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Found 3 results

  1. Afghanicus

    Support Tickets

    I was just wondering... what is your experience with the support tickets and the guys answering them? I have a dozen support tickets and so far the experience was always the same - regretting I wasted my time in writing it. - They NEVER solved any issue I had. (the templates they use as replied can be easily found on the Wiki or Google in general, they never say anything I didn't know already) - They ALWAYS mark the ticket as 'SOLVED' after their reply even though it's never solved but the investigation just started - If you ask them NOT to mark it as 'solved' they disrespectfully ignore it completely - Every reply is written by another guy or at least the system assigns a random name every time they make a reply which is very confusing. (last ticket has 6 replies from their side, from 6 different guys or at least under different names) - They don't read anything I write and that's easy to see based on their replies - They just use useless templates which pisses most people off (who likes to talk to [ro]bots?) - Their level of understanding is minimal and usually results in a lot of wasted time in order to make them understand what the issue is I am probably not even allowed to post anything from the tickets but the latest experience is regarding the connectivity issues that so many players are having. After spending hours doing PingPlotter reports, WGchecks etc. they simply didn't have anything useful to say other than I have some packet losses and they will escalate the case to their specialists. However, specialists are probably the same guys because soon after that they asked for new reports. I provided the new reports and then I was advised to "investigate packet loss in internet and you can contact with your internet provider". The sentence before that was "I personally will do my best to help you, don't worry.". W.T.F. At the end they said "I am afraid we can not do anything about your situation. Please contact your service provider related your packet loss." basically letting me know that they can't (or don't want to) do anything about it and that message goes to all the players having so many connectivity issues, especially since the latest 0.9.11 patch. This was probably the last support ticket I'll ever make because it's been such a waste of time filled with frustration. What is your experience?
  2. Captain_Campbell

    Vehicle restoration issues

    I have twice tried to VRT my Saipan after selling it for silver and getting sellers remorse. Keep getting told I have insufficient credits in my account, but I have enough according to their price list. Any idea why this is?
  3. anonym_uG3yTg45NQM6

    Illegal to criticize Customer Support?

    While I do understand the wish to not have any threads with negative remarks about the game and the support, I still believe it's not a good idea to delete threads where their paying customers come out with criticism - as long as they don't break any forum rules. I created a thread here yesterday, in the OFF TOPIC section, putting out some negative remarks about the lack of customer service here. I was VERY careful not to quote what they said directly - in order to not have it locked because of a violation of that rule. Considering the lack of service from the customer support, I guess I shouldn't really be surprised when I log in here today to check if there were any replies to the thread and find that they didn't lock the thread: they deleted it. No message regarding why it was deleted, and since I am able to write here, no forum ban (yet ;-) ) Guess I just got to accept the fact that it's their server, and the fact that freedom of speech does not apply here at all - at least if it involves criticism... Just in case someone wonders, the original thread was about Customer Support offering no help regarding a theft from my PayPal account, just a referral to the Russian servers customer support - where everything is written in Russian... They could not even give an email address where I would have a possibility to communicate with the Russians... By the way, does anyone know if it's illegal to give away the account here? Kind regards Morten