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Found 53 results

  1. Kapitanowie, Podzielcie się z nami opiniami, ocenami, wadami i zaletami nowej formy CV, któreś doświadczacie w testach beta. Napiszcie nam wszystko co myślicie i dlaczego tak myślicie! Wasze opinie będą przekazane dalej. WG_Lumberjack
  2. Alfa_Tau

    French CV Béarn

    Hello everyone being passionate about military history, I discovered almost by chance that the French navy also owned an aircraft carrier at the start of World War II. Perhaps in the future this ship could come into play as a premium CV, perhaps at Tier VI. Let me know what you think. French Béarn aircraft carrierThe French aircraft carrier Béarn was the first unit of this type that served in the Marine nationale and the only one until 1945, when the Dixmude, an escort aircraft carrier already owned by Great Britain as HMS Biter (D97) took up service. HistoryResult of the conversion carried out on a Normandie class battleship from 1923, La Béarn served in the French navy for forty years, between 1927 and 1967. It was an experimental ship, which at the time of its construction it was directly comparable with similar ships that were under construction in other countries.La Béarn should have been replaced in the thirties by the most sophisticated aircraft carriers of the Joffre class: however, these were never built, and the ship remained in service despite its obsolescence. He had a rather limited job in the Second World War as an air transport. It was dismantled in Italy in 1967. General characteristics Displacement: 22146 ton. (max. 28400 ton); Length: 182 m. width: 35 m. draft: 9,3 m. Propulsion: 2x Turbine total max power 36200 hp. Speed: 21,5 knots Armor: belt 80mm; flight deck 25 mm. Weaponry Original: - 8 x 155 mm guns - 6 x 75 mm guns - 4 x torpedo tubes 550 mm 1935 addition: - 8 x 37 mm AA guns - 16 x 13,2 mm macjine guns. 1944 revision: - 4 x 127 mm guns (dual purpose); - 24 x 40mm AA guns; - 26 x 20 mm guns; Aircraft: 35 - 40 Types were different during wartime . Usually the CV group was composed by 8 fighters, and a different number of Torpedo bombers and recce planes. -
  3. artic_99

    Cv rework suggestions

    Hello folks, As many others as well I believe that 8.5 made cvs unplayable. But instead of bitching around I want to share my thoughts with anyone who wants to discuss the topic constructively. In order to make cvs a fun experience for everyone. I want to say this in advance I am open for any feedback and criticism from anyone because I am no game developer and my suggestions can be flawed. So my main points would be: 1. Give the cv a time delay for spotting like there is for radar. This first change would decrease early spotting as well as the damage a ship would take while being under cv attack simply because the fleet can't see the target. (dds would benefit the most) 2.Remove rockets Rockets are too strong against dds and too easy to use against them. By removing them the cv players would have to focus on bbs and cruisers. (dds would benefit greatly) 3.replace rockets with other type of bombs. This is important because the cv should keep at least some power VS dds. A Japanese cv is not able to fight dds without rockets so it needs he bombs to fight against them effectively. It would still be much harder to hit the dd but it would not be impossible. I mean under normal circumstances a cv player would not go after dds but if he's under attack by a dd he could defend itself. The American and UK cvs would get ap bombs to compensate for the missing rockets. (rockets could also be a feature of the t8 UK premium cv) 4.Reset Aa to pre 8.4 I believe aa was most balanced in 8.4 so far. It was funny but not too easy for cvs in 8.4. There are many ships that would need tweaking in the one or other direction in terms of aa but most ships are balanced. In general most low tier ships would need buffs and some high tier boats would need nerfs. But pls 8.5 aa is too frustrating because it takes out the rng part and you cant avoid heavy losses (deplaning way too quickly) . That makes the 8.5 system so frustrating. It is comparable to a situation in which it's guaranteed that a cv always makes 25k dmg if its attack comes through. 5.take out the slingshot exploit. Due to the slingshot exploit aa was easily avoidable and that's why the whole system didn't work. A fun system which is enjoyable for everyone and challenging as well would be the optimal solution. PS: pls wg don't remove that thread because I want to open it as a constructive platform to discuss solutions for the cv issue that may help you out. I want to make it easy for you(WG) to get a basic overview of suggestions for your game to make the game better for all of us without forcing you to read the already existing thread which has continously proven itself as a place for players to rant about the issue instead of focusing on solving the cv issue at hand. I hope you can understand this and I hope that you(wg) actually consider some of those ideas to create a better game for all of us. Thanks for reading this in advance:) Best regards one concerned player of all four classes.
  4. Lady_godiva_s

    You make CV's more Rediculous?

