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Found 25 results

  1. Lady_godiva_s

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Dear WG...if u dint notice that,,,its only the second day from your"update"and dd's almost disappearing rom the battles. First u bring the (rediculus O.P) U.S cruisers...DD's goes to INTENSIVE CARE. Ofcourse everybody continues play them....Few Zao's,Roon,Hidenburg, Mino's exist only 4 samples,that u can say"we have other natios cruisers too!"...ofcourse Des Moines is the best ship in game...this is YOUR fault! And the des moines captain's r sooooo arogant,they troo;y believes that the moines succes depends on their ability!!!!!!!! No dear captains...WG gives u a rediculus O.P ship! AND NOW....0.8.0...wow...DD's have to fight.....opposite DD's....Radars(combine with hydro at many cruisers!!!The 100 km radar is nt enough!) and now planes with rockets! DO U REALLY THINK that we continue playing DD's?NO my dear WG...U just unplug the power at the INTENSIVE CARE and YOUR DD's....DYING. A....pls...chance the stupid AA sectors keyboard-mouse operation.A dedicated button which in 1 hit=AA left....same buttons 2 hits Right sector...3 hits neutral Is nt so difficult! We love your game..pls...dont....us! YIANNA Sorry 4 my english!lol
  2. who_dares_wins


    I've been thinking of buying the Z-39, but I'm unsure thanks to the CV rework, and all the rocket planes roaming about. I have a few questions: 1: How well can it handle the rocket plane spam? Does it shoot down any significant number of planes etc? 2: Do you think that it will get a doubloon discount any time in the near to moderate future? Do you reckon it will rotate out of the tech tree before then? 3: Would you recommend it/do you like it outside of the context of the flood of CVs?
  3. I was bored one day, and decided to follow up on a theory of mine. I've seen many people who only consider how much BFT lowers the reload of their guns when deciding whether or not to take it on their DDs. This leads them to disregard or undervalue BFT on ships with an already low reload time. After doing some maths, I discovered something that seems obvious once explained, but seems to go right over the heads of most people. Counterintuitively, the ships with the lowest base reload time benefit the most from BFT. To explain this, we need to look at BFT differently. Instead of viewing it as a percentage based reload decrease, we should view it as a percentage based rate of fire increase. When you look at it this way, it's quite obvious that the ships with the highest base rate of fire (and therefore lowest base reload) will benefit the most. To help avoid further confusion about this, and to allow you to calculate the usefulness of BFT on a ship yourself, here is a formula for calculating rate of fire increase. To find DPM, simply multiply the answer you get by the shell damage. ((60/(Base Reload*0.9))-(60/Base Reload))*Number of guns For your convenience, here is a list of the rate of fire and DPM increases BFT gives to each of the tier X DDs: Gearing: 13.3 rpm, 24000 HE DPM, 28000 AP DPM Shimakaze: 7.02 rpm, 15087 HE DPM, 15438 AP DPM Harugumo: 22.2 rpm, 26666 HE DPM, AP DPM Z-52: 10 rpm, 15000 HE DPM, 30000 AP DPM Grozovoi: 10 rpm, 18000 HE DPM, 26000 AP DPM Khabarovsk: 10.6 rpm, 20266 HE DPM, 27733 AP DPM Daring: 16 rpm, 27200 HE DPM, 33600 AP DPM Yueyang: 10 rpm: 18000 HE DPM, 21000 AP DPM Rate of Fire is given to two decimal places and is the total increase provided from all guns. DPM is given to the nearest whole number.
  4. So I have read the patch now which explain what ships you get if you this or that IJN DD. However I currently only have a Minekaze and a Shimakaze in my port. So in simple terms, is there anything I should be doing to benefit from the patch? Is it worth re-buying the lower tiers so I get extra slots/reserves and other bits and pieces? It's not really very clear to me from the notes whether it's going to give any benefit. I'm not really short of slots or reserve places but free stuff is free stuff!
  5. BigSmegger

    i had enough

  6. SgtG_2

    Down grade

    Hi all I don't know about you guys but I feel the DD's are now not worth much, the smoke is a joke now and the torpedo's have been dumbed down the type21 now has no hitting power in fact the DD's just have been nerf'ed so are not worth playing with! Well that's my opinion anyway
  7. elninocro

    too many dds ?

