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Found 66 results

  1. So I have got the Shchors fully upgraded modules and an IFHE captain that I've managed to build up as I went through the tiers. My question is how do I get good damage in this? I don't get destroyed much at the start of the match but I always finish with 40 or 50k dmg. Is this enough for tier 7? Thanks
  2. For god sake give cruisers from T6 and up heals because all cruisers get punished where other classes may not. No amount of angling or moving can stop random over matching and citadeling. It Doesn't seem to matter what skill you have, even if you predict a shot and move accordingly, that one shell will hit (mainly lower tiers) and citadel and it just isn't fair in most cases. And in the end we can do nothing to come back from this! once you lose the health its gone but BBs with a huge health pool get a heal! Leander and Abrruzi are classic examples of a ship that would suffer heavily if it weren't for their heals, I know I'm not the only one!
  3. Supersubway

    Italian cruisers

    Hello, We were told that a Italian cruiser line was scheduled for q4 18, is there any update on that? Thanks
  4. klemi007

    Radar mechanics

    Hi all, Since we got the new US line, we got too much radar in the game. I am sure most would agree it's making dd captains either too passive in taking objectives or it makes them dead. Here is an idea. I suggest change to radar mechanics, even if you just test it, I would be thrilled. Make radar LOS (as it was in real life) and cross section dependent. Practical consequence: LOS would mean radar would be unable to spot anything behind hard cover (like an island) or even behind other ships, making ambushed and even piggy backing a viable option. Cross section would work in a way that if, for example, a dd turns it's bow towards the radar source (maybe introduce a rdf like pointer for radar), it would either fade in - fade out, or significantly reduce the effective radar range. Any thoughts?
  5. If you've watched Jingles' RN CL video or others. What best sums up your feelings about the reworked RN Light Cruiser Line?
  6. Takeda92

    One-day 0.5.3 cruiser stats

    Patch 0.5.3 introduced a nerf for the captain skills that affected light cruisers. I decided to compare the stats from warships.today before and after the patch to see what changes followed this patch. Now, before I post anything, these are only stats for one day. The numbers of battles are so small to draw any conclusions about the balance and the state of the game. I want to see how the changes immediately affected some ships. However, when people start adjusting their playstyle a bit and get used to them, which might take about a week or two, then the stats should be slightly more accurate. For each tier, I'll post 2 pics: the first is two weeks prior to 0.5.3 and the second is one day after 0.5.3. I'll only include the cruisers of tiers 8, 6, 5 and 4 which I think receive the biggest and most important changes (sorry, tiers 2 and 3) Tier 8: As you can see, the biggest changes are in tier 8 between Mikhail and Mogami. Will MK continue to lead the cruisers of tier 8? Did the AFT, BFT and EM nerf really make CLs underpowered? only time will tell. Again, these stats tell very little I've done the same for NA server stats. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/69553-one-day-053-cruiser-stats
  7. ReapingKnight

    RN Prem Light Cruiser?

    Hi all, I've recently been think that since I hit the Neptune that I'd like to keep it and train another captain for the Minotaur but the Belfast doesn't seem that suited...don't get me wrong I think it's pretty good (as I am less than skilled, it's not OP in my hands) but the captain build isn't nearly as transferable...Are there any plans for a RN Cruiser like the current line in development? It just seems a little odd to add a Cruiser that has HE to train captains for a cruiser line that can't use HE...it just means you can't use a captain to their max potential unless you're willing to pay to change skills every time you want to use the Belfast or have a perm Belfast captain. Any clues? Cheers
  8. having played cruisers for quite a bit I have noticed that I have citadel hit and received citadel hits in pretty much all classes in the game, save 1...now I don't know if I've just been unlucky, or that this class is just immune to citadel hits. -cruiser vs. cruiser..happens all the time -cruiser vs battleship...rare but you can citadel hit them if the gun is strong enough..battleships are better suited for this though -cruiser vs aircraft carrier, the citadel is located a bit high on the ship for most of them -cruiser vs destroyer...I can't honestly say I ever got a citadel hit ribbon from hitting a destroyer, with other destroyers, cruisers or battleships. nor can I remember receiving the "heavy damage" message after anything other then a torpedo hit when playing a destroyer. is it possible to citadel hit destroyers? do they even have a citadel to hit?
  9. genai

