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Found 6 results

  1. Lately (well, last 2...3 months at least) I've noticed a rather annoying tendency of ships to blink in-and-out of being spotted, and what seemed to me like slight delay in them actually getting spotted. After looking into it... In-match example: Ignore the aiming point / where shells are dropping. I took manual control over the camera in replay so you don't have the constant zooming in-out I tend to do. Derpitz is spotted, fires his guns, goes dark, gets spotted again. This shouldn't be a thing, should it? Nothing between me and him on the map either, nothing for him to "hide" behind for those couple seconds. He disappears on the map aswell. And this is jut one more obvious example of it. The ship doesn't even need to be spotted, after they fire they don't appear instantly: Not only this is 100% reproducible in Training Room, it's consistent on its own aswell. Fire, get spotted 2s later, disappear 19s after that. Total time from firing to stealthing up is 21s (hello 20s, where did you go?) So yeah, the hell is up with spotting? Nothing here works as it should. But you know what this does look like? Who here remembers the old days when we had immediate ship spotting on the map, then delayed spotting of the ship itself? When WG decided to get rid of it (approx. patch 0.7.4) their INITIAL solution was to introduce a delay on the minimap, creating exactly this kind of a result. Of course, they said it's exactly what they're not doing, and after I pointed it out + Flamu built some outrage about it they stepped back and removed the delays and introduced actual instant spotting. So when exactly has WG sneaked behind everyones back and re-introduced the delay that absolutely noone wanted? /tagging WG staff to maybe get an actual answer/ @MrConway @Crysantos @Sehales @Sub_Octavian
  2. ilsammino

    Problemi di connessione

    Ma state anche voi sperimentando ping impazzito con oscillazioni pazzesche tra 300 e 1500 con continui freeze dell'interfaccia?
  3. Goktsu

    EU server massive lag

    Whats up with the massive in-game lag: ping going 200-2500ms constantly. Game has been unplayable today
  4. Hi New player here. Just started noticing something weird and I want to see if it is happening to everyone or if its a problem with my network or game client. When I'm in a match the ping meter is always around 30+ms (which seems very nice, I was expecting higher). But when I'm aiming at an enemy ship the shots seem to just go through them without any effect. And sometimes if I lead the shots and aim at the water ahead I see the shots as if they hit the ship that still isn't there. Also when the enemy ship is destroyed it's as if it jumps forward, revealing it was actually ahead of its location, at the moment it was killed. I know this looks like lag from my end but then why is the ping meter always at30+ms? isn't that low? This makes the gameplay horrible. Does anyone have this problem? Is there any way to fix this? Thx
  5. Hi WG, I did a small research on our Discord and found out that almost everybody is facing this issue. As I get 0 responds to many of my bug reports, I'm posting it here to find out if also other players have the same issue. Mostly this happens on cruisers: RN CLs, Kutuzov, Flint. Cool-down on smoke consumable runs out, you have available it for use, but when you press corresponding button, nothing happens. Usually I keep pressing it many times and after 2-3 seconds it finally activates smoke. Usually when ship is moving, and you're involved in fight - like problem with too many simultaneously pressed keys, but on gaming mechanical keyboards with anti-ghosting features (Logitech/Gigabyte). Is this a known bug?
  6. Rekre4tor

    Desync, movement delay

    Hello, my ping in game still shows values between 30ms and 50ms, but some things in game are delayed for me like the ping is much higher. I see all enemy ships delayed for cca 2-3 seconds. When I hit back of enemy ship, shell just go through it, and hits the water. As well when I shoot too forward, I dont hit water but the "invisible" ship. I belive this happens because of irregularities between my computer and server. This occur also when I am turning my ship. I set my rudder for some side, but the ship starts to turn after 2-3 seconds, even when the rudder is already sloped. This really affects my gameplay, for example long range firing (or firing small and fast tragets) or avoiding shells by wiggling. Its impossible to hit a destroyer. Other online games works fine (as well as other WG products) without any conncetion problems, so why I have them in this game? I attach PingPlotter report.