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Found 1 result

  1. DeletedUser

    Super Containers

    So...... honest feedback? One of the clan had been collecting his containers, refusing to open them till after the patch, in what I acn only describe as an hallucinated state of mind in the belief he could & I stress could get any of the vesel rewards or some decent upgrades 34 containers STRAIGHT without a supercontainer Majority were XP / Credits & Flags NOT One ship Type ! & 2 Commo's - really??? Who the hell uses type 1 & 2????? Spotter aircraft, no ship bourne fighters PORT SLOTS for additional Captains fer chrissake - Honestly? Is this the best you can do? As for the removal of the large credit "rewards" - I call BS on your statement "Players asked for it to be removed" - please,,,,, Are these the same players responsible for the current "fun & engaging meta (Camp & smoke & spam HE) or are they the "special" people responsible for the Radio Location" B.S. Admit it, the only thing "super" about these in-game "rewards" is that the player can get additional (small amount 150k max) credits, max of 3 x 4 flags of "lessor" importance The rest is pure marketing BS & Hype over shite rewards offered to the EU server population. Most of the "rewards" seem to be around crap that most players do not "buy" or auto resuplly (Spotter plane consumable etc) Really trying to stay positive re what the company is"trying" to do...... thus far it is FAIL!