 - Montana Class Battleship Episode 22 - Scharnhorst Class Battlecruisers Episode 21 - Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 20 - Flower Class Corvettes Episode 19 - Nelson Class Battleships Episode 18 - Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyers Episode 17 - King George V Class Battleships Episode 16 - Iowa Class Battleships Episode 15 - Lexington Class Carriers Episode 14 - Mogami Class Cruisers Episode 13 - Littorio Class Battleship Episode 12 - Deutschland Class Panzerschiffe Episode 11 - Kongo Class Battleship Episode 10 - Bismarck Class Battleship Episode 9 - Fletcher Class Destroyer Episode 8 - Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 3 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 2 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 1 Episode 6 - Pennsylvania Class Battleship - USS Arizona Episode 5 - Admiral Class Battlecruiser - HMS Hood Episode 4 - Yamato Class Battleship Episode 3 - Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Episode 2 - New York Class Battleships Episode 1 - North Carolina Class Battleships
  9. Hello! I have played this week's operation, the Defence of Naval Station Newport, a couple of times these past few days. And I have started to perceive a new trend, in that more and more destroyers are appearing in the teams. Now, one reason why I'm rather fond of the scenario battles, is that they have given cruisers a much-needed place in the sun. With the possible exception of that operation where you're trying to assist an airlift from a Japanese island base, cruisers are - by far - the most efficient ship class for completing operations. Battleships can be of good use as well, although a team with a majority of battleships will generally do worse than a team with a majority of cruisers. But a team with a majority of destroyers? Don't go there, soldier. It's not a pretty picture. For the longest time, I refrained from playing any destroyer at all in any operation. But then I read a few posts on this forum, which stated that a destroyer could do well in operations under certain circumstances. I tried it, and yes, it can work - but I would like to amend the statement: One destroyer can do well in operations, under certain circumstances. Two or three destroyers? Not so much. Some weeks ago I had a game in Defence of Naval Station Newport, where I played in the Anshan. The rest of the team was composed mainly of Clevelands and one aircraft carrier. So, yeah, it was a five-star win and an easy one at that. You could argue that this team would have won without my destroyer, and you'd be right. But by spotting, kiting and setting fires, in combination with a well-timed endgame torpedo-rush that sent an enemy battleship to the bottom with extreme prejudice, I managed to pull up a rather impressive score on the post-battle result screen. All in all, a very fun game. When I tried for a repeat performance yesterday, I found myself in the company of two other destroyers, two times in a row. In other words, I had two games where roughly half the team was composed of destroyers. Almost needless to say, both battles ended in catastrophic losses. Irrespective of individual player skill, such a team simply has nowhere near the fire power that is needed to complete this operation with any greater level of success. I hesitate to argue for an outright DD cap mechanic - but I do feel that the composition of the team is rather vital to the game experience. Two battles is obviously nowhere near enough to draw any conclusions from, and so I thought I'd put the question up on the forum: Have destroyers become a more common choice in Scenario Battles? If so, how has this impacted on the game experience? Happy Easter to you all!
  10. Boneripper

