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Found 1 result

  1. Maybe you know this - I didnt. Have a laugh or take it seriously to be informed. Heres my short story of CV returns. I was not aware that Tier1 ship XP cannot be used for anything, if the following ship is already researched. After selling and buying the CV Midway a few times during the rework + 15 to 20 carrier captain resets which had either been charged dubloons, free XP or captain XP where the charge type is decided more or less by the charge system randomly, got free XP from WG for return chaos with the Haku, performed a few Midways sales (and sold all other US carriers) and rebuys and finally have 6.4 million ships XP on the Tier 1 Eerie class as final outcome which can not be used for anything... As the Wargaming rules are that you can only use ship XP to research the next tier (Tier 2) with Tier 1 ship XP. Pointing out that the Tier1 ship tooltip has the wording "Research next tier ships", gets ticket replies stating general WG terms of service and that Tier1 ship XP can only be used to research Tier2 ships. If you have Tier 2 already researched, all Tier 1 ship XP is wasted according to WG support staff. Trying to research any other ship in the US or Japan branch does not work, if Tier 2 ships or the next connected ship to Tier 1 has been researched. Now the best: Re-purchasing the entire US/JP CV line only works with free XP - I sunk another 800000 Free XP on that to have my Midway back. In my opinion, this should be possible with the Tier1 US Erie ship XP ! Ignore in-game text content and tooltips, they can't be relied on. Old 5.4 Million Tier 1 screenshot, its 6.4 Million Ship XP now on the Erie. ---------------------- Updated note from me, 20/03/2019 UTC19:26 If CV carriers have been researched, then returned (more than once), why would they need to be researched again ? In case of CV carrier returns...Charging nearly 800K of free XP over and over again for the CV research of the line seems odd and unfair to me. The system of returning research XP for the US/JP currently to the unusable Tier 1 ship XP is a big disadvantage to the usual games research system, IMHO. IMHO a CV ship once researched should remain researched.