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Found 1 result

  1. GulvkluderGuld


    Another Double CV complaint thread. Now with some demonstrations. But first off the mandatory frustration: Double CV games entire afternoon...This crap has to END. Now to the nuts and bolts. Lots of CV apologists state that CV vs DD balance is fine. I disagree from both ends. Let me show from this game that DDs cannot perform their intended role in CV games. Reasons: 1) what (so-called nerfed) rocket planes can do from the recieving end 2) Friendlies provide NO protection (just LOL) and 3) that it does no good to smoke up Yugumo game on Haven. First off, I waited for the mandatory rocket planes to do their sweep of the team while i hugged a friendly Neptune. Then as the team was blobbing, I went alone because the team was blobbing and it was likely a loss anyway. AA off (obviously) untill detected. First CV vs DD situation: Alone vs rocket planes from Enterprise (I make no complaints about taking damage here, as i did go off alone) He did 4 attempted strikes 1. first one denied by virtue of aa off + turn in + speedboost making him overshoot. AA was turned on as he detected me and off again as he crossed 2,5 km for next strike. 2. 5k from 2nd one, despite same tricks (although i did leave aa off from here, having shot no planes down) 3. Same tactics for the last 2 strikes. He only dropped fighters after mostly missing the 3rd strike (and still mostly missed = 1,5k dmg the last) End result: took 8k dmg from those so-called "useless" Rocket planes. (50% hp if not for SE) Second CV vs DD situation: Grouped with friendlies (neptune + iowa) and using smoke vs DB from Enterprise. Got spotted by first DB strike on the Nept/Iowa as i was barely inside 2,5 km from it. Even smoking up ASAP when i see him target me, another 3k (and lucky at that) Third CV vs DD situation: Cv apologist argue - smoke up and the CV will go away in search of better targets. Uuuhm, nope. Why would they do that? (since you cant shoot the planes from smoke when they arn't spotted) Obviously, got attacked as the smoke ended. Game ended before i could torp the Massa. Replay uploaded for interested parties. Critique is welcome (going off alone was a calculated risk, not using P in the rocket engagement is to not accidentally leaving it on making it easy for the CV). TL; DR Wellplayed CVs make it impossible for dds to fulfill their role and Something Must Be Done. CV apologist arguments about how DDs can adapt is pure BS strawman arguments as demonstrated in the 2 last examples (provided the CV is not an idiot). First example demonstrates how Rocket planes are if anything, still overpowered (removing fighter plane consumable would make them less-so). Couple ideas - GIVE CVs some useful AA to deny permaspotting from enemy CV (like fighters from old RTS CV) barring that - remove figher planes from Rocket planes or make fighter planes unable to spot DDs - nerf rocket plane damage along with DB damage and leave spotting range intact, or reduce air spotting range of dds even further (<2 km) - make planes visible through smoke and let DDs spot and attack the things, and most importantly, buff DD AA 20190416_164735_PJSD209-Yugumo_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay Edit: Tags removed from the title