    WW1 Destroyers

    I am of the opinion that the DDs of WW1 were quite valuable, while Tuccy is of the opinion that they didn't really come into their own until WW2. So in this post I will put forward my arguments, which I will gladly see refuted or built upon by others. So, the WW1 Destroyer: Main armaments 4 inch guns and 21 inch Torpedoes. The number of guns varied from 2-4. The number of tubes also varied from 2 single tubes to 2 twin tubes. The AA was of course very much limited at the time, they had a few pom-poms that could do the job. At the battle of Jutland the British forces had 78 destroyers, which played a crucial role in the fighting. During the night fighting several flotillas torpedoed a light cruiser, which sank later. They were also used to keep the German Torpedo Boats at distance so they couldn't attack their BBs. The fear of torpedoes in the early years were perhaps a bit exaggerated, but that doesn't diminish the roles the DDs played. Tuccy agrues that in WW2 as the DDs became biggen they were able to put more stuff on there and so they came into their own. Well... :rolleyes: The WW2 Destroyer: Main armaments 4 to 4.7 inch guns and 21 inch torpedoes. The number of guns were about 4 and the number of torpedo tubes increased to about 8. The AA ability increased of course as did their anti-submarine capabilities. Their roles expanded I agree, but in the fleet their role was still to screen the BBs, this time from evul subs. They also acted as scouts, as they did in WW1 and they employed the tactics of swarming larger opponents, again something that they also did in WW1. I will gladly hear dissenting opinions :mellow:
  11. Hello captains! A little backstory first... I've recently had a craving for some naval action and came back to this game after a really long break. Back when I played we only had IJN and US lines with 2 Russian premiums(aurora and murmansk), so you can imagine my shock when i checked the tech tree. I've always liked cruisers for their relatively quick rate of fire(im fine with 15s, but anything above is a little too slow for my taste), good speed and ability to weave dodge incoming shells. It was easy to pick back in the day, but now there is a lot more choice.... I just need some info on the new lines... Are there any BBs now that have relatively fast rate of fire ? Are there any BBs that are super accurate ? Is zao still relevant, compared to moskva and hindenburg ? Are there any amazing gun oriented destroyers ? (I want to be a destroyer that excels at killing other destroyers) What premiums are "must haves" for fun and credit making ? I really, really enjoyed Murmansk back in the day, haven't tried it recently. I've tried a bit of everything so far but i need to start focusing on 1 line to get better, thus im asking for help. Here are my stats, i don't have much experience(only what...300 something battles) but i feel like im pretty average right now. http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/kiteohatto/ <------you can also see what ships i own Thanks and I look forward to your input. P.S. What are those special missions now with Steven Seagal and arp ships ?
  12. Jiriakel

    Torpedo party !