    balance ? IF that's what WG balance team call's balance they seriously needs to take english class leassons bcuz they dont understand meaning of word "balance" its retarded system, its happening all over the place, not only T10..also lower ones as well need to implement restrictions into MM even more! IF not, then put same restrictions for CV's..why they're allowed only 2..like having 6 dd's or more on enemy team is not advantage.. let one team has 5cv's, and other 5 dd's , then try to play! its fckin stupid! if u guys dont know how to properly balance MM then let someone do it for you..this system is ruining the game...good players that are trying to compete in some way are leaving game bcuz of that crap! only casual players are left and at the end there's gonna be none to play with or against. just to make sure;i dont have problem fighting or dodging enemy torps; but at that point it becomes retarded that u cannot evade torp wall of 30+ torps..its just retarded.. yeah, im frustrated, but i can assure you, im not only one..there's many ppl out there who cant handle anymore MM with that shitty mechanic thats not been solved for many months now..and none is doing nothing about it!
  8. johy2

    DDs 20sec

    Hi guys, i would like to hear your opinion on 20 secs of extended spotting range after fire when you play DDs. I dont have anything against this mechanic but i think 20 secs for DDs is too much. For other clases it is not so important, but for DDs, oh boy. You fire that one shot to finish enemy, and get 20 secs of pounding with low HP. Disgusting.
  9. b_2k

    Begrenzt endlich diese DDs!

    *Ich wollte immer schon einen whiner Fred öffnen, nun erfülle ich mir diesen Traum. Ja, ich könnte das auch alles in der frusttherapie ablassen, aber dann wäre es kein whiner Fred* Also, als BB Kevin muss ich eines jetzt mal los werden. DDs müssen begrenzt werden! Dieses WE war wieder eine katastrophe. Pro Seite waren 5 (!) DDs öffters dabei als einem BB Kevin lieb sein kann. Es fuhren soviele Aale im Wasser (Hab wohl auch schon die neuen Tiefsee Dinger gesehen, extra für uns), dass man hätte trocknen Fußes von A nach B läufen können. 1-3 DDs sind schon grenzwertig, aber 5 (In Zahlen fünf) DDs gehen gar nicht! Wie soll ich als BB Kevin den vernünftig meinen Job machen? Das Szenario in einem Tier X Random gefecht sieht wie folgt aus: - Das Spiel beginnt - 50% bleiben stehen weil sie auf dem Klo sind, oder der Postbote an der Türklingelt (Scheinbar auch Sonntags um 17 Uhr) - Im Chat einigt man sich auf A+B, der großteil bestätigt das im Chat, alle fahren nach C. - Unsere 3-5 DDs fahren alle drei Caps an. Nach 2 Minuten stirbt der DD bei A zu erst. - DD 2-3 sterben nach weitern 2 Minuten. - wenn es 5 gab, stirbt der letzte bei C nach einer weitern Minute - ergebniss : Alle unsere DDs sind nach 5-7 Minuten am Grund, der Gegner hat noch alle DDs - Die Gegner DDs erobern alle Caps, halten die Sicht offen für das Team und wir gehen in einem Hagel aus Granaten drauf. Was stelle ich fest? Nicht nur das der unfähige Teil der DD Schwesternschaft in meinem ohne hin Planlose Team ist, gute DDs in großer Zahl dominieren das Spiel nach belieben. Ich als BB Kevin stehe in der folge auf verloren Posten. Mein eignes Team stirbt so schnell das dir keine Zeit bleibt im Chat "Verdammt Axt" zu schreiben, du bist alleine und wirst fertig gemacht. Mein Fazit: Die DDs müssen begrenzt werden! 2 pro Team, ähnlich dem CV. Kreuzer dürfen es gerne mehr sein, die machen mir bei weiten keinen solchen Stress wie verf*ckte DDs. DDs sind der Anti-Christ! Nur entschlossen können wir dem Bösen etwas entgegen setzen!
  10. Marducas91

