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Found 7 results

  1. With the last update, the model of the special T10 Pan-European Destroyer Smaland was changed. The new model has an launch rail for Saab Rb 08 anti-ship missiles, with two of them clearly loaded. Could this mean that missiles will finaly make it in the game with the Pan-European DDs? What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone! I have posted my suggestions in other topics before, but I think these options should be considered in a separately topic as well. Here are suggestions that Yugoslav destroyers could consider to add to the European technology tree. Royal Yugoslav Navy Dubrovnik Characteristics: Type: Flotilla leader Displacement: 2884 tons (Full) Length: 113,2 m Beam: 10,67 m Draft: 3,58 - 4,1 m Propulsion: 48.000 hp Speed: 40,3 knots Armament: 4x1 Škoda 140mm guns 1x2 Škoda 83,5mm AA guns 2x2 + 2x1 Škoda 40mm AA guns 2x1 Zbrojovka 15mm AA machine guns 2x3 533mm Torpedo Tubes (Mk IX torpedo type) *Ideal Tier 7 destroyer for research. Beograd Characteristics: Class & Type: Beograd-class destroyer Displacement: 1655 tons (Full) Length: 98 m Beam: 9,45 m Draft: 2,7 - 3,2 m Propulsion: 44.000 hp Speed: 39,2 knots Armament: 4x1 Škoda 120mm guns 2x2 Bofors 40mm AA guns 2x1 12 mm AA machine guns 2x3 550mm Torpedo Tubes *Ideal Tier 6 destroyer for research. Split Characteristics: Type: Flotilla leader Displacement: 3048 tons (Full) Length: 120 m Beam: 11,3 m Draft: 3,7 m Propulsion: 55.000 hp Speed: 38 knots Armament: 5x1 Škoda 140mm guns 5x2 Bofors 40mm AA guns 4x1 Zbrojovka 15 mm AA macgine guns 2x3 or 3x2 or 2x2+1x3 533mm Torpedo Tubes *Ideal Tier 8 destroyer for research. Yugoslav Navy R11 Split Characteristics: Type: Large destroyer Displacement: 3048 tons (Full) Length: 120 m Beam: 11,3 m Draft: 3,7 m Propulsion: 50.000 hp Speed: 31,5 knots Armament: 4x1 127mm guns 1x4 + 2x2 + 2x1 Bofors 40mm AA guns 1x5 533mm Torpedo Tubes *Maybe premium Tier 6 or Tier 7 destroyer.
  3. En tant que joueur de CV, j'en ai assez des mensonges répétés par la mafia des DD relatifs à la vulnérabilité de leurs navires OP face à mes petits avions régulièrement envoyés à leur mort sans que personne ne pense aux familles des pilotes. Mais ce qui m'énerve le plus, c'est le refus continu de ces joueurs d'accepter qu'un joueur de DD un tout petit peu compétent peut massacrer tout appareil volant avec une facilité écrasante. Et contrairement aux joueurs de DD en question qui envoient des affirmations sans fondement, basées sur leur "expérience" et leurs prétention, moi, je viens clore le débat une fois pour toutes avec une source de valeur scientifique absolue : Voilà, le débat est clos, et j'accepterai ici les excuses des joueurs de DD dont l'effroyable imposture a été mise à jour. P.S. : si vous n'êtes pas assez compétents pour faire ce qui est montré, faut pas se plaindre et faut apprendre à mieux jouer.
