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Found 1 result

  1. I have been watching a lot of CC's tests of the up coming new CV gameplay and one thing that stands out is how big a difference it will make for DD's over the other classes, therefore I thought it prudent to explore the varrious types of gameplay that we might have to adopt in the early stages of the game to counter this change. Bear in mind that when 8.0 does finally launch most players will want to try it out so there will be a period of time with an over population of CV players all trying to figure out if they like it or not, this will unbalence the game for a while, untill players find their skill level and the volume of CV's settle down. it will be hard to extrapolate the most effective DD gameplay for each class of DD. However I am interested in what you all think will be the most effective way to play DD's after the new patch, what follows are my own thoughts on the matter. 1. CAP RUSH, the current standard meathod used at the start of every game, survival of this tactic relies on not getting spotted, sitting in smoke or hiding behind an island. Going unspotted in the first 2/3 mins of the game will not be possible, the new squads of planes fly over the map very fast so sitting in a cap long enough for capture will just get you killed, sitting in smoke as always will invite torp drops from CV's and DD's a like so still not an option, hiding behide an island used to be valid but now they have rocket planes designed to kill DD's so dead again. 2. BUM RUSH THE CV, This is a new tactic that I have seen players talk about and some trying in the game, this is a suicide tactic as you will get spotted too early, giving the CV plenty of time to react and send you to the bottom, plus the red team will mostly be in your way as BB's and crusers would not of moved too far from their spawn point, and even if you did manage to get through and get some torp hits you will still die early and be of no use to your team. 3. SPOTTING, NO CAPTURE, basically the technique of getting close to a cap but not entering to spot the enemy DD so your team can assist in killing them opening the way for you to then capure the point uncontested while at the same time spotting other targets for your team to unleash hell on, this is currently a very effective meathod of getting a cap with minimum damage to you. not any more, you will not be the one spotting the DD the planes will and if you are in the cap or not oops spotted again by their planes, focus fire ensues and dead again. 4. PLAY LIKE A KHAB, anyone who plays a Khab knows you don't go after the cap, or go near it, your not there to spot or get the cap at the start of the game, just to hold back and spam HE at range while ducking and diving enemy gunfire. So mabey this is the way to go, a dead DD is no good to the team, so do we hold back getting the benifit of other ships AA to stay off CV attacks waiting for the perfect moment to sneek in and get the cap. One thing is fact, the longer you stay alive the greater the chance you will help your team to victory. Like I said at the start I have watched a lot of new CV game play and what stands out is that the DD's are the first to die, if they are out on their own they are just too easy a target. How will we survive the next generation of CV's ? I open the floor to you guy's (and girls).