    So, I usually don't complain about matchmaking, but... Poor, poor BB's on our team. They didn't last very long.
  13. Buongiorno, banda di pangolini ! Je ne suis pas mort (au grand désespoir de certain) et en attendant que je retrouve cet article sur les CV US qui est très légèrement en retard (meh, à peine 4 mois de retard pour l'instant, je suis encore très large) je vous propose un autre article intermédiaire sur encore des destroyers ! Mais de quelle nation ? Se demande celui qui n'a visiblement pas lu le titre. Je vous laisse le deviner en musique. AMBIENCE ! Bon, les clichés, c'est fait. Check' Eh oui, aujourd'hui, on va parler des destroyers de la Seconda Guerra Mondiale de la Regia Marina ! Alors embarquez avec moi dans ces navires rapides et hautement instables presque intégralement équippés de canons de 120mm ! \Introduction Ah, l'Italie ! Les pâtes, la mafia, les pizzas, la Sicille, le soleil, le café, les romains ! J'y suis jamais allé, donc j'en suis réduit aux clichés biaisés (puisque mon grand père est techniquement italien) mais je vais vous avouer que quand j'ai poser les yeux sur les noms de leurs navires c'était TELLEMENT BEAU que j'ai direct décidé d'écrire à leur propos. Y-a-t-il du matériel pour faire un exposé ? Bien sûr : l'Italie faisait parti de ces nations avec une flotte conséquente qui s'est battu, ils construisaient leurs navires eux-même et avaient un style unique. Leur destroyers ne font pas exception.L'Italie s'est équippée de destroyers depuis la fin du 19è siècles. En commandant certains au départ, très vite, tous leurs navires furent construis sur leur sol. Pendant l'entre-guerre, des designs de destroyers "larges" parfois appelé croiseur d'exploration (le type se nommait esploratori en italien) furent créés, formant des escadrons dredoutables en puissance autant qu'en taille pour des destroyers, jusqu'à ce que l'impact de Fubuki sur le monde naval pousse les autres nations à augmenter aussi les capacité de combats de leur destroyers, rattrapant la légère avance que l'Italie avait prise dans les années 20. Pendant la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, les detroyers effectifs de l'Italie (non reclassifiés navires torpilleurs) étaient soit des anciens esploratori reclassifiés en destroyer au milieu des années 30, soit des design plus modernes. Pour cet exposé, je vous propose encore une fois un nouveau format : les batailles de la médittéranée étant plus rares et donc les anecdotes d'actions de chaque navires moins fourni, en spoiler, vous trouverez si vous vous y intéressez des caractéristiques plus techniques qui plairont aux férus de détails chiffrés. Si cependant les nombres tels que la masse des obus ou la quantité d'explosif que contenait les torpilles ne vous intéressent pas, libre à vous de passer ces spoilers et de ne lire que les résumés de chaque classe. Z'ETES PRET ? KICKER LE THEME DU PARRAIN PASQUE J'SUIS SUR LE POINT DVOUS PRESENTER MA FAMILLE ET MA FAMILLE ELLE A DES CANONS DE 120MM PARTOUT ! \Mirabello 3 navires de classe Mirabello. A se demander s'ils sont aller chercher ce nom en Lorraine ou dans l'est du Royaume Uni (faux les deux btw, c'est juste le nom d'un italien célèbre comme pour beaucoup de leurs navires). Le premier design d'esploratori va jusquà dater de 1914, c'est dire s'ils avaient pris de l'avance. A cette époque, beaucoup de destroyers d'autres nations allaient entre 29 et 32kn, mais eux visaient déjà les 35kn ; de plus, pour des destroyers de l'époque ils étaient larges et lourds. En raison d'un certains manque de ressource pour construire des croiseurs, la classe reçut même, pendant deux ans, un canon de 152mm au lieu du classique 102mm de l'époque, de quoi les rapprocher de leur designation de croiseur d'exploration.Une des soeurs a coulé sur une ancienne mine russe pendant l'entreguerre ; Mirabello elle-même a coulé en 1941 sur une mine anglaise. \Sella Classe originale. Au