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Found 39 results

  1. In-depth guide for more advanced carrier players. This guide will not be for those who have never played CV’s. I will not be explaining the controls, and I will only slightly touch on the consumables. This is for the more serious players, who want to become good CV players. I hope it will be of help to you. Have fun! LINK TO .PDF FILE 1: Introduction To clarify; in order to become a better player, this guide can help, but it can’t do it for you. Practise makes perfect, any experience is good experience. But most importantly: Have fun. It is almost impossible to keep something up if you’re not enjoying it. Question yourself: is this ship type for me? Or even: is this game for me? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get you started. 1.2 Basic rules To start off, let’s look at a couple basic rules that are vital in carrier gameplay: 1: Time to target is everything Travel time is killer. In order to have the maximum impact on a game, you need to make as many attacks per minute as possible. Push for a minimum of 1 attack per minute. Once you’ve got that down, try for 1.5 attacks per minute. Keep a notepad beside you with a pen. Make a tick every time you launch ordnance at an enemy (regardless if it hits or not—but it has to be one that you tried to hit). Then check the game duration at the end. Most people greatly over-estimate your average attacks per minute. Make sure to ride your boost continuously to fly as quick as possible. But don’t hold down W all the time, feather your boost button. Boost, let it recover for a second, boost again. You need to have it available if there’s fighters or AA that you need to avoid. Most importantly, ploink your carrier as close to the enemy ships as you dare. The shorter the time between attacks, the more attacks you will do. It doesn’t help dying fast though. Make sure you have an exit strategy, and turn tail before its too late. Also, never-ever trust autopilot. It will mess up the most basic maneuvers. Make sure to ‘babysit’ it by adding multiple waypoints (hold shift and click to add more) or better yet, do complicated maneuvers yourself inbetween attacks. So, don’t run to the backline instantly. Don’t hang around forever, waiting for the perfect attack run. Good enough is good enough. Attack, attack, attack. That’s the key to carrier gameplay! 2: There is always something else Now, what do you do when there are only uninviting targets? Iowa’s, Worcesters, Des Moines and ships escorted by AA cruisers. Answer: You ignore ‘em, look for something else. There’s always something else, you just don’t see it yet. I will explain target selection in more detail later in this guide. 3: Supporting teammates Unless there is some chad player on your side that you KNOW will shoot at what you spot, don’t waste time spotting targets for your team. Think of how many times you’ve stuck your neck out in a DD, spotted enemies that need killing but your team keeps lobbing shells at the battleship at the back. If you’re fortunate, your attack runs will coincide with spotting ships. 2: Materiel Now for materiel, the acutal ship you’re sailing and aircraft you are flying. First, let’s take a look at what each tier of Aircraft carriers offers. TIER IV: This is where everyone starts with their aircraft carriers. The anti-aircraft at this tier is minimal, but since the insane buffs to tier IV carriers, these are the most OP in the game. Play this to club seals, however boring and unfair. TIER VI: Tier VI is like its predecessor, a learning tier. This is like getting your first bike, but with sidewheels. You start learning the real deal, but you’ve got a long way to go yet. TIER VIII: Early effectiveness. This is a path to your tier X, and I will not focus on them in detail (except for premiums). This is where your sidewheels are removed, and you are finally able to spread your wings (no pun intended) and explore the limits of the CV class. But remember, you’re still on a children’s bike. TIER X: The pinnacle of carrier design and gameplay. Brutal AA and smart opponents make this a very tough playground. It is however, the best way to master a carrier line. If you are thinking of getting a new carrier, here is a short overview of each line: United States Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Difficulty: ★★ Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★ + High potential ++ Extremely high potential +/- Decent potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health + high plane health - low plane speed + High plane speed +/- Decent plane speed +/- Decent plane reserves +/- Decent plane reserves - Low plane reserves And an overview the tier VIII premiums. First the good ones: Enterprise Kaga Difficulty: ★ Difficulty: ★ + High potential + High potential +/- Decent plane health - Low plane health - low plane speed +/- Decent plane speed + Large plane reserves ++ Extremely large plane reserves (Comes from the quick replenishment time) Saipan Graf Zeppelin Difficulty: ★★★ Difficulty: ★★★★ +/- Decent potential +/- Decent potential + high plane health - Low plane health + High plane speed + High plane speed -- Extremely low plane reserves - Low plane reserves 3: Gameplay Now for the raw gameplay. This is mainly about skill, judgement and experience. If you thought good CV gameplay is easy, think again. How I approach a match: 1. Check your matchmaking, check for strong AA ships and identify your targets. 2. First, launch rockets for scouting. 