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Found 4 results

  1. Okitank

    IJN standard grey camouflage

    Hey! There is something I wanted a lot on my japanese ships: A grey, neutral paint counting as a camouflage, as IJN almost never painted its warships. So my question is: why wouldn't you add a standard grey camouflage as an IJN premium camo? Being able to sortie your ship IJN grey, and still have the bonus of a camo? I hate to have to disable all camouflages by mods to enjoy my IJN ships, most of your job on the other navies paintings is awesome. Examples would be; - Yamato in Kure grey. - Hiryuu grey with hinomaru as a camo. -Cruisers and destroyers grey with a certain number of white stripes on the funnel, as the IRL distinction. Why? Because most of the IJN warship have never been painted, and especially not in the fantasy green you put on them. (Exceptions being the Nagato when she was disarmed, the Zuikaku whose camo is wrong in game and inverted with Hiryuu that never had a camouflage, the Myoko, and Taiho.). When IJN started painting its ships green, it was because of the ineluctable loss in fall 1944, so they were camouflaged at anchor, painted green to confuse US bombers that were now on range. Is it really good as a symbol to sail a ship that carries no hopes anymore? Well then, that's all for me. Happy new year, tho!
  2. Sinister_Chill98

    Why am i losing all the time?

    Hi there, I'm a really really nice and kind person & honestly i love World of Warships, Dasha that presents updates, the game play, containers etc. When i start playing matches like yesterday i had like 60% of wins but today i play with such bots that change there position every second camping in base or like when the match barley starts there are already 3 ships down in my team then the enemy fire salvo targets right at me, feeling self confident that the three ships in front of me together will push the front line, and big red word DEFEAT the whole team dies like in 5 min. or afk buddies and premium ships with people that played almost 20 battles. I really do my best to set a nice position on the map to fire as much shells as possible making 75k dmg even sometimes 120k or higher and i loose i check my notifications and i get DEFEATED,DEFEATED,DEFEATED,VICTORY,DEFEATED, like i said i am a kind person and when i see people dyeing in the first minutes of the match i start cursing on the keyboard like sailor, i even got banned from WG chat couple of times. Is there any help for me? :D
  3. So with all the threads complaining about fellow teammates lack of skill and with some people wanting to punish poor players for bad gameplay I though of a simple idea to stop all the ranting and accusations by players that there teams let them down not them. Why not reward the top 3 players on the losing-side with a bonus of not having a defeat on there stats and also grant them the same rewards in xp and credits as the victors I will explain my reasons for this I know it sounds daft but I really think this could work. 1/ It doesn't reward poor players. 2/ It stops static games , people will try harder for there teams if you camp you might not make the top 3 3/ Reduces the stress of being a good player but RNG hates you when you go in random. 4/ Could possibly increase the player base 5/ Poor DD players might actually want to cap for a change (joking on this one) In a nutshell it would reward people who are good at the basics but have just had rotten luck with teams . Should they really be punished by having a large losing streak just because RNG hates them?. What you guys think?.
  4. Hi all, WG: Would it be possible to know the statistics for Win/Defeat in "Domination" battles when there is difference in number of DDs (i.e. 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4 etc.)? Thanks in advance! Leo "Apollo11" P.S: Thread on Reddit: