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Found 106 results

  1. Necro_von_Cortex

    Pan-asian Cruiser - Ning Hai

    ROCN (Republic of China Navy) Ning Hai (甯海 - Peaceful Seas) was one if not the most powerful cruiser of the Chinese Republic in the 1930s !Note! Sources varies to some degree. Ning Hai would go on to have an unusual story for a ship of her type. In an attempt to rearm the chinese republic navy, which never really took off, the chinese republic negotiated with shipyards around the world (UK, USA & Germany) which resulted in a deal with Harima Shipyards in Japan of all places and under heavy political pressure as well as protests from the japanese military. The result of the discripant work resulted in a class of 2 diffrent ships, called Ning Hai who would be constructed in Japan, and Ping Hai which would be build in China. Both were based on IJN Yübari (yes our beloved tier IV Yübari) with Ning Hai being the better design on paper. In the years leading up to the Secound Sino-japanese war, Ning Hai would be send to Japan twice for repairs and once as a show of good will at the funeral for Admiral Taco Hellzero Tōgō Heihachirō... and some minor repairs of course. The two half-sisterships would see service in the republic navy till the Secound Sino-japanese war where they were sunk by air attacks and captured. They would then be refloated and continue service into the Secound world war although under japanese banner, refits and names. Ning Hai would be named Ioshima while Ping Hai was named Yasoshima. Both ships were lost in the later half of 1944. Nian Hai's Advantages -Nice artillery combined with secoundary batteries. -Spotter plane available. (unlike her sister) -Excellent AA rating and concealment Artillery Ning Hai sported naval guns we have seen before on other ships. 3x2 - Type 3 L/45 14cm guns seen on other cruisers and often seen as secoundary guns on BBs. Some sources will say these were the L/50 version 6x1 - Type 3 L/40 8cm guns, these are the same 76.2mm DP guns seen on low tier ships. Ontop of tested & proven guns she sports 1x AB-3 floatplane with room for another onboard. Torpedoes Ning Hai didhave torpdoes available in twin mounts. I am unclear which specific torpedoes they were but this is known. -They predate 1932 -They were of 533mm caliber (21") Could be the Type 89 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 45kn speed (from 1929 noted as only used by submarines) Could be the Type 92 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 30kn speed (1932, inspired from G7e serie) Note: some sources do not even mention torpedoes onboard. AA Guns Like her "template" she sports a great-for-tier rating and a fearse volume of fire. However, she is limited to 3km and her guns are outdated. She is rated at about 25 and will deal about: 14 dps MR @ 3km with an additional 96 dps MR @ 2.5km and then 40 dps SR. This is because she feature: 6x1 -Type 3 L/40 8cm. The same AA guns seen on ships like Ishizuchi 4x2 -Type 91 "HI" L/39. These are QF 2-Pdr. Pom-pom under japanese service & license. Note: these could have been in single mounts 5x2 -Machine guns. These are presumed to either be MG 08 -7,92mm or Vickers .303 and may be in single mounts or "just onboard" sources vary. This overall leaves her with a higher and more lethal fire over Yübari but only when the enemy is right ontop of her and she has no FlaK clouds to compensate for dps or delay planes. Maneuverability Ning Hai is not very fast for a light cruiser, but she is faster than her half-sister by 2 knots (thus why this post is about her, not her sister) which is interesting considering she is heavier and they both have the same machinery on paper. She doesn't have turbines available and will be sluggish at 23.2kn/h !Note! sources vary on they did or did not have the same engine arrangement & number of screws. Concealment This is a small light cruiser of the same dimensions as the ship she is modeled on. She shouldn't be visible at more than 10.5km Conclusion This is a Tier IV or V cruiser with a rather sluggish speed and little armour but a reliable artillery package and as a Pan-Asian ship, she is open for innorvation. She is also one if not the most powerful chinese vessel available before the outbreak of world war 2 and deserves a place in the game.
  2. Nothing here is new there are many posts that have covered these ships, this is just my take on what is probably now a stale idea. I am also not very knowledgeable. Please improve on these ideas with your thoughts. I think the Japanese cruiser line works well and does not need improvement except maybe a little on the Ibuki and Aoba (I do not believe this but some people have commented negatively about them). The following are just ideas if they ever decide to add more IJN cruisers. It will be a scouting cruisers line that will consist of 3 ships and three premium/resource ships. The Scouting Cruiser line Main advantage is slightly better (It could be made to be vastly better) seaplane consumables and better AA. I believe these uniquely designed ships will add something different to the game. The ships The ships will be the light cruiser Oyodo, the Mogami cruiser after being converted into a seaplane cruiser and the heavy cruiser Tone. Tiers There are three ways I see these ships being tiered. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Tone Or Tier 6 - Oyodo Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone Or Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - no ship available Tier 7 - Mogami Tier 8 - Tone As a bonus tier, the Chikuma could be added but the only difference between Chikuma and Tone will be slightly better AA. That makes the following undesirable. Tier 5 - Oyodo Tier 6 - Mogami Tier 7 - Chikuma Tier 8 - Tone The Oyodo class Armor The ship will be less armored than the Furutaka. "Oyodo was fairly well protected when compared to allied light cruisers" - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.55. I am not sure about the citadel situation Survivability The Oyodo will have less hit points than the Furutaka since it is a light cruiser. The hit points could also be the same since the difference in ship type is represented by the armor i.e. even with the same hit points the Oyodo will receive more damage than the Furutaka from the same hit. Also, the Furutaka has a similar displacement to the Oyodo and the Oyodo carried more crew member. Main Armament Two triple 15.5cm turrets at the front with similar characteristics to the ones on the 15.5cm variant Mogami aside from the range and no main armament at the rear. Range It should be worse than the Furutaka by about 8 percent according to Mark Stille's tables of Max ranges of different Japanese main gun types in his books "Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945" and "Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945" This could also be based on the ship's range finderradar limits rather than maximum gun range. In the end it should be a small and fair reduction in range from the Furutaka's. Torpedoes None are available which can be mitigated as a disadvantage by being implemented as reducing the base chance of a devastating strike. Though this will not be enough to justify the ship as competitive or even as worth playing over the Furutaka. AA It would be awesome if it had better AA than the Furutaka. "In late October (1944), four more single 25mm guns were added for a final total of 57 – 12 triple and 21 single mounts." - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40 Speed 35 knots Concealment It could be equal to the Furutaka or better. Generally, I see Oyodo's concealment as being determined by tests given the lack of rear turrets, I am not sure how it will play. The Aircraft Cruiser Mogami It will need a name different from the Mogami to distinguish it. This could be a minor issue or possible a stressful one. Armor It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami which is why it could be too well protected for Tier 6 but the Graf Spee is at Tier 6 and it has better armor. Survivability It should have slightly less hit points than the tier 8 Mogami. Armament It will be similar to 20.3cm variant tier 8 Mogami aside from the range and there being no rear armament. Range It should be slightly better than the Aoba or the same. Torpedoes It will be similar to tier 8 Mogami. AA It should be better than tier 8 Mogami's AA. Speed It will be similar to the Tier 8 Mogami. Concealment It will depend on tests. The Tone Class Armor It is better than the Mogami Class. It should have a citadel that sits lower in the water. The main belt is slopped 20 degrees as opposed to Myoko’s 12 degrees. "This class was the best protected of the IJN's heavy cruisers. The total weight of armor and protective plating was nearly identical to that of the Mogami class, but since all the turrets were grouped forward, a heavier scale of protection could be provided over a more compact magazine area" - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945, p.40. This is what will make it effective for tier 8. It being good at tanking damage. Survivability It should be better than tier 8 Mogami due to the better armour, there being no guns at the rear allowed for no chances of magazine detanation if shell land there and a greater space for the crew to spread. Also, as a bonus "These ships were reportedly the most comfortable of the Japanese cruisers, which were notorious for discomfort." - Wayne Patton, Japanese Light Cruisers of World War 2 in Action, p.54 Main Armament Four twin 20.3cm gun turrents at the front and none at the rear. If you enjoy variety even at the cost of including paper ships, four triple 15.5cm gun turrets at the front and none at the rear. “Before the construction of the ships had proceeded to the upper deck, existing naval treaties lapsed, so the triple 6.1 in turrets were replaced with twin 8in turrets.” - Mark Stille, Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941-1945, p.42. The guns could be made to seem more accurate due to them being positioned close to each other. Range It should be similar to the tier 8 Mogami Torpedoes Similar to the Myoko? AA I would expect them to be the best in the Japanese cruiser line, except for maybe the Zao, due to its numerous gun mounts and it's "more modern Type 94 high-angle director for the 5in guns." Speed 35knots Concealment It should be similar to the Mogami or may be better. Consumables This is where these ships' advantages over the standard Japanese cruiser line lie. The Oyodo will have 3 consumable slots like the Furutaka but with the option of spotting available i.e. Damage party, Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter/Spotting. The Aircraft cruiser Mogami will have 5 consumables (Damage party, Hydro/Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The Tone will have will have consumables like Aircraft Mogami or 6 consumables (Damage party, Hydro, Defensive AA, Fighter and Spotting.) The fighter and spotting consumable will either have a slightly shorter cool down or a slightly longer duration as compared to the average. Something like 15 more seconds on spotting to allow a possible one extra salvo. The ships will come equipped with one more fighter than the base making the “Direction Center for Fighters” captain skill unnecessary. The ships will have the average number of consumables. The Premium/resource Ships IJN Sakawa Unfortunately the Yahagi exists thus this will just be a duplicate. A beautiful ship. Tier 5. Good AA for a Japanese ship with 10 25mm triple mounts and 42 25mm single mounts. IJN Agano-Kai (Possibly) Tier 6 or Tier 5 given how the Yahagi performs. A paper ship. The real Agano will just be a dublicate of the IJN Sakawa with weaker AA. I am not all that into paper ships but it could be fun. As opposed to the real Agano, it has an extra twin 15.5cm gun turrent at the rear. It has a longer hull, a larger smoke stack and an additional 8cm type98 HA guns in twin mounts. IJN Maya Tier 7.
  3. Question for everyone. I would value your opinion. I have a stock of Doubloons and a voucher for Ships for Doubloons that is expiring in 5 days. I have have identified three canditates - the Mainz, Bayard and Wichita. I like USN CAs, KM CAs - love both the Hipper and the Prinz Eugen and I can have fun with the Fr CLs - but I can't say that I'm good there. What do people think? Which do you like? And why do you think I'd like your choice?
  4. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw


    Does any of you there at W.G offices realise that now the battles have 14 (!!!!) RADAR cruisers?(both sides ofcourse) Your MM per side at 0.90.5 :...1 CV (just 4 show,does not do anything anymore )...2-3 BB's (to have something that cruiser burns!)...7 Cruisers (all radar's )combinations between :3 Nevsky,3 Donskoi and 1 smolensk and 4 Nevskys 3 Donskoi's!!!! ...a...and 1 or 2 dd's (usually Halland,or something exotic like somers marceau etc. Can YOU tell us which strategy should DD's...BB's....Zao's...hidenburg's...goliath's and other decent Cruisers should follow? Did any of you intersted of that? Or should --after 4 years (second account)--we start to looking for some other game that-at least- respect their players and their money ? Anyway...just in curiosity matters: HOW MANY RADARS is ENOUGH 4U W.G? WHY your RADARs penetrate solid mountains and -atleast-din t have even blid areas as it natural? HOW can be DD's shooting down entire squadron's of your widely advertised CV's Planes? NO thank you...your game is nt funny anymore! Yianna
  5. Varate_me_k_as_Klaiw

    RADAR JAM Device

    Hi...i m member in the WOW's community from August 2016 (I have another account too...Lady_godiva_s ) Back there the game was funny...generally you could distinguish a good player from a medium or bad one...we had some radars and many close range Hydro's but in most cases the battle resault depends in good or bad moves or mistakes of captains. RADAR's..CAN someone explain to a poor blonde female captain in which parallel UNIVERSE a RADAR can penetrate solid rocks,even entire mountains W/O even blind spot or corners? OK i understant,this is a arcade game.Back in 2016 its ok..we had 2-3 radars to fight against...NOW?At 2020? You bring the ridiculous Smolensk and other "ship's"like that to destroy any strategy,any gameplay,any fun of your game.Every bad player get one and suddenly became"Good"...Fake Xp's,fake captains! WE NEED RADAR JAMMERS,especially at your old DD lines(IJN German and US ),we need to push a button and we can jamming the radars for at least 15 sec.The time who needs a DD to gain the full speed,so he can have any chance to survive in a world of Radar's (WOR's,your new name W.G) OR make radars to behave naturally,like science demands.A DD should stay invisible when is in the other side of a big mountain island. I think Radar jammers its easier for you to make. And then consider pls in to how you remove the ridiculous "overpenetrated"from DD's....When A YAMATO fires at 6 Km to a DD....DD should evaporated with both AP or HE 460 shells...its SIMPLE...DD makes mistake and should pay for this....Hallands Marceu's and other arrogant DD's who came below 10 km from a BB- because they depend in overpenetrate -should pay the price! Thank you for your time Yianna
  6. According to the NA forum, you get less than 10 tokens per container, on the average. With 60 containers (600 tokens) you can only get the Mikoyan, a port queen level ship, not even the T8 camo. Alternatively, you can get 60 expendable camos. During the Italian cruiser event, I was able to get the Mikoyan level T5 premium ship (Genova), a T6 and a T7 premium camo (same worth as a T8 premium camo), and 120 expendable camos. (and the T6 cruiser (Trento), but I was not expecting to get a T8 cruiser this time) Expressed in tokens, we have a 600:1900 ratio so now we have only 32% of rewards compared to the Italian cruiser event. (and I was not counting the Trento)
  7. Dutch_Soldier

    Fr05ty's Dutch Cruiser Tech-Tree(on request)

    Fr05ty over at the NA forum has done an article on on how a Dutch Cruiser Tech-Tree might look like and he asked me to post it over here since the Dutch are in Europe and he can't post it himself (doesn't have the necessary battles in the EU server). This article will touch on both the tech-tree regular ships and premium ships. For each ship, I provide the layout of how the ship's weaponry is distributed, its technical specifications and with the same formulas I used for the ADLA articles, their in-game values. Finally, I provide a small piece of analysis of what I think about the ship and how it'd fit with its tiermates. Essentially, each of the ships gets a mini-ADLA with all the information you might be looking for to compare it to its tiermates that are already in-game. Let's hope we see these ships in the virtual seas soon! Also, surprisingly enough, the entire tree has a distinct identity and logical progression. Read Full Article... All feedback and comments are welcome! HERE COME THE FLYING DUTCHMEN!!!! PS: The only ship that is 100% created out of thin air is the Tier 7, which is a WG-esque development of some discussions had in Parliament in the 1930s of how a Dutch Heavy Cruiser might've been. Fr05ty took those requirements and went with a design process off of it, resulting in what you see today. Fr05ty has a naval historian contact that has Dutch Navy designs for 2 heavy cruisers from the 1930s, but he hasn't been able to find them amongst his collection. When he does, Fr05ty'll be able to substitute the T7 for a more historical ship possibly, else, they could become a premium. All other ships have actual design data, construction parameters or actually served.
  8. A full line of Mogami class cruiser but with no armor. what is the point ? in adding a ahip line thats out matched by any thing in gange all ready ? I would really like to know hoe WG are play testing and what the ain is of the line.
  9. anonym_bg5iDZQhMWB9

    Cruiser usage

    Hey guys! I just started playing like 5 days ago and now got my baltimore. I get that it is a great ship but i really don´t know how to use it. BB´s are usually way out of range of my guns which got terrible range (14.4 km without the upgrade) and my armor doesn´t hold up to their guns which just straight up overmatch my armor and citadell me from every angle. Hiding behind islands doesn´t work either, there is always a little part of my ship that has to stuck out so that i can shoot and they always hit that and citadell me. The baltimore as well isn´t really maneuvarable enough to dodge incoming fire. Soo right now i really don´t know what to use this ship for. Before anything apart from the occasional DD gets in my range, i am dead, and then they all avoid my shots as for the high gun ark. Any advice? Maybe i just shouldnt try to shoot BBs at all? As said angling against them doesn´t do anything Thank you in advance fellow captains!
  10. BattleshipGunner

