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Found 181 results

  1. SpartanRenegade

    Siegfried Build ?

    After long and tedious (re)grinds of my IJN BB and USN BB lines and *ahem* a couple of hundred thousand FXP I was finally able to afford this tasty factory processed Sauerkraut. I transferred my 19pt GK captain to her...now I haven't the slightest idea on what captain skills are optimal that will work both on Siegfried as it does with GK. So I'm wondering if its worth trading AFT for CE cause the former really helped GK compensate for the post-legendary upgrade that nerfs its max range. Is it anything like Ägir in terms of armor scheme and tanking ability? Please suggest the best captain skills & upgrades that focus on improving her reload time (MBM3's traverse speed gives me heebie jeebies) and is capable enough to engage heavy cruisers/BBs on open water. Thank you.
  2. Krasny Kavkaz was a light cruiser of the soviet navy which saw extensive service doing the war, though mostly as escort and transport. After overthrowing the czar and defeating the royalist "white russians" the newly established soviet navy wasted little time on reforming and refurbish ships and materials. This included everything from small arms to battleships (Grangut) under construction. This includes ships of the Admiral Nakhimov-class cruisers. 2 would be finished under the names Krasny Kavkaz & Chervona, while 2 others under construction would be scrapped. The class was a follow up on the Svetlana class (Svietlana & Krasny Krym) although heavier with a lot of soviet modifications and with more comeing as the years passed. Krasny Kavkaz would start in soviet service in 1932 after a long process which saw 2 of her sisters scrapped either after launch or on the slipway. Doing the secound world war, she would mostly see service as a troop transport on numerous occasions. (Siege of Sevastapol, Siege of Odessa) on over 40 combat missions and brush off more than 200 attacks from aircrafts. After the war she would become a trainingship and in 1952 she would sadly become a target ship for an SS-N-1 missile. Artillery While her sister would be a scaled up copy-paste of Svietlana (even with the same guns eventhough newer ones of the caliber were available) Kavkaz would sport a small but deadly package of: 4x1 - MK-1-180, those are brand new L/60 guns, these are related to those on Kirov & Molotov 4x2 - 100mm L/47 "Minizini", These are Skoda K10 DP guns produced under italien license sources suggest she had 8x2. In 1935 and till a refit in the 1940s, she had facilities for aircrafts onboard. Torpedoes After a refit, she would be equiped with 4x3 torpedo tubes. AA Kravkaz had an ever-growing AA arsenal onboard By 1940 it consisted of: 4x2 - 100mm L/47 "Minizini" : 35dps @ 5.2km 2x1 - 76.2mm M1914/15 "Lender" : 8dps @ 3km 4x1 - 45mm 21-K : 18dps @ 3km 4x1 - DShK -12.7mm HMG : 26dps @ 1.5km At the end of the war it would consist of 8x2 - 100mm L/47 "Minizini" : 75dps @ 5.2km 4x1 - 76.2mm 34-K : 22dps @ 3km 10x1 - 37mm 61-K : 133dps @ 3.2km 10x1 - DShK -12.7mm HMG : 49dps @ 1.5km 1x4 - Vickers .50 : 17dps @ 1.5km Maneuverability Kavkaz was 0.5kn slower than her sister from modifications but would have many of the same characteristics of Krym. Conclusion This is a difficult ship to balance out and to put in any tier, on one hand you have a glass cannon with few but very powerful guns able to punch through BB armour at medium range. You have a below average speed but an AA rating nothing short of overkill up to tier VI. The armour is overall thin and the design is outdated. The lack of guns is easily overcome by sheer accuracy and rate of fire. with ASM.0 ships like Yubari & Katori never really miss their targets as long as the player knows how to fücking aim a ship which hits 90% of the times with 4 guns is as efficient as a ship which hits 30% with 12 guns, it's just much cheaper to resupply in port.
  3. ___HADES____

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII

  4. So, I'm well aware that WG has never given a two hoots for actual historical accuracy when it came to the Russian lines, but the relegation of one of the few actual built ships in the cruiser line to a premum (Kirov) still made me a bit sad and started me thinking about whether it would actually be possible to do a mostly historical Russian cruiser line with a consistent playing style. After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that not only was it possible, but you could go all the way from T1 to T9 using only real ships that actually saw service, and if you wanted to you could still do the fork in the line at T8. It would look a bit like this; T1 - Marti I know no one really cares that the Orlan is a paper ship, but for the sake of completeness, I wanted a real T1 contender and Marti has quite an interesting history, starting life and the Imperial Yacht Standart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_yacht_Standart T2 - Novik Nothing needs to change here. T3 - Bogatyr I think the game could do with a few more protected cruisers at T3, so I'm certainly not inclined to change this. T4 - Svietlana Again, real ships. Nothing to complain about. T5 - Krasny Kavkaz And now for our first significant change. The Krasny Kavkaz was a heavy modified Admiral Nakhimov class cruiser armed with four 180 mm guns and twelve torpedo tubes. She is roughly comparable to the Hawkins class only with fewer guns and more torpedoes. She is, admittedly, a touch under gunned for T5 but I don't think it's to the extent that she couldn't be made to work - just give her excellent gun handling and good torpedoes for her tier. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Krasny_Kavkaz T6 - Kirov We already know that the Kirov class can work at T6 thanks to the Molotov - all that needs to be done is the existing Kirov be tweaked such that's roughly equivalent and suitable to for this tier. However I would want to keep Kirov model so as to maximise the visual distinction between it and the... T7 - Kaganovich The final pair of Kirovs - aka Project 26 bis 2 - were a bit shorter, beamier and better armoured than the first four, and had the improved superstructure of the Molotov and Maxim Gorky. As such they can be made tougher than the Kirov and given better gun handling and AA defense. This might make here a bit more capable than is strictly realistic, but since when has that bother WG? At this point the line can split into light and heavy cruisers. For the light cruisers; T8 - Chapayev You know it, you love it. Nothing to see here. T9 - Sverdlov We already have a Sverdlov in the game in the the form of the Mikhail Kutuzov. I have not played her myself but I remember hearing that she was removed from sale for being OP as all hell at T8, so I'm sure the Sverdlov can be made to work at T9. Or maybe you put the Sverdlov at T10 and something else at T9 - it matters not. The point is that the Sverdlovs were real ships built in significant numbers that can be included in the line. T10 - Some made up paper ship You can put the Smolensk here for all I care - I'm only really interested in the built ships from the line. For the heavy cruisers we're going to have to accept some incomplete and paper designs; T8 - Tallinn That the Russians bought an unfinished Hipper hull is true enough and with twelve 180 mm guns the Tallinn is a logical follow on from Kaganovich. T9-10 - more paper ships This is where I'd put two of the 220mm armed heavy cruiser designs that we know the Soviets were toying with. Riga, Moskva, Petropavlovsk, whatever... Or maybe go with D. Donskoi at T9 - I don't really care. So, there we have it. A Russian cruiser line - including split - that reaches into the "secret project files" the absolute minimum number of times. Assuming we allow the Tallinn as a "built" ship, then I've only had to resort to three completely paper designs . Further, the thematic through-line from T5 through to the split is the 180mm gun, a weapon unique to the Soviet navy making the line is quite unlike those which revolve around 152 or 203mm guns. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I'm not trying to say that this would necessarily be a better line than what we have been given in 0.9.5, but I did want to show that it is possible to come up with a line that is predominantly historical.
  5. Matt_FSR

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    So I've recently upgraded from the New Orleans to the Baltimore.... and boy, am I regretting the purchase! I just.... can't do ANYTHING with this ship. I know in theory I'm supposed to use the super heavy improved pen angle AP to wreck cruisers, but... as if any cruiser is stupid enough to show broadside within my pitiful range, and those that do eat a full salvo of 16" AP from a BB and die long before I get to farm them.... As for opportune battering DD's like New Orleans could.... yeah, just no. I'm lucky to get 1-2 shells out of 9 to connect, and then, yay.... 900dmg. From a 203mm HE shell. Every single time. Then the DD invariably runs away, and im left with no targets in range, and ending up with damage totals around 15-20k. So far, I hate this ship. What am I doing wrong? Am i supposed to literally sit behind/beside an island all match and wait for opportunities to come to me? Anyone give me any tips for the current meta with Balti, because I would like to get to the Des Memes one day, but I can't face grinding through this hateful ship at the moment! Cheers
  6. ___HADES____

    Leander — British Tier VI

  7. Jean_Bart

    Which is the best Tier 1 cruiser?