    Dear WG Are u happy with your cv reworking?Did watch your game ?Can you answer me why ANY U.S.cruiser from tier 7-10 can easilly stay uncovered in the middle of an area (not at the beggining...later at battles) and dint give a crap in the presence of a TIER 8 british "carrier?(a...and dont forget your 2 babys...bellfast and atlanta!!!! You made them so foolish and arrogant!!!!...Their 10 euros have greater value than ours?OK...you want everybody shoot down planes....and you have restoration.time 93...94...and 111 SECONDS? Its so difficult to see that after 12 min.battle (9 to 10 times your MM put us in tier 10 battles!) we just DONT have planes to play?What they shooting down? I know...you think that in a "clever cv 'gameplay simply DONT attack Worcester...but my dearest company....when a.....Worcester recap is my duty-job to reset....i m wrong?No...reset but with what??? Later at tier 10 battle we have 2-3-4 planes of any kind and believe me they cant aproach even close to any U.S cruiser! The only role that you want cv's play is to everybody "HATE"us ?(morons,its a game!)...everybody-even our teams, irrelevant if we make only 30000 damage because we go from dd to dd to protect them!!! I dont mind to loose if i have to..NO this way...no without the chance to reset,to fight back,to survive.Did you counter how many sneaky DDs kill CV's last months?If they pass the defence line we cant do anything...they have 15-10 torps and cannons and we have NOTHING...You Nerff EVERYTHING..we are just viewers in a game where we pay the same money with the others! Consider that! Yianna
  5. AveKoks

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    Hello everyone I will try to spare words as mych as possible. So first introduction: I'm confident I'm a experienced CV player. I played in both RTS and current system, scored rank 1 in current ranked season almost exclulively with CV so I believe I'm qualified enought to give that feedback. First of all. CVs needed some nerf or balancing as they were definetly overpowered. Only ships I deemed a threat were Minotaur and Worcester (same for WIP Smoleńsk and Coulbert). Ships such as Des Moines were largely powerless against CV's power. However this changes doesnt resolve any problem. It just shifts it. Now that queue almost doesnt include CVs at all. With current small but very significant AA change I see CVs going back into RTS era in that field with some excetions that I will cover further down. 1. AA regained it's old strength more or less, but there is flak on top of that and it has devastating effect. 2. Now all ships have significant AA. Bad, decent AA - count losses, good to great AA - squadron wiped. (For example I have seen Izmaił which that scored 40+ planes down facing tier VIII carrier) 3. This requires CV players to know their target, choose it wise and wait for right moment. But RTS carrier if done that well scored significant damage or straight up devastating strike. Current CVs gameplay is all about multiple strikes that do less damage and are less significant. This completly destroy entire concept of CV rework. You have to strike and recall squadron back or get planes wiped. This makes multiple attack runs useless and without purpose other that providing bigger health pool, but it's still a waste 4. RTS carried had multiple teamplay aspects to fulfill when looking for strike opportunity: Countering enemy carrier, spotting, spotting torpedoes. Currently you can only do spotting duty and it means dropping DPS role when committed. I would also like to mention that getting uptiered when playing CV is an absolute abstraction. And this comes from pov of USN CVs that are known for most durable planes. Ships such as IJN CVs and Graf Zeppelin suffer greatly, , while Saipan and Indomitable (not released RN tier VIII premium CV) simply doesnt work at all. And when uptiered you can just leave match. Purpose of healing party for torpedo squadron also got nulified with current update. It simply doesnt work if you dont catch flaks (and you shouldnt). Only ships I found doing somewhat well are Enterprise and Kaga. When top tier they do well enough thanks to large aircraft numbers and fast recovery. My recommendation is following: Two updates from now if issuse is not even addressed I would reccomend to issue refund ticket for following premium ships: Saipan and Graf Zeppelin - as they simply doesnt work. Discussion is welcomed :)
  6. Lady_godiva_s