    High caliber AP vs cruisers

    I know that 3.1.4 patch made some changes to nerf the angling and stuff... but did anyone else notice that currently BB AP shells tend to citadel cruisers no matter the angle or armor they are hitting? I played 3.1.4 patch and it wasnt as bad as it is now... Lately in Mogami ive been citadel hit by fuso, warspite, new york etc at extreme angles and even from the straight front... 20° hits for massive dmg, hits from front (warspite hit my bow for 24k hp and killed me... same with other BBs)... it seems like yolo torp runs in IJN CAs have gotten much worse, as everyone just shoots front and deals massive dmg to you! Even in myoko i managed to citadel Pensacola from the front shooting right at his bow... didnt even see his side, he was going right at me... Hits like these: | | /\ |\ or even worse angles regularly result in citadel hits! Or some strange things are happening... as every game i continue to shoot broadside then turn towards/away from BBs to be as angled as possible... and they just continue to deal massive dmg with every hit no matter what... That used to be almost impossible and what made yolo torp runs possible... now you dont even get in reasonable range to launch them before you die... Seems like another ninja change before OBT, like module crits... or its supposed to be that way and make IJN cruiser so much worse now?
  10. lup3s

    Armor on cruisers.

    Hi, Since 0.5.5 was released I have the feeling it's harder to hit the citadel on a cruiser sailing broadside to you and easier to hit the citadel on a cruiser sailing angled or straight to you. I've had multiple times (with and against me) where a cruiser got devastated by a battleship, even though it was sailing perfectly angled or straight away from that battleship. On the other hand, I've had multiple times (again, with and against me), where a cruiser was sailing broadside to a battleship, and none of the hits were a citadel hit. Since that last update, I've got more Devastating Strikes (with my battleship) on cruisers not sailing broadside than on cruisers sailing broadside to me. Is it just me (and bad luck RNG) or did something really change to how citadel hits (especially on cruisers) are calculated? Now I'd sometimes prefer to shoot at cruisers that are sailing angled or straight towards (/away from) me, than at cruisers broadside to me; as I have the feeling the chance of getting a citadel hit on the former one is bigger. I also have the feeling you've got more chance scoring citadel hits on a cruiser sailing 15 km from you than on one sailing 4 km from you.. Really weird.
  11. Hi everybody! I started this thread very recently on the NA server and decided I should share what I'm doing with the EU server too. Anyways, with WoWS coming out in the near future I figured it would be awesome to learn a bit about some of the ships that are going to be in the game. Hopefully in the upcoming days and weeks I will be able to put up more episodes for all of you to enjoy. These videos are purely for educational purposes and there will be absolutely no ads on these videos. Enjoy and tell me what you all think ^_^ Episode 38 - The Other Scharnhorst / Shinyo Class Carrier Episode 37 - Gnevny (Gremyashchy) Class Destroyer Episode 36 - Nagato Class Battleships Episode 35 - Invincible Class Battlecruisers Episode 34 - Andrea Doria Class Battleship Episode 33 - Fuso Class Battleship Episode 32 - Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 31 - USS Olympia Episode 30! - HMS Ark Royal Episode 29 - Langley Aircraft Carrier Episode 28 - Kaga Aircraft Carrier Episode 27 - Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser Episode 26 - South Dakota Class Battleship Episode 25 - HMS Dreadnought Battleship Episode 24 - John C. Butler Class Destroyer Escort Episode 23 - Montana Class Battleship Episode 22 - Scharnhorst Class Battlecruisers Episode 21 - Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers Episode 20 - Flower Class Corvettes Episode 19 - Nelson Class Battleships Episode 18 - Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyers Episode 17 - King George V Class Battleships Episode 16 - Iowa Class Battleships Episode 15 - Lexington Class Carriers Episode 14 - Mogami Class Cruisers Episode 13 - Littorio Class Battleship Episode 12 - Deutschland Class Panzerschiffe Episode 11 - Kongo Class Battleship Episode 10 - Bismarck Class Battleship Episode 9 - Fletcher Class Destroyer Episode 8 - Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 3 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 2 Episode 7 - Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier - Part 1 Episode 6 - Pennsylvania Class Battleship - USS Arizona Episode 5 - Admiral Class Battlecruiser - HMS Hood Episode 4 - Yamato Class Battleship Episode 3 - Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Episode 2 - New York Class Battleships Episode 1 - North Carolina Class Battleships
  12. Spectre__

