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Found 2 results

  1. Teekesselchen

    Deep Water Torpedo arming time bug

    So I just had this very weird interaction at the end of a game: https://streamable.com/yqt1p A couple weird things happen: My shells seem to appear to the right of where they were fired, and seem to miss Chung Mu entirely, yet four hits register. Might just be a graphical bug though. Chung Mu's torps hit the bow before their arming range, but they do not disappear - rather, they pass into the ship and detonate there. Looks like a serious gameplay bug. (also the score does some weird stuff there since both our kills are registered on the same score tick, but I suppose this is just a visual bug as well) Torpedoes have a minimum arming distance, which means that torpedoes hitting a ship point blank simply disappear. It's a regular interaction that happens frequently with bad carrier drops, and occasionally when a torp cruiser or DD tries to torp from too close up during a brawl. However, in this case there appears to be something wrong. Look at this screenshot for reference: The torpedo marker shows that the arming distance clearly only begins inside the ship. The point where they collide with the bow is well before they can arm. Therefore they should disappear as soon as they touch the bow. However, upon firing this happens instead: All five torpedoes "ghosted" through the bow and detonated exactly at their arming range inside the ship. In comparison, this is what normally happens: When the torpedoes touch the ship before they reach the coloured marker, they simply disappear.
  2. ABED1984

    Pan Asian DDs and Cruisers

    Are we gonna get a list of the Cruisers that are immune to "Deep Water" torpedoes? I think not all Cruisers will get sunk from these torps.