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Found 4 results

  1. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Naming Ships

    Probably not the first to bring this up, and definitely not going to be the last. But has there been mentions of having custom names on ships? I am actually surprised this has not been done yet, literally a name plaque on the ship, name it, pay a little gold for it (Wargamings gotta make its money somehow XD) and done. A little thing but would be a very nice personalisation feature which for those ships you wish to keep from the tech tree would be more personal. "Let me tell you a tale of the Lion class battleship: Ardent Immolation!" To even see the name of the enemy ship your fighting. I dunno. What does everyone else think?
  2. Hello all! I just wanted to ask, what is the best option in premium store now, to boost my xp? Recently i bought "The sailmaker's deal" pack, but i'm running out of it (and it was just 50% boost anyway). :( I tought that i'm gonna buy the full flag package, but it's containing too much non economic flags. Not worth the price (for me at least). I just want to boost my xp the best i can. Base and free xp too. So my next thought was to buy "Woman's day" camo, but it's just in (max. of) 50 package. And i'm not sure worth to buy like 4 of them for 40+ eur. :/ Next option is "Viva La france" camo in 200 package for 30 eur or so. But it's just adds 75% boost if i recall that correct. It's a pity that there is no flag packages like "Red Dragon" or "Ouroboros" :( What is your best suggestion guys? I don't have exact money limit, but i don't want to spend (waste) too much (pointless) money either. Thanks for your suggestions! O3EE
  3. MrWastee

    colors on camos

    heyho, simple question, even more now with these really expensive but rewarding 5k dubloon camos for t10. what do u think? as for me, i think at least for the eye it could make the game a bit more diverse.
  4. What's the reason that Aircraft Carrier players are not able to choose what squadrons they whish to bring on to their carrier? I find it very annoying that to be able to bring 4 squadrons on the fully upgraded Saipan Aircaraft Carrier i am forced to bring 1x Fighters, 1x Dive Bomber and 2x Torpedo Bomber. I get that it would be a ballance issue if you were allowed to fully customize the squadrons and bring aboard 4x fighters or 4x torpedo bombers. Why not allow players to select up to for instance half the total number squadrons on the Aircraft Carrier in question from any one specific type (Torpedo Bombers/Dive Bombers/Fighters)?