    This may be a bit silly and not essential for most matches, but i wonder in your opinion, which is the best tier 1 cruiser? And why?
  8. Hey Kapitäne! Habe mir als meinen dritten Techtree, nachdem ich die Ami BBs und Russen Cruiser durchhabe, die Ami Cruiser vorgenommen, nur keinen Plan von denen... Könnte mir jemand bitte: -Den Unterschied der beiden Lines und deren Spielstil -Die "Powerspikes" also für ihr Tier stärksten und schwächeren Schiffe der Line (Beispielweise ist die Chapayev bei den Russen wegen dem Radar sehr stark)
  9. Xhabalanque

    How to play the Hindenburg

    Well I own this ship which coincidentally has my surname for quite a while now. When I got it first the German cruiser line was the only German one yet in the game. Now I finally want to get gud in tier X matches (lot of experience with tier VIII there and doing well enough) but top tier match meta drives me crazy. Currently I tend to switch between reload and range mod. And of course I know that the AP does sting even BBs though shooting at all seems comes at the price of being the punching bag. How to use this ship right? How do I avoid instadeath in a cruiser with BB detection ranges. I am looking for advice especially after the recent reload buff.
  10. Naval_gunner

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    I know most people might not agree or do.. but in my view the Smolensk is a little OP to be in this game and the fire chance is too high... having smoke is a bit much..but seriously when I play either Kremlin or other BB's or cruisers I get killed in seconds and its ridicules . Smolensk just needs a nerf and I don't like how the developer released it in such a broken state.
  11. Should I farm XP for the upcoming German/US submarines in their respective tech tree? Or should I stockpile XP for the upcoming subs? What shall I do?
  12. Firing range and detectablity range of Italian cruisers are very very close. They are only a few hundred meters different. Anybody knowing the reason for this???
  13. SSGdoncollier

    Italian pizza and torps

    Italian cruiser players pls stop torping your teammates. I see you have long range torp but come on don't kill your ally. Everyday I got torped once or twice by Italian mafia. Pls stop...
  14. Greetings, captains! As the title says, this topic is about the brand new Semi Armor Piercing(SAP) Shells that got recently introduced to the game with the Italian cruisers. So i got personal missions for Montecuccoli and Trento. After completing the missions, and testing them out i must say this Semi Armor Piercing is pretty interesting. It seems to be the best shell type of choice at near max range against broadside targets. When it penetrates the deck armor of ships, it can deal massive damage. A salvo of SAP dealing almost 9k to a New Mexico at near maximum range This behaviour of the Semi Armor Piercing shells will make Italian cruisers very effective at kiting, and quite dangerous, counting if you can lead your shots properly. Their high shell arc will make leading targets difficult, but if you're familiar with cruisers with high firing arcs such as the Dallas, you will adjust to these cruisers fast. It also is the best choice against some light cruisers, if they're slightly angled, if you cannot guaranteedly citadel them, and DDs of course. But unlike HE, it has a tendency to ricochet on sharp angles. Furthermore, Italian ships will not be able to set ships on fire AT ALL, since the SAP cannot set fires. For those of you who own some of the older premium Italian cruisers, don't worry. Those will keep their regular AP and HE shells accordingly This is my very short analysis of the new Semi Armor Piercing(SAP) shells. I'd like to hear your opinions too! Good luck, and fair seas!
  15. From the first two directives and the daily logins, we could collect 5 regular Italian cruiser containers. It's time to estimate the drop chances to see if you should spend Italian tokens on buying more regular cruiser crates. Please only answer the poll if you have opened your firts five containers, and only give the results for the first five regular containers.
  16. ApolloF117

    Zara armor

    When i was in school , I heard it soo many times durning history classes and here on the forum too, that Zara was a heavy cruiser, almost just as well armored as the Des Moines class, yet it feels like a bloody minotaur in world of warships, did wg just changed the "heavy" cruiser into a ligt one? And overall, the mid tier Italian cruisers are just garbage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Hi all, How are new "Regia Marina" cruisers armed with AP & SAP comparable to "Royal Navy" light cruisers armed with only AP (albeit "special")? Who got the "better deal" regarding guns? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I am specifically interested in comparison of specific situations when enemy target is well angled...
  18. CptBarney

    Miss Perth - How to play.

    Hello, smoll forum dwellers. As my first topic on this forum, i would like to enquire as to how to play miss perth and what captain builds you recommend? Im also interested in how she compares to other cruisers of her tier and how well she fares both bottom and top tier. And how best to use her modules (just seen that she has creeping smoke). Here is the current build so far, im not sure what to put for the last 10 points seeing as she has HE. Thanks to those who do reply and with great detail. And keep sillies and funnies to a minimum please if possible. Wish you all well. 'w' EDIT: Replays! 'w' 20191015_082052_PUSC506-Perth-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay 20191015_083225_PUSC506-Perth-1942_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay 20191015_080607_PUSC506-Perth-1942_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  19. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Belfast
  20. ___HADES____

    Neptune — British Tier IX

  21. piritskenyer

    Riddle me this

    Hey guys, I have a thing that irks me greatly. Namely being T9 cruiser gameplay in general and my gameplay in tgem in particular. Here's the issue: T9 in any cruