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Found 4 results

  1. Hallo, today i want introduce some calculations i made in the past. At the beginning i only made a few on T10 DDs. In the end it turned out as some calculations for all DDs curently avaiable in World of Warships. So a long time ago i made a excel sheet in my mother tounge. Now i made an english version. My english is a little bit rusty, so i hope the sheet ist understandable. For the shortcuts: TAB means Torpedo Accelartion Boost NO TAB means without Torpedo Accelartion Boost Excel Sheet: DD Torpedo v1.6_EN.xlsx Future updates will be provided in the german part of the forum. This topic is just to inform the english speaking people. I will post a german and english version there, I posted pictures of the sumary in the german forum too. So if you don`t trust me, you don`t need to download the excel sheet. There is also a translation help picture to understand the german words of the pictures. have a nice day
  2. FURYofFIRE123

    problem with WoW launcher URGENT

    Yea ok, so i accidentally deleted my Wow whilst doing a major cleanup of my mac, however i had only deleted a few files, i tried to recover them but it didn't work so i deleted all of the files and started over again, when i left it to download and came back i clicked play only for this to occur. Can someone tell me why this happens and what i can do to fix this, i really wanna get playing again...
  3. Hytizz

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    Hi! It seems, that launcher is somehow broken. Two days ago it gave somekind of minipatch and after that launcher got stuck in "Actualizing Data" and on the middle of launcher window there is rolling gear. Nothing happens, no matter how long i let it be there. I have allready uninstalled game and now its stuck in download situation. Same crap, but now i have animated launcher window. So, any suggestions?
  4. RoflStompa

    What if....

    alrighty then folks, here are my thoughts i would like to share with you since the usage of ambot increased dramaticly. how does such a program help wargaming to collect correct data for balancing? i got kinda used to it to get oneshottet with my battleship round about 15 second i got spottet from maximum range. (not to mention the lack of AAA power when you get swarmed by 4 torpedo squads who drop their torps round about 100 meters next to your ship...) so my question is: what if ppl stop playing the cbs until the mod is banned? what if the only data wargaming is collection is fake? is this what you want to have day by day? i know we are kinda choosen ones and have the privilege of beeing part in the balancing of a very good game. but in my oppinion it is our right and duty to demonstrate against all kinds of modifications who make it impossible to enjoy this game. what would you guys do? getting anihalated game by game or do you want to change something? this is no rant and neither whining. its my oppinion. Set sail for fail