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Found 4 results

  1. HerMajestysShipGuide: Japanese Cruisers Tier V-IX June2020 version 0.9.5 Be welcome to the second of our guides. Last time we did the Russian tech tree cruisers, and as we are currently grinding our way through the Japanese for a second time, we thought why not just make a guide out of it? So here it is the guide about how we love to play the nippon fun machines. “At this point we really have to talk about a thing that occurs from time to time while having fun with the MM. Often times while playing tier VII we have games in which we meet so called “fail-divisions”, divisions in which for example one player has a tier V New York and one or two others use tier IV cruisers. What happens is that the matchmaker cannot handle these squads and ends up putting them in one team so that team with normally tier V to VII ships is stuck having two tier IV instead of tier V and the other having normal tier V to VII ships. This cripples the team with the tier IV ships so much and they end up losing much of their offensive power, as a tier IV in most cases has no chance of being offensive against the tier VII that sit on the other side. This happens because the Power difference when jumping form IV to V is enormous. For example, Kuma is not a bat ship, but Furutaka is better in any point, better guns, better speed better armour, and so on. This is also the case in most other nations. So, in most cases if the “normal team” does really big mistakes, the “fail team” will end up losing. There for we do ask you, just don’t do Tier IV/V or V/VI squads, it is for your own good.” So, let us begin with the guide: The characteristics stay the same on all ships of this tree, with only Mogami being an exception depending on the guns that are used. Therefore, we will write one guide on how we played the Ships and only make a small exception for Mogami’s gun choice. All of them can get pretty decent detection range when maxed out so they are quite stealthy. All of them are using or can use the famous Japanese 8-inch naval guns. These have decent AP which can devastate broadsiding cruisers and do good damage on broadside BBs when fired on their upper belt. The HE has high damage an incredibly good fire chance and like all 8-inches after the IFHE rework they have 34mm pen so you wont need IFHE. The range on the other hand varies a little bit as Furutaka (T V) only has 13.9km range but it gets constantly better from ship to ship until we reach the peak of 16.5 at the tier IX Ibuki. The range is enough to keep enemies at a comfortable distance while engaging or kiting away but do note that there are lot of cruisers who get much more range. Their downside is that their main guns take ages to turn which makes it mandatory to plan ahead while moving and fighting. They have very powerful torpedoes which do much damage, are travelling at a good speed, and have longer ranges than all other cruisers. They are all able to fire torpedoes at enemies while kiting them and getting a good chance for the enemy to get into the range of the fired torpedoes as they all have a very small gap between getting detected and getting in torpedo range. Some of them are even able to stealth fire their torpedoes as them have less detection than torpedo range. However nearly all of them are only able to fire broadside and backwards so facing away from the enemy is mandatory for torpedoing. Their AA is really crappy until you get to the tier IX Ibuki and tier X Zao they have at least okayish AA power. The fact that your AA will not stop any CV from attacking, makes it necessary to dodge their Attacks and getting a good routine at doing this. Armor wise they do behave more like light cruisers, so there is no scenario in which you can bow tank fire from enemy BBs. However, your armour is enough to angle and bow tank cruiser AP and most of them have enough belt armour to prevent BB shells from penetrating their citadel through it while the ship is angled. They all can move at high speeds and have good rudder shift times, but they also have turning circles that are over 700m which makes it impossible to turn in front of an enemy without giving them a good opportunity of just deleting the entire ship. Because as mentioned above, their belt armour is not enough to protect the citadel against incoming fire when not angled correctly. Consumables: From tier VI on all of them get the choice between Hydro or def AA for their first slot, while Furutaka has no choice and mounts the Hydro. Which to choose depends on your