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Found 4 results

  1. ST, submarines Back in 2018 many of you have participated in the operation called 'Terror of the Deep'. This event allowed everyone to try a new class in our game — submarines. By the end of the event, it became clear that our players are highly interested in submarines and we should be engaged in full development. And now, we are happy to announce that the first stages of closed testing will begin shortly, where the new gameplay of submarines will be tested. The American and German submarines will be the pioneers of the new class. After the SuperTest submarines will be available for players to try on a special server, before being added to the main game client. Once introduced, the new class will initially be available in a special separate battle type only and this final configuration stage will last for several months. This will allow us to make additional changes to the new class under the conditions of the live server. We will be sharing more details with you shortly. Follow our official game channels for more news!
  2. Disclaimer: This topic is not related to CV balance or whatsoever, it's solely meant for visual/information inaccuracies that can be changed by simple text/model changes. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. I like warships and planes a lot, naturally I quite enjoy playing CV's because I get to do both of the stuff at the same time. Ever since CV rework went live(even before in PTS, however I thought it would get fixed in release build), there have been a few things I've noticed which are not related to game balance, but more about visual details etc. Most of these stuff has probably been noticed by other players too, so I'm not claiming anything as "first to discover". Enterprise F4U-1D rocket aircraft has F6F-5 models and carries 6 FFAR rockets instead of 8 HVAR's. Dev's have apparently acknowledged this issue and it's a mere mislabeling error. (Credit goes to El2aZeR) Graf Zeppelin Ta-152C is a high altitude interceptor aircraft, not a naval bomber. Dive bomber also creates Stuka siren sound effect while diving, even though Ta-152C never had them, or were planned to be used as a naval bomber at all. Lexington F4U-1D rocket aircraft carries rockets behind props, which would normally hit the prop if they were to ignite. Hakuryu J5N aircraft were never meant to be used as a Dive/Torpedo bomber. They were high altitude interceptor/heavy bombers that were designed to take on B-29's. Also stock torpedo bomber C6N Saiun, as built, never had torpedo or dive bombing capablities. Midway Kept the best and most abused kid for the best one. BTD-1's only saw limited production. 26 of them were made, none saw combat. Their service time ended before Midway was commissioned. On top of that, dive bombers carry TWO AN/M66 bombs which are 2000lb bombs, making it a 4000lb payload which is way above it's max bomb payload. The torpedo bombers use Bliss-Leavitt Mk.7 torpedoes which were used on destroyers and submarines only. F8F-1's and their rockets. That one underneath the fuselage looks so out of place it hurts my eyes. This applies more to HVAR rockets, as F6F-5's used to 'drop fire' their Tiny-Tim's, kind of like how dive bombers extend their bombs out of prop blades before releasing. And it's a bit out of topic, but Kronshtadt, even though having access to Surveillance Radar consumable, lacks a radar dish.
  3. AmagiandAkagi

    About TST address

    What happened?
  4. _Elin0s_

    Ideas for CV-rework

    Hi, recently i've started playing CV a lot. And I would really like to see get a CV-rework soon. So here are some ideas to improve the CV Gameplay. I found 3 main Problems wich are: 1. Playing CV feels like a different game because you mainly fight against the enemy CV and take out some ships from time to time. 2. CV Players mostly stay with thier ship at the edge of the map. 3. 3. Good Carrier Players can solocarry a match while unexperienced Players have no chanse do do sth. usefull. Problem 1: 1. only one fighter-squadron per CV Reducing the squadrons to one would force the Player to focus on enemy ships and not to fight the enemy carrier first because there is no fighter threat from enemy planes. 2. Add stuff like radar-planes and smoke-planes A plane that can radar a spot (slightly larger than a smoke Screen) for sth. like 30 secs. would improve the nessessay teamplay and a plane that can smoke up an allied ship in danger can be extremly usefull too Problem 2: 1. Add sth. like an oporational range to the CV (like the range of the main armament) This would force the player to sail along with his fleet (Cap and stuff like that) 2. Allow the Carrier Player to actively aim with his guns and buff thier range. (Still automaticly firing on half range when u are in Plane Controlling mode) if the Carrier is pushing a cap along with some BB's, CA's or CL's, (i guess DD's would be in the first line so no where near the CV) he Needs sth. to efectively defend him self. The gunrange should be at DD lvl from the same Tier. 3. Buff the concealment (between average cruiser concealment and average destroyer concealment) the Carrier still shouldt be spotted all the time when he is with the fleet so a good concealment is necessary. optional: Add a fuel System. Planes with limited airtime would make the gameplay more difficult and might take some fun so this idea should only be realized if the CV's are to strong Problem 3: Reducing the number of fighterplanes is also an option for this problem 1.Unlimited planes Specially for bad Players, who just waste thier planes one by one this would be really helpfull. 2. Reduce the number of damage dealing planes instead of additional TB and DB the metioned radar-planes and smoke-planes could have a bigger Impact which is not based on damage. so bad layers can still be effective with radar and smoke even if they don't manage to hit torps or bombs . I think hese changes would improve the CV-gameplay a lot and make it more team-based. Feel free to share you opinion in the comments :) Sinscce english is not my native language, pls. excuse mistakes in grammar and spelling.