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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Until today i was using a cheap logitech keyboard. I bought a Razer Ornata keyboard which is also supposed to be good for gaming. But now I have this weird lag that i did not have oh my old keyboard. Every time (almost every time) when i press CTRL the game freezes for some time (1-3 seconds) and its frustrating. Tried the old keyboard and it works ok. Can anyone explain why this is happening or why its keyboard related?
  2. Jammin_2019

    Comandi da tastiera

    Buongiorno a tutti, è da poco che gioco e, ringraziando tutti gli utenti che hanno postato delle ottime guide di strategia, vorrei che vengano anche postati i comandi da tastiera/mouse rapidi. Nelle partite vedo gente che indica quale bersaglio colpire, quale base prendere, ecc.. ma pur cercando nel forum e sui vari siti internet non ho trovato quali comandi/tasti/combinazione tastiera-mouse bisogna usare per tali segnalazioni. Qualche Comandante gentilmente potrebbe indicare quali sono questi comandi?. Grazie.
  3. Mr_Roger_Sene

    Problème de contrôle

    J'aurais aimer savoir, pourquoi la touche "Ctrl", pour libéré le curseur, une fois en bataille, ne fonctionne pas du tout ! j'ai déjà reinitialisé mes contrôle, sans résultats...
  4. _Darkgost_

    La touche CTRL

    Bonjour, Comme vous le savez, la touche CTRL permet in game de faire apparaitre la souris pour notament envoyer un signal ou bien encore pour focus un avion. Malheuresement, après quelques modifications dans mes controles, la touche CTRL ne fais plus rien... Hors, impossible de remettre cette touche dans les options (je n'est pas trouver comment faire) Pouvez vous m'aider ?
  5. Gormadoc

    Windows 10 and WOWS

    Hey I installed windows 10 today and now the "ctrl" click does not work ingame. So i cant target specific air squadrons or signal on map. Cant use the various tooltips for weapons ingame. Anyone else seen this and perhaps even know what to do?
  6. logged in today, and found that i can´t click on minimap as before ( no cursor show up ). Asked ingame if player than me, had the same problem as me, which it was But if i press the M key, the map comes up all over screen, and then it works to click on map.