début ne montaient que trois canons de 120mm, ils furent amélioré à 4, deux canons doubles, un à l'avant et un à l'arrière, et cet agencement serait la pour TOUS les destroyers italiens jusqu'en 1945 – certains auraient un ou deux canons en plus, mais la plupart auraient, en réalité, exactement le même setup de canons, et le même calibre. En fait, les Sella furent la base des destroyers à venir – les post-1926 – et pourtant les fautes ne leur manquaient pas : leur moteurs était NUL. Il arrétait pas de se casser, de s'arréter, de surchauffer... Complètement défctueux, ce qui rendit la classe aussez mauvaise au final, même si ils servirent d'expemple.Parmi les quatre, deux ont survécus à la guerre pour être donné à la Suède. Les deux autres furent coulés en 43, l'un par les allemands, l'autre au service des allemands qui l'avaient capturé après l'armistice italienne. Ce dernier destin est celui qui attendait d'ailleurs beaucoup d'autres destroyers italiens comment j'aurai l'occasion de vous le mentionner plus tard. \Sauro Sauro est une version agrandie de Sella datant de 1927 reprenant à peu prèt le même design mais avec directement les canons doubles à la construction, et passant de trubes doubles aux tubes triples. Ils participèrent comme les Leone à l'attaque sur le convoi BN 7 et c'est là que Francesco Nullo (oui, c'est son nom. Je blague pas) fut touché par une torpille, s'échoua, puis fut attaqué par des avions et coulé ! Avec un nom comme ça, fallait s'y attendre un peu hein... Les trois autres furent fatalement endommagés par attaques aériennes en 1943 et coulèrent rapidement après, aidés ou pas par l'équipage. \Turbine Turbine, une grosse classe de 8 inspiré de Sella aussi, donc très semblable à Sauro. Ces destroyers étaient déjà en train de se battre en 1937 vu qu'ils supportaient les nationalistes espagnols, ce qui les a ammené à couler diveres sous-marin en échauffement avant la seconde guerre mondiale. Cinq de la classe, néanmoins, n'étaient pas préparés pour se faire attaquer dans leur port par des avions anglais et sans même se battre, ils coulèrent un à un, comme des domino.Parmi ceux qui restait, Espero coula tragiquement après qu'elle et ses soeurs furent interceptés par un groupes de croiseurs alliés. Elle resta à l'arrière, se vouant à une mort certaine afin de laisser du temps à ses soeurs d'échapper (quand on sait que Spero signie "J'espère" en italien, c'est presque tragique). En 1943, lors de l'armistice, la tête de classe Turbine fut capturée par les allemands et combattit jusqu'à sa mort. Euro parvint à rejoindre les alliés et les servit jusqu'à ce qu'à son tour elle soit coulée par l'aviation allemande. \Navigatori Navigatori était une classe de 1928 de 12 navires plus ou moins originale, construite en réponse aux classes françaises Jaguar et Guépard. Même si il s'agissait de bons design extrtèmement rapide en test, leur très mauvaises stabilité les rendit presque infâmes à naviguer jusqu'en 1939, 10 ans après leur mise en service, où le problème fut corrigé. AU départ, elles étaient aussi équippés de tubes de torpilles très étranges, couplant à la fois le 533mm et le 450mm. L'un de la classe fut coulé par erreur par un sous-marin italien, et un autre fur capturé par l'allemagne. Nicoloso de Recco, le seul survivant, resta en service pour l'Italie jusqu'en 1954. \Freccia Freccia n'était pas inspiré de Navigatori, mais de Turbine. Ils étaient une classe de 8 datant de 1929, mais 4 d'entre eux furent vendus à la grèce avant la fin de la construction et devinrent la classe Kondouriotis. Des italiens, aucun ne survécu : l'un d'entre eux finit aux mains des allemands et tint bon jusqu'en 1945 avant de couler. En revanche, parmi les grècques, 2 survécurent après qu'ils aient été abandonné dans un port égyptien car leur équipage était nécessaire sur des navires plus modernes. (continuez dans le post suivant en raison de la limite d'image)
  14. ABED1984

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    Are we gonna get a list of the Cruisers that are immune to "Deep Water" torpedoes? I think not all Cruisers will get sunk from these torps.
  15. I haven't looked over all the DDs in-game, but I can only recall seeing them on US destroyers.These web-like extrusions on the stern, I can't for the life of me figure out why they're there/what purpose they serve:
  16. StratisV

    Warships' Types

    Where can I find other types of Warships for the german navy.??
  17. Salutation camarades capitaines. Si je fais ce petit post aujourd'hui, c'est pour exprimer mon ras le bol des parties avec 4 voir 5 destroyers de chaque côté. Etant joueur de BB, spécialement de Yamato, je sais qu'une partie comme ça, je ne vais rien faire à part naviguer en zig zag et avancer dans des zones déjà scout par mes alliés. Et encore, même dans ce cas, je suis pas à l'abri d'une salve de 15-20 torpilles qui arrive par le flanc.... Bref, tout ça pour dire que les mécaniques de jeu avec le flooding, les dégats massifs des torpilles, le spam HE du DD dans une smoke, etc.... ok ! Mais au moins, il serait bien de limiter à... disons 3 DD maximum de chaque côté sinon la partie devient injouable pour les BB et c'est franchement frustrant. Qu'en pensez-vous si une telle limite était mise en place dans le MM ?
  18. dasCKD

    Ship nicknames!

