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  1. until
    Commanders! The update 0.7.9 is here and brings a lot of new things. As with all updates, though, this also means a downtime: From: Thu. Sep. 20 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) To: Thu. Sep. 20 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) Update size ~1.7 GB What does the update bring? Well, let Dasha tell you! Or just check for details in our portal article: Port of London ● The Royal Navy Event ● Royal Navy in the Arsenal ● New Content ● Combat Missions for British Destroyers ● New Arms Race Type of Battle ● Return of Operation Dynamo ● Maps and Locations ● Clan Base 2.0 ● Interface ● Ship-Spotting Technology ● The Arsenal—New Goodies ● Content Additions and Changes ● Game Balance Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements Action Stations!
  2. I have had Gaede for a long while now, but did not play it much so far (since focusing on IJN ships first) however last weekend I decided to take her out for a spin or 2 and the results were predictably disastrous. Well, obviously she does not play like any IJN ship, so i ditched the torpedo-boat playstyle and tried to be a LOT more aggressive with it. I had a few quite decent games to be sure, but much more utter disasters due to excessive Potato-ing by myself. So I guess, before calling upon any further humiliations upon myself, I should perhaps consult the wiser minds in this forum on some tips. below my setup and capt'n skillset at the moment for your information and improvement suggestions: Ship Upgrades) Main Armament Mod1, Steering Gears Mod 1, Smoke generator Mod 1 & Steering Gears Mod 2 Modules) 150mm guns, B hull, upgraded Torps & Fire Control Captain Skills, 19 points dedicated Captain on board) Preventive maintenance, Expert Marksman, Smoke Screen Expert, Survivability Expert, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert & Radio Location. So basically, how I try to play her is as mainly a cap contester or if several other (and stealthier) DD's on our side, then backup their efforts staying about 1km behind the leading DD. Then using hydro to spot enemy DD, if there is smoke, unless we have radars, then I leave it to them and just shoot at other DD's and try to torp stuff. Smokes first, then closest enemy Cruisers or BB in this order. If spotted, I lay smoke and bravely run away until not spotted, then make a U-turn and return to front - Repeat. Observations: 1) Guns fire quite slowly, so I have considered taking Adrenaline Rush instead of Smoke Screen Expert instead. This is also a problem, when in a knife fight with other DD's. 2) Concealment is just ba-a-aad (well, compared to my IJN DD's anyway), which kinda makes you an instant target for any nearby enemy Cruiser(s). Practice improves my dodging skills tho. 3) It does make a quite decent torpedo-boat, especially if enemies keep coming towards or stay parallel to you tho. However, any enemy DD in vicinity is bound to spoil you fun by spotting you at rather inopportune moments. 4) Speed is average, but Sierra Mike helps a lot in this regard. I also use Juliet Whiskey (flooding) and Juliet charlie (detonation) flag in nearly every game. 5) I have tried to approach caps in cover of an island(s) for as long a possible to compensate for the poor concealment, however this will inevitably lead to sudden critical situations once I get there and bump into the enemy DD at very close range and I won't always come out on top. Also has the negative effect of not being able to spot approaching enemy Cruisers or BB, which is equally bad for my backup. Perhaps just stay out of cover so i can spot instead? 6) Being able to get a citadel or 2 with the AP on Cruisers is definitely a bonus but of limited utility, as you don't really want to be dueling them in the first place. So I'm still unsure which is the better gun choice? So what'cha think oh ye o' mighty and exceedingly wise? Any thoughts?
  3. When I was searching for some warships-related information, I found a topic on the NA server by user Lert. I was immediately enthousiast about that idea. Since that link likely won't work unless you have an NA account as well (like I do), Lert gave me permission to place his message here for us on the EU server. All credits go to him, and I copied this straight from his message on NA (except for a typo in the title that I corrected): While I've talked about the Admiralen class before, that was always in general terms. I believe that to enhance the chance of someone at WG taking notice of a premium ship request, I should make it as specific as possible and narrow it down to a specific ship, give a synopsis about its service history, include as much information as possible and even give my view on how to implement her, with what features, at what tier and describe what play style she would offer. No small task. So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty of it, and present HNLMS Witte de With: HNLMS Witte de With as commissioned. Witte de With was an Admiralen class destroyer which was laid down on 28 May 1927 at the shipyard of Fijenoord in Rotterdam and launched on 11 September 1928. The ship was commissioned on 20 February 1930. She is named after Witte Corneliszoon de With, a famous Dutch naval officer of the 17th century. Witte Corneliszoon de With, by Abraham van Westerveld She was typical Admiralen class of the second group, measuring just under 100m long and displacing 1666 metric tons at full load. She had three Yarrow type boilers and two Parson geared turbines driving two shafts. Her drive train produced 31000 HP which pushed her along at a modest 36 knots. There is little written down about Witte de With's service career, but what's there paints a picture as tragic as that of her seven sister ships of the Admiralenclass. There is especially little written down in public, easy-to-find internet archives about her first ten years of service, before WWII broke out. It's written that she visited Saigon along with her sistership van Galen and the Java class cruiser Sumatra, in 1935. It's said that Witte de With was present at the fleet days in Sumatra in 1936, along with sisterships van Galen and Piet Hein, and the Java class cruisers Java and Sumatra. Later that year both Java class cruisers and the Admiralen class destoyers Witte de With, Evertsen and Piet Hein made a fleet visit to Singapore, stopping along the way in the South China Sea for an exercise. So for the first ten years of her service Witte de With performed PR duties and exercises, projecting force and showing the Dutch navy's investment in various Pacific sea locations. But then war broke out. Some time during 1940 or 1941, Witte de With along with her sister van Ghent were equipped with ASDIC systems. But it was during the ill-fated battle of Java Sea that Witte de With took her modest place in history. It was during this engagement that HMS Exeter was crippled by Japanese fire, when a shell from Haguro exploded in her boiler room, knocking six of her boilers off-line. Witte de With was ordered to escort the stricken Exeter back to safety in Surabaya port. Several days later, while at sea, Witte de With's aging and outdated AA suite became her doom when she was attacked and bombed by Japanese aircraft, on may 1st, 1942. The most significant hit was a bomb to the forecastle, which crippled the ship. Afloat but crippled, and unable to affect open water repairs, the captain ordered her scuttled the next day. Close-up of the bridge and mid-section, drawing quite a crowd. So what would she look like in game? For the purposes of this thread, I'm going hog-wild with stats and consumables, though all within historical reason and precedence. I will explain why further down in this post. Tonnage: At 1666 metric tons full load, we get 10900 hitpoints. This puts her at around tier 4 or 5. However, I want to place her at tier 6, which means she'll have the lowest hitpoints in tier, even behind lightweights like Hatsuharu which boasts 11700 hitpoints fully upgraded. Armor: The 'armor' on this destroyer served purely to keep the crew inside while under maneuvers. Moving on ... Main armament: 4x single Siderius No. 4 120mm guns. These were license built copies of a Bofors design and fired a 24 kg HE shell at 900 mps. This is an excellent muzzle velocity and would give it very good ballistics over range and short time-to-target, for a 120mm gun. I believe these guns to be near as indistinguishable from the guns on the in-game Błyskawica, as they are both similar vintage Bofors designed 120mm guns with a 50 caliber barrel length, 900 mps muzzle velocity and a ~10 RPM ROF. Taking Błyskawica's numbers, we get to a HE shell with 1700 dmg and an 8.5% fire chance, and an AP shell with 2200 damage. If they really are as similar to Błyskawica's guns as I imagine them to be, they would likely inherit the Polish ship's sluggish 18s turn rate. Although she would outgun Japanese destroyers at tier, do not mistake Witte de With for a gunboat destroyer. With only four barrels and a 6 second reload, her gun battery is a back-up weapon system at best, suitable for harassing battleships at long range or finishing off wounded destroyers, at most. Their muzzle velocity would give them the ballistics to accurately place