    CA(Heavy Cruiser) Rebalance Ideas

    Hay , With the smoke changes , I finally got of my [edited]to write these ideas i've had for some time . Due to the current BB heavy meta , cruisers are having a hard time so it got me thinking what should be changed , God forbid nerf BB's ... haha not gonna happen , therefor what can we do to make Cruisers more reliable ? Well what cruisers need ? 1 More survivability . 2 More utility ( on certain lines ) 3 Some adjustments to the firepower of certain ships . Ok on the first point , I was thinking all Heavy cruisers ( and light cruisers that DON'T POSSES SMOKE GENERATOR //edit looks like peeps miss this part ) STARTING from tier 5 should get a special Repair Party consumable . Why special ? well it should heal 1% of the total hp per second , with a duration of 20 seconds //(might as well increase the BB time from 28 to 30 secs only because i don't like it ) . Also make HP scaling between the tiers more linear , example : -tier 10 cruisers should have 50000+ hp // taking into account Des Moine but looking at Moskva's 65k i don't care go wild BUT minimum 50k . -tier 9 45000 - 50000 +/- 1000 // Roon -tier 8 40000 - 45000 +/- 1000 // Atago/Kutuzov - Printz Eugene . -tier 7 35000 - 40000 +/- 1000 // Myoko -tier 6 30000 - 35000 +/- 1000 // Cleveland -tier 5 25000 - 30000 +/- 1000 // Furutaka Lower i don't care ( don't play ) . This should be similar to how BB HP scaling is : Kongo tr 5 havin 54k hp and GK tr 10 having 105k Almost forgot , adjusting the concealment for certain ships // preferably to not be outspotted by Battleships . Looking at the tr 10's : A 1km drop could work for : Moskva 18->17, Hidenburg 16->15, Henry IV 16.6->15.6 // didn't check everything will add later(Poi=maybe) Now utility , Was thinking about moving the hydroacoustic search consumable for the Japanese/German/French lines into the plane slot . That's because a cruiser's " job " should be hunting DD's , while the Russian and American line have Radar in the plane slot the 3 mentioned above have nothing. While yes I am shafting CV's by making DF available to every cruiser , in the current state of CV that's the least of their problems . Third Point , Well this one is tricky but what caught my attention : Reload: -Hipper/Printz Eugene , 13s -> 10s , this is major but i think they need it + using same guns as Roon/Hidenburg . -Mogami 203's/Ibuki/Atago , 13s base reload , a bit too much maybe but i don't think it's excessive + all using same guns . //( Zao - 12 s ) -Pensacola/Indianapolis , 14s ( maybe 13s since no torps) + same guns . // New Orleans 11s . Range : // where do i start ... Should be a bit linear going up the tiers : Tier 6 : Aoba 14.9->15.5, Cleveland 14.6->15.1, Leander 13.2->14.4 Tier 7 : Myoko 15.6->16.1 , Pensacola 15.7->16.6 Tier 8 : Mogami/Atago 15.7(8)->16.8 , New Orelans 16.2->16.9,//Kutuzov 19.1->17.6 Tier 9-10 no range changes needed due to the 6th slot module . Any ship not mentioned apart from hp/heal changes , from my perspective is fine , also i didn't touch on Light Crusiers ( RN CL's ) nor other classes of ships . Note i didn't play some ships therefor i didn't draw any conclusions on them but any ideas you guys might provide should be helpful . That should be it ( if i forgot something will edit ) // i use it to mark notes style which don't change the context or are of less importance TLDR : Give all tier 5+ cruisers heal if they don't have smoke ( from my perspective it should be Heal OR Smoke in the same slot ) , increase HP to be more linear , give more utility vs DD's for certain lines (ijn , german , french ) , Increase range,reload on certain ships ( mainly tr 8 cruisers ) . // excuse my poor English because i'm not a native , also if this gets positive responses i might share some of my other ideas . // Made some edits
  13. Horin728

    Brace for soviet cruisers event

    So, any more info on it? Anyone? I noticed it ingame today...
  14. Hello, Is a rework or tweaks of Heavy cruisers planned or even in developpers mind ? ATM Light cruisers deals more HE DPM thanks to IFHE, and deals more Fires per minutes even with IFHE than heavy cruisers. From a BB point of view, both Light cruisers and heavy cruisers are fragile ships and their AP can penetrate them with ease. From a DD point of view, light cruisers concealment and rapid fire is much more feared than heavy hitting HE but with longer reload (the DD has more time to disappear) From a CV pow, light cruisers have equal or sometimes more AA defense. From a Light cruisers pow, heavy cruisers can citadels them but even light cruisers can citadel them, and light cruiser can dish out a lot of AP dmg and cits too on heavy cruisers.
  15. DutchDelightsNL

    French Cruisers "On Track"