3. Set autopilot half a square ahead of your ship. 4. Fly in, make sure to bail immediately when you spot strong AA ships 5. Target Destroyers if they have AA turned on. When turned off, go for a cruiser or battleship. 6. Decide what target to go for. When unclear, go for another scouting run. Make sure to target DD’s as much as possible early on, to give your DD’s the upper hand. 7. Scan the map for inviting targets. See the next section for Target Selection. Rince and repeat. 3.1: Target selection This is probably the most important skill of a CV player. Being able to select the target that you are most effective at killing, and making sure to keep ‘winning players’ in check. If one enemy ship is holding back an entire flank, it might be a good idea to give him some pressure. Equally, when a flank is about to fall, give fighter cover to your allies and wear down the enemies. This of course depends on the distance to target. The closer, the better. Always make sure you use your carrier as effectively as possible. Don’t listen to your teammates here, YOU know how to use your carrier best, not your teammate. Things to consider when selecting your target: 1: Type of target 1. Does it have strong AA? 2. Is it big or slow enough to ensure a hit? 3. How much health does it have (left)? 4. Is it susceptible to weapons I have? 2: position of target 1. How far away is my target? 2. Is it close to strong AA ships/under fighter cover? 3. How much influence has the target on the game? (prioritize enemies that are doing well) 4. Is it moving, or unable or unwilling to move? 5. How close is my target to other points of interest? (unspotted DD’s or other juicy targets) All this is different in every situation, so you will have to judge and learn yourself. 3.2 Map awareness Another major part of carrier gameplay is carrier placement. Getting yourself in the best possible position every time, without exposing yourself to unessecary danger. This is not a simple feat. It is heavily dependent on the map where you slam your carrier down. Make sure you anticipate falling flanks, by moving up or retreating. At tier X, you can even reliably bowtank enemy fire. Make use of this! Distract the enemy team by letting them shoot your heavily angled flight deck. Getting down to 50% health and having a million tanked damage is as useful as doing 50k yourself. As a final note, DO NOT TRUST AUTOPILOT! it is on the enemy team, and will try to kill you. Do complicated maneuvers yourself, and give autopilot very specific instructions on where to move if you’re in open water. 3.3 General tips This is the big thing. How do you get the absolute most out of your CV? Here I wil list some tricks I’ve picked up over my time as a CV main. If you don’t recognize one of these points, I recommend looking in to and potentially learning them. 1: Pre-drop Standard, every carrier gets between 3-4 attacks per full plane squadron (differs per carrier). However, you will usually only get one attack off. Maybe two if you are lucky. This means you will bring -and thus lose- twice as many aircraft as you need. To get around this, many players waste 1-2 attacks on the water, to send those back to the carrier and prevent them from getting shot down. This is called: ‘predropping’ I recommend predropping at least once. No matter the nation or tier (maybe except tier IV). 2: Flak dodging The basic practise of flying around the black flak clouds. They hurt alot, but are relatively easy to dodge, unless there are too many ships firing at your planes. Simple WASD-hacks and some good ‘ol intuition will get you through any AA umbrella. Once you engage your attack mode, you won’t have to worry about flak anymore, as its damage is reduced by 80%. If you are struggling with this, don’t worry. Flak dodging will become second nature with experience. 3: Supporting teammates This is a touchy subject. Many people see CV’s as the one to protect them or their DD’s from enemy air attacks. The truth is that fighter gameplay is very limited, and a simple consumable is no deterrent for many CV’s. Add to that the average intelligence of teammates in WoWs… This is why I never prioritize covering teammates with fighters. I will only help them if I don’t need to change my plans for it. There is no use flying over a DD for 2 minutes, spotting and popping fighters, just for them to rush out and die to torps. No… your planes are better used elsewhere. This is not to say you may never spot for your team, or never prioritze DD’s, but don’t go out of your way to do it. Just do whatever the hell you want, be it helping your teammates or doing damage. Never listen to your teammate, as selfish as that may sound. 4: Consumables I’ll go over how to use your consumable in the best way possible. Your consumables are a very powerful tool, that can decide the game if used correctly. 