    New WarGaming CV's Tours

    COME....JOIN US...Wargaming presents the summer holidays tours over virtual battlefields. We have military planes,BUT DONT WORRY they are practically unarmed!Just fly over real models of battleships! See the magnificent Yamato in action!Feel the Mighty Bismarck..and all that in spetacular grafics...sunsets...weather...rain...everything like real. And u doing NOTHING....Just fly around and be the practice target of any surface ship.Is that the only that the Wargaming ask from you. And only for 10 euros a month! You have DD and fear even after 0.8.5 released?Dont worry....in next upgrade we recall all military planes and we will give to our tourists CESSNA's and PIPER's for their CV's...They ll doing just the same damage! We all must thank this great company for their ideas about gameplay!!! I am touched....I can't continue...BRAVO once more!!----YIANNA
  7. Alfa_Tau

    Adjust Post Battle XP formula

    Hello everyone and WG I have noticed that the post battle result XP formula assign many points to shot down planes. In my opinion this points should be less as it requires very few skill to shoot down planes today compared to what it was pre 0.8.0 where the skillfull use of fighters could really make a difference. Below you can see how weird is the system today . I was the player in Hermes and I was granted the 2nd place simply because Langley shot down 8 planes more. We both achieved High Caliber but I killed 3 of the 4 ships and got 2 more achievement first kill and the other one for killing a ship after I died. this effect is magnified when people play AA CA/CL where they can sometime achieve relatively low result in terms of damage done but shot down 20 or more planes and they top the XP score (quite common in Ranked). Please let me know your thoughts
  8. I'm aware I've created a post about this before but I'm unable to find it again, and I know I'm not the only one with this crap. And yes, I'm severely annoyed because I cannot even [edited]press Port without the damn program giving me a hiccup. Since the release of the game runs like crap. Summary: Wows.exe stops responding upon clicking any button, pattern seems to be once every three clicks. Happened after CV rework ( My mate also has the problem. Note we both have over 100 ships in port. Game is almost unplayable due to the afore mentioned issues. It's really starting to make me think about throwing stuff into my monitors again like I used to do when I was ten. End of file.
  9. who_dares_wins