  4. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  5. Hello, fellow forumites! About the forthcoming introduction of submarines, there is one aspect in particular that I'd like to adress, namely their effect on destroyer gameplay. As a class that relies to a great extent on stealth and manoeuvrability, the destroyer is extra sensitive, balance-wise, to any change in the stealth meta. I can hardly see how submarines can fail to affect stealth play in a big way. We know, as yet, very little about the details of submarine gameplay, and this is hardly surprising since there is - as yet - very little to know. But from what I've seen in the videos by iChase and others, and read on this forums, I can at least begin to make some educated assumptions. We can assume that submarines will have the highest stealth rating in the game. Even on the surface they will probably be able to out-spot most, or maybe even all, destroyers. Once they go to periscope depth, their stealth advantage becomes even greater, although they lose mobility to compensate. And if push comes to shove, they can submerge fully and - with added mobility - make an expeditious retreat. As for weapons, they have no guns of any kind, but they do have homing torpedoes. In iChase's recent videos of submarine gameplay, the odds seemed to be fairly even in a straight-up duel between a submarine and a destroyer, although I'd guess that a destroyer that manages to avoid getting torpedoed during the initial attack, would probably hold the advantage. But this is in a situation where there are no allies on either side to provide fire support. If the destroyer had to conduct his manoeuvres while under fire from the allies of the submarine, things would be much different. Based on this, I can see the following scenario taking place in a typical scouting or capping contest between a submarine and a destroyer, early on in the battle. A. The submarine (in surface mode) and the destroyer both approach the cap zone. The destroyer is spotted first, and immediately comes under fire from the enemy team. If the destroyer disengages at this point, the submarine will have won the engagement. If the destroyer pushes on, go to B. B. As the two ships close in on each other, the submarine goes to periscope depth and thus remains unspotted. It starts to reverse, and fires homing torpedoes at the destroyer. Meanwhile, the destroyer - which remains spotted and is kept under continuous fire - starts to take some serious damage. If the destroyer disengages at this point, the submarine will have won the engagement. If the destroyer pushes on, go to C. C. The destroyer may take one or more of the submarines torpedoes, in which case it will either sink or be forced to withdraw, or it may dodge them and push on. In the latter case, the destroyer - who is significantly faster than the submarine - swiftly comes close enough to proximity spot his enemy, and opens fire. The submarine takes a few hits, and immediately submerges fully. Since a fully submerged submarine continues to proximity detect ships on the surface (without being proximity spotted in return), the destroyer remains spotted and will probably be sunk by incoming fire before it has time to conduct a depth charge run. When this happens, the submarine will have won the engagement. To sum it all up: If a submarine has even moderate back-up from its allies, I can't see how it could lose this sort of engagement other than through some serious mistake or misplay of its own. Obviously, there are many other parameters to consider in a scenario such as the one described above. A destroyer equipped with hydro, for instance, would presumably have a much greater chance of avoiding the homing torpedoes, and unless submarines are given magical anti-hydro capabilities, it should also be able to use the hydro to locate submarines at greater distances. And the good old "Vigilance" skill may perhaps see a renaissance. But these are all details in a much bigger picture - namely the supplanting of the destroyer as the most stealthy ship class in the game. How will this affect destroyer gameplay, and how will it change the overall balance between ship classes? I have intentionally painted a bleak picture of the future. I am hoping for counter-arguments, showing that the scenario I've envisioned above will not come to pass. I don't claim to be able to predict what will happen. But I know what I don't want to happen, namely to see the destroyer reduced to the role of second-line torpedo spammer. Launching torpedoes from second line is not only a war crime in itself (joking, here), it is also a damn boring way of playing what I personally regard as the most fun, mobile and challenging ship class in the game. And before you say it, no - neither the carrier rework nor such game mechanics as radar and hydro, have yet been able to relegate the destroyer to second line. The game environment has changed more than once since this game's inception, but the gunboat destroyer still is where it has always been - in the middle of the action, fighting at close quarters with the enemy in the glorious grand melêe. I sincerely hope it will remain there. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter, captains and gamers all! Cheers! Edited: After putting up this thread, I learned from another poster - courtesy of a link provided by @Cagliostro_chan in post #23 below, thanks a bunch! - that fully submerged submarines will indeed proximity detect surface ships, without being proximity detected by them in return. It follows that the odds are even more heavily stacked against the destroyer, than I reckoned with at first. I have amended paragraph C in my above scenario accordingly.
  6. Captains! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable From: Thu. 22 Aug. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) Until: Thu. 22 Aug. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update size: 1 GB Update 0.8.7 continues the cycle of updates focusing on French destroyers. Take part in the new Stage of the French event: research the French destroyer branch; gather the new collection; and obtain the new unique Commander, Philippe Auboyneau. Aside from the new event Stage, we've prepared some significant changes to gameplay: a new progression system—the Research Bureau; an updated matchmaker; and improved mechanics for the priority AA sector. What's inside? French Destroyers Event: Part 2 Research Bureau Ranked Sprint Game Mechanic Improvements UI Improvements Armory Content Additions and Changes Other Changes and Improvements You can find the whole list on our Portal, or in the newest Dasha video: Action Stations!
  7. French destroyers vs Russian destroyers I would like to compare these two nations in this post; please comment about which is better. Speed: French is faster, though Russians still fast. French have improved engine boost. Health: About the same. Guns: Khabarovsk: 4x2 130mm, base reload of 5s, base rotation of 20s/180 degrees, base range of 11.24km, 900m/s Kleber: 4x2 139mm, base reload of 7s, base rotation of 10s/180 degrees, base range of 13.56km 840m/s Kleber has access to main battery reload, as well as improved AP shells, allowing citadels on cruisers at close/medium ranges. Torps: Kleber has 8km torps. Khabarovsk torps only for emergencies. Concealment: Khabarovsk: What concealment? (10km base) Kleber: Useable (7.98km base) Rudder shift/Turning circle: Khabarovsk: 11.1s, 760m Kleber : 4.8s, 740m Question: Which is the best nation to go for? I know that French can cap more easily, though they don't have smoke. Which is better at open-water gunning and wasd-ing? Which playstyle is more interesting? Please let me know your thoughts.