4.1 usage of fighters. Use your fighters to spot enemy targets. They are basically a flying DD that appear and disappear at your command. Just be careful that it won’t be shot down. Try to let the fighters survive the full 60s. Don’t use your fighters on targets that have already been attacked, or targets that are uninviting to the enemy carrier. It’s easy for you as a carrier player to predict what target the enemy CV will go for. It’s also very important to not fly towards your DD to pop a fighter. You’ll just lead the enemy CV towards your DD. 4.2: Usage of engine boost Speed is damage done in CV’s. Managing your engine boost and engine cooling consumables is key to carrier gameplay. Make sure to ride your boost continuously to fly as quick as possible. But don’t hold down W all the time, feather your boost button. Boost, let it recover for a second, boost again. You need to have it available if there’s fighters or AA that you need to avoid. If you boost-recover-boost correctly, you can exploit the system to get an extra 10-15 knots of ‘free’ cruising speed. This only works for aircraft with a slow accelleration and decelleration. Use the time it takes to decellerate to replenish a bit of your boost bar. Once the speed drops too low for your liking, you boost to full again. The engine cooling consumable is extremely useful. Try to save it for when you really need it. Torpedo heal is easy. Use when your planes reach low health. ‘nuff said. Also try to save this for when you really need it. 5: AA baiting This tactic is surprisingly effective, its the practise of letting AA target the initial attack squadron. Show a graph of attack squad, actual squad. After a drop, if you INSTANTLY press F, all planes will head back up to the sky. The full squadron will be higher, because it started off higher (duh). Since AA targets the closest group of aircraft, they will target the attack element, not the squadron. This means you will (in theory) only lose the attacking element, and not the full squadron. Keep in mind, if the AA is too heavy, it will have ample time to shoot down both the attacking element and the squadron before it reaches its ‘safe altitude’. This trick works especially well with the Hakuryu torpedo bombers. Try this out for yourself, it might come in handy one day. 6: Slingshot Slingshot! A feared word in the ears of many cruiser captain. Slingshot! A argument brought up most often during CV discussions. But what is it really? I will kindly use Yuro’s video to explain this mechanic. Click here to go to his video All credit goes to Yuro As a USN CV main, I’m no expert at Slingshotting, but @Kytis is. This was his comment: “All slingshot does now is that you can get to ANY ship without taking DMG (Which is still retarded, don’t get me wrong) but the second you start the attack you will just lose your planes during and after the strike. Slingshot just means you can get close to the target and THEN lose your planes.
  2. Hallo, dies ist der Versuch, die Verbesserungsideen zum CV-Rework zu sammeln, die in diesem andern Thread ziemlich untergehen: Daher wollen wir hier nur die Ideen sammeln, bitte keine allzu ausufernden gar keine Diskussionen dazu und kein Hickhack, wer blöd ist und wer nicht !!! (EDIT: siehe Postings von floribe2000 = lieber gar keine Diskussionen, wahrscheinlich ufert es sonst eh immer aus; leider unterstützt dieses Forum keine einklappbaren Unterthreads, sonst wären Rückfragen leichter handelbar) Edit (floribe2000): Keine Diskussionen, da diese extrem schnell eskalieren bzw. ins Off Topic abdriften (siehe CV-Diskussionen). Diskussionen bitte im allgemeinen CV Thread. !!! Wer eine gute Idee dort drüben hatte - bitte gern hier nochmal schreiben !!! @_Riko_ hat einen guten Anfang gemacht! Ich zitier ihn hier mal (weiß nicht, wie Zitieren zwischen verschiedenen Threads geht). Also, er schrieb: Meines Erachtens funktioniert das jetzige Gameplay der CV nicht, weil die Spielweise der CV sich zu stark unterscheidet von den anderen Klassen, die sich alle ähnlich spielen. Darum wäre mein Vorschlag, die Spielweise der CV an die der anderen Klassen anzugleichen. Das könnte als ein Beispiel so aussehen: 1. CV selbst bleibt wie er ist. 2. Die Raketenflieger werden gestrichen. 3. Die Geschwindigkeit der Flugzeuge darf 70 Knoten nicht überschreiten. 4. Man hat nur 8 Flugzeuge an Bord, - 3 Torpedobomber - 3 Sturzbomber - 1 Aufklärer - 1 Jäger 5. Alle Flugzeuge haben einen TP Schnitt von 10 000 HP 6. Man erhöht die Kontrolle über die Flakabwehr, es soll möglich sein, effektiv der Flak auszuweichen. ( mindestens 50% Chance ) 7. Man fliegt nach Angriffen manuell zum CV zurück. 8. Flugzeuge an Deck bekommen eine Reparaturmannschaft 9. Aufklärer können nur Spotten ( fürs ganze Team und nur in einem bestimmten Radius, wenn sie ihn verlassen, gehen die Schiffe wieder zu ) 10. Torpdeo- und Sturzkampfbomber können nur für sich spotten 11. Jäger können Supporten, sonst nur andere Flugzeuge bekämpfen. ( hier wäre WoWp Ähnlichkeit ) 12. Flugzeuge, die abschossen werden, werden nicht ersetzt. Im Paket nimmt so die Frequenz der Lufteinsätze ab, die Wertigkeit der Flugzeuge nimmt zu, das Einsatzspektrum wird erhöht und ebenfalls die Kontrolle über die Flugzeuge. Jetzt muss man natürlich die Schäden balancen. Würde man das so machen, wäre man eher in der Spielweise der anderen Klassen als jetzt. Beispiele sind nur grob. Nochmal ich, Chassadhi: Am meisten gefallen mir ja die Torpdeo-Bomber aus Punkt 10! Ist das der Duft für harte Seemänner??? Willst auch Du bei jeder Meerjungfrau gut ankommen? - Dann nimm auch Du das neue ‹Torpdeo› - der Duft, der Meerjungfrauen provoziert!
  3. Salut, tout le monde je vais streamer de manière irrégulière sur ma chaine twitch du gameplay fun et détendu. Les horraires seront variable en fonction de mon temps libre Joueur de porte avions principalement je m'attache aussi à monter les autres branche du jeu. Mais vous verrez aussi à partir de mars du modélisme et d'autre jeux. Je diffuserais en mode fun , en mode Clan Battle et entrainement ! Et maintenant le lien de la chaine : https://www.twitch.tv/stargatesg68 A bientôt sur ma chaîne !
  4. Hello, short and simple question: I am not a CV expert and start to use Lexington now. Do you guys have recommendations, which modules should be equipped and which captain skills are working well? Maybe something has changed after 0.8.7?
  5. HMS_Visby_K31

