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Found 3 results

  1. SkybuckFlying

    Scoring system

    Hello, Some questions about the scoring system: 1. Does a victory give more points/xp ? Or does it not matter if a game is won or lost for score/xp ? 2. Does dieing/keeping alive affect score/xp ? Is a player rewarded for staying alive ? Or punished for dieing ? 3. Does teamkilling reduce points/xp ? 4. Does illiminating all players/ships give more points than base capture or vice versa ? 5. Does killing ship give any extra points/xp ? Or is it solely based on damage dealt ? Optional questions: 6. Are there tactical analyses in place and does it reward players ? For example driving enemy ships back to keep flags longer and/or make base capture easier ? or defend base longer ? 7. Any other tactical analyses ? Defending players with anti air vessels ? Driving off planes with fighters and so forth ? Torpedoes, providing smoke, pings, air recon etc. Last remark: 8. I do seem to be under the impression that doing well will lead to the next match with high tier ships, doing bad will lead to next match with low tier ships. Is this observation correct or is it a general matching make rule (for example playing strong and weak teams to decide ranking or so ? though there is no ranking like in chess so probably not the case, or possibly to allow noobs to learn from better players or so or to provide a challenge, this is more of a match making related question) ? I'd think I'd be correct, since every time I win I seem to go to high tier ships... only on loss does it rank me back to lower tier ships. Bye, Skybuck.
  2. Gormadoc

    Follow torps/shells after death

    Would it be possible to implement that the follow torpedos / shells also worked after death. I would like to be able to follow my last torpedo salvo, even that i have just been killed. Cant think of any way to exploit it since any enemy ships in the torpedos path, needs to be detected by a live friendly player.
  3. Hello everyone! It's recently come to my attention after the latest patch that i seem to be unfairly matched against two aircraft carriers and also i seem to be getting messed up by enemy bombers all of the time. Its annoying as hell because i used to get 1000-2000 xp a game using my carrier before the patch, but now im getting 300xp a game ;_; I hope wargaming fix this soon. I don't mind the grind, but its the bad rewards i get now for doing the exact same thing as before. Additionally, people in matchmaking don't seem to be very supportive when it comes to the carriers, yes, i get the odd game where a battleship protects me and we win, but it seems that everyone is having fun with the run and gun idea while i get torps in my back like salt being shook onto food. p.s. Carriers also suck for not getting actual fixed wing aircraft (which are not biplanes) until tier 7 -_-