    Dmitri Donskoi and Moskva captain

    Hi I very recently got the Chapayev and it has a 10 point captain (usual stuff PT, IFHE, etc.) Since I want to keep my Chapayev (I put the Infernal camo on it) do I get a new captain? IFHE is mostly useless on Dmitri and the Moskva so now I'm kinda stuck. (Yes I know I won't have Dmitri for a while but I'd like to have an idea of what to do when I get there) Thanks!
  11. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  12. Salve a tutti! Ho pianificato di arrivare a breve alla biforcazione delle 2 linee di incrociatori americani tra pesanti e leggeri. Supponendo di avere a disposizione 2 capitani con 10 skill o poco più,in che maniera dovrei differenziare la configurazione skill tra le due linee (so che fino almeno alla cleveland della linea leggera bisogna avere IFHE). Ci sono inoltre casi particolari? Ogni configurazione suggerita e consigli generali sul gameplay delle 2 linee è benvenuta! Grazie mille in anticipo
  13. Combat_Hamster

    Drachinifel's Youtube channel

    Very good Youtube channel, this video is on HMLMS Java
  14. The recent proposed changes to the Level 4 commander skill Inertia Fuse for High Explosive has left me wondering which ship is better. I currently have 50k xp on the Buffalo, and a stock Cleveland. I also have 60 free xp, and a 13 point captain for my Buffalo (John Doe) and a 14 point captain for my Cleveland. Which ship should I aim for?
  15. AwesomeBoat

    Chapayev - worth it?

    Hi I've currently got the Shchors and I have enough xp for the chapayev, but I will not buy until I have at least 14 million credits (chapayev costs me 7 million with clan discount) and until I have finish the ranked sprint. My question is: Do you think the chapayev is good/worth it? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'd like to know before I throw away 7 million credits. Thanks
  16. So I have got the Shchors fully upgraded modules and an IFHE captain that I've managed to build up as I went through the tiers. My question is how do I get good damage in this? I don't get destroyed much at the start of the match but I always finish with 40 or 50k dmg. Is this enough for tier 7? Thanks
  17. For god sake give cruisers from T6 and up heals because all cruisers get punished where other classes may not. No amount of angling or moving can stop random over matching and citadeling. It Doesn't seem to matter what skill you have, even if you predict a shot and move accordingly, that one shell will hit (mainly lower tiers) and citadel and it just isn't fair in most cases. And in the end we can do nothing to come back from this! once you lose the health its gone but BBs with a huge health pool get a heal! Leander and Abrruzi are classic examples of a ship that would suffer heavily if it weren't for their heals, I know I'm not the only one!
  18. Supersubway

    Italian cruisers

    Hello, We were told that a Italian cruiser line was scheduled for q4 18, is there any update on that? Thanks
  19. Armament: 12 - 6,10" / 155 mm 60,0 cal guns - 123,17lbs / 55,87kg shells, 150 per gun Quick firing guns in turret on barbette mounts, 1930 Model 4 x 3-gun mounts on centreline, evenly spread 2 raised mounts 12 - 3,94" / 100 mm 65,0 cal guns - 28,66lbs / 13,00kg shells, 250 per gun Dual purpose guns in deck and hoist mounts, 1938 Model 6 x Twin mounts on side ends, majority forward 24 - 1,57" / 40,0 mm 60,0 cal guns - 2,20lbs / 1,00kg shells, 1 500 per gun Anti-air guns in deck mounts, 1945 Model 10 x Twin mounts layout not set 2 raised mounts 2 x Twin mounts on centreline, evenly spread 1 raised mount 38 - 0,98" / 25,0 mm 60,0 cal guns - 0,55lbs / 0,25kg shells, 2 000 per gun Anti-air guns in deck mounts, 1936 Model 10 x Triple mounts on side ends, majority aft 4 raised mounts - superfiring 4 x Twin mounts on side ends, evenly spread 4 double raised mounts Weight of broadside 1 896 lbs / 860 kg Main Torpedoes 16 - 24,0" / 610 mm, 29,53 ft / 9,00 m torpedoes - 2,496 t each, 39,935 t total In 4 sets of deck mounted side rotating tubes
  20. klemi007

    Radar mechanics

    Hi all, Since we got the new US line, we got too much radar in the game. I am sure most would agree it's making dd captains either too passive in taking objectives or it makes them dead. Here is an idea. I suggest change to radar mechanics, even if you just test it, I would be thrilled. Make radar LOS (as it was in real life) and cross section dependent. Practical consequence: LOS would mean radar would be unable to spot anything behind hard cover (like an island) or even behind other ships, making ambushed and even piggy backing a viable option. Cross section would work in a way that if, for example, a dd turns it's bow towards the radar source (maybe introduce a rdf like pointer for radar), it would either fade in - fade out, or significantly reduce the effective radar range. Any thoughts?
  21. Blood_Rave_1984

    What's with the Russian/Soviet cruiser line?

    There seems to be a lot of paper ships in the Russian/Soviet line
  22. Thoughts on Italian cruisers. As some of you may know, it's been confirmed for a while now, Italian cruisers are coming on their merry way in late Q3 to early Q4 2018 after RN DDs. Feel free to speculate on the branch's composition, but a better thread for that is the fan made tree here: An excellent read. Instead, I thought I would bring the forum in this new thread for a little brainstorm/feedback/speculation session. WG loves its gimmicks, that's no secret, and with speed boost gone for the French (for some reason) and every other consumable having already been taken, the prospect of finding a consumable combination that makes sense and hasn't been taken by another branch is not looking good. So where does that leave us? Well, it turns out that a solution might be found in one of WG's oversights regarding existing Italian ships. As @Historynerd pointed out, some Italian HE shells are currently using SAP shells as a basis, and that somewhat limits their alpha damage, making them overall the worst HE shells of those calibers. Even in soft stats, they fall short of even the low damage German shells. So why is this a potential solution? Well, if WG wants to use SAP shells as HE shells, why not make said shells actually act like pseudo-SAP shells? The concept is rather simple, you have an HE shell bound by exactly the same constraints as currently, only instead of having a krupp modifier of 1 (thus having a penetration of a fraction of a millimeter), you increase it to a bit more. Say, enough to penetrate a superstructure or very lightly armored ship that's not too angled. And presto, you now have a shell capable of exploding inside a ship thanks HE's natural 0.01s fuze setting. The second part of it is damage. That's the tricky part, and one with which I won't delve into absolute numbers, because theory rarely seemlessly merges with practice on the first try. The current alpha damage on Italian HE is pretty poor. So you keep that. In fact, you can probably lower a bit, because this hypothetical SAP shell would act in on of two ways: First scenario is the classic one. The shell doen't have enough penetration to go through, so it explodes on contact. Classic HE damage rules, HE penetration checks, low damage because Italian HE cannot into damage nor fire chance, etc... Second scenario is the interesting bit. The shell manages to penetrate. What's the pay off? Increased damage. The damage fraction goes up so the shell deals more than the regular contact fuze damage. What's the cost? If the shell explodes in the ship, it's not exploding at the feet of some poor AA crewmen. Less module damage. And that's the pitch. A branch whose gimmick is simply having potentially more or less damaging HE shells, depending on your aim and RNG. A bigger focus on HE damage than fire chance, without relying on the lazy 1/4th HE penetration rule. NOTE: IFHE shouldn't interact with this hypothetical shell's physical penetration, as the skill only acts upon the HE penetration. I'd really love to hear what you guys and gals have to say about this, and if you feel that it's a stupid suggestion (it was born at 4AM during a sleepness night, so chances are that it is) tell me why and what you think a better direction for these ships are. I'd also love to ask @MrConway if it's even technically feasible.
  23. Most players agree, that Survivability Expert is a top choice for virtually every DD captain, providing a HP bonus ranging from 15.5% (Khabarovsk) – 20% (Shimakaze). Where it gets controversial is its utility for cruiser captains. Here many players argue that here the additional HP are not worth the 3 skill points and advise to not spec into it. In this post I want to show with a very short and simple argument that this is not necessarily the case. In my humble opinion SE on cruiser captains is not nearly as useless as commonly suggested and I want to back this up with some numbers. Note, that I am not trying to promote SE as a must-have skill for all cruisers, since its utility depends on the playstyles of both the ship and its owner. My aim is to look at the hard numbers to assess the usefulness of SE in the very same way, that numbers have to be involved in deciding wether to use IFHE for a given gun caliber. I like to know these things instead of only relying on gut feelings. Edit: The numbers in this tread are not correct, since contrary to a widely made assumption, SE does not increase the amount of HP healed by the Repair Party consumable. This greatly reduces the overall HP bonus provided, as you can see in a table at the end of this post. The obvious bonus SE provides at T10 is a flat 3500 base HP