    Harder to hit DDs in 0.8.9 ?

    Much harder to hit dds in 0.8.9 than 0.8.8 with AA off, or have I got worse - better dds all of a sudden.1 My experience in Ranger, how is it for you?
  6. adamAch

    Dodanie CV do bitew klanowych

    Czy chcielibyście lotniska w bitwach klanowych
  7. Major1999

    Give planes of CVs a range limit

    Artillery cannons have a limited range, torpedoes have it too, just planes from carriers havnt a limited range ... WHY ?! I am now since the start onboard and can say, CVs changed the hole gameplay but not just in the good direction. Battles without them are ... how should i discribe it ... they are just perfect, no damn torpedoes or bombs just fighters and scout planes, just perfect. Battles with them are mostly just frustrating, no matter if you loose or win this damn carrier park in a corner and are mostly at the end in the top section of the list, or you get a cv beginner and your team have at start 2 ships less. These things had never been included in WoWs, but we have them now in game and they sell them now also as premiums, so i think not they will remove them. My idea: Give the planes of CVs a limited range and mybe buff all aa on ships except CVs. I had some pretty frustrating games now and are a bit pissed off, so sorry if i am a bit harsh, ouh and please be faire in the comments below :)
  8. jikrain

    CVs bombing allies

    Recently, in a random battle, my allied shokaku bombed me for no reason. He was in second in our team so I guess it wasn't a bad player raging for nothing (he hides his stats so I can't confirm). Ramming is okay, you can also shoot your ally by not paying attention, but I was alone in a cap and he came for me. The -1 he has is beacause he killed himself I think. This seems weird to me, has anyone been bombed this way ? (I know this is in French but you see the proof here)
  9. xxFaNNaTiKxx

    AA Überlappung zu stark

    Hallo Wargaming ich habe erfahren, dass ihr diese Mechanik so lassen wollt. Ich frage mich warum ihr der Meinung seid,es sei ok so ? Wenn sich Grüppchen bilden, ist es sehr mühselig Angriffe zu fliegen, man kann in der Zeit eigentlich nur für das Team spotten. Ich finde jedes Schiff sollte seinen AA Schaden austeilen, denn das ich ja schon zu schlimm, da braucht man nicht auch noch die AA verstärken. Schaut da bitte nochmal drüber, denn so werden die CVs echt teilweise sehr isoliert von der Runde und zum stillen Zuschauer verdammt. Das finde ich nicht ok meiner Meinung nach.
  10. "Änderungen in der nichtlinearen Addition des durch AA-Geschütze verursachten Dauerschadens. In Update 0.8.2 haben wir eine Methode implementiert, die eine nicht lineare Erhöhung des durch AA-Kanonen verursachten Dauerschadens für Flugzeuge ermöglicht. In Fällen, in denen die Anzahl der Schiffe, die sich ein AA-Feuerfeld teilen, zunimmt, ist der dem angreifenden Geschwader zugefügte Dauerschaden geringer als die Gesamtsumme. Bei Überprüfung der Mechanik in 0.8.9 haben wir festgestellt, dass sich der Schaden nicht mehr wie oben beschrieben verringert. Der Grund dafür war ein Fehler, der in Version 0.8.7 auftrat. Nach der Analyse des aktuellen Zustands von Flugzeugträgern und ihrer Interaktion mit AA haben wir jedoch beschlossen, keine zusätzlichen Änderungen vorzunehmen. Dies bedeutet, dass der AA-Schaden in keinem Fall abnimmt, wenn sich AA-Zonen von Schiffen überlappen. Momentan befinden sich sowohl Flugzeugträger als auch Schiffe, die mit Flugzeugen interagieren, in einem ausgewogenen Zustand, wenn die neuesten globalen Änderungen berücksichtigt werden - Überarbeitung von AA-Zonen, Aktualisierung der Mechanismen des prioritären AA-Sektors und umfassende Änderungen der Balance. Wenn es jedoch in Zukunft erforderlich ist, diese Mechanik zu verwenden, können wir sie aus Gründen des Gleichgewichts schnell wieder einschalten. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Situation." Quelle: DevBlog Bin auf kommende Meinungen gespannt. Was sagt ihr dazu?
  11. Hello guys, just wanna give you some hints and tricks, which could help you, when you decided to play the CV rework. Trying to make just short descriptions. Note: I'm seeing this from an IJN view and this is not a complete guide. Table of content Autopilot with CV and AAA AP bombing with different impact angles Aiming with AP - dive bomber against light armored vessels (depends also on the AP bombs) Aiming with AP - dive bomber against heavy armored vessels My general advice for AP bombing Accelerating and slowing down Turning Keyboard and Mouse usage Using Fighters Autopilot with CV and AAA I recommend to chose a zig zag course with your carrier, which makes aiming harder for enemy aircraft attacks. Also switching the AA side is recommend. The Screenshot in the 'spoiler' shows, that the CV moves in zig zag to the east, while switching the AAA to the right side (to the south) Edit: I don't recommend that really anylonger, since the sector change, which "only" increases the continuous aa dps. Another tactic: Since fires and floods last very short, the threat of a burning flight deck is minimized. That encourages to go close with the team. A few km behind the last bb of the team could give some extra AA power. I wouldn't choose a sector with that tactic, because there is too much change, and the CV player is too inflexible for changing sectors. AP bombing with different impact angles The angle of the impact of the bombs depends on the angle of the plane. Take a look at the screenshot in the 'spoiler'. Steep angles of the plane leads to a better impact angle, thus thicker armor could be penetrated, while a shallow angle won't penetrate thick armor, but has the advantage not to over-penetrate thin armor. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against light armored vessels (depends also on the AP bombs) The first example is about a stationary Cruiser and where to start the dive. Look at the grey crosshair. The grey crosshair mostly shows, where the dive bomber will be in the dive stage, thus aiming in front of the cruiser would lead, that the stage after the dive would be directly above the cruiser. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, if you're above the crusier. The planes are not steep angled, since the dive is already over. Now showing an example for aiming at a moving cruiser, where to start the dive. In many cases you will have to accelerate, since cruisers are pretty fast. And another screenshot: this shows, that AP bombs penetrate dds (Kagero). Note: Not all AP bombs work against all light armor vessels, especially T10 AP bombers have a high penetration capability. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against heavy armored vessels Against heavy armored targets it's recommended to drop the bomb while the dive. I'm showing you a screenshot, when to start the dive against a stationary bb. The grey crosshair is directly above the BB. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, when to release the bomb. The planes are in a steep angle. Now an example how to aim at a moving BB. It just needs a little bit lead, look at the grey chrosshair, it is aimed at the tip/nose of the BB, since they're slow, and the BB will be at that point, when you start the dive. My general advice for AP bombing Generally I use the AP bombs only against larger cruisers and battle ships, because the ap bomb mechanic and penetration capability is pretty hard to figure out. The Shokaku can dive bomb dds, while the Hakuryu can't. Also I had the experience, that I divebombed a Buffalo multiple times and got only overpens, but in the training room, shallow or steep bombing - both lead to citadells. So it's still somehow confusing. Accelerating and slowing down When the planes are at max speed or slowed down, it will affect the dive. If a target is close, and the squad is accelerated, the squad will often shoot over the target, so it's more recommended to approach a target with normal spead, or slow down. With more experience speeding up can be a pretty good tactic. Turning The turning circle is smaller, when slowling down. This is pretty good for Divebomber and sometimes for Torpedobomber. Attackplanes often need some more range and a longer approach. So in case of the attack planes after an attack run - instead of a small turn - I accelerate to get farer away. Dive bomber = Slow down and turn Torpedo bomber = Depends more on situation Attackplanes = Accelerate and turn then Keyboard and Mouse usage Keyboard is mostly for maneuvering (avoiding aa), turning and coarse movements. While you should use the mouse for aiming. The mouse control reacts only in a cone of ~45°, outside of this cone area, turning with mouse is disabled. Beside that, the right mouse is for looking around, but it behaves in the same way like it would be with guns, thus the airplanes will move to the spot, where you aimed, before you hold down the right button. Using Fighters Generally don't use fighter directly on enemy strike planes, they take too long for the engage. Use them like a smoke to cover a helpess mate (especially dds in caps). You can also fly a head and place the Fighter in front of a DD. Just predict, where the dd or ship want to go and place it there, so it will have a bit cover to take the objective. Beside that, Wargaming anounced that one fighter kills one enemy planes. Most fighter consumables are more or less same, but the Enterprise has for example 6 fighters, and larger patrol area, while most CVs at T8 have only 3 fighter planes.
  12. kjkb1980_o7

    Slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers

    Hi guys, I'm curious to know what people's opinions are on the best slot 4 Upgrade for Aircraft Carriers please, i.e. Torpedo Bomber Modification 2 or Bomber Modification 2? My current thinking is Bomber Modification 2 as I think that Dive Bombers generally spend more time in AA fire than Torpedo Bombers. Also, Torpedo Bombers on Tier VIII+ Aircraft Carriers have the Repair Consumable to heal health. However, my exceptions to this rule are Kaga, Saipan and Ark Royal as they drop more Torpedoes than other Aircraft Carriers at their respective tiers so I want to maximise their survivability. Does this logic make sense or do I need to rethink? Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you guys.
  13. MexicosBocianos

    Tier 6 HMS Furious

    HMS Furious - pierwszy "prawdziwy" brytyjski lotniskowiec. Jednostkę rozpoczęto jako krążownik linowy jednak w trakcie budowy zmieniono jego przeznaczenie na okręt lotniczy. Pierwotnie ukończony z pokładem startowym na dziobie oraz wieżą artyleryjska na rufie przeszedł wiele modyfikacji aż do kompleksowej przebudowy w latach 20stych XX w. która nadała mu cech pełnowartościowego lotniskowca z ciągłym pokładem lotniczym. Pierwotnie planowany do zastąpienia przez nowy okręt typu Illustrious w związku z zaostrzającą się sytuacją międzynarodową i wybuchem wojny pozostawiony w aktywnej służbie do roku 1944. W WoWs występuje na tierze 6: Pozdrawiam
  14. Dark_Havoc

    Tier 10 HMS Audacious

    Temat dotyczący lotniskowca X tieru Audacious. Lotniskowiec X poziomu Audacious X Audacious znajduje się na samym szczycie brytyjskiej linii lotniskowców i pochwalić się może najwytrzymalszymi samolotami w grze. Pokaźny ładunek bomb i rakiet z pewnością okaże się przykrą niespodzianką dla niejednego przeciwnika. Natomiast bombowce torpedowe tego okrętu potrafią przedrzeć się przez obronę przeciwlotniczą nieprzygotowanych wrogów i zrzucić idealnie w nich wycelowaną salwę torped. Do słabszych stron okrętu zaliczyć można niezbyt dużą liczbę eskadr i przeciętną moc uderzeniową jego bombowców torpedowych. Nie posiadają one tylu torped co ich amerykańscy rywale, a ich siła nie dorównuje maszynom japońskim. Na szczęście zbieżny stożek torped zapewnia większą celność ataków. https://worldofwarships.eu/pl/news/game-updates/british-aircraft-carriers/#audacious
  15. HMS_Visby_K31

    How to play Hermes ??

    Need some advice how to play Hermes in a good way (and mental support) after some terrible battles for me in a Hermes. About 10k dmg/battle less then I "used" to have in Langley (or Hosho) I am not a experienced player but the start in Hermes is so ------ bad. Try to do some spotting and then farming, use torps and bombers (sometimes rockets for DDs and Cruisers). Perhaps it takes time to get used to Hermes TB compered with Langely TB (with TA) and Hosho TB (without TA) or should I minimize the use of Hermes TB
  16. Karotte_marksman

    About Graf zeppelin

    I brought Graf Zeppelin (no mistake I did it on purpose.) I noticed that it is not on the level of a normal T8 CV. I don't regret my purchase as I have fun in Graf but it's unfair if someone who is not good in cvs in Graf can't do much other than using his secondary guns as main guns. To showcase why Graf Zeppelin is worse than all other T8 CVs I will compare it to the others. I will exclude British cvs as they are almost on the same level of being useless as Graf is. Rockets: 12 planes on deck 8 in a flight group and two in attack run. My opionion: they are decent vs anything that is no dd but vs dd you most likely hit one or two rockets for 2k dmg on average. With all other cvs on T8 I could do 2 - 8k in one attack run vs dd's. Most likely it will be around 4k for each attack(other cvs) Torp bombers: Good vs both cruiser and battleships low alpha but you got turbo planes so you can attack more often than other cvs. They are the only plane type which actually is good. Dd hunting is not one of their strengths due to the high speed. You can't make last minit adjustments therefor you need to catch dd's off guard when you want to hit them. I have no complaints with them. Bombers: low aplha due to only two bombs. 14k alpha... Just to compare enterprise has 35600. Then enterprise bombs hit where you aim them but Grafs bombs can do the weirdest things. You can attack from no matter what angle with Graf but you most likely won't hit and if you hit its like 50%overpen 10%pen 20 % citadel and 20 %bounce. That being said.. In 40 Graf games I just scored a handful of double citas I just can remember two times but It could be more (not much more tho). That being said.... Please make bombers more reliable give it one more bomb and keep the trollish nature.... Or make them more accurate and keep the two bombs or make the alpha 11k per bomb so it actually hurts if they hit. So much for the planes. All in all I believe graf has it strengths but they are all in secondary rubriks thus making the overall performance worse than that of another cv. For example it has good secondaries, the plane speed is awesome, but what kind of use has the plane speed if almost every bomb misses? For torps that's okay even tho the alpha is low. The planes in general are not very tanky more like the Japanese planes. Means if they stay longer than a few seconds in a strong aa ships range they will get shot down quite Quickly. (can't imagine how it must have been in aa godmode patch 8.6). Lets compare the flight group to other cvs... Graf zeppelin: Rockets : 8 in air 4 in reverse =12 Torps 9 in air 5 in reserve=14 Bombers 8 in air 4 in reserve =12 Total 36 Ryujo: Rockets 8 in air 4 in reserve=12 Torps 8 in air 12 4in reserve =12 Bombers 8 in air 4 in reserve=12 Total 34 As we can see here the number of planes is just slightly higher than on a T6 CV. For regeneration: Graf Zeppelin : Rockets: 75 seconds Torp: 76 seconds Bomber:87 seconds Total number of planes in 20.mins: 16 " new" rocket planes 15 "new" torp bombers 13 " new" bombers Total amount of planes 80-4cuz you can't use all at the same time means 76 planes for gz. Ryujo: Rockets 55 seconds Torps 69 seconds Bombers 65 seconds Total number of planes in 20 mins: 21 "new" rocket planes 17 "new" torp bomber 18 "new" bombers Total amount of planes 90-4. There you got it. Graf Zeppelin is even worse than a T6 CV when it comes to plane numbers. However I get why gz is a T8 (speed) I don't know why graf is obviously the worst T8 CV in the game and is even when it comes to numbers and thus striking power with high tier aa worse than a T6 CV. Ryujo can hit reliably with gz its pure luck when it comes to rockets and bombs. So that's my opionion with a little bit of data. Feel free to share your opionion and if we are lucky WG can solve this problem. Even tho I don't regret my purchase I am certain that 90% of this community would regret it. So don't buy it unless it's "buffed" a bit to be a T8 CV not only on paper, or you are sure that you want it with its rather unique gameplay. Looking forward to the result of the question. Hope this is okay here because I put quite much effort into this text and it would be a pity if it got deleted :) thanks in advance.
  17. Paaaacha

    Suivi des torpilles

    Salut, Lors du RTS il etait possible de suivre la course des torpilles. Je ne trouve pas la touche permettant cela. Pourriez-vous me l'indiqué ? Merci.
  18. thunder3oo

    Number of CV's allowed in a team

    Screenshot taken this morning. Is this a joke, Wargaming? Are we, the NOT-CV players a joke to you? Why we have to face this 3 CV's crap again??
  19. Guys. Lets make this Quick. The New AA Rework SUCKS. It has basicly Catapulted us back into 0.8.3 with CVs being Semi Godmode and there being 0 Counterplay against CVs. We are back to CVs being the Death itself. When I play as a CV right now. I dont need to Spend any Effort or have any Skill to completely Ruin someones Gameplay Experience. At the Beginning of the Round. I send out the Squads to look what Dishes the Matchmaker has Spawned for me. And then I decide which one I would like to feast on. The Dishes are not asked about this. They cant do anything about it anyways. I decide that I want to kill this Guy there. And so I am going to Kill him. He can Struggle and Complain. But he wont change the Result. His absolute BEST CASE SCENARIO. The absolutely BEST THING he can do. Is to try and waste as much of my Time as possible. Sacrificing himself for his Team while he wont get any Reward or any Fun in this Match. See Guys. I am an Average Casual Potato. My WR usually Sits around 49-51% And thats also what I would get if you extracted CV Games from my Statistics. Because for CVs its Different. For CVs despite having Played them a bit before the Rework. My Winrate is going Steadily towards the 60% Mark. Which is not Surprising. Because See. After the AA Rework my CV Matches are looking like this again. And I am not even Playing Seriously. I am just Fooling about. Abusing the Fact that AA has become completely useless. And just Blapping DDs and Cruisers out of the Match by keeping them permanently spotted and lavishing Torpedoes and Bombs on them. See Guys. As a CV. I dont even NOTICE the New AA System itself. 3.5% Instant Damage IS NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO FREAKING TURN A SINGLE OF MY PLANES YELLOW FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!!! I cant even Tell wether or not someone has actually Freaking USED the New System against me. Thats how Incredible Weak this new System is. In Exchange for this 3.5% Instant Damage which DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We lost 10-30% of the Continues AA Damage. (Depending on the Ship) Basicly making sure that even the most Potato CV which has no Skill Whatsoever. Will still be able to get one Strike out even if he Attacks a Pack of 3-4 Enemy Ships which are all Pro Players and which will all use the AA Sector 100% Correctly. See Guys. I was actually very Hopeful for the New AA System. I tought. The New AA System will basicly make it so. That we get some Actual Counterplay. AA Would become rather Weak when only used Passively. And thus unless the Player Pays Attention would not really do much. But when you Activated the AA Sector at just the Right Time. You would cause Quite the Losses to the Attacking Squadron and if you had several People use it at once you might even be able to Completely Deny a Strike. Of course if you activated it at the wrong time you might also castrate your AA and end up not doing anything to the Squadron for the next 15 Seconds because you messed up. That would have been Great. Because this way. We would have actual Gameplay and Counterplay in this again. The CV would need to take Care who he Attacks and when he Attacks. Like a Cruiser does against BBs. Or BBs do against DD Torpedoes. The CV could try to Bait the AA Sector from the Ship to then afterwards Strike with little Resistance. Other way around. The Surface Ship might wait for the right moment to Trigger the AA Fire to cause quite a Devastating Damage and really make the Strike Costly to the CV. But with the Current Way the System has been Gimped to uselessnes. This is Impossible. As the AA Burst is so incredible Weak. I cant even tell if someone has used it on my Squadron or not. Its doing absolutely nothing. And with AA having been Nerfed so Hard. That when the Surface Ships DOES EVERYTHING 100% Correct WITHOUT EVEN A SINGLE MISTAKE the AA will still not be as Strong as it was in 0.8.6 with the Player just having the Sector aiming towards the Enemy Fleet. Any and all Counterplay has basicly been Removed from the CV Gameplay. As a CV I completely Ignore AA by now. Most of the time I dont even bother Evading Heavy AA anymore. Because even if I get hit by a Black Puff. The Continues AA and the Burst Damage is just not Strong enough to really Exploit it and somehow prevent me from Striking again. Long Story Short. The New AA System is incredible Bad. Pls either Fix this System or Revert it back to the Old System. We had Ridiculously Overpowered CVs for Months now. And in T4 and T6 you basicly Constantly have 2 CVs by now. Heck in T4 you often got more Players waiting in CVs for a Match. Than you have other Classes Combined. Because everyone wants to have a ride on Godmode in the Game. Simple examples that could be done. 1. Double the Sector Reinforcement. Basicly when you Choose a Sector on a Cruiser. You Currently get 150% on that Sector. And 50% on the other Side. Instead make it 200% on that Sector and 50% on the other Side. This would at least give you back some actual AA Damage when you Actively Look out for Aircraft. 2. Increase the Instant Damage Burst. Without Manual AA Skill it should do 9% Damage to A Squadrons Remaining HP. So that at least on 12 Aircraft Squadrons it will Destroy ONE yes JUST ONE Aircraft. And on Squadrons which has 10 or less Aircraft it will NOT EVEN DESTROY AN AIRCRAFT. But at least Turn on Aircraft Red or Yellow. So you at least have ANY EFFECT AT ALL from this. With Manual AA Skill it should Deal 15% Damage. So usually Guaranteeing at least 1 Aircraft Kill. This would give the Instant Damage Burst some Effect at least. The CV would at least notice that he got hit by Something. it would of course still be more of a Lipservice than an actual Deterrent. But at least this way you would be able to prevent that a CV just keeps circling you in his Squadron for 3 Hours. Because he would at least take a a tiny loss each time you Activate the Skill. 3. Increase Catapult Duration and Effectiveness. Right now. Fighters are pretty useless. Their Area of Interception is so small that if the Enemy Ship Triggers it 5km before I arrive at him. I can Fly through it before the Fighters even Activate. And the Catapult Fighters are so Weak. That even if I trigger them. They will cost me like 3 Aircraft from my Squadron and thats all. So either A. You increase the Aggressiveness of these Catapult Fighters. So that they will Automaticly Intercept any Enemy Bomber Squadron in a 5km Range around your Ship and try to prevent it from Bombing you. Thus at least making it so that you can make it Cost an Enemy CV if he Attacks you. Or B. You increase the Duration of the Catapult Fighters. So that they Stay above your Ship for 3-5 Minutes instead of ONE minute. And thus actually can be used to Escort you for a bit. and then C. You could of course also keep them at 1 Minutes and with a Small Action Radius. And instead make them into an actual Threat. Giving them Sufficient Ammunition that in the rare case of them being activated by the Enemy. They actually at least Destroying the Enemy Squadron. And not just killing 3 Aircraft and Retreating.... 4. CV Fighters are just as useless. But since they can be used for Scouting they need extra Attention. A. Remove their Ability to Scout Ships. Seriously. They should not Spot Ships. Carrier Fighters did not have the Vision and Equipment to accurately Spot Ships anyways. At best they should give a Minimap Position of Enemy Ships but not actually Spot it. Similar to the First 20 Seconds of Radar. B. Make CV Fighters Homing instead of Guarding. CV Fighters when Spawned. Should just look for the Next Aircraft within 10km and Attack it. Not Fly Circles around a Micro Area where they got Spawned.... This way at least CVs can provide some Air Cover to Friendly Ships by Spawning Fighters which will then AT LEAST TRY to Intercept Enemy Bombers. And which will not be placed above an Allied Ship and then ONLY ACTIVATE AFTER THIS SHIP HAS ALREADY BEEN BOMBED. Greetz Sun.
  20. Hello, I just got my tax returns and started spending them on unnecessary stuff like the premium CV Graf Zeppelin, my first ever CV. (Yea, I know I'm a "tier VIII premium n00b pls uninstall game!!11!!") One thing that really bothers me is the reticle of the torpedo bombers. It is so grey and transparent that it is (at least for me) often very hard to see. Especially when I execute a hard 180º turn to re-engage a target and also if it's worst case scenario, I'm flying towards the sun. The light makes the sea grey-ish, basically exactly the same color as the reticle. There are tons of UI mods for WoWS, I use some of them myself but I haven't been able to find a mod that changes the reticle of the aircraft to more visible and easier to see. So now I'm asking you fellow captains, can you link me to one or tell me the name of such mod if there is any? I would be grateful!
  21. BattleshipGunner

