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Found 1 result

  1. ArkRoyal_R09

    A dear wargaming letter

    Hey forumites this is a rather lengthy way of putting my point across and letting as many people see it as possibly. This is basically a letter I sent to Wargaming and I would like to see how many of you agree or not. Firstly I want to congratulate everyone in your team for creating a successful and fun to play game that I have enjoyed playing since gaining access to the Closed Beta. However I have been running a question through my head as to the state of World of Warships. I would like to get Wargamings thoughts as to the problem of the smoke and snipe heavy meta that currently exists in game at the moment. I have seen two main arguments for this. 1. Too many ships (Destroyers/Cruisers) have access to smoke and this has led to a campy meta since anybody pushing into the smoke without some way of spotting ships I is at a disadvantage and will usually take a considerable amount of damage. This means that battleships will sit back at say 12km-17km from enemy smoke screens, whilst those cruisers and destroyers will continue to sit in smoke And from the opposite side 2. Battleships are too willing to sit bow on and snipe at any cruiser even if there is another battleship just as close, so the only way for me to be relatively effective is to use smoke laid down by either myself or destroyers and rain fire down on the battleships that are within range otherwise I’ll be punished by getting shot at by a battleship and it is bound to just delete me. Personally I can see both points of the argument, I myself being a pretty much all round captain (favouring no-one class). On the one hand I can see why battleship player don’t want to push since they attract a lot of fire and cruisers can’t/won’t support them since they risk being deleted by other battleships. Destroyers generally don't make as good escorts since very few have hydro to spot incoming torpedoes and they don’t have the firepower to deal with cruisers (some exceptions as always). From my limited perspective cruisers have a lack of survivability, compared to their potential damage output, while then have the potential to do well it is very very difficult to attain this. Do you feel this has led to the decline of the cruiser population in favour of either join the battleships and use the increased range and damage output, or join destroyers and use torpedoes/Hard to hit as a way to played the game. Hence leading to the more static meta of smoke and snipe, and may I ask what you are looking at doing help alleviate this problem. All the Blue text was sent to Wargaming hoping for a response Thanks for taking the time to read this. Kind regards ArkRoyal_R09