increase. However, since the amount of HP restored by the Repair Party consumable is derived from a ship's base HP (14% of base HP total, 40% for UK), it also increases the amount of HP healed per use. In the following table you can for each T10 cruiser see its (1) base HP, (2) base HP including SE, (3) HP / Heal, (4) HP / Heal including SE: Here I am just showing the obvious: the less HP a ship possesses, the more it benefits from SE. The real subject of the debate is, wether these boni are worth the 3 points one has to spend for them. When trying to quantify the usefulness of SE I look at the cumulative potential HP that a ship has access to over the course of the game: Potential HP = Base HP + #Heals * HP/Heal This represents the maximum amount of HP a ship can spend in order to exert influence on the course of the game and is effectively modified by the type of damage it suffers (not every HP loss can be healed 100%). The potential HP accessible by 4 uses of the Repair Party consumable with and without SE can be taken from the following table. The absolute HP bonus ist not surprisingly the same for all cruisers with Minotaur being the noteworthy exception. It gains 9100 potential HP by slapping SE on top of SI in your captain build. I am showing you these numbers in order to put SE into perspective by comparing it to another skill most people agree to be a no-brainer for high tier cruisers: Superintendent. The non-UK cruiser benefitting the most from SE is Zao. Here the sum of base HP increase (+3500) and the increased healing (+490 HP/Heal) almost has the same effect as getting a 5th heal (5460 vs. 5712 HP). Every Zao player using Superintendent obviously thinks that 5712 additional HP are well worth the 3 skill points. In that case, 3 points for 5460 HP (which is 95.5% of one heal) cannot suddenly become a horrible deal. That would be like saying: '3€ for 20 bottles of beer is a great price, but 3€ for 19 bottles is a ripoff'. I intentionally picked Zao here, because out of all T10 cruisers it benefits the most from SE and thus serves best to illustrate my point. A valid point of view here is, that skill points are limited and SE (assuming its non-uselessness is accepted) is competing against DemoExpert and Vigilance. In this context I will now make the most controversial statement. Please keep your pitchforks and torches in the shed for now. If next to Vigilance and DemoExpert there are just 3 Skillpoints left, then in some cases picking SE instead of SI is actually a good choice. That guy must be insane, right? Well, maybe. But let's look at the numbers again. In the following table you see for each T10 cruiser the total potential HP in the case that the captain has either SI (4 heals) or SE (flat bonus + 3 enhanced heals). Also we see a breakpoint value, that determines wether SI or SE is more effective for each player (more on that later). On Zao, Des Moines, Hindenburg and Henri replacing SI with SE nets a HP loss of less than 3% when all heals are being used. In return you gain access to these HP at an earlier time in the game, increasing your ability to survive until the late game. On top of that the increased base HP mean, that you can endure those extra few overpens, possibly allowing you to escape to use your next heal. A more aggressive playstyle thus favors SE over SI in my opinion. So can we quantify how much sense it makes to take SE instead of SI? This picks up the question of playstyle. If you want that 4th radar/hydro charge (i never find myself needing more than 2 or 3 DefAA charges), then of course there is no discussion. As a consequence I will limit my discussion strictly to HP considerations. A cruiser with SI will have more potential HP only if it is able to use its 4th heal. That means if you find yourself being unable to use that 4th heal on a regular basis, then you would benefit more from SE. Since the HP bonus that you get from SI compared to SE is quite small, you would indeed need to use your 4th heal in most of your games in order to break even with the HP advantage SE provides up until that 4th heal. This is described by the breakpoint value in the last table column. It means that e.g. a Hindenburg needs to use its 4th heal in 68.4% of all games so that when averaged over many games, SI provides as many potential HP as SE. If that Hindenburg uses its 4th heal in 100% of all games, then it will gain 2.9% potential HP over another Hindenburg that uses SE instead. Looking at these numbers it means that from a survivability point of view SE is still not perfectly viable in all situations, but it is far from being a useless captain skill for cruisers. Personally I will try replacing SI by SE on my IJN captain as soon as