play stile. If you are really annoyed about CVs def AA at least helps to shoot down a few of their Planes although it really is no game changer for their AA. Thy hydro however while not being German is still good enough to help if you must engage a DD. All of them get a catapult fighter whose effect is very rng dependent. Zao gets the option to change this catapult fighter for a spotter which I really encourage you to do so. From tier IX you get a standard cruiser heal which also helps staying afloat as long as you don’t eat citadels. Our little Furutaka and Mogami Gun special: These two are the only ships we get with multiple options for our main battery. For Furutaka its very simple, just get the 8 inch guns as soon as you can, the 200 guns are just crap and inferior in every aspect. With Mogami it’s a little bit different, she can choose between the 155mm guns she had historically first, or she can use the 8-inch guns she was refitted with. We prefer the 8-inch guns, as they do have far less HE damage per minute, but they do have 34mm of HE pen. The 155mm only have 31mm He pen so in order to make them more comfortable when fighting BBs which have 32mm plating it is needed to use the IFHE skill. But this will drastically decrease the chance to set fires whereas the 8-inch guns already get a better chance of setting fires than the 155mm. Also, the longer reload on the 8-inch guns decreases the times we have to overextend when kiting away. Also the 8 inch guns turn faster than the 155mm guns and for the last point they get much better angle when firing backwards than the 155mm which again leads to more comfortable kiting. Our play style: The good concealment allows us to get a little bit closer than we could do with the Russian cruisers. But we don’t really push in before we have the intel on where each enemy is. The good torpedo armament often tempts players into trying early torpedo attacks. Don’t do that. See the Torpedoes of these ships more as a bonus tool for specific situations. If an enemy follows you can set a trap with your torps. Also torps are most effective when you are unspotted. And especially with Japanese cruisers, as your limited arcs let your enemy see by your movement if you have torpedoed, therefore take your time and torp when unspotted. If we face BBs we try to roll with our mates but are careful not to attract focus fire. In most situations kiting against enemy BBs is the easiest way to dodge incoming fire. And never forget that they can overmatch you. If you have to decide, nose in is the better option than making an open turn in front of a BB, but our aim is always not to get trapped into such situations. When there is no BB endangering us and we get only faced by cruisers we tend to play very aggressive. If they seem to open up we fire ap but if they try to nose tank we just spam them with HE. While fighting cruisers it is always important not to overextend, as they can devastate us when doing so the same way we punish every overextension. If we have to choose between overextending to bring in the rear guns and not doing so, don’t using the rear guns is often the better option. When we start getting focused by multiple enemies, we just stop shooting at them to get unspotted and get more distance. For this to work you need to always keep more distance to your enemy then your detection range. In the sum we really love this ships as they reward tactical and calm gameplay and with the torpedoes always keep an ace in the backhand. Our upgrade choices: Tier V Furutaka: Tier VI Aoba: Tier VII Myoko: Tier VIII Mogami: Tier IX Ibuki: Captain Build: This are the builds we are running across this line. Note that there is a variety of builds that can be used on this line especially for kiting/ He spam. For example preventive maintenance can also help very much. We use incoming fire alert to further support our kiting and dodging. Last stand is very important to keep mobile when kiting away even when modules are damaged. From tier IX on he superintendent is useful to get the extra heal but for the lower tears its not that useful. Survivability expert is very useful for cruisers as often times that last HP keeps us longer afloat than anyone would believe. The demo expert is very useful as it just buffs the already quite high fire chance on the 8-inch guns. Radiolocation is big help against enemies that have better concealment than us. And concealment expert is mandatory to improve the gap between detection and torpedo range. And now that you are finished, sail out and get you that Zao! Yar Majesty
  2. Mangrey