warheads on foreheads at range, but she'll never have sufficient shells in the air to seriously worry anyone who isn't a Japanese destroyer of equal tier or lower. Secondary / Auxilliary armament: 1x Siderius No. 7 75mm 4x 40mm Pom Pom 4x .50 Browning M2 When commissioned this was sufficient. However, at the mid stages of WWII, it no longer was. It's even questionable whether WG would make the 75mm a secondary or not, but even if they did, it wouldn't really be any DPS worth mentioning from a single gun with 8 RPM and a 6.5kg shell. The pom-poms would give about 22 dps at 2 km and the .50s about 15 dps at 1.2km. Celebratory fireworks to hail the arrival of angry airplanes. Torpedo armament: 2x triple 533mm tube setup. With six centerline tubes divided in two launchers of three barrels apiece, Witte de With is not a very powerful torpedo boat. To give her some teeth I say she would carry Błyskawica's British Mk 10*, which gives us a torpedo with 8km range, 57 knots speed and 14400 damage. This is a very modest torpedo for a very modest broadside alpha strike. Having the same number of tubes it's very likely these will reload in about the same 70s as on Błyskawica's torpedo setup. Although her torpedo battery is relatively more potent than her gun battery suite, I'd hesitate to call Witte de With a torpedo boat. Speed: As mentioned, 36 knots. This is on the low end for tier 6, beating only some of the Japanese destroyers like Fubuki and Shinonome. Concealment: This is, for tier 6, a tiny ship. She is roughly the same dimensions and displacement as a Minekaze class destroyer, and would likely carry very similar dispersion. Minekaze boasts a 6.2km surface detection range and 3.1km by-air detection range. With Witte de With being suggested a premium and thus coming with a premium camouflage standard, her concealment would likely be in the 6.0km range by surface, before captain skills are applied. "So, wait, no hitpoints, weak gun battery, very mediocre torpedo battery, why is this thing tier 6? Sounds like the perfect tier 5, to me!" Patience, patience. Yes, the ship based purely on its own merits is a shoe-in for tier 5. That's why in my tech tree proposal, that's where I would put her. However, remember where I mentioned that Witte de With and van Ghentreceived ASDIC some time during the early years of the war? This gives us historical precedence for a Hydroacoustic Search consumable. Plus, there's another neat trick the Admiralen could do .... That's right. A destroyer with a spotter plane, carried aft on a structure above the rearward torpedo mount. Consumables: We'll start by giving her the standard destroyer suite of consumables, being DCP, Smoke and Speed Boost, all standard versions. Since we're talking about Witte de With, we'll also give her a Spotter Plane with a single charge base, and Hydroacoustic Search with one or two charges base. This would give Witte de With the flexibility and vision control to challenge cap circles and provide forward scouting in a way no other destroyer in this game can. "Wait, back up a bit. Admiralen had a catapult?" Well, no. No catapult. The sea plane was carried on a structure above the rearward torpedo mount, and lowered in the water by a crane so it could take off. However, WG already has planes that historically landed in the water and were recovered by crane just flying into the ship and appearing back on the catapult, so it'd be a very small step in terms of mechanics and programming to have the plane take off from the mount as well. "So, why Witte de With in particular? There are other Admiralen that have as historical and tragic a story." Yes, there are. However, those are better suited for the tech tree. Since consumables like a spotter plane and hydro change the play style, I wanted to take her out of the tech tree and make her a premium. Witte de With and van Ghent were the only ones who received ASDIC, so they're the only two candidates for this up-tiered Admiralen premium, and I like the story of Witte de With more than that of van Ghent. Plus, she has ties with HMS Exeter, and I think it very likely that we'll see the latter in game at some point as well. "Alright. So what play style would Witte de With offer?" She'd be very stealthy with ok-ish mobility, so she'd be a decent cap contester. This is only strengthened by the presence of a spotter plane and hydro, allowing her to see for her team and light up targets from smoke, as well as dodge torpedoes heading towards her smoke screen. She'd be a high skill floor and high skill ceiling ship with decent torpedoes and usable gun battery backup to help fight her out of tight spots, but her primary role would be scouting and cap contesting. Her small size likely makes her very agile, too. She'd require a decent captain skill point investment to get the most out of her, with Super Intendent a must, as well as Expert Marksman, Concealment Expert and Advanced and Basic Firing Training to taste. She'd also benefit from Torpedo Armament Expertise to drop her already swift torpedo reload even further. Finally, Vigilance might be a worthwhile investment as with her concealment, Witte de With should always be up front. So, in short: Pros: - Historical ship, fought in in WWII - Ties with the RN, escorted HMS Exeter - Unique playstyle with spotter plane and / or hydro Cons: - Limited appeal (NL nation not in game) - Mid tier - Requires entirely new model researched and build "Hmmm. Limited appeal, NL nation not in game. That sounds like a problem." Although she has limited appeal on the NA server as a Dutch ship, a first Dutch premium would herald and generate interest for a full tech tree. There aren't many nations left not yet in the game that WG would implement as full nations with their own tree, and the Dutch have the potential for the potential for a DD tree line supplemented with only a few design proposals and a cruiser tech tree with a reasonable mix of historical vessels and design proposals. Having that first premium offer some new and unique gameplay will further help sell the ship and generate interest. "Wait, potential for a full Dutch DD and cruiser tech tree? What?" Yes. Even if WG would not consider adding a full Dutch tree (though I don't see why not, they're running out of other nations not-yet-in-the-game that could conceivably offer a full tree) there is still space for Witte de With in this game as precursor to a pan-european tree, which I hope would have a significant Dutch presence. She could occupy the Tier 6 destroyer premium spot, while Błyskawica sits at tier 7. "Wait, I thought you didn't like balancing ships by gimmick?" You're right, I don't. Normally. However, if a Dutch DD tree is going to be implemented, Admiralen is a shoe-in for tier 4 / 5 already and likely not get the spotter plane. I think it would be a complete waste of potential if no version of her was implemented with spotter plane, and the only way to realistically solve that is to implement a variant with. However, since this puts her above T5 category in terms of potential / performance, T6 premium is the only realistic place she could go. "Ok, but what would she cost, if implemented at T6?" Likely a very similar price to any of the existing premium T6 destroyers. Right now Monaghan is in the store for $25-ish. I'd wager Witte de With would cost somewhere around that too. Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more, but no more than $30 for the base ship and a slot, without bundle. "What style of camouflage might she wear?" There are two options, really. First is flat gray with large, white 'WW' on the sides: Second is a blocky, light-and-dark-gray pattern: This picture though is likely not Witte de With. It's probably Evertsen, a sistership. however, it shows precedence for an Admiralen in camouflage, and thus I would consider it an option for Witte de With in this game. Personally I'm partial to the clean, light gray scheme with the large 'WW' on the sides, but that's just me. "How do you pronounce the name, Witte de With?" 'Wittuh duh Wit'. The 'h' is not considered, so the 'With' part is pronounced like 'wit' with a hard T. There is a slight emphasis on the first syllable of the name, and all syllables are spoken at reasonably quick pace, none linger. Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal, and please support a dutch inclusion into WoWS. We have Haida, there is a pan-American nation upcoming with Nueve de Julio, so it's about time the Dutch were considered as well. Thanks to @LittleWhiteMouse for helping me put this proposal together, and for coming up with a possible national flavor for Dutch destroyers: Personally, I really like this idea. It's new, it's fun to play, it's a national flavor and it actually has a small basis in history. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter had a whole fleet of shallow-draft ships built which gave them exceptional maneuverability and the ability to go where his adversaries couldn't, allowing him to outmaneuver his opponents and win decisive battles that way. Sources used: @Pigeon_of_War ------------------------------------------------- End quote. Again, not my idea, but an idea by NA user Lert, who gave me permission to post it here. I'm already enthousiast for this idea, and I'm curious what you think about it.