    I am starting this thread to compile all of the nicknames that I have heard for the different ships. Please help add to the list, I'll modify the original post to include the nicknames gathered by everyone here! IJN Cruisers T1 - Hashidate: T2 - Chikuma: T3 - Tenryuu: Tenryhue T4 - Kuma: T5 - Furutaka: the furious taco, the furry taco T6 - Aoba: T7 - Myoko: T8 - Mogami: T9 - Ibuki: T10 - Zao: The Klingon cruiser Destroyers T2 - Umikaze: T3 - Wakatake: the walkie-talkie T4 - Isokaze: the f***ing monster of tier IV, I see you Kaze T5 - Minekaze: the reefmaker, minimini, ninjaship T6 - Mutsuki: T7 - Hatsuharu: T8 - Fubuki: F***kbooki, Bucky T9 - Kagero: T10 - Shimakaze: the torpedo wall, the Tsunami, Schimmelkatze Battleships T3 - Kawachi: kawai T4 - Myogi: Moggy, Miyagi T5 - Kongou: the burning love T6 - Fuso: Fuso ro DAH! T7 - Nagato: secondary galore T8 - Amagi: T9 - Izumo: the floating coffin, shitzumo T10 - Yamato: Fort Knox, Yammy Aircraft carriers T4 - Hosho: Fo'sho T5 - Zuiho: XP bag T6 - Ryujo: T7 - Hiryuu: T8 - Shokaku: Zuikaku T9 - Taihou: T10 - Hakuryu: the sky hammer USN Cruisers T1 - Erie: T2 - Chester: chest hair T3 - St. Louis: the fake battleship, the pocket battleship, the machine gun, the circle of death T4 - Pheonix: T5 - Omaha: Obama T6 - Cleveland: cheatland, cleavageland, Clevebanned T7 - Pensacola: Pepsi Cola, Citadela T8 - New Orleans: Narleans T9 - Baltimore: T10 - Des Moines: Citadel city Destroyers T2 - Sampson: Simpson T3 - Wickes: Weakest, Dirty Tricks Wickes T4 - Clemson: Clem, clam T5 - Nicholas: Nick T6 - Farragut: Verygut T7 - Mahan: Mayhem T8 - Benson: T9 - Fletcher: the freedom T10 - Gearing: the democracy Battleships T3 - South Carolina: SoCal T4 - Wyoming: Fireming T5 - New york: The Brooklyn Brawler T6 - New Mexico: T7 - Colorado: Trololo(rado), Floating Turd T8 - North Carolina: NoCal T9 - Iowa: The tier 9.5 T10 - Montana: free xp and credits Aircraft carriers T4 - Langley: T5 - Bogue: The pest, Boogey T6 - Independence: Indy T7 - Ranger: T8 - Lexington: Lexy T9 - Essex: T10 - Midway: that bastard carrier KM Cruisers T1 - Hemelin: Herr Merlin T2 - Dresden: The tier 2 St. Louis T3 - Kolberg: the German St. Louis T4 - Karlsruhe: Crapruhe, Karlsruin T5 - Konigsburg: the glass cannon T6 - Nurgburg: T7 - Yorck: T8 - Admiral Hipper: admiral hipster T9 - Roon: Ron T10 - Hidenburg: hiddenburger USSR/RUS Cruisers T1 - Orlan: T2 - Novik: T3 - Bogatyr: T4 - Svetlana: T5 - Kirov: T6 - Budyonny: T7 - Schors: T8 - Chapaev: T9 - Dimitri Donskoy: T10 - Moskva: Destroyers T2 - Storozhevoi: T3 - Derzki: the Derpski T4 - Izyaslav: the Yoloslav T5 - Gnevny: T6 - Ognevoi: T7 - Kiev: T8 - Tashkent: T9 - Udaloi: T10 - Kabarovsk: Premiums Mikasa: Es su Casa Tachibana: Taco Banana, Tiny Diana: The other t2 St. Louis Imperator Nikolai I: The t4 Yamato, the Czar, Impregnator Murmansk: Murmy Gremyashchy: the gremlin, the T-59, Grem Reaper Mikhail Kutuzov: The unnerfed Mogami, Mikhail Citadelovitch, Michael Arkansas Beta: carrier bait, The Mighty Ark Atlanta: the fake cruiser, Craplanta, Waste of Money Mikasa: stormtrooper accuracy Atago: Attack Dog Yubari: the flack barge Iwaki Alpha: Iraqi Ishizuchi: the Itchy Scratchy Fujin: Reefmaker V2 Kamikaze: Reefmaker V3, banzai Atago: the citadel Warspite: The Grand Old Lady Emden: Ther other other t2 St. Louis Blyskawica: Anshan: The reskin Lo Yang: The 'War Gaming needs a new yacht', the paypal Benson Tirpitz: Water Löwe, Torpitz, Derpitz
  19. Halborn