    I've been thinking of buying the Z-39, but I'm unsure thanks to the CV rework, and all the rocket planes roaming about. I have two questions: 1: How well can it handle the rocket plane spam? Does it shoot down any number of planes etc. 2: Do you think that it will get a doubloon discount any time in the near to moderate future? Do you reckon it will rotate out of the tech tree before then?
  10. Hello guys, just wanna give you some hints and tricks, which could help you, when you decided to play the CV rework. Trying to make just short descriptions. Note: I'm seeing this from an IJN view and this is not a complete guide. Table of content Autopilot with CV and AAA AP bombing with different impact angles Aiming with AP - dive bomber against light armored vessels (depends also on the AP bombs) Aiming with AP - dive bomber against heavy armored vessels My general advice for AP bombing Accelerating and slowing down Turning Keyboard and Mouse usage Using Fighters Autopilot with CV and AAA I recommend to chose a zig zag course with your carrier, which makes aiming harder for enemy aircraft attacks. Also switching the AA side is recommend. The Screenshot in the 'spoiler' shows, that the CV moves in zig zag to the east, while switching the AAA to the right side (to the south) Edit: I don't recommend that really anylonger, since the sector change, which "only" increases the continuous aa dps. Another tactic: Since fires and floods last very short, the threat of a burning flight deck is minimized. That encourages to go close with the team. A few km behind the last bb of the team could give some extra AA power. I wouldn't choose a sector with that tactic, because there is too much change, and the CV player is too inflexible for changing sectors. AP bombing with different impact angles The angle of the impact of the bombs depends on the angle of the plane. Take a look at the screenshot in the 'spoiler'. Steep angles of the plane leads to a better impact angle, thus thicker armor could be penetrated, while a shallow angle won't penetrate thick armor, but has the advantage not to over-penetrate thin armor. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against light armored vessels (depends also on the AP bombs) The first example is about a stationary Cruiser and where to start the dive. Look at the grey crosshair. The grey crosshair mostly shows, where the dive bomber will be in the dive stage, thus aiming in front of the cruiser would lead, that the stage after the dive would be directly above the cruiser. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, if you're above the crusier. The planes are not steep angled, since the dive is already over. Now showing an example for aiming at a moving cruiser, where to start the dive. In many cases you will have to accelerate, since cruisers are pretty fast. And another screenshot: this shows, that AP bombs penetrate dds (Kagero). Note: Not all AP bombs work against all light armor vessels, especially T10 AP bombers have a high penetration capability. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against heavy armored vessels Against heavy armored targets it's recommended to drop the bomb while the dive. I'm showing you a screenshot, when to start the dive against a stationary bb. The grey crosshair is directly above the BB. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, when to release the bomb. The planes are in a steep angle. Now an example how to aim at a moving BB. It just needs a little bit lead, look at the grey chrosshair, it is aimed at the tip/nose of the BB, since they're slow, and the BB will be at that point, when you start the dive. My general advice for AP bombing Generally I use the AP bombs only against larger cruisers and battle ships, because the ap bomb mechanic and penetration capability is pretty hard to figure out. The Shokaku can dive bomb dds, while the Hakuryu can't. Also I had the experience, that I divebombed a Buffalo multiple times and got only overpens, but in the training room, shallow or steep bombing - both lead to citadells. So it's still somehow confusing. Accelerating and slowing down When the planes are at max speed or slowed down, it will affect the dive. If a target is close, and the squad is accelerated, the squad will often shoot over the target, so it's more recommended to approach a target with normal spead, or slow down. With more experience speeding up can be a pretty good tactic. Turning The turning circle is smaller, when slowling down. This is pretty good for Divebomber and sometimes for Torpedobomber. Attackplanes often need some more range and a longer approach. So in case of the attack planes after an attack run - instead of a small turn - I accelerate to get farer away. Dive bomber = Slow down and turn Torpedo bomber = Depends more on situation Attackplanes = Accelerate and turn then Keyboard and Mouse usage Keyboard is mostly for maneuvering (avoiding aa), turning and coarse movements. While you should use the mouse for aiming. The mouse control reacts only in a cone of ~45°, outside of this cone area, turning with mouse is disabled. Beside that, the right mouse is for looking around, but it behaves in the same way like it would be with guns, thus the airplanes will move to the spot, where you aimed, before you hold down the right button. Using Fighters Generally don't use fighter directly on enemy strike planes, they take too long for the engage. Use them like a smoke to cover a helpess mate (especially dds in caps). You can also fly a head and place the Fighter in front of a DD. Just predict, where the dd or ship want to go and place it there, so it will have a bit cover to take the objective. Beside that, Wargaming anounced that one fighter kills one enemy planes. Most fighter consumables are more or less same, but the Enterprise has for example 6 fighters, and larger patrol area, while most CVs at T8 have only 3 fighter planes.