    In "Talkin Ship" with Trevzor on the NA channel, I noticed that they have A World of Tank like an event called "On Track", this is where you are on track to a tier X, with discounts all down the line. Maybe this is something we will also soon see on the EU server, at least rather sooner than later. On the website, it looks like this I hope we will get this here on EU also..... What are your thoughts on this?
  16. dasCKD

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    I would probably be getting far more attention if I just put all of this time and effort into a Youtube video instead. The battleship numbers have been discussed, but it has yet to be addressed by War Gaming. The pure power of battleships have been somewhat diminished by the catapult fighter nerf, changes to captain skills, and changes to the timer of the damage control party. In my belief however, the fact is that the fundamental issue that both causes and is caused by the high battleship numbers. War Gaming has claimed that they want to change the battleships to address the issue, but it doesn't seem like they understand the underlying issue. At least if they did, then they aren't acting in a way that would actually address the issue. On the failure of Rock, Paper, Scissors The RPS system is a system of class control. All classes are meant to counter each other to stop games entirely dominated by one class. The idea was that if battleships were getting too populous, then more people would start sailing destroyers. If there are too many destroyers sailing around, then more people would start sailing cruisers. This would mean a better distribution between ship classes, something that is necessary to maintain a healthy game and keep users playing with all of the new content. On in-class interaction With the fall of RPS, one way to address the class issue is the implementation of in-class balance. If a class needs another class to drive it away when it's getting too popular, then that requires the players to want to play the counter class. If a class can be designed in such a way that other ships of the same class gets in the way, then the population of the class will be self-managing. As this is better than even the RPS system, it is something that should be created if possible. Changes to ship classes These are changes made to the different ship classes in such a way that would minimize the impact and power that battleships wield in battle. Ideally, the changes should be made to the problem class. The issues with the classes exists regardless of whether or not there is a battleship overpopulation issue however, so these changes should probably be considered regardless. To destroyers To cruisers To carriers To battleships Changes to game mechanics Changes made to the fundementals of the game in order to attempt to make cruisers and destroyers a little less punishing and a little more confortable.
  17. Rarely do I see cruiser captains actively try to protect battleships, at least after the first couple of minutes of a battle. So how can we get those pesky cruisers () to want to stay with their heavier comrades? I haven't been to these forums for a while, so this may have been suggested before. Anyway, here it goes: If a battleship is inside a cruiser's AA range and that cruiser shoots down a bomber or torpedo bomber (this does not apply to fighters), the cruiser gets an extra XP and credit award for that aircraft kill (compared to a regular aircraft kill). Maybe even more credits and XP if said aircraft are on a bombing\torpedo run. I'm not talking about thousands of XP here, just a small amount, but still enough for cruisers to want to stay closer to their BBs. If that isn't enough, how about an award? Kill X bombers\torp bombers when a BB is inside the cruiser captain's AA range, and the captain gets the award! Are there any downsides to something like this? I sure don't see them... Maybe WG does...
  18. Hi, anybody knows approximately WHEN the alternative American Cruiser Line is to be expected to launch? +/- 1 month accuracte guess. Thanks
  19. The idea to give Heavy Cruisers repair has been discussed for over a year now, and it would solve some of the survivability issues that Heavy Cruisers face in high tier without making them OP. Especially super fragile ships like the Mogami, you can dodge and angle and weave all you want, it is only a matter of time before the RNG decides to give you the finger and gift the BB player an angled citadel hit. Those stupid hits can sometimes literally end your game right there. If the Mogami (for example) had repair, those [edited] citadel hits while punishing would not be game ending. With repair you could still somewhat recover. After all, Atago already has it and is not OP.
  20. StratisV

    Warships' Types

    Where can I find other types of Warships for the german navy.??
  21. Azakeit

    Playing high tier cruisers

    Hello, With the Conqueror right now, I Wonder what is the point playing cruisers anymore ? I recently read the Q&A on reddit with @Sub_Octavian saying that his favorite ship is the Henry 4, but the Conqueror is : - Stealthier (11 km as opposed to 13 IF the H4 takes the concealement module, I play the steering gears mod 3 to try to evade shells...) - More tanky and can heal 50% of damage taken with his repair party, citadel invulnerable - More HE DPM and more HE penetration - More Fires per minutes - Shells have better ballistics (faster travel time) - More AP damage on cruisers due to shorter fuse (less pénétrations and usual citadels on cruisers Don't tell me that the speed is an advantage, for a DD maybe to cap faster but the H4 can't cap with his concealement. And if the point of speed is just to flee... The cruiser accuracy sure is better than battleships, but at approx 15km this has no influence on the outcome of a fight. Cruisers are hard counter to nobody (DD can delete any ships with torpedoes, BB with their AP, CV with a good strike). Cruisers are only here for "sustained DPS" but the only sustained DPS available is Fire, 100% healable, and you have to inflict a lot of fires to a target to destroy it. A BB can easily spec for Fire Prevention and Damage control mod 2 + flags to mitigate fire damage (and sometimes even Basic of Survavibility). Sure a BB captain can spec on other things but AFT and BFT are not required due to the lack of CV in game (and I don't even speak about Clan battles...), only 1 branch of BB can effectively spec into secondaries build. Whereas there's only 1 skill to increase the fire chance and 2 flags, one of them increasing your detonatio chance... And of course no skill to mitigate AP damage a cruiser can receive.
  22. gekkehenkie50