    HMS Gallant

    Opinions, opinions. Anyone got one already? What are your thoughts on the ship? Viable for ranked/random/operations? Pros and cons?
  20. dasCKD

    The French Destroyer's Thing

    Well, it might not be what everyone is expecting. I wanted to come back with a carrier thread, but I have spent a small fortune on my computer and I do not think that the system as it is right now could even come close to being able to handle the bile and hatred which I will spew when the time comes. Until then however, I thought I would start off my return from my break with something a little less consequential. Many would consider this thread largely irrelevant as we already know what the French destroyer's 'thing' is, and that is their speed. Admittedly the ability to traverse the map at incredible speeds and to contest caps far more often than their enemies would be far more beneficial than high speeds on a cruiser that, whilst useful, does not define a ship. Speed alone doesn't make a ship however. This might be because I've always been a bit of a rubbish destroyer player, but to me there are effectively only about 3 destroyer lines in the game: the gunboat, torpedo boat, and the hybrid. Where cruiser lines are defined by their gimmicks, destroyers are defined by their primary weapon in combination of whether or not they want to play the spotter. Even for destroyers with effective torpedoes and effective guns, they can really only do one at a time. A perfect theoretical destroyer can't both play a gunboat and a torpedo boat at the same time. A torpedo boat has to remain unseen, being most effective when the enemy doesn't even think about them until it's much too late. A gunboat will inevitably be seen, even if they're not detected, as every single captain who is not a bot understands what a long line of low damage shells heading towards them from a smoke screen or behind an island. This presents an issue. WG is known for wanting to preserve the flavor of a ship within the line and the French cruisers are heavily defined by their high explosive shells but whilst their torpedoes have relatively minor usefulness in their high tiered cruisers, the French 9 km torpedoes are actually very good torpedoes for a destroyer and French destroyers carries moderately heavy torpedo armaments in configurations that are incredibly effective with World of Warships mechanics with very fast reloads (2x2 + 2x3 Mogador, 3x3 Le Fantasque, 1x3 + 2x2 Vaquelin, 2x3 Aigle) compared to their contemporaries. They are also built as gunboats and destroyer hunters, and that is where the issue is. In a vacuum, this isn't an issue. The French destroyers, with high speed and fast loading torpedoes, will work as good torpedo boats. That said, they can't perform the torpedo and gunboat role at once, meaning that they could both be balanced as a gunboat and balanced as a torpedo boat. The problem is that there are other destroyers in the game, and only the Russian subline and arguably the Akizuki can really be considered hybrids to any large degree. The Americans, formally hybrids, no longer have the use of stealth fire to keep themselves alive outside of smoke screens and, like the Germans, simply don't have the shell performance to merit a gun heavy build outside of cutting down enemy destroyers in gunfights. This means that it is easy to make the French destroyers incredibly powerful and appealing ships, they could very easily become overpowered compared to their contemporaries. What we have with the French destroyers with the French speed boost and good torpedoes: the Kiev or Udaloi with few of their weaknesses. French destroyers need to be handled extremely carefully if they are not to become entirely overpowered when compared to their peers. We have the Americans with excellent torpedo armaments and guns that are good for short ranged engagements but little else. We have the Russians that generally perform as long ranged annoyances, the Japanese that used to be the torpedo line and are now just bad, and the Germans that work as cap contestants and good torpedo boats. The French destroyer's place in all this is difficult, as it would be easy to create French destroyers such that they would be so powerful they would effectively replace the existing destroyer lines in almost all roles except ones restricted to the truest of the true destroyers. Support Objective Anti-battleship Anti-destroyer Area control Speed alone is not enough to make a destroyer line. Whilst possessing destroyers that are the fastest in the world like the Fantasque at 45 knots, the French line also has ships like the Mogador with a good but unexceptional 39 knots and a poor performance with ships like the Aigle that are barely faster than the Japanese midtier destroyers that are some of the most sluggish destroyers in the entire game. The French destroyers are also mostly built, so simply forcing them into a role of fragile but powerful speedsters really can't be done as these ships exists with real life performance and characteristics. Despite this, the French destroyer line could be made very interesting as long as they are balanced correctly. The over performance of the Khabarovsk could potentially be seen as the under performance of the destroyer class in general. Where one draws the line of what makes a balanced destroyer is largely a matter of perspective. Miniature cruisers Gunboat destroyers True Speedsters In general, I don't think that the French destroyers even have the chance of being as disastrous as the first incarnations of the French cruisers. The thing that I fear most when it comes to these ships isn't their weakness, but rather their mediocrity. It is very easy to basically replicate the Russian destroyer formula with slightly floatier guns, better alpha, poorer RoF, and slightly better speed boost. The French destroyers have the potential of being something really special however, much like how the French designed them in concept. A destroyer which is truly a miniature cruiser instead of a slightly bigger gun boat, a weapon system with the strengths of the cruisers diminished, but not really sharing any of the weaknesses could create a truly enjoyable and interesting line to grind and play. This post is a little short on images and comments compared to my usual work, but I have been quite distracted as of late. I'm putting this out so at least I'm putting out some content instead of just siting back and never posting anything I write.
  21. OK, so there are all these threads about Torpedoes being OP created by Battleship players and every time I'm searching for a game in the St. Louis I see 80% Battleships in the que or something like that. My solution for this is to change the tech tree. Right now the tech tree towards Battleships looks like this: T1 Cruiser -> T2 Cruiser -> T3 Cruiser -> T3 Battleship I suggest this is changed to something like this: T1 Cruiser -> T2 Cruiser -> T2 Destroyer -> T3 Cruiser -> T3 Battleship The reasoning for this is simple. From a financial point of view, Wargaming will want as many people as possible to pay money for this game, whether it's premium ships or premium account days or other stuff in the shop. In order to maximize the revenue, they have to entice people to keep playing and not quit in disgust departing with a "Torpedoes are OP" thread in the forums. By forcing these battleship players to play at least one tier of Destroyers before getting their beloved Battleship should greatly increase their understanding of game mechanics regarding torpedoes. How can you then claim torpedoes are OP if you were having such a hard time getting hits with your own torpedoes?
  22. Hello I have question about destroyers. When i try to kill other ships i use this tactic: 1. Turn off AA guns so planes spot me with bigger delay, 2. Try to remain in atleast 2+ km range from enemy planes, 3. Going to place where is a lot of islands and small room to move for bigger ships, 4. I try to attack ships that are alone, 5. If I attack Battleships, Cruisers and Carriers i dont use guns but just try to attack them from their front or back and often changing, a direction by about 10-20 degree(to left and right) when going to them, 6. When im 2-3km far from them i start to turn and shoot with torpedoes from both sides and then use smoke screen and retreat to reload, 7. I go for another ship when im still alive and reloaded. This tactic does work for me about 50% of time, so i guess im doing something wrong if some1 can give few hints i will appreciate this a lot.
  23. Azrael_Ashemdion

    A few DD basics for new players

    Alright - if you're already doing well with DDs you probably won't need this, but if you're new to the game and/or new to playing DDs and you're having a hard time, this may help. Whipped these up for my clan's use, but all are welcome to review it. Harbor tips: In-game (low-tier) aspects: Mid- to High-tier will follow someday. Hope it helps - Az
  24. AMONAS1


    When smoke is deployed the ships in it have MAX accuracy by "locating" the enemy from the veiw of a friendly ship out of the smoke. CELL DISPERSION penalty must aplay for the ship in the smoke because it does not use its own targeting system. The radar cant help because of the small duration, sonar cant help because of the small rang but the ACCURACY does not suffer a penalty.
  25. Bonjour à tous, Je voulais savoir un peux qu'est que vous utilisez comme compétences de capitaine pour les destroyers USA en générale? Je suis au TIV, et j’hésite entre maxer les torpille, maxer l'artilleries...