    CVs - IJN or USN or RN

    Are IJN CVs worth continuing? I've got the tier VI Ryujo but the rockets on it do next to none damage, AP DBs dont seem as good as HE DBs. the only good armament they have is the torpedoes. Now, I know I'm no where near ready for tier X gameplay, but does Hakuryu do well compared to Midway or Audacious?
  22. DenmarkRadar

    Make World of Warships Great Again?

    Please vote in the poll to make WoWs Great Again :-)
  23. Grimhardt

    Teamplay option für CV

    Ahoi Mitsegler und Mitseglerinnen, kurz und prägnant, siehe Video: Ihr könnt euch sicher denken worauf ich hinaus will: Einen Smokescreen der schmal genug ist, dass er kein Schiff beherbergen kann, aber dennoch eine gewisse Sichtschranke ermöglicht. Taktische Optionen, insbesondere später in CV-Clanwars, sind immer gern gesehen. Sachliche Diskussion bitte und Meinungen bitte begründen. :) Danke Leutz! Euer Gr1m
  24. Inhaltsverzeichnis (TEILWEISE INAKTUELL ab Patch 0.8.7.) Schaut euch die Punkte an, die euch interessieren und überspringt jene, die euch bereits bekannt sind. Autopilot und AA-Sektor Tastatur- und Mouse-Einsatz Wenden / Manövrieren Jägerstaffel-Einsatz Beschleunigen und Bremsen mit Sturzbombern AP Bomben bei verschiedenen Winkeln Zielen mit AP Bomben - Sturzbomber gegen leicht gepanzerte Ziele Zielen mit AP Bomben - Sturzbomber gegen schwer gepanzerte Ziele Allgemeine Hinweise, wie man AP Bomben verwendet Torpedobomber Flak und Geschwindigkeit Kommandanten-Fähigkeiten (Talentbaum) Glossar Flak-Explosionen: Effektunterschied zwischen Kriegsschiff und Flugzeugen (visuell) Raketen-Angriffsflugzeuge AP-Bomben Durchschlagskraft in mm 1. Autopilot und AA-Sektor 2. Tastatur- und Mouse-Einsatz 3. Wenden / Manövrieren 4. Beschleunigen und Bremsen mit Sturzbombern 5. Jägerstaffel-Einsatz 6. AP Bomben bei verschiedenen Winkeln 7. Zielen mit AP Bomben - Sturzbomber gegen leicht gepanzerte Ziele 8. Zielen mit AP Bomben - Sturzbomber gegen schwer gepanzerte Ziele 9. Allgemeine Hinweise, wie man AP Bomben verwendet 10. Torpedobomber 11. Flak und Geschwindigkeit 12. Flak-Explosionen: Effektunterschied zwischen Kriegsschiff und Flugzeugen (visuell) 13. Kommandanten-Fähigkeiten (Talentbaum) 14. Glossar 15. Raketen-Angriffsflugzeuge 16. AP-Bomben Durchschlagskraft in mm Englisches Video von Wargaming "How it works"
  25. Ich weiß, noch ein CV thread. Aber mit den ganzen Änderungen und Hotfixes scheint mir das doch eine zentrale Frage zu sein, welche in den ganzen Balance Threads untergeht. Also, welche Aufgaben haben den CVs momentan in den Gefechten?