  11. Hallo Leute, ich wollte einfach mal einen Thread starten, wo man über verschieden builds und so ein Kram reden kann. Ich glaube sowas gibt es sonst nirgendswo mal abgesehen von den Feedback-Threads etc. Da ich auch nur japanischer Träger spiele, habe ich den Thread mal hier angesiedelt. Natürlich habe ich auch direkt schon ein Thema: Adrenalin Rausch (AR) Diesen Captain-Skill hatte ich eigentlich immer als sehr schlecht empfunden, da man den Effekt einfach nicht brauch. Denn die kont. dps der Schiffe war schwach und ansonsten konnte man sich auch einfach mit F zurückziehen. Seit dem Hotfix ist aber die kont. dps sehr stark und F-key funktioniert nicht mehr in dem Sinne. Die kont. dps ist stark am Zeitfaktor gebunden: Umso länger man der Flugabwehr ausgesetzt ist, desto mehr Schaden nimmt man. Sprich man möchte eigentlich möglichst schnell durchfliegen. Die kont. dps hat auch den Effekt, dass es immer ein Flugzeug anschießt, und dann auf ein anderes wechselt, sprich es beschädigt sie erstmal. Daher ist AR in der Theorie ein perfekter Counter-Skill. Denn wenn die Flugzeuge beschädigt sind, fliegen diese schneller, und man kann schneller der Flugabwehr entkommen. Ich weiß es nicht, aber ich denke AR ist jetzt eine sehr gute Fähgikeit geworden, was denkt ihr?
  12. According to Flambass, Wargaming is monitoring carefully his poll's results and we might be able to change their 0.8.0 plans if the majority of the playerbase wants the same thing. Link to the poll: https://goo.gl/forms/pnRoa5C6bhOSvxeL2
  13. Had no luck or fun in this. I average about 35K damage, seem only able to finish off low HP ships. The average is 58K from WoWs stats. I seem to get mostly tier 8, and 10 matches, never seen a mostly 6 or 7 yet! In tier 8 and 10, my squadrons often get annihilated attacking a solitary battleship. If they are in a group, the attack fails completely before a run is made. People say scout, but they see my planes before I see them, and long range AA still shreds them. I've tried weaving about, but it just delays the inevitable shredding. Even if going after DDs, I spot but cannot attack on the same run, not enough time to aim. It either requires a very high skill ceiling, or the rework requires tweaking, or I need to get good? Any hints or tips from good HMS Implacable players welcome
  14. Maybe you know this - I didnt. Have a laugh or take it seriously to be informed. Heres my short story of CV returns. I was not aware that Tier1 ship XP cannot be used for anything, if the following ship is already researched. After selling and buying the CV Midway a few times during the rework + 15 to 20 carrier captain resets which had either been charged dubloons, free XP or captain XP where the charge type is decided more or less by the charge system randomly, got free XP from WG for return chaos with the Haku, performed a few Midways sales (and sold all other US carriers) and rebuys and finally have 6.4 million ships XP on the Tier 1 Eerie class as final outcome which can not be used for anything... As the Wargaming rules are that you can only use ship XP to research the next tier (Tier 2) with Tier 1 ship XP. Pointing out that the Tier1 ship tooltip has the wording "Research next tier ships", gets ticket replies stating general WG terms of service and that Tier1 ship XP can only be used to research Tier2 ships. If you have Tier 2 already researched, all Tier 1 ship XP is wasted according to WG support staff. Trying to research any other ship in the US or Japan branch does not work, if Tier 2 ships or the next connected ship to Tier 1 has been researched. Now the best: Re-purchasing the entire US/JP CV line only works with free XP - I sunk another 800000 Free XP on that to have my Midway back. In my opinion, this should be possible with the Tier1 US Erie ship XP ! Ignore in-game text content and tooltips, they can't be relied on. Old 5.4 Million Tier 1 screenshot, its 6.4 Million Ship XP now on the Erie. ---------------------- Updated note from me, 20/03/2019 UTC19:26 If CV carriers have been researched, then returned (more than once), why would they need to be researched again ? In case of CV carrier returns...Charging nearly 800K of free XP over and over again for the CV research of the line seems odd and unfair to me. The system of returning research XP for the US/JP currently to the unusable Tier 1 ship XP is a big disadvantage to the usual games research system, IMHO. IMHO a CV ship once researched should remain researched.
  15. Well, I was right, the current CV Rework is terrible. In Co-op play you are getting up to 3 CV's on the human player side against a team of bots without a single CV and the CV's are not able to damage significantly enemy armoured - example, a double torpedo strike against a T6 battleship does less than 5k damage and as the rest of the squadron flys over the target whilst the attack is ongoing they take AA fire from the target In Random play you can not even get into range to launch weapons apart from torpedoes and they torpedoes are not doing enough damage The BOTS are now generally beating teams that include CV's in Co-op play including such people as Tuccy
  16. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    Greetings folks. I could not find a solid answer on this one, so I thought to post one myself. Is there a SITREP on the sale of premium aircraft carriers Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Enterprise and Saipan since it's been a month since the CV Rework hit Live already? A logical explanation could be that WarGaming will put them up for sale when the Royal Navy CV line will be released (along with their tier VIII premium CV "HMS Indomitable" which I'm very eager to open my wallet for.) My problem was that when Kaga got released I did not have the money available to buy her (RIP Shipfu) and when Graf Zeppelin got released I did have the money but it was awfully bad before WG put it off-sale and totally buffed her to the Heavens of Grognak. Kaga is still the one premium ship, out of around 60+ that I already own, I really itch to get into my port the day before yesterday, and I still regret I didn't cut down on my nourishment balance in order to get a Paysafe Card to get Kaga on the spot. The CV Rework has got my ears pointed as I like the way it's going, but I'm genuinely interested to know when these reworked premium aircraft carriers will be put back on sale. Please let me know if you have any usable intel! Let 'em have it! ~ Sirion
  17. N1eon