    gunboats and damage saturation

    Hi there everyone, hope u are all doing fine. I've started this topic to gather some in depth infos about damage saturation and in a more specific way on what to do with your gunboats when the enemy u are shoting at has parts of his ship that are saturated. I'm not a potato at this game ( my pr is closing up to 1.9 k), so I understand the basic game mechanics as damage saturation is, but I still find myself in situations in which I do not know which is the best thing to do or not to do . lets take an example: akizuki 4x2 turrets with 100 mm rapid firing guns ment to shred other dds to pieces, all fine and good untill a couple of days ago when in a game I was facing a benson. we met into the cap, excanged a couple of salvos and than he smoked and got away ( since I didn't chased him due to his cruiser support behind him). when we faced each other he was pretty much bow in so the majority of my shells landed on his nose so to say. game went on and when we met again ( after we both took more damage during the course of the match) I noticed that my shells were doing quite a bit less damage on him ( and before u can say anithing yes I have IFHE on my captain and yes I switch to AP when a dd gives me broadside and its not a point blank range). so I started wondering on how I can get the most damage out in every situation I find myself while firing to an enemy dd. is the answer as simple as "always target different areas of the ship"? should I aim for specific sections of the ship ( like bow or stern) to deal the most damage in the shorted period of time or is it fine to just aim for center of mass and land as many shells as possible? let me hear your opinions, greetings Marducas91 P.S: I'm not english so if there are any grammatical errors just forgive me
  11. MrHappydiamond


    Im not a good DDs player, but im always trying to help teammates and improve my tactic. I just played a match some minutes ago and i woud like to have some hints/tips on how to improve and, if you can, tell me which errors i did. Thanks -MrHappydiamond (this is my old name, i used it trying to get my old account but i lost it. Do you know if i can change it? I would like something like 50ShadesOfNothing :P ) 20181026_174341_PASD508-Kidd_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  12. Hello captains Today I realized, unfortunately, that JPN DDs keep complaining about not getting supported in caps and call us, the rest of the team, in many unpleasant ways I also sometimes feel the need to use. Scenario: 2 DDs in cap (Tiers 8 Fubukies in one game and Kagero vs Fletcher(far better guns)) spot each other Both start running and we start shooting at enemy DD (BB here) Enemy DD start shooting at our DD but our DD is too busy running away so he does not open fire As you can gues our DD dies in like 1 min (both games) because we didn't support So I will ask you guys. Maybe it's time to create a new Bad Advice and tell players that being a JPN DD, usually, doesn't mean you don't have to use guns to save your own [edited]. Especially when you have in front the same ship as you have. If you want to go stealth again you actually have to kill other DD before it's too late. Your team is not a god who can instakill all the enemies which are shooting at you. I personally believe that it's outraging to get at T8+ in a DD and never used your guns, because JPN DDs are TORPS ONLY. Did these guys ever use Fubuki with second hull to see how it works?? I would like to you guys to, at least, emphasize this in forums whenever you can. So we can save our mental health for the end of the battle and not lose it in the beggining arguing with pro ded DD players
  13. Hello around. I'm just putting that here since I've done it and it'd be a shame not to share. They've been chosen and arranged so that the line would be focused on good fast-firing main guns. The displacement and sizes sometimes vary up and down in the middle tiers but are fairly consistant in low and high tiers, and main gun power increases steadily while torpedo power starts average and ends up mild. I've thought the best way to implement them would be to give them from tier VII onwards (or if necessary tier VI onwards) a consummable to enhance main guns for a short time (such as decreasing reload and rotation time), which is consistant with the performances of guns such as the US 127mm, the UK 114mm, the 102mm MkQ and the 120mm M50 Bofors which were all fast-firing guns. Note that, for balance purpose, Acre may only have access to her post-1954 modernized armament. Overall it was mostly a tree made for fun, but researching the possible ships and trying make a continuous line with a definite, cohesive gameplat was very entertaining.
  14. Japanese destroyers are basically unplayable. Or at the very least, not very fun to play. Their main source of damage are torpedoes. Torpedoes that have been butchered with nerfs to a point where even a lobotomized chimp can easily dodge them. You can have a game where you launch 50 torps and get no hits. The torps get spotted a mile away from the enemy, and even the most sluggish BBs can easily dodge them. For the most part, scoring torpedo hits is down to the enemy being incredibly stupid. Their guns are for the most part crap (with a few exceptions). They have pathetic range and the turrets turn stupidly slow, forcing you to sail in a predictable pattern to keep your guns on target. You could take the AFT skill to get a little more range, but CE is just a MUCH better choice. Overall, guns simply are not intended to be your primary weapon. All that leaves you with only scouting as something you can do well, because they do have good concealment. But scouting alone simply is not rewarded enough to base an entire line of ships on it.
  15. Looks like better Akizuki varients.
  16. Grandorf

