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Found 8 results

  1. Ok so I open the armory and take a look around, since i needed some elite economic flags of the variety I bought the first 60 token bundle and saw the next one is 250, nice... So i have a Visby now... Like WG WTH??? I would like REALLY like to know WHAT in this ships stats is actually good? What prompted you to recently nerf her? Because the 65kt torp speed is really not that special now is it? But 6k damage per fish sure is speshul... And to boot she has 7.5s reload on 5 very mediocre guns... Slow clapping
  2. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    Are you a bad DD player? Are you an average DD player? Are you a new DD player? Are you struggling in your DD to deal with CV's? Apparently CV's are fine. It's your fault and you'll never learn anyway so WG couldn't give a crap about you...
  3. jieyaw

    Daring/Lightning build

    I'm going down the RN dds, and I'm currently at the Icarus. I need help with my captain build. I currently have a 11 point captain specced into PT, LS, SE and CE. I know I need IFHE for the Daring/Jutland due to the 113mm guns, to get sufficient penetration. My question is how do I spend my remaining 5 points for the Daring/Jutland? SI + AR, or BFT + AR, or RL + PM, or another combination? Or should I stop at the Lightning to avoid needing IFHE? Thanks!
  4. FukushuNL

    On DDs and detonations...

    I think it's a given that all people that sail their DDs should have some anti-detonation countermeassure, most preferably the 100% anti-det signal, mounted on their ship, right? In my opinion, this situation is the same as the detection captain skill we used to have that WG found manditory enough to bake it into the basic gameplay. With that I mean the "spotted" exclamation mark, which used to be a 1 point captain skill. The anti-detonation signal as such is as much a manditory part of any DD kit as the captain skill was back in the day, taking up one of the 8 signal slots where as the skill took up one of the limited amount of captain skillpoints way back when. Up to a point where DDs effectively have only 7 useable signal slots to play around with. So I want to suggest that WG with help from the community could take a more closer look at this issue and decide what would be the best option to solve this. A few options I like to share: 1. ofcourse leaving it as it is would be a viable option too. One does not have to be forced into carrying an anti-det meassure, but one already kinda is as not only will you be a liability for your team, if you detonate you can perfectly hear everyone in the match facepalm and calling you out for nout having the signal equiped. So we'd be only kidding ourselves if we would try to tell the other that setups without the 100% anti-det flag would be viable, right? 2 which brings me to just give all DDs a baked in 100% detonation proof hull, and only 7 signal slots to play around with. Things will stay as they are effectively and the flags could still be there for use in other ships where they might be a choice for people to equip them instead of a manditory thing. 3. Get rid of detonations all together as multiple people already suggested on the forums several times before. I however don't find detonations that much of an issue to get rid of it all together (not that I'm against getting rid of it either), but more that having a manditory spot on a speciffic class for something everyone will agree on must be put in that spot is the worst kind of gameplay and could easily be ommited, just like WG has done with the "Detected" captain skill which they baked into the basic gameplay. As such, this isn't a thread to discuss detonation as a gameplay mechanic, but DDs and the non-gameplay of having a signal slot every single on of us knows can only be occupied by the detonation signal. I personally opt for option 2: Bake the code for 100% anti-det flag into all current and future dds, get rid of 1 of the signal slots and put a fat cross over the anti-det sgnal just like +fire chance signals got with the RN cruisers for instance. I think one could only go for option 1 if one would want the chance to be there that one of the enemy captains would have forgotten to equip their signal and thus would have the opportunity to det said enemy DD, but that could very well happen to your own DDs and the enemies would then be able to det yourfellow DD. So in the end everyone would just want their DDs to have the 100% anti-det signal equiped 100% of the time, which makes having the choice to equip them essentially void and could very well be broken out of the game and the choice taken out of our hands, so we don't have to bother with it...
  5. jieyaw

    Grozovoi or Daring

    I recently started the RN dd line, and I am now up to the Acasta. I also started playing the Ognevoi, from a previous grind. Which T10 should I grind first? I'm enjoying the manuevability of the Brits, but I'm further in the Russian line. From what I researched, the Daring contests caps then deals with the supporting ships, and the dd. I've heard the Grozovoi deals with the supporting ships first, due to poor concealment and bad handling. I've specced both into a gunboat build. 13 points on Ognevoi, and 11 points in Acasta.
  6. Hi Everyone, So I still consider myself a fairly new player (around 500 games) despite rushing my way to T10 (I know, I know...). Anyway, I am looking to improve my destroyer play - specifically regarding dealing with CV attacks. I am aware that one should keep AA switched off unless already spotted and that smoke can help, but sometimes the enemy CV catches you out of position, or just makes a mission of hunting you down. My question is: What is the best way to handle this? Which attacks are best dodged by turning into them? Which (if any) have elongated targeting reticles and are best dodged by turning broadside? Obviously I can't completely avoid this sort of damage, but I assume through improving my play that I can learn to mitigate it somewhat, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. For reference I mainly play IJN torpedo boats and am trying to learn Shimakaze (though having a very rough time of it - I picked it up pretty much just after the CV rework hit and admittedly got frustrated enough to take a break from the game). Thanks in advance for your help! Floating Bucket.
  7. I recently got into a heated debate about the functionality of SAP on a fairly frequented stream and would like to once more fully explain my stance. The question of SAP versus DDs comes up simply because of SAPs inability to overpen and relatively high alpha damage, thus dealing large amounts of penetration damage to DDs, quite probably too much damage. So, let's get into it: - Currently, T10 Italian Venezia has a SAP alpha of 5200 DMG. Thus when one SAP shell hits a DD (and doesn't bounce), it deals 1/3 of its alpha damage: 1733 DMG. Indeed that is quite high, more damage for example than any AP shell from a BB that would hit a DD (with the exception of Khabarovsk and Harugumo). - During testing, SAP shells used to have a 10% damage limit, similar to the current limit for BB caliber AP shells (Yamato's AP shell for example does 10% of its alpha 14800 DMG to DDs: 1480 DMG). During that period, Venezia's single gun would deal 520 DMG to a DD with SAP (if it didn't bounce). You'll notice that such damage was on the other hand pretty low in the absence of HE or even hydroacustics search consummable on italian cruisers and that's why the limit was removed. - Now, as the streamer suggests a 30% limit of SAP to DDs, let's look what that would bring. 30% wuld bring triple the damage it was during the 10% imit, meaning 1560 DMG per SAP shell (if it doesn't bounce). You will notice such damage - while nominally lower than the current situation without limits - is functionally as destructive to DDs as having no limit at all. Now I would be extremely grateful if someone was able to explain this to our beloved King Potato since I clearly failed. ON THE OTHER HAND, if I actually do make some basic math error, please do point it out so I finally understand why there is such a huge misunderstanding. Thank you. (As an aside, I am personally not opposed to a different limit of SAP damage to DDs. Current 10k salvoes of higher tier italian cruisers to DDs is somewhat crazy. Heck Venezia can get up to 25k DMG to DDs in one salvo of SAP if all 15 shells were to hit.)
  8. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)