    Maby it is time

    To rework the ships in low tir ..... Iv bin play a little low tir to day ... there is no diffiance in how most players play there then in tir 8+ ... same sniping mentalty from BBs and Cruisers are not getting punished for full broadsiding... The bbs need to kill the Cruisers faster when they are showing fullbroadside (like in all the damn tirs) and maby lower the brun chance for cruisers. The shells of the BBs are say to random even with in 5 km of a cruiser. We need to stop the damn Snipe BS of the BBs. mang
  3. Why don't people play for each other? Now i'm no socialist or expert in human behaviour but team work is somewhat lacking in WOWS. This then causes alot a people saying that "this ship is OP" or "that ship needs nerfing". I am mainly a CL and CV captain. I cant get to grips with DDs and never have since Open Beta but enjoy BBs when i'm in the mood. I Put this down to both the CL and CVs are team friendly and if played by someone that has the Team Work consent, can change the course of a game. Now we all know that teams...Well, work (excuse the pun). TB shows us this that when we all know what's going on, in comms with each other, you will 99.9% of the time beat a team that are all individuals. So why is it so hard to bring this mentality to random battles Example: I am a Cleveland driver by trade. I love this ship though nerfs and all because in IMHO this is the ultra support ship, tier for tier. It encompasses the cruiser ethos. Stick this next to a BB for the game and not only do you completely protect him for Planes (i have skill 71 AA) but you ward off any DDs that come sniffing around. Nothing scares DDs more than seeing a Cleveland bearing down on him, well maybe an Atlanta. 12 HE shot in their sides or anywhere and their down to 50% HP plus burning. They panic and press the smoke button. Job done, BB gets away or you hunt it to-death. That same BB that is smashing another BB needs a cruiser support to be 100% proficient. You provide that by burning the enemies bridge down and being a down right pest. I truly believe around 50% of captains then switch to you because, naturally, they think your a prime target with wafer-thin armour?Perfect. Your BB is blowing holes in their sides whilst you are doing a nice sea ballet, dodging his shot from a good distance whilst still raining down burning death. No two ships go hand in hand more than a BB and CL. So why do people scream and shout when they sink with no support! Either: 1) They just don't want help so fair enough. Play it anyway you want and i'm completely cool with that, just have fun. Just don't write things in the game chat like " thanks for the support lads!" when your sunk alone. If you ask for help and you don't get any, that's a different matter. But not asking for it in the first place? Not all players are mind readers or have the tactical noun to anticipate what you are/trying to do. If your in your IJN BB (see how i've not used a US one, come on to that later) and you type "need AA support please" i will 9/10 help you out. Providing that i think our own CV isn't gonna get CV sniped from the beginning. 2) You can see that the ship you are following is a one-way ticket to the bottom of the sea. DD captain on the ocean map saying " need support with cap, get DDs off back". Now any cruiser steaming off with dds in the centre of the map with poor concealment and no hill cover is asking for trouble. You light up like a Christmas tree and all of a sudden every enemy ship.. well, you know.... 3) They don't really need it. A North Carolina and any tier 8+ BB is more than capable of blowing planes out the sky on his own thank you. Unless you can see he is going to get CV combined. Are we too proud to ask for help chaps? Some don't need help and i understand that. Good captains see what is going on a attach them to other ships when the need arises. But these are in the minority. This bring me on to the most important thing, why team work can solve WOWS problems. THE CV CAPTAINS BANE CVs (tier 7+) are being dry drilled by 75% of ships. More and more people are using AA consumables, skills and ship planes because it doesn't effect anything if you do. It seems like There are AA buffs after each patch and its killing the already fragile and depleting CV line. Tier 8 CV in a Tier 10 match is a painful experience and those that HAVE CVs in the higher tiers know what i'm talking about. I find people who think its a crock don't even have a CV past tier 5. How can you give a completely unbiased option on something you don't even have. Lower tier CVs are different and in the right hands deadly. Captains are still learning their ships and have not yet adapted to how to counter CVs. Plus the AA isnt that strong (few ships aside). Why do you think there are so few CVs past the Ranger and Hiryu? TORP SPAMMING When the BB mafa assemble its like a tornado of bunt hammers, destroying everything in its path and my god did they kick of with DDs torp spamming. How can we blame a ship using his strengths? Its not as if the DD going to pop gun it to death. You didn't hear many Cruiser captains moan about this, only BBs. Imagine if that BB had cruiser support in front or at a distance? To see those torps before they become a danger or hell, even sink the DD before he drops them? The outcome of the "Torp spamming" episode? BBs got more torp armour, more secondary and more range. The IJN DDs got nerfed hard which has left them stunned, higher tier, ever since. Oh they still shoot torps at anything or in some cases nothing, but its so much harder to actually hit something with one, including reload times. Plus it forced BB to actually move, which brings me on to my next point. HIGHER TIER CAMPING This is bad WG, really bad. Not only is it boring but on a tier that needs good team work its one of the most that is lacking it. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians if you know what i mean. Any ship that goes further then the H line disintargrates. But i don't blame you chaps. Having that much range on my YAM or MONT WG is kinda forcing us to fire at the range. Plus the cost of that match is, well you know. Don't think even teamwork could save this one. Nerfing torps didn't help this, only encouraged it. BB SNIPING BBs captains moaning about being sunk by planes when alone. All i can say to this one is good. I hope you have learnt a painful lesson. Instead what did WG do? Put more AA on BBs, even those that didn't even need it and nerf planes, like putting tier 6 planes on the Hiryu, nice one. I'm loving this when i sail in my NAG but come one people, A single BB should not be single handily blowing planes out the sky. A single BB alone on his own SHOULD be sunk by a CV? This would encourage teamwork would it not? Plenty of AA cruiser monsters that could nullify the whole problem if they would only ask for support. DDs should have a field day with lone BB. There is more but my dinner break has expired Summary We should be encouraging team work, not buffing ships because they don't survive when they don't. All WG is doing is pushing team work further apart. So, what you think Chaps? If I'm wrong then tell me i'm wrong. What can we/WG do to encourage teamwork. TB aside. Thanks
  4. Stribog2033

    Mogami Gameplay (JPN Tier VII)

    Hello everyone. I am back with another World of Warships gameplay video. This time you will see tier VII Japanese Cruiser Mogami in action.