  4. So, summer sale is here, and as I think Wargaming has done a good job, they deserve some duku for the dakka. After all, we play this game a lot, have so far spent nothing on it - and meanwhile we bought lots of games that end up in the corner of 'never to be seen again bin' after a few months. So, now summersale is here and WG gets a beer! I think best for me would be the Hood, I like the BBs (US and RN) and do OK in them, just the ehh... 'speed'... I like the RN cruisers too. So, if it goes on sale, I'm getting Hood. Could get an US BB but well... I hate CVs so that AA thing, I like see planes fall like flies. And them BBs aren't much speedy either until high tier. I often div with my son, he's pretty good (I think better than me). Ah well, dad is getting old a bit I guess. But while he doesnt really like the cruisers, he likes the DDs a lot. Mostly he likes the dakkadakka of the US branch. He likes IJN DDs as wel but we noticed that in higher tiers the BBS seem to sail less in straight lines (OK only a bit). Oh, and he hates those damn planes as well. His stats: Boat73. He plays a lot with his friends too (Argh disaster... LOL). As his friends do not play high tiers I thought T7 might be the best (perhaps he can save them form becoming cannon fodder). Also the ...eehh ...saltiness in higher tiers (plus the 'more thinking, less acting'... a lot less acting) does not really attract. Therefore, we think a (halfcruiser)BB for me, a DD for him. My guess is the combo Hood/Soms, but maybe you have even better ideas. EDIT: I saw that I could not reply - am I doing something wrong here? I need the advice, so please if I do something wrong - @moderators, a bit of help PLZ.
  5. Fan made British destroyers tech tree

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of the British destroyers in World of Warships. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made, not official news of upcoming new ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. To do list: -find destroyers from tier II to tier X -find alternative destroyer branch -add few premium destroyers Before we start, I want to clarify: On 24th June, Wargaming published on Facebook (World of Warships Development Blog) upcoming British destroyer tech tree. Few destroyers there are the same as in this article. I didn't copy any ideas from anybody. I've started working on this article about half a month ago, so I couldn't copy anything from Development Blog. I was little bit sad when I read the news, not because I was disappointed. No, I would love to see British destroyers in WoWs. The point of this article was supposted to help somebody to see what British destroyers in WoWs could look like and now when we know what ships in tech tree will be, this article loses it's purpose. Anyway, because I've put quite a lot of time to made this article, I decided to publish this anyway. Royal Navy destroyers specialization: Every destroyer tech tree has something unique. Japanese destroyers have amazing torpedoes and good stealth, German destroyers have hydroacoustic search, American destroyers are fast with fast-firing guns and U.S.S.R. destroyers have powerful guns. British destroyers had one very important role- to escort. British destroyers escorted convoys to Malta, Arctic convoys and many other. They protected merchant ship from enemy U-boats and aircraft. Therefore, I would give British destroyers from tier V to tier X Defensive AA fire. This would be extra consumable and wouldn't take place of Engine boost or Smoke generator. Every trait of the ship (such as displacement, armament, speed, torpedoes,...) is historicaly accurate. Their attributes could be changed for balancing reasons. Tier II HMS Lance L-class (Laforey class) Displacement: -standard: 965 tons -full load: 1,300 tons Length: 269 ft (82 m) Beam: 26 ft 9 in (8.15 m) Draught: 9 ft 6 in (2.90 m) Speed: 29 knots (54 km/h) Armament: 3x1 QF 4-inch (101.6 mm) Mk IV guns Torpedoes: 2x2 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: none Medium range: 1 × QF 2 pdr pom-pom Mk. II Short range: none Quick history: She was laid down on 1 August 1912 and launched on 25 February 1914. HMS Lance was assigned to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla of the Harwich Force, took part in a sweep of the North Sea. On 5 August 1914, Lance and her sister ship Landrail were sent to investigate a report from a trawler of a ship dropping mines. The two destroyers encountered the German minelayer Königin Luise. Lance fired a shell from one of her 4-inch guns at Königin Luise which was the first British shot of the war. The minelayer at first attempted to flee, but when her captain realised that escape was impossible, he ordered her to be scuttled instead. Lance picked up 28 survivors from the German ship. On 28 August 1914, along with the rest of the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, Lance took part in the Battle of Heligoland Bight. On 17 October 1914 Lance was with her flotilla when it attacked the German Seventh Half Flotilla of torpedo boats off Texel, completely annihilating the German force. On 29 November 1915 Lance took part in a sweep by the Harwich Force into the Skagerrak. In 1916 Lance was transferred to the 9th Destroyer Flotilla. On 1 June 1916, the Harwich force sortied to reinforce the Grand Fleet following the Battle of Jutland. Lance was one of eight destroyers detached to screen the damaged battleship Marlborough. On 13 August Lance was escorting a convoy of seven merchant ships between Britain and the Netherlands when Lassoo was hit by a torpedo from the German submarine U-10.Lance attempted to salvage the stricken destroyer but Lassoo broke in two and sank, with all but four of Lassoo's crew being rescued. In March 1917, Lance transferred to the Sixth Flotilla as part of the Dover Patrol. By October 1917, Lance was part of the Fourth Destroyer Flotilla, based at Devonport, remaining part of this flotilla on 1 December 1918. Lance was laid up under Care and Maintenance at the Nore in December 1919 and was sold for scrap on 5 November 1921. In World of Warships: HMS Lance would be slower destroyer with great concealment and maneuverability. She would be similiar to Umikaze. However, she is slower and has more powerful torpedoes with slightly slower reload. Bad AA defence doesn't matter at this tier. Tier III HMS Valentine (L69) V-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 1,207 tons -full load: 1,497 tons Length: 312 ft (95.10 m) Beam: 29 ft 6 in (8.99 m) Draught: 10 feet 8 inches (3.25 m) Speed: 34 kn (63 km/h; 39 mph) Armament: 4x1 QF 4 in Mk.V (102mm L/45) guns on mount CP.II Torpedoes: 2x2 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: none Medium range: 1x1 3 inch (76 mm) QF 20 cwt anti-aircraft gun Short range: none Quick history: HMS Valentine was laid down on 7 August 1916 and launched on 24 March 1917. Valentine served with the Grand Fleet, as part of the 13th Destroyer Flotilla and the 6th Light Cruiser Squadron. In October 1917, Valentine was deployed as part of an elaborate anti-submarine operation, in which destroyers and submarines were to be used to drive German U-boats that were returning to port from operations and passing to the east of the Dogger Bank into a large array of mine nets. The operation lasted for 10 days, and British Intelligence believed that three U-boats were probably sunk in the operation. Later that month, Valentine formed part of the destroyer escort to the 6th Light Cruiser Squadron when it was deployed as part of a scheme to attack German minesweepers in the Heligoland Bight. This resulted in the inconclusive Second Battle of Heligoland Bight. An attempt by Valentine and the destroyer Vanquisher to carry out a torpedo attack on German cruisers proved unsuccessful. In 1919, Valentine was deployed to the Baltic Sea as part of the British intervention in the Russian Civil War, which helped to ensure the independence of the Baltic states.In the 1920s, Valentine's twin torpedo tubes were replaced by triple tubes, giving a torpedo armament of six 21 inch torpedoes and the 12-pounder anti-aircraft gun was replaced by a 2-pounder "pom-pom". In 1936, the Admiralty recognised that the Royal Navy had a shortage of escort ships with good anti-aircraft armament. It was decided to convert a number of old destroyers of the V and W classes, now obsolete as fleet destroyers, to perform role of escort destroyers. Two twin QF 4 inch Mk XVI naval gun anti-aircraft mounts were fitted, with a modern fire control system mounted on a new superstructure to direct their fire. Two quadruple Vickers .50 machine gun mounts provided close-in anti-aircraft armament. No torpedo tubes were fitted. After completing work-up, Valentine joined the Nore Command, responsible for East coast convoys, transferring to Dover Command in May. Valentine was one of four destroyers deployed to the Scheldt estuary to support demolition operations and the evacuation of shipping from Antwerp. She was damaged by dive bombers on 15 May 1940, and beached near Terneuzen. 31 of Valentine's crew were killed, with a further 21 injured. Valentine was partly salvaged and broken up in 1953. In World of Warships: HMS Valentine would be closest to Wakatake or Phra Ruang. She has 2x2 533mm torpode tubes (Wakatake or Phra Ruan has the same) but has 1 gun more. Again, she pays for this advantage, and has lower speed. But again, she has great concealment and good maneuverability. Tier IV HMS Lancaster Wickes-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 1107 tons Length: 314 ft 4 in (95.81 m) Beam: 30 ft 6 in (9.30 m) Draught: 8 ft 8 in (2.64 m) Speed: 35 knots (65 km/h; 40 mph) Armament: 4x1 4"/50 guns (102 mm) Torpedoes: 4x3 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes (2x3 tubes on each side) AA defence: Long range: none Medium range: 1 x 3 in (76 mm)/23 gun Short range: none Quick history: HMS Lancaster was originally US destroyer. USS Philip was laid down by the Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, 1 September 1917. After being fitted out at Boston, Philip reported to Commander Squadron Two, Cruiser Force, 1 September 1918, to escort convoy HX–47 across the Atlantic. She was flagship of Submarine Hunting Group stationed at the Coast Guard Station, Cold Spring, Cape May, New Jersey, 28 September – 11 October. Philip supported the trans-Atlantic flight of the NC-1, NC-3, and NC-4, 11 – 19 May 1919. With other fleet units, she had a part in Army experimental firing at Fort Hancock, New York. She then had orders to duty with Squadron 4, Destroyer Force, Pacific Fleet. On 29 May 1922, USS Philip was placed out of commission. When recommissioned 25 February 1930 Philip was attached to Destroyer Squadrons and conducted maneuvers and gunnery practice for the Reserve Force in the San Diego area. In July – August 1934 Philip visited Alaskan ports, and made preparations for the Presidential Fleet Review held at San Diego in September – October 1935. She decommissioned at Destroyer Base, San Diego, 2 April 1937, and recommissioned 30 September 1939 for duty with Division 64, Atlantic Squadron. Departing Key West for New York Navy Yard 23 July 1940, there she was decommissioned 23 October 1940 and turned over to British authorities in the ships for bases exchange, and renamed HMS Lancaster in the Royal Navy. Her name was struck from the Navy List 8 January 1941. As HMS Lancaster, she served as a minelayer and convoy escort in the Royal Navy during World War II, and was reduced to reserve in July 1945. In World of Warships: HMS Lance is basically a Clemson. Therefore, she has the same traits: good guns, lots of torpedoes with shorter range, not so great concealment and bad AA defence. Tier V HMS Amazon (D39) Thornycroft prototype of new design. Displacement: -standard: 1,370 tons Length: 311 ft 9 in (95.02 m) Beam: 31 ft 6 in (9.60 m) Draught: 9 ft 6 in (2.90 m) Speed: 37 knots Armament: 4x1 BL 4.7 in (120 mm) Mk I dual purpose guns Torpedoes: 2x3 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 4x1 BL 4.7 in (120 mm) Mk I dual purpose guns Medium range: 2x1 QF 2-pounder Mk.II anti-aircraft guns (2×1) Short range: none Quick history: She was laid down on 29 January 1925, launched on 27 January 1926 and commisioned on 5 May 1927. She spent most of the war up to 1942 escorting North Atlantic and Russian convoys, moving to the Mediterranean and taking part in Operation Pedestal, until returning to home waters in 1943 for the duration of the war. By 1944 she was reduced to acting as a target and was broken up by West of Scotland Shipbreaking at Troon in 1949. In World of Warships: With 4x1 120mm guns, HMS Amazon is better in gun fights than Mutsuki and T-22, but worse than Podvoisky and Jianwei. HMS Amazon has 2x3 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes which is worse than Mutsuki but better (or at least similiar) to other destroyers. At tier V, British destroyers would have Defensive AA fire consumable which, with great AA guns of this destroyer, would make HMS Amazon destroyer with the best AA defence. She is also fast and maneuverable. However, she still has worse consealment of her predecessor. Tier VI HMS Comet (H00) C-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 1,397 tons -full load: 1,895 tons Length: 329 ft (100.3 m) Beam: 33 ft (10.1 m) Draught: 12 ft 6 in (3.8 m) Speed: 36 knots Armament: 4x1 QF 4.7-inch Mk IX guns Torpedoes: 2x4 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 1x1 – QF 3-inch 20 cwt anti-aircraft gun Medium range: 2 × 1 – QF 2-pounder Mk II AA guns Short range: none Quick history: She was laid down on 12 September 1930 and launched on 30 September 1931. After sea trials in May 1932, Comet was commissioned for service in the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla. On 21 July, she was damaged in a collision with her sister Crescent at Chatham. Following the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, Comet was sent in August 1935 to the Red Sea with the other ships of the 2nd Flotilla. Comet returned to the UK in April 1936 and refitted at Sheerness between 23 April and 29 June. She saw service in the Home and Mediterranean Fleets and the ship spent six months during the Spanish Civil War in late 1936 in Spanish waters. In April 1937 she returned to Portsmouth with Glorious, and on 20 May the ship participated in the Coronation Review of the fleet at Spithead by King George VI. Four days later, Comet began a refit at Portsmouth that lasted until 18 June. On 11 June she was commissioned by the RCN and renamed Restigouche. Restigouche was assigned to the Canadian Pacific Coast and arrived at Esquimalt on 7 November 1938. She remained there until she was ordered to Halifax, Nova Scotia on 15 November 1939 where she escorted local convoys. On 9 June, Restigouche was ordered to Le Havre, France to evacuate British troops, but only found some element of the 51st Infantry division. After returning to England, Restigouche escorted several troop convoys on the last legs of their journeys from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. On 23 June, the ship escorted the ocean liner SS Arandora Star to St. Jean de Luz to evacuate Polish troops and British refugees trapped by the German Army in south-western France. On 25 June 1940, Restigouche helped to rescue crew from light cruiser HMS Calcutta. The ship was transferred to the Western Approaches Command afterwards for convoy escort duties. Whilst guarding the battleship Prince of Wales at Placentia Bay on 8 August, Restigouche damaged her propellers when she struck bottom and required repairs that lasted until October. Other changes made during the war (exactly when these occurred is unknown) included the replacement of 'A' gun by a Hedgehog anti-submarine spigot mortar, exchanging her two quadruple .50-calibre Vickers machine guns mounted between her funnels for two Oerlikon 20 mm AA guns and the removal of her 2-pounder AA gun. Restigouche was assigned to the Mid-Ocean Escort Force when her refit was finished and served with a variety of escort groups. Then she was transferred to 12th Escort Group in early 1944 for anti-submarine operations in the Western Approaches. In June–July 1944, Restigouche patrolled in the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay hunting for German submarines trying to sink Allied shipping. On the night of 5–6 July, the ship and the rest of the 12th Escort Group sank three small German patrol boats off Brest. The following month, the 12th Support Group, including Restigouche, engaged three minesweepers on 12 August, without sinking any. on 14 February 1945 and began escorting local convoys. This lasted until the end of the war in May, after which the ship was used to transfer returning troops from Newfoundland to mainland Canada until she was paid off on 5 October. Restigouche was sold for scrap in 1946. In World of Warships: HMS Comet has more torpedoes that her predecessor (8 in total agains 6), they have higher damage, range and they are little bit faster. Only Fubuki and Shinonome have more torpedoes, Farragut, Ernst Gadae have too 8 torpedoes while Grevny and Fushun has only 6. However, this comes at the price of having the same amount of guns as her predecessor. Every other destroyer in this tier has also 4 guns in total but with better reload time or better damage per shot (with exceptions-Fubuki and Hatsuharu). HMS Comet is again fast, maneuverable and has worse concealment, but not the worst. However, Comet has little bit worse AA defence than her predecessor- Amazon. Tier VII HMS Saumarez (G12) S-class destroyer Displacement: -standard:1,730 tons Length: 363 ft (111 m) Beam: 35 ft (11 m) Draught: 14 ft (4.3 m) Speed: 36.75 knots (68.06 km/h; 42.29 mph) Armament: 4x1 4.7-inch (120-mm) QF Mk IX guns Torpedoes: 2x4 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 4x1 4.7-inch (120-mm) QF Mk IX guns Medium range: 2x1 40mm Bofors (1x2) Short range: 8x1 20mm Oerlikon guns Quick history: HMS Saumarez was an S-class destroyer of the Royal Navy, completed on 1 July 1943. As a flotilla leader, her standard displacement was 20 tons heavier than other ships of her class. After working up, the Saumarez was allocated to the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet, and shortly after to the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla, working with the Arctic convoys. She was one of the escorts which sailed from Iceland on 23 October, taking with them five Russian minesweepers and six Russian motor launches, to bring back from the Kola Inlet thirteen ships which had been there since the Spring. The convoy (RA 54A) sailed from Arkhangelsk on 1 November and arrived in United Kingdom ports on 13 and 14 November without loss. She participated in battle against German battleship Scharnhorst on 26 December. In Operation Neptune, the landings in Normandy in June 1944, Saumarez was Senior Officer's ship of the 23rd Destroyer Flotilla, which gave gun support to Force S in the assault on Ouistreham. Saumarez and the destroyer Onslaught engaged a convoy of three or four minesweepers and one merchant vesseloff St Peter Port, Guernsey on 14 August. Early in January 1945, Saumarez left from the Clyde to rendezvous with the aircraft carrier Formidable and escort her from Alexandria to Colombo. In April,Saumatez participated in bombardment of Oleelhoe, Sumatra. She was part of the Carrier Force in Operation Bishop and then took part in Operation Dukedom, which was mounted to attack a Japanese naval force reported sailing from Singapore on 10 May 1945. Saumarez, Verulam and Vigilant in one division and Venus and Virago in a second, were diverted to intercept the Japanese cruiser Haguro and destroyer Kamikaze. They managed to destroy Haguro but Kamikaze escaped. After war has ended, she returned to UK and then, in March 1946, served in Mediterranean. On 22 October, Saumarez struck a mine, which caused severe damage and 30 deaths among her crew. Saumarez was then moved to Malta, where she remained until September 1950. In February 1948 approval to scrap Saumarez was given. In World of Warships: HMS Saumarez has better AA defence (40mm Bofors and dual-purpose artillery) and higher damage for her torpedoes. She can't have as much torpedoes as Shiratsuyu (with torpedo reload booster) but 8 torpedoes are still decent at this tier. Her main guns are upgraded- faster reload and slightly better damage per shot but she will be defeated by Minsk, Gadjah Mada or Leberecht Maas. She is still fast and maneuverable. Her advantage over her predecesser is better concealment. Tier VIII HMS Lightning (G55) L-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 1,920 tons Length: 362.5 ft (110.5 m) Beam: 36.7 ft (11.2 m) Draught: 12.5 ft (3.8 m) Speed: 36 knots (66.7 km/h) Armament: 3×2 QF 4.7 inch Mark XI gun L/50 (120 mm), twin mounts HA/LA Mk.XX Torpedoes: 2x4 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 3×2 QF 4.7 inch Mark XI gun L/50 (120 mm), twin mounts HA/LA Mk.XX Medium range: 1x4 QF 2 pdr Mk.VIII L/39 (40 mm), quad mount Mk.VII Short range: 4x1 20mm Oerlikon guns Quick history: She was launched on 22 April 1940. She would be the 10th Royal Navy ship to bear the name Lightning. On 25 March 1942, Lightning was adopted by the Borough of Doncaster as part of a Warship Week National Savings plan. She participated in Operation Substance, Operation Halberd, Operation Ironclad and Operation Pedestal. On her last voyage, Lightning left Bône alone, in the evening of Friday 12 March 1943 with nearly 230 weary young men aboard. At 22:15 on 12 March 1943, she was hit by 2 torpedoes, from German Motor Torpedo Boat S-55, 181 men from the crew survived the attack. HMS Lightning was replaced in Force Q by the Polish destroyer ORP Blyskawica. In World of Warships: At this tier British destroyers change to turrets with 2 guns in each of them. Better artillery at this tier is needed, thanks to threat such as Akizuki. She has still 2x4 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes, but these have improved range, speed and reload time. But, If you want torpedo focus destroyer, than there is still better option- Kagero. HMS Lightning has, thanks to Defensive AA fire, the best AA defence of all tier VIII destroyers (only Akizuki has similiar AA, but doesn't have this consumable). She is still fast (but can't compete with with Kiev) and maneuverable. Her concealment is again not the best and not the worst. Tier IX HMS Jutland (D62) (Originally ordered as Malplaquet, but name changed after launching) Battle-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 2,480 tonstons (1943) -full load: 3,430 tonstons (1943) Length: 379 ft (116 m) Beam: 40 ft 6 in (12.34 m) Draught: -12 ft 8 in (3.86 m) mean -17 ft 6 in (5.33 m) maximum Speed: 35.75 knots (66.21 km/h) Armament: 2×2 4.5 in guns QF Mark III on mount BD Mk. IV 1×1 single 4.5 in gun QF Mark IV on mount CP Mk. V Torpedoes: 2x5 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 2×2 4.5 in guns QF Mark III on mount BD Mk. IV 1×1 single 4.5 in gun QF Mark IV on mount CP Mk. V Medium range: 2×2 40 mm Bofors mounts "STAAG" Mk. II 1×2 40 mm Bofors mounts "utility" Mk. V 2×1 40 mm Bofors mount Mk. VII Short range: none Quick history: HMS Jutland (D62) was named after the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle of the First World War. She was ordered in 1943, laid down in 1945 and launched on 20 February 1946. In September 1948, Jutland, in company with the two carriers HMS Theseus and HMS Vengeance on the way to South Africa. After the group's visit to South Africa, they performed a number of naval exercises before returning to the UK in December. In 1950 Jutland was temporarily laid-up, but the following year she returned to active service, seeing service with the Home and Mediterranean Fleets. In 1952, as part of the 4th Destroyer Squadron, Jutland visited the Middle East, during the troubles in Egypt. In 1953 she took part in the Fleet Review to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and was subsequently placed in Reserve. In 1957, Jutland joined the Home and subsequently the Mediterranean Fleets as part of the 7th Destroyer Squadron. The following year, during a daytime exercise off Malta, Jutland collided with her sister-ship HMS Dunkirk, causing minor damage. In 1961 Jutland was placed in reserve. She was subsequently placed on the disposal list and broken up at Faslane in 1965. In World of Warships: HMS Jutland is the first destroyer with quintuple torpedo tubes. This gives her devastating potential to kill anything with one salvo of torpedoes. Her torpedoes have better damage but remain otherwise the same as torpedoes of her predecessor. Her AA defence is, once again, the best in her tier (with Fletcher). She has only 5 guns, one gun less than Lightning, but they have faster reload and more range. She is quite fast, but it isn't so great at this tier, and maneuverable. Her concealment is again not the best and not the worst. Tier X HMS Daring (D05) Daring-class destroyer Displacement: -standard: 2,830 tons -full load: 3,820 tons Length: 390 ft (120 m) Beam: 43 ft (13 m) Draught: 12.75 ft (3.89 m) Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph) Armament: 3x2 QF 4.5 inch /45 (113 mm) Mark V Torpedoes: 2x5 21inch (533mm) torpedo tubes AA defence: Long range: 3x2 QF 4.5 inch /45 (113 mm) Mark V Medium range: 2x2 40mm /60 Bofors Mk.II 2x1 40mm /60 Bofors Mk.V Short range: none Quick history: The Daring class was a class of eleven destroyers built for the Royal Navy (8 ships) and Royal Australian Navy (3 ships). Constructed after World War II, and entering service during the 1950s. The Daring-class ships were both the largest and most heavily armed ships serving in Commonwealth navies to be classified as destroyers. They were also the last destroyers of the RN and RAN to possess guns as their main armament (instead of guided missiles). The Daring-class destroyers were in service in the RN and RAN from the 1950s to the 1980s. Following decommissioning, two Royal Navy Darings were sold to Peru, which operated one ship until 1993 and the other until 2007. In World of Warships: Her armament changes again to 3x2 layot. However, these guns have insane reload time, even better than Gearin (slightly but still). Her AA defence is, once again, one of the best in her tier. Her torpedoes have more range at the cost of longer reload. At long range gun fight, she will be defeated by Khabarovsk, thanks to "catapult launcher" ballistic curve. However, this can be used for shooting over island while remaining in cover. She has to pay for these advantages. Her speed is one of the lowest but her maneuverability is good enought. Her concealment is decent. Summary: The British destroyers could be divided into these groups: -tier II to III - destroyers with few great torpedoes with fast reload and mediocre artillery -tier IV - destroyer with good artillery and short-range torpedoes -tier V to tier VII - destroyers with great or the best AA defence in their tier, decent artillery and torpedoes -tier VIII to X - destroyers with fast firing guns in twin mountings, one of the best AA defence (or the best) in their tier, great torpedoes and lower speed British destroyers would be somewhere between US and Japanese destroyers. They have great AA defence, better torpedoes than American destroyers but worse than Japanese destroyers. They also have better artillery than Japanese destroyers but (on avarage) slightly worse artillery than American destroyers. I will be glad if you leave your comment below. I hope you enjoyed this article and have a nice day. Resources: Informations: Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko wikipedia-HMS Lance -HMS Valentine (L69) -HMS Lancaster -HMS Amazon (D39) -HMS Comet (H00) -HMS Saumarez (G12) -HMS Lightning (G55) -HMS Jutland (D62) -HMS Daring (D05) -List of destroyer classes of the Royal Navy Pictures: battleships-cruisers-laforey class wikipedia-HMS Valentine (L69) -Town-class desrtoyer -HMS Amazon (D39) -HMS Comet (H00) -HMS Saumarez (G12) -HMS Jutland (D62) pinterest.uk -HMS Lightning -HMS Daring
  6. Moin Moin, nach meiner Idee des Splits für die deutschen Zerstörer möchte ich mich heute mal einer anderen durchaus für WoWs interessanten Nation widmen - Italien. Die Briten werden später genau wie die Franzosen auch noch etwas Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, wobei hier noch etwas Recherche ansteht. Im Gegensatz zum vorherigen Topic möchte ich hier wenn möglich die einzelnden Schiffe mit Rumpf- und Bewaffnungsoptionen detailiert darstellen. Premiumkreuzer und -schlachtschiffe haben die Italiener ja schon ingame, aber diese Schiffe waren nicht alles, was die italienische Marine im Mittelmeer zur Hand hatte. Bereits zu Zeiten des 1. Weltkrieges besaß Itallien eigene Zerstörer, deren Nachfolger in den 20er Jahren extrem moderne Schiffe darstellten und auch bis 1943 in den Seegefechten im Mittelmeer eine nicht unwichtige Rolle spielten. Für die Vollständigkeit werde ich hier auch meinen T1-Kandidaten der Italiener (ingame ein "Kreuzer") aufführen. Tatsächlich bin ich auf derart viele Schiffe gestoßen, dass es mir verlockend erschien, die italienischen DDs in zwei seperate Linien aufzuteilen... obs over the top ist oder nicht, auffühhren kann man es hier ja mal Doch genug soweit - jetzt was zu den Schiffen: *Es heißt C.M.d.O. ...mist :/ Wie hier zu sehen sind zwei seperate Linien von T2 an möglich und die Anzahl der Papierschiffe ist vergleichbar gering (zumindest bei den Nicht-Premiums). Die Esploratori-Linie ähnelt hier am ehesten den russischen DDs, hat jedoch erst ab T8 ein bemerkenswert hohes Kaliber von 135mm und sticht vorher ab T5 durch 120mm-Doppeltürme hervor. Relativ hohe Geschwindigkeit und starke Geschützfeuerkraft sollten hier den Spielstil prägen. Tatsächlich waren es diese Schiffe, die zur Entwicklung der russischen Tashkent führten. Die zweite Linie enthält relativ kleine Schiffe, die weder durch große Kaliber oder starke Torpedos herrausstechen, jedoch mit guter Maneuvrierbarkeit und Tarnwerten zu flexible Support-DDs werden könnten. Schnell nachladene 120mm-Doppeltürme und ein relativ lang lastender Rauch würden diese Identität sehr unterstützen. Um nun einen genaueren Eindruck zu bekommen, stelle ich hier die Schiffe der beiden Linien detailierter vor: Wie hoffentlich sichtbar habe ich versucht, "Papierschiffe" wenn möglich zu vermeiden, jedoch passten hin und wieder Entwürrfe und/oder Studien am besten, um die Linien sinnnvoll auszugestalten. Wenn historische Verbesserungen nicht gegeben oder für das gameplay nicht sinnvoll waren, wurde auch hier etwas "nachgebessert": Zusammengefasst charakterisieren sich die Linien folgenderweise: Esploratori Support-DDs - gute Bewafffnung - kleine Schiffe (-> Stealth, wenig HP?) - hohe Geschwindigkeit - konzentrierte Feuerkraft (Zwillingstürme) - große Asumaße - wenige Torpedos (wenig Alpha, schnelles nachladen?) Verbrauchsmaterialien wären für die Esploratori die Standard-Consumables (Rauch+Speed), für die Support-DDs wäre zusätzlich oder anstelle des Speedboosts eventuell noch der Torpedo-Reload-Booster interessant, so dass sie Japaner mit mehr Kanonen-DPM, weniger Alpha und schwachen Torpedos, aber gutem Rauch wären Über die Premiumschiffe und das Tier 1-Kanonenboot Eritrea werde ich noch einen Post nachliefern, damit alles komplett ist. Wenn ihr eine Meinung und/oder Anmerkungen habt, sind wie immer Kommentare willkommen MfG & Schiff ahoi! Tom
  7. Radar mehr Radar

    Radar Wargaming wir brauchen mehr Radar im Spiel damit es noch mehr abfucked!Macht absolut null sinn DD zu Spielen ab Tier 7 weil jeder edited !Bei sovielen Radar Schiffen brauch man auch keine Erkennbarkeit mehr bei den DDs es sieht einen sowieso jeder Stricher Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 1

    Bonjour tout le monde, Bon, je suis un peu fan de cette ligne, vous l'auriez compris. Avec la sortie prochaine du Kitakaze et de l'Harugumo : Et bien je me suis dit qu'il serait bon de faire un petit guide sur les gunboat japonais, au nombre de 3 (sans compter l'HSF Harekaze). Bon, je vais pas vous mentir, ce guide, il en sort pas de mon chapeau. Je ne peu même pas jouer (et ce depuis 1 ans et demi, et probablement jusqu'en 2019). C'est donc une compilation de plusieurs guide, tuto ect, et la source principale, c'est celle ci : https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6ygfsl/akizuki_a_brief_guide/ Fin bref, le voici tout traduit, tout beau et même enrichi!!! Bonne lecture, et désolé pour les potentiels fautes (si quelqu'un veux les corriger, qu'il m'écrive en mp) [GUIDE EN COURS-non fini] I - PRESENTATION II- DEBUT DE PARTIE : III- SE BATTRE CONTRE UN DESTROYER IV : MILIEU DE PARTIE : [Suite prochainement]
  9. Moin zusammen Ich stelle Videos auf YouTube online um zu unterhalten und ein wenig Zerstörer Aktion zu präsentieren, bzw. zeige ich auch andere Klassen in Bezug auf das Auskontern durch Zerstörer. Auf meinem Kanal sind Videos zu sehen welche live kommentiert sind. Es sind keine ausgewählten Spiele sondern auch mal unterhaltsame oder erkenntnisreiche Runden. Mein Ziel ist es, dass auch andere aus meinen Fehlern lernen und Spieler der anderen Klassen sehen was sich ein Durchschnitts DD-Spieler so bei bestimmten Aktionen denkt. Für Kritik oder Anmerkungen bin ich dankbar, auch gern unter meinen Videos als Kommentar. Gruß euer Defle
  10. Suite et fin du Split des DD japonais

    Salut A tous! La fin du split des DD japonais enfin publié (donc un rang 9 et 10 après l'akizuki) niveau IX: Kitakaze : projet de 1943, annulé en 1944 Akizuki type B amélioré 6 lance-torpilles Meilleur AA Niveau X: Harugumo: paperships, un plus grand design de l'akizuki (bonjour la maniabilité dans ce cas... canons AA type 5, 40 mm (clone des bofors) et ... + une tourelle de la batterie principale! (donc du 100 mm, mais 10 canons) Imaginer moi un akizuki avec 2 secondes de reload à 50% de life, le tout avec 5 tourelles... Génial!!! Pour ceux que sa tente : J'ai calculé que avec yamamoto et Kraken, a 20% de life, vous avait 1.3 secondes de reload...
  11. There was a time where other classes pervaded the games in numbers that were simply too large to manage. Carriers and destroyers both have had their day of dominance. There are things that pervade the class, the developers, and the community at large that makes it so that battleships are such a problem where carriers and destroyers never were. The Battleship Class The problem with battleships has escalated to the point where event the most virulent defendants of the status quo can't even pretend that there isn't a problem anymore. Admittedly this was like waiting until we have to start rowing to work before we start cutting down on coal power plants, but progress is progress. Wargaming's slow and iterative changes to the class could most charitably be seen as a way to not cause the class collapse formerly seen in the carrier class and uncharitably seen as the development team having some perverse sexual attraction to battleships (glass houses, I know) but the change is welcome regardless. Carriers and battleships both can be played without employing different tactical considerations depending on targets and both essentially exist outside of the hard counter system that means that most cruisers are incredibly weak towards battleships and that destroyers are incredibly weak towards cruisers but that battleships aren't particularly weak towards destroyers. Even in the context of 'anti-battleship' cruiser lines like the French or Russians, the damage that the cruiser does to the battleship could be returned with interest with just a few lucky shots should the circumstances conspire towards it and the same could be said about carriers if the matchmaker was particularly vindictive that day. Many similar issues exists as, depending on the game circumstance, explicitly AA based cruisers could be ripped to pieces by carriers. There is a battleship plague problem however and not a carrier plague. Whilst this could simply be traced back to the fact that battleships are easy to play whilst carriers aren't, the problem is often more difficult than that and solving the issue by introducing artificial difficulty to the battleship class as an equivalent to the lags and UI errors of the CV class will fail to address the core of the issue. By making the interclass interaction more similar to that between carriers, destroyers and the other classes, battleships would be able to be brought in line. Whether or not this is desirable however is another matter. Currently, Wargaming's approach to re-balancing battleships is very much focused on how battleships interact with the other classes. The spotter plane nerf meant that they did not have the 5 minute resistance to torpedoes that the twin catapult fighters once offered. The changes to smoke mechanics meant that they would not be able to ambush cruisers and destroyers as easily. Among the changes closest to the top of the priority list was the ability of battleships to cause catastrophic damage to destroyers and their ability to use just one ammunition type for close to any circumstance. War Gaming has also stated that they objected to the excessive survivability of battleships. The issue has been raised multiple times and the changes that are being made are slow but there. This might be controversial but I do not see the ability for battleships to one-shot destroyers, never have to switch ammunition type, or even survive better than the other classes as the primary cause of the problem we see. I think the remaining issue with battleships can't be solved by changing the ways that battleships interact with other classes as much as it would likely need to come down to the options that other ships have in dealing with battleships. Whilst this may sound pedantic, it very much is and I don't know why you thought it was possible to read something written by me that doesn't collapse into pedantic arguments over terms that ultimately just ends with me declaring victory over whoever I was arguing with despite the fact that everyone who gets stuck in an internet argument has already lost. Anyways, on to the main topic. Carriers, destroyers & the Problem of Choice Wargaming largely depends on the classes to balance each other and this has led to endless grief for everyone involved. Apart from battleships. Obviously. Destroyers, battleships, and carriers all depart from the general template and have benefits that are essentially technically exclusive to them. At their worst, the game degraded into cheese tactics beyond comparison. The Shimakaze's wall of death is remembered to this day, the wall that dooms even the most agile of destroyers and covered the maps from border to border. Then of course there was the Hakuryuu with her quintuple Kamikaze attack, the name not coming from the fact that you could use her planes to commit suicide against enemy ships as much as from the fact that her torpedo bombers carried the payload of five Kamikaze class destroyers. There were various eventual nerfs to those ships, but even whilst it lasted they were not nearly as ubiquitous as battleships are as a class in the present day and that is largely due to the fact that conditional population control mechanics are built into the game to manage the numbers of carriers and destroyers in such a way that battleships simply aren't. The Lesson No One Learned Battleship players, more so than players of any other ship class, are fundamentally selfish and are encouraged to be selfish thanks to the game mechanics. This might not be a revelation to most, but the selfishness of the battleship and the way that game mechanics works makes it so that it promotes battleships. For those unfamiliar with game theory, it could be best simplified as a way to predict the actions of selfish and perfectly rational agents. Humans aren't perfectly rational, but over a large amount of time and with the smallest level of self awareness the actions of even an online game like World of Warships could be approximated as rational. Players can observe their own results and apply what they've learn, and so players will slowly move towards the state of maximum profit for minimum effort. Players without the imagination to do this could always just copy the tactic of players that do. When discussing the balance between battleships and other classes, the topic does often steer towards the things that other classes outdo battleship in. Destroyers are far stealthier than battleships, could go the entire game without being spotted, and could carry games on literally 1 point of HP. Cruisers have significantly better DPM, tools like radar, defensive fire, hydroacoustics, smoke screens, and a plethora of other things that could be employed for the team's benefit. Carriers have unparalleled reconnaissance abilities and the ability to herd the entire enemy fleet. Next to all of that, it may superficially seem like better armor and more health would be a small thing. This however is just an obfuscation of the issue. I would like to make one last note. When I look at battleships, I can't help but see the very worst parts of carrier gameplay back when full strike carriers were still a thing. Facing another full strike carrier is rare, but when it happens it was quite memorable. I grinded through the Lexington in full strike configuration back when she still had that. I faced another strike Lexington on Northern Lights one battle. We all but ignored each other, flying our bombers past each other to bomb the enemy into oblivion. It was a constant damage race and that game I won by a sliver. If I had lost that match, I would likely have blamed the team for their failings and posted a screenshot online so I could have a laugh about it. I managed 170k that match in a tier X game but I did essentially nothing to protect the team from the enemy. I didn't scout in order to maximize my cycle time and I didn't communicate with the allied team whatsoever. When writing this, I couldn't help but think back to what I did back then and how much it reminded me of the things I wrote here. Battleships reaped the benefits of cruisers, destroyers, and carriers. I reaped the benefit of my team staying in between the enemy and myself and used them as an expendable shield to farm damage. The game is ultimately selfish and comes down to how much players can personally get from the game and changing a few values on a few ships will not change that.
  12. When can we lay our Hands on the T-61 ????

    It is ready. It is perfect. It should be the first german premium dd. My wallet is ready for that ship. RELEASE IT !!! NOW !!!
  13. I am currently undecided on the build of z46 and z52 captain skill selection and would like to take some advice from DD captains here. From most of the guides I see on the KM DD have the builds of SE, TAE, SI, CE, PT, LS, AR, PM which makes sense totally. But as a DD hunter with 6.1km concealment, I really would like to take RPF in my build. If works really well with my Loyang. I am thinking of trading out SI + PT to get 4 points for RPF, because usually I find that 3 consumables are enough for randoms and if I ran out of them, I always have the option to transform into pure scout+torp boat in the late game. Most of the guides and builds on the Internet do not use RPF. Has anyone tried out similar DD hunting build with both RPF and SI+PT, and in the end preferred RPF instead of SI+PT? What build do you find the most effective on z46 and z52?
  14. WG Please stop torpedo missions.

    Nowadays, Torpedo missions are making too many selfish idiots. They are not interested in Winning battles, but torpedeing to Battleships. 10 Shimakaze on the one battle? That's not matter, if they just do their roles. I can't understand the purpose of this missions. If WG just want to make missions hard, Here is many other ways. (Get potential Damage, Get spot Damage, base defense... and so on) hopefully, I don't want to see this idiot situation next thursday. Thanks
  15. Best dd line?

    Hey flguys I usually only play bb line but now their service cost has started to sometimes exceed my battle income I play cruisers too but I tried out dds on the us line, they didnt satisfy me im only at the nicholas now and hate the torp range and I see it doesnt get better until mahan. So what is the best dd line, I dont really care about main guns as shooting them gets you spotted mostly. So which line is overall best in good torps, speed, concealment and avg guns Thanks alot for answering
  16. Which class determines victory? Answer the poll above - A really simple question which I find myself arguing over endlessly with clanmates. I find there is also a very big problem currently with the game because of my opinion on this. If equal numbers of ships on each team, which carries? Which class seriously and simply outright determines the outcome of a battle? We're talking random battles here and I've left carriers out of this poll on purpose.
  17. 1DF Rekrutuje

    Witam Zapraszam do klanu 1 Destroyer Flotilla. Zasady: nie wymagam TSa, nie wymagam określonych statów, nie wymagam określonych godzin grania, wymagam kultury i grania dla przyjemności
  18. A Cruiser's Wet Dream Come True

    Whilst falling asleep, you have an awkward dream. A dream about something you never expect to come true. You sit in a slick Royal Navy cruiser, when just in front of you pops up.... but watch for yourself.
  19. Une fois n'est pas coutume, me revoilà sur le marché des clans. Mon pseudo en jeu actuel est d_Lynn et je réside en France. Je suis actuellement étudiant en informatique. J'ai des cours de Web et de programmation (Hé WG, si vous recherchez des dévs...). J'aime les animés et les jeux vidéos, of course. Je suis également un joueur débutant de WoT, j'en suis à l'IS-3 actuellement ainsi qu'au Jag Panther et je m'intéresse au deux jeux. Je parle français (langue maternelle) et j'ai un anglais courant (utile pour la communication avec les clans anglophones et étrangers). Je recherche un clan fun avant tout ayant une bonne ambiance et une nonne entente. Je suis également un joueur compétitif et j'aime former les nouveaux joueurs. Je passe mon temps à décortiquer les stats et les donnés théoriques des navires pour en faire des déductions sur leurs gameplays et en tirer des avantages en jeu. Lien direct : https://wows-numbers.com/player/534973001,d_Lynn/ Je suis un joueur polyvalent. Je touche à toutes les classes et tout les gameplays avec une certaine aisance. J'ai une préférence pour les croiseurs et les portes-avions avec Des Moines et Midway. Je détiens pour le moment le record de DMG avec Roma -242k (Je sais, c'est inutile mais je trouve ça gratifiant ! x)). Je possède tout les tier X déblocable à l'heure actuelle. N'hésitez pas à poster des questions si vous en avez, Merci d'avoir lu.
  20. 8. seviye Amerikan uçak gemisi aldım. Eşleştirmelerde durmadan 9 ve 10. seviye gemilere denk geliyorum. Sadece bir 9. seviye battleship zırhlı gemi 48 uçağımı ben atış yapamadan düşürdü. 9. seviye destroyer muhrip aynı anda baskın yapan 12 adet bombardıman uçağını düşürdü. 7. seviye uçak gemisiyle 100.000 hasar verirken 8. seviyede sadece 30.000 hasar verebiliyorum. Bunu tecrübe eden başkası var mı? Bu seviyelerde uçak gemisinin bir değeri kalmıyor mu?
  21. radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  22. carrier balance suggestion.

    the carriers need more love and maybe become a little more forgiving so more people will play them. I got a suggestion that will make deleting a battleship nearly inpossible but still balance it out bey making the planes last longer. maybe instead of making AA more prominent make the planes harder to kill but still easyer to desperse. the battleships where actually very well protected from the smaller payload of of the carrier planes. so the carriers can do nearly no damage to the torpedo protection of a battleship but can still do alot of damage to a cruiser (that can dodge more easely). so carriers need to hit the nose or tail of the ship to do damage and cause a flood. so for example grober currywurst: 25% torpedo protection /78% airdropped torpedo protection (on the belt only and also variate the bulge so most protection in the center). and then balance it out by making planes harder to kill. carriers will be able to play a whole game with there squadrons + do alot of damage with floods/fires etc by making a hit on the nose or aft a near certain flood. then ofc the only problem will be the DD,s wont be able to kill the scout constantly lighting them up. u can solve this by making the planes more velnerable the longer they are near the same target. wy woudnt AA crews learn the habits of a pilot after staring at his acrobatics for an extended period of time :-D
  23. Bonjour à tous, N'ayant pas trouvé de sujet dédié aux petits nouveaux, je me permets d'ouvrir le topic. Ils ont la particularité d'utiliser des "torpilles en eaux profondes" leur rendant impossible le torpillage des autres destroyers ( https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/news/common/flash-in-the-pan/ ) Source WG: "Quelles sont les autres différences des destroyers asiatiques ? Torpilles La première chose qui différencie les navires asiatiques de ceux d'autres nations, c'est leurs torpilles qui filent à une profondeur plus élevée. Elles sont disponibles sur tous les navires de cette branche (sauf sur le croiseur de rang I, évidemment) et disposent des particularités suivantes : Elles peuvent toucher les navires de tous genres, sauf les destroyers ; Elles profitent d'une détectabilité plus faible ; Et elles ont plus de chances de causer une inondation lorsqu'elles touchent un navire ennemi. Ce type d'armement a de bons et de mauvais côtés : les navires asiatiques auront du mal à faire face à d'autres destroyers, mais ils constituent en même temps un grand danger contre d'autres navires plus imposants. Consommables La majorité des navires asiatiques profite d'une excellente valeur de dissimulation pouvant jouer en leur faveur : par exemple en lançant des attaques surprise à la torpille depuis des écrans de fumée. Adopter des tactiques de dissimulation en combat se révélera bénéfique, grâce aux caractéristiques spéciales du consommable Générateur de fumée, identiques pour tous les rangs : Durée d'action : 70 secondes Durée de déploiement de l'écran de fumée : 30 secondes Temps de rechargement : 120 secondes (80 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 4 (5 pour les consommables premium). Deux charges supplémentaires conjuguées à un temps de rechargement plus court offre un avantage considérable. Il est possible de rester invisible aux yeux des navires ennemis pendant presque toute la bataille, tout en combattant efficacement pour les zones clefs et se mettre à couvert si la situation vient à dégénérer. Avec les navires du haut de cette branche, vous pouvez aussi utiliser des tactiques de « torpilles fantômes ». Les destroyers de rang VIII à X disposent du consommable Radar de surveillance à la place de Générateur de fumée : Portée d'acquisition assurée des navires ennemis : 7,5 km Durée d'action : 15, 17 et 20 secondes Temps de rechargement : 180 secondes (120 secondes pour les consommables premium) Nombre de charges : 2 (3 pour les consommables premium) Il est évident que partir en bataille sans Générateur de fumée est risqué. Pour autant, la capacité à repérer et couler des navires ennemis est un avantage précieux, surtout au sein d'une équipe bien coordonnée. Les destroyers asiatiques sont excellents en termes d'attaques fantômes à la torpille contre des navires plus imposants, et en termes de soutien. Mais il reste compliqué de fournir une classification commune aux navires de cette branche. Pour les amoureux du style de jeu des destroyers qui en ont déjà recherché plusieurs branches, les navires asiatiques ouvriront leur perception des tactiques classiques, les poussant à changer et à s'adapter. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore cette classe et qui ne savent pas où commencer, ces nouveaux navires offriront l'opportunité d'analyser les particularités principales des destroyers de plusieurs nations." A ceux qui sont déjà en train de les grind (et vous êtes beaucoup), si vous pouviez faire des retours d'expériences sur ceux-ci de manière à aider ceux qui galèrent un peu plus avec. Vos avis et conseils sur les différents tiers de ces DD seraient appréciés je penses (comp commandant, modules à installer, la routine quoi). Personnellement je les commence ce soir en rentrant pour me faire une idée. J'espère que ce topic restera un endroit convivial et de partage. Merci d'avance, PS: le lien du wiki, çà donne déjà une idée des bestiaux: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Destroyers PS2: j'éditerai au fur et à mesure et n'hésitez pas à me faire remarquer si je donne de mauvaises informations ou autre.
  24. [DD445] Recruitment: Member benefits!

    Hello all, The Destroyer Division 445 is open for business. Since we just got our Destroyer slip, there now is a significant bonus to any player joining our clan! (10% discount on destroyer maintenance). Currently we are mainly looking at expanding the clan, while later on we want to play CW as well, be it non-obligatory. What do we offer: - Clan buildings are built according to members wishes (more active members & members who've collected more oil have a more significant say in what it becomes); - The destroyer slip and tier 5 boathouse have already been built; - The clan command is available for divisioning & game advise when online, at tier 8+ battles; - Later on we'll establish teamspeak etc. What do we expect: - Personal win rate of 50%, exceptions possible - At least 1 tier 8 (prefferably regular tech tree) - Activity such that you collect at least 200 oil per month (20 days 1 container or less days with multiple containers). - Respect within the clan. For questions, contact me (Isoruku_Yamamoto) or madguy. If you think you'll fit right in, send an application and we'll treat it as soon as possible.