    T8 CVs are a pure hellhouse

    So, I got my Shokaku a while ago and I actually had good expectations, since I really enjoyed the new CV gameplay on lower tiers. After 5 matches I realized that my expectations were clearly too high. Got uptiered to 10 every match and had barely a chance to get near enemy ships, no matter what class they were. Had to sacrifice a whole squadron just to get one single plane through that wall of AA. After going through that pain I got about 15k damage on average (about 1500exp). Well... Hakuryu is 350k and 28 million credits. Someone give me a good reason not to refund my carrier...
  18. This is an absolute brain dead response from the lead developer of World of Warships regarding the exceptionally legitimate concerns of the customer base
  19. who_dares_wins


    I've been thinking of buying the Z-39, but I'm unsure thanks to the CV rework, and all the rocket planes roaming about. I have a few questions: 1: How well can it handle the rocket plane spam? Does it shoot down any significant number of planes etc? 2: Do you think that it will get a doubloon discount any time in the near to moderate future? Do you reckon it will rotate out of the tech tree before then? 3: Would you recommend it/do you like it outside of the context of the flood of CVs?
  20. puxflacet

    CV planes spotting order

    REPOST THREAD FROM US FORUM by Jinxed_Katajainen because he has a point...
  21. who_dares_wins

    Lexington Halloween Permanent Camo

    After I made a huge error, misreading the ship replacement rules and thus wasting 98k free exp, I don't want to make another mistake with this. I have the Nobilium camo for the Lexington, but I don't have it unlocked. If I free exp to it and then refund it, I shouldn't get free exp back, but will the camouflage be refunded? @MrConway sorry to bother you, but do you know?
  22. Lyno_Lemon

    IJN 100mm AA

    IJN 100mm AA I just wanted to put this out there. I know there's lots of issues with the new CV rework, but I couldn't see this one discussed anywhere else. The AA from the IJN 100mm guns feels terrible since the rework. I've played them on Kii and Harugumo and no matter what I do or how I spec, shooting down planes is a massive chore. These guns had great AA values prior to the update, but now they seem to be lacking. They're AA ships, but seem to be the only ones I've played where shooting down planes seems to be an impossible task. It could be a coding error where WG has put the damage values a bit low or a glitch. I don't know. But since WG has stuck Kii on sale as an AA ship, they probably want to look at this as a priority. On a plus, some DDs seem to be able to defend themselves better than before. However, I think the AA system still needs more work. Sound Bug On a separate note, I came across a sound bug where I could hear a BB shooting as though it was me firing, but I wasn't. No idea if it was someone else shooting on other side of map or just random sound assets playing. I know others in that game also experienced this so thought I'd bring it to light. A little annoying, but only happened to me once so probably fairly low priority. Anyone else experienced this?
  23. MrWastee

    fighter layouts

    ... u know u want it! it even may be the easiest way to counter omnipresent cv's? 1 strike and 1 counter cv per match? fight!....
  24. Alelos