    OBT battleships vs cruisers

    Hi, I love the progress wargaming have made in WoWS, and i was one of the lucky few to have the privelage of playing in the CBT. Lately however I have noticed that everytime I play in my Battleships, I get sunk by cruisers, not at point blank range but at distances of about 12 Km, their superior fire rate is overwelming, the amount of fire caused aswell, i have been on fire in 7 places at the same time! And normally a battleship should be able to 1 shot such cruisers, after the 30 second reload i fire, nearly all the shells either miss or are dodged by the cruisers maneuverability, and the 1 or 2 shells that do hit cause about 2K dmg. now follows the 30 second reload in which i get peppered by HE. I fire AP or HE, it makes little difference. In the CBT battleships felt alot like a KV-2, now they feel like a KV-2 without alpha dmg :/ i also nearly never get citadel penetrations, even against afk players from pointblank range underneath their gun turrets at a right angle! It seems that BBs now do have armour and can bounce other bbs but have little defence against cruisers! destroyers are still ok as are carriers, but i think that the difference between cruisers and battleships should be changed.
  23. Hello there! As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of cruiser class, both in game as in real life. I always admired the unique features of those combat vessels, their durability, flexibility and some kind of romantic feel about their taks - sailing far away, protecting and ambushing, often the "lone wolf". Recently I tried to get an answer - which cruiser was the best one and which nation built the best cruisers? I only had limited access to sources, namely Friedman books about US Navy and Royal Navy cruisers, as well as few monographies about Japanese, Italian and German vessels. But, although I read all of them recently, I couldn't really get straight answer. Sure, I could learn a lot about their flaws and their advantages, but there is no easy conclusion or summary (my beef with Friedman books is that he omits showing and analising how the designs worked when tested in battle. I assume it would double the volume of his books, but without that they're just numbers). Now, to narrow my question a bit, and to give it a proper context - I'd like to know, which cruiser in your opinion was the best. The period that particularly interest me is post WW I up to the end of WW II (so Des Moines class is out). I would also like to point a few "guidelines" in your evaluation, such as: 1. Ship to ship combat ability. 2. Designed task and ability to fullfill it. 3. Survivability 4. Question of modernisation and added equipment. 5. Hospitability. 6. Seekeaping. So, let me hear it. Which cruiser was the best one in your opinion, which one was able to tackle it's tasks to the fullest, which one embodied the most important features of a cruiser in it's design. You can try to divide the time period (1919 - 1945) into three parts: post WW I, post Washington treaty and wartime designs. I'd just like to ask to leave your national bias out of this discussion. I know we're all proud of our ships, but for the sake of the argument, just drop it (it's easy to say for me, Polish Navy didn't built a single cruiser ).
  24. Dake007

    Cruisers to pick

    i am ready to move up to T8 Cruisers and i have been looking at Admiral Hipper /New Orleans / Mogami and wondered which one to go for first so any advice would be much appreciated
  25. Kazomir

    Fire Mechanic Change.

    Hello, I wish to propose a change in the Fire mechanics that will, in my opinion, improve gameplay. First change to fires should come in a 50% damage nerf. Second change, to offset this, each stack of fires increaces your main and secondary armament's dispersion by 10%. Effect on this is twofold but serves one purpose. To reduce the BB ''KEMP BUSH'' meta that makes for current boring gameplay. The first change encourages them to push more as they wont be afraid of fire damage that much. The second change FORCES them to close the distance. Carrot AND Stick approach so to say. This is historically accurate as well, since smoke on your ship shrouds your FCS' optics arrays and such. Cruisers will lose some of their damage but will gain survivability. Further to this, cruisers reliant on fire damage would get further buffs in form of more health to compensate and let them stay longer in battle to let them earn more damage. All in all I think in the high tiers mistakes are punished too much as the lethality of weapons increases. This change should do something about that. Let me know if you like it!