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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome! Introduction Week 3 is around in the Grand Naval Battles so I imagine you guys know the drill. I am running destroyer duel competition and two different replay contests: one for "the best moment" and one for "the most kills" (followed by xp as a tiebreaker). Prizes 100 diamonds for best moment 100 diamonds for best moment #2 100 diamonds for most kills > xp 100 diamonds for most kills > xp #2 100 diamonds for a RANDOM person who submitted for "most kills" 200 diamonds for DD duel 100 diamonds for dd duel runner up 200 diamonds reserved Explanation of Replay Contests Best Moment: I want to see a replay of what you consider to be the best moment you have had in a match. The match has to have been after the 17th of May (included). In terms of a best moment it could be a minute or two long even - some kind of a sequence of events that is just so amazing - like say you shoot three salvos in a battleship and every single one kills an enemy ship from full HP. Crazy things like that. Along with the replay you have to add a description of what happened and a timestamp of it (match time). You have to explicitly state in your submission if your submission is for the best moment. Most Kills: I want to see a replay where you get the most amount of kills in a match. If there are two replays with equal amount of kills the one with a higher base XP score will be chosen instead. The match has to have happened after the 17th of May (included). Random submission: I will pick a random person out of all those who submitted a replay in the "most kills" category (your name only goes into the box once regardless of how many submissions you had). However, your submission for "most kills" has to have at least half the kills (rounded up!) of the "most kills" category's winner. Time for the Replay Contests Submission for the replay contests end 24th of May 2016 at 15:00 Germany's time (CEST). Replays must be from a match that happened after the 17th of May (included). Submitting to the Replay Contests: The submission must be a reply to this thread. No emails anymore, I'm sorry. A submission must include the replay file, an image of the personal score screen, an image of the team score screen and an image of the detailed score screen (the last one is less important). For the "best moment" category you have to include a timestamp AND a description of said "best moment" in the post. You can upload the images and replay file as attachments to the post (or elsewhere like imgur, dropbox etc), but I would prefer it if you used http://wowreplays.com/Upload/gnbaerroon3 So these are the steps how you would do a preferred submission. 1. Just go to: http://wowreplays.com/Upload/gnbaerroon3 2. Include in the description of the replay the description of your "best moment" if it's the best moment replay and the timestamp for it. 3. Post the link to the replay on the wowreplays site into this forum thread. If it's a "best moment" replay then include the timestamp and description of the best moment (you can just copy paste it). Explanation for the Destroyer Duel I will hold a destroyer duel of tier 3 or lower destroyers on Saturday the 21st of May at 18:00 Germany's time (CEST). YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS IN THIS THREAD (just say you'll be there). The idea is that you will sign up for this duel, then you show up at that time on my stream and we will all go into a training room (you need the mod enabled) where you will pick a tier 3 or lower destroyer. In that training room you will fight a series of 1vs1 duels inside a Cap Zone on the Ocean map against other destroyers. I will announce who fights whom. It has to be a tier 3 or lower destroyer. You are ONLY ALLOWED TO USE TORPEDOES. NO GUNS. The fight starts with both destroyers facing towards one another inside the cap zone with their noses pointed towards the middle of the cap (more or less). I announce the start of the fight and then you both may move your ship. You are only allowed to use torpedoes against the enemy destroyer. You may leave the cap zone, but whoever either kills the other first or caps the point wins the duel. If you use your guns you may be disqualified (depending on the circumstances). If there are not enough competitors I might have you fight multiple battles! No ramming. Destroyer Duel Time Destroyer duel competition starts at 18:00 Germany's time (CEST) on the 21st of May. Duration depends on number of people who sign up and show up. Explanation for "reserved 200 diamonds" This is a pool of diamonds that are there to use on what I want to reward someone extra. They are there so that if I find that I like a few replays that end up not winning in the contest but are still to my liking I might award based on that. Or I might award some extra during the destroyer duel competition or anything like that. Essentially these are up for use based on purely my decision (obviously I'm not going to give them to somebody for nothing).