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Found 3 results

  1. jieyaw

    Daring/Lightning build

    I'm going down the RN dds, and I'm currently at the Icarus. I need help with my captain build. I currently have a 11 point captain specced into PT, LS, SE and CE. I know I need IFHE for the Daring/Jutland due to the 113mm guns, to get sufficient penetration. My question is how do I spend my remaining 5 points for the Daring/Jutland? SI + AR, or BFT + AR, or RL + PM, or another combination? Or should I stop at the Lightning to avoid needing IFHE? Thanks!
  2. jieyaw

    Grozovoi or Daring

    I recently started the RN dd line, and I am now up to the Acasta. I also started playing the Ognevoi, from a previous grind. Which T10 should I grind first? I'm enjoying the manuevability of the Brits, but I'm further in the Russian line. From what I researched, the Daring contests caps then deals with the supporting ships, and the dd. I've heard the Grozovoi deals with the supporting ships first, due to poor concealment and bad handling. I've specced both into a gunboat build. 13 points on Ognevoi, and 11 points in Acasta.
  3. Duecut

    Daring Help

    I've been having allot of trouble with the Daring, Jutland I couldn't get to grips with radar cruisers, but the Daring I just couldn't even manage without Radar cruisers in the match. Anyway after watching some of Flamu's youtube video's I think I've managed a few games reasonably well. To translate "Well" I've cause damage, sunk ships and capped objectives (so I'm happier) Anyway to the help that I need. With all the other ships I use the wiki page for commander recommendations, but for some reason these recommendations don't exist for the Daring. So the image shows what I currently have, for all you daring players out there what would you recommend?