I reach Zao (on Ibuki now), since I cannot see myself using 4 DefAA charges and only consider my HP pool. Being an average player (at least according to WTR) I am not using all 4 heals all the time, so in this regard SE seems like a more effective choice. Even if my skill eventually becomes sufficient to be able to pull this off, I think paying a negligible 1.2% of my overall HP for being able to take more risks and get away with it in the early game is a really great deal. If you have read this wall of text until here, I thank you for your time. You may now bring your pitchforks and torches, but I am also looking forward to reading your more objective arguments concerning this topic Erratum: As it turns out, SE does not enhance the amount of HP healed by the repair party consumable, which stronly reduces the HP bonus when measured with the total potential HP in mind. As a negative side effect SE increases the amount of fire damage taken, since it depends on a ship's base HP. This effect would have canceled itself with the increased heal, but as it stands this does not apply. In the following table you can see the bonus SE provides with respect to base HP and total potential HP. This does indeed cast doubt over the utility of SE, since the total HP bonus is below 5% with the exception of Zao. Thanks to ColonelPete, Affeks and tmGrunty for bringing up these points!
  24. How come EVERY CRUISER - INLCUDING GERMANS - use Anti-aircraft consumable when they FULLY KNOW that because of Wargamings intelligence when it comes to balance - There are NO CV'S farting around UNLESS YOU PLAY TIER 4-6 ? High level cruisers (7-10) HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA on how to hydro - YES, SOME cruisers use radar - but WHY THE EFF are noone using hydro and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF kill those FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF destroyers so our battleships can advance? (PS: Battleships ! STOP FISHING!) Either REMOVE the ANTI-AIR consumable at tier 7-10 or FFFFFFFFFF LEARN TO EFFINGS HYDRO OR HUNT TO FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Destroyers !!!!! Also - Carriers - keep up the amazings :) atleast THEY KNOW how to scout and kill stuff.
  25. I've had a couple of thoughts recently regarding how to balance cruisers and battleships in WoWS, and I thought I'd share them with the forums to see what others think. Please vote for whichever you think sounds better, or leave your own idea if you think my ideas are rubbish. BB-1/CLCA+1 What this means is Battleships have their consumable counts reduced by 1 while Cruisers get their consumable counts increased by one. To clarify: take my Nelson, she currently has 4 uses of the Damage Repair Party (Premium but no Superintendent) while my Atago has 3 uses of DRP (Premium and Superintendent). My proposal would mean Nelsol would get one less use (3) while Atago gets one more use (4). This would also apply to all other consumables mounted on the ship, so Missouri (for example) would get one less DRP and one less Radar while Baltimore would get one more of each (and whatever other consumables she has). The idea behind this one is both to takle the BB survivability issue and promote what cruisers are all about (consumables) all in one motion. Exceptions: October Revolution. I get the feeling that with limited access to the Damage Control Party, reducing her access to it may make her go from 'alright' to 'barely playable'. Cruiser Smorgasbord Give all cruisers access to all consumables available at their tier, but limit them to a maximum number dependent on their tier (like 2 for T2-5, 3 for T6-8 and 4 for T9+10). So they can customise what kind of consumables they want, e.g. one player could have a Mogami with DRP, Radar and Smoke, another could have a Mogami with Defensive AA Fire, Hydroacoustic Search and Spood Beest. Further, players can also choose what order they want their consumables in, so one player may go for (T)DRP-(Y)Smoke-(U)DefAA the other may go for (T)Smoke-(Y)DefAA-(U)DRP. Obviously, different nations would still have their national 'flavours', such as German Efficient Uber Hydro, Russian OPdar and British Tea-Fixes-Everything Repair. The idea behind this one is, while leaving consumable charges the way they are, to promote cruisers being the 'Jack-of-all' they were envisioned when this game began. I'm sure someone's noticed that (apart from RN CLs) T8 cruisers don't get the DRP, as such my above example of Mogami with DRP doesn't make sense, but I'm of the opinion that in addition to the above ideas, cruisers from T6 upwards should have access to a Heal anyway. Let me know what you think of my ideas and what you think would be better.