    I have noticed a trend.

    Hi Lately there has been an annoying increase in DDs. Many campaigns et.c. Its starting to level back from 4-5 DDs each team to the normal 1-3. This has left a pool of dedicated DD players who are uneven. Usually players blame the CV or toptier BB when a game goes really bad. I have noticed lately that it actually is the DDs that make or brake the game. Many times one teams DDs can kill 7-8 ships while the other teams DDs accomplish nothing. I would say that 2 good DDs outplays any CV or toptier BBs any day. My opinion is that your team is only as good as your DDs.
  17. Lord_WC

    Fix pen damage on DDs already

    Seriously, how long does it take to make sure that you don't get 16k damage from one salvo of BB AP? I get it WG you want to cater to the lowest common denominator, but this is getting ridiculous now. You can't take ANY chance not, even a SMALL one because some idiot will delete 90% of your hp. Currently the risk vs reward is seriously f*cked up. You get punished hard for every small mistake in DDs and CA/CLs, while BBs can be a mouthbreathing idiot and still will do okay.
  18. HMS_BlackPud

    WG Get Real

    You just announced no more that 4 DDs in a battle each side and now I get into a battle with 8 on our side and 7 on the enemies!!! WTF
  19. dasCKD

    Destroyer survivability

    I have a proper thread going, about carriers. Again. Look at the Graf Zeppelin videos if you want a hint of what triggered me this time. For now though, a quick suggestion. Anyways. Currently, battleships can to catastrophic damage to destroyers even without loading the 'correct' shell type, which has continued to contribute to them flooding the servers like the persistent locusts that they are (biased? I have no idea what you're on about). This is presumably undesirable, so I have a suggestion. Currently, full penetration damage done to destroyers, baring the Khabarovsk, is usually done through over-matching of shells. In the game right now, there is a certain threshold behind which shells simply do not arm, but over-matching appears to automatically arm all shells. My suggestion is therefore as follows: below a certain armor thickness, 4 mm below the maximum over-match penetration for example, shells should not arm when over-matching an armor plate. A battleship AP shell being launched at the bow of anything but a Kebab will therefore simply over-penetrate, which will help improve destroyer survivability against battleships.
  20. Warderer

    DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    Hello everyone! Lately i have seen a lot of destroyers on the high tiers with RPF. I have always thought that concealment expert is a must but lately, i get absolutely recked by RPF. Which do you think is better? My only experience with DDs comes from the slightly OP Fletcher and i am thinking of getting the Gearing and trying out RPF on it. I am used to playing the Fletcher very passively. It used to be a great gunboat/torpedo boat mix but with all the hydro, radars and planes on high tiers i play it mostly as a torpedo boat.
  21. dCK_Ad_Hominem

    Yueyang is breaking the TX DD balance

    Hello all, I know I will likely cause quite the lively discussion and there will be people who disagree with what I'm about to say. I shall try to remain as objective as possible and would like to ask you to do the same. It has been a while since the introduction of the pan Asian dd line. I didn't want to jump to conclusions prematurely so I gave it some time, observed, talked to clan mates and started playing the ships myself (currently at chung mu). As it stands now, however, I feel confident to put forth the statement that I consider the Yueyang to be unbalanced in its current form. Let us compare it to the Gearing for sake of ease, as both are very similar: Concealment: 5.8km best in tier by 100 to 200m respectively. Speed and maneuverability: 36.5kn. Half a knot faster than its American counterpart, bonuses further escalate this in the Yueyang's favour. It also turns better Guns: identical. Hp: Yueyang has 700 fewer hp than gearing. Torps: 68kn. 2kn faster than gearings. 13.5km range, 3km fewer range. Damage is identical, concealment a bit better. Utility: both get speed boost and smoke. Gearing can trade its speed boost for def aa, Yueyang can trade smoke for radar. Now let's put these numbers into context. Random battles: The Yueyang will only be outspotted by Yugumos and Kageros, allowing it to contest caps. It cannot torp dds, but almost always has a guaranteed first shot on its side. This, combined with great dpm and a max damage per salvo of almost 3k make her health disadvantage irrelevant. It can engage cruisers successfully due to its stealthy torps, as it can bbs. When using smoke it has the same damage potential as a Gearing. It is only threatened By carriers and z-52s. When running radar it can dominate a cap even against multiple dds, provided it gets fire support. The fact that its average damage on the server exceeds any other dd, including the Khaba, is Testament to this. Competitive/CW: In competitive it has become the dd of choice since it allows for the mobile deployment of radar. I won't go into the way typhoon and Hurricane clans use her, but she simply dominates the game there. This is not solely due to great play, which in itself would be fine, but due to her versatility making the other dds irrelevant. I would suggest slight nerfs to her, beginning with bringing its concealment and maneuverability in line. The fact that this hybrid outspots a dedicated torpedo boat is laughable. Additionally its guns or hp could be nerfed ever so slightly if the aim is to keep its torpedo armament and consumables untouched. I hope this doesn't come off as too much of a rant, but I truly believe the ship is too good in its current form.
  22. Dirty_Dunc

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    I'm sick to the back teeth of high tier / Tier 10 destroyers playing badly and throwing games right from the the outset by : 1. Not attempting to cap or going everywhere but the cap circle, even when the enemy is clearly at the other end of the map. 2. All DD's going to one cap and then wondering why the game was lost on points. 3. Asking why Battleshsips and Cruisers dont blindly enter caps at the start of a match to '"support" them. 4. Suiciding at the start of the game leaving the rest of the team to be blindly picked off for the next 15 minutes. This is especially excruiating when there are four or five dd's per side and yours are all dead. 5. Launching torpedoes from behind team mates and then accusing everyone else of 'camping'.
  23. Hello commanders, I am starting this poll to have a general opinion of those who like to play DDs mostly. I'm preety sure that 90% of the veteran players know by now, that everytime you pop your engine boost (EB) consumable your detection range is increased by a small amount (something like 0.2-0.3 km, corect me if I'm wrong) and we all know how frustating this thing must be when you were taken by surprise by the enemy and you managed to boost out to the distance of your normal detection range, but you are still spotted because of the boost penalty. Because of this penalty, those extra few seconds that take you to get completely out of sight while EB is on can be decisive if staying alive or beeing sunk. Also I'm preety sure most of you use EB to move quickly to a location and then smoke inside it when you are overwhelmed. By slowing down you remain hidden but we all know how smoke works these days and that it takes a while to go out of sight, and with EB on it takes even longer. Wouldn't you like to cancel it and reduce the detection range penalty? So my question is: Would you like Wargaming to add a cancel functionality for Engine Boost consumable (by pressing right click on the EB button), just like the ability to cancel your planes take-off or switching off AA Defence consumable? I'm open to all opinions, Best regards.
  24. recently the use of radar on cruisers is making games in a dd more and more frustrating as you keep being detected by radar and because you can't counter it you are spotted as well as any torps you launch meaning they are avoided. surely there has to be a counter to this but i am yet to find one and i have played DD's for a long time and am rather good with them but with the adding of the radar its made any sort of moves useles even at my max torp range i am still being spotted. the radar goes through smoke and islands which is ridiculous now there is always a counter to something in his game but with radar i just can't find one. is anyone else finding the radar to be to over powered
  25. Hi, first i didn't like the dds that much but than I got a Gallant from the Christmas boxes, now I love them but my big problem is that I suck with the torps ( only 4% hit the target) I would use some tips form other players to get better with them, thank you.