    Me the past two days trying to have perfect drops etc. Me after this video just spamming torps everywhere ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................... If you guys having issues with your aim in the game( Conqueror braindead gameplay farming dmg etc.) I Recommend you a Haku.
  25. Poll up above: What are your reactions to the update? (Quick disclaimer: I am not happy with the update and this is my reaction to it. I hope the community shares their point of view on it) To start off: I decided to write down everything I think is wrong with the CV rework.... Again. WG devs turned a blind eye on the PTS feedback to an extent and even though the update was delayed, it clearly was not enough. As such, the game suffered. Here are my thoughts on what is driving the WoWs community into a more upset state than before: 1) IJN 25mm AA short range?!? Wargaming, why did you nerf a nation with already bad AA to begin with? The 25mm mid-range was a saving grace for many IJN ships, including almost all DDs and the Yamato (Compare it to any other BB of the same tier and you had only 75% or less of their AA. At the same time there was no introduction of the dual-purpose nature of their 155mm and 203mm guns (Dubious nature, but it would have helped). Overall, this means that IJN vessels are unable to stand up to the increased amounts of aircraft carriers effectively. All this while the Chicago Piano stays as mid-range 2) Skill changes Okay, this is a complex topic and I hate to break it: The older skills were far more useful than the new ones. AFT and BFT have their necessity increased, however, they are worse than before A 10% increase to the entire AA potency for 3 points was a skill worth taking even without secondary guns and AFT with the 20% range increase made team AA play a viable tactic. While this denied CVs access to a ship up until a point, now with infinite planes (even with those being limited by spawning times) will win as the game progresses and AA mounts are destroyed. All in all, less potent AA skills at a time where you will find far more aircraft in the air Concealment expert change made the game campier and along with the CV spotting remaining practically what it was. Now you are far less likely to engage in sneaking into capture points as cruisers and are absolutely unable to retreat and stealth up if you have pushed as a BB and are forced to retreat. Along with the change to the firing penalty (discussed later) being agressive is harder and in certain situations almost impossible. I get that it was weird when an Iowa out-spotted your Donskoi, but this should have been given more thought than it did. Possibly increasing concealment of the ships affected when the update dropped, or to bake the skill in, play around with the values and heavily discussing the change. It definitely should not have been baked into an already huge update for the game. Definitely an... unfortunately handled change. As for the CV skills and the additions to skills to help CVs, I can not speak on those due to their obviosly new nature. 3) AA vs CVs: Not ballanced As it stands with the current patch the AA is not ballanced. While WG said this would happen it is definitely important enough to warrant its own part of the discussion. With the changes to how different AA calibers are percieved and skill changes it may not come as a surprise that at points AA feels lackluster in certain situations. The sectors are a good idea, however there needs to be much refining and ballancing to get it right, particularly with the sectors themselves. A CV will still sink you no matter the ship, it is just a matter of time and how many squadrons he is willing to send at you. 4) Concealment penalty after firing change As was the consent of the majority of the community on a post made by Spithas on the EU server and by Ducky_Shot on the NA server , the old mechanic was far more popular with the playerbase. The new mechanic makes no sense since if you break LoS how can the enemy spotter know your exact position and direction after you clear the island? Here I am offering an option for WG to consider: Bake in the Concealment expert and do something with the lenght of being spotted (-5 sec on the bloom?) But listen to the community and give us the pre-8.0 mechanic! Anyways, Warships has always been a game I liked, but now I am seriously considering a long break before WG puts out all of the wildfires raging because of 8.0 The biggest question is: What do you think about 8.0 in general? Tell me down below and please participate in the poll posted with this thread. My hope is that wargaming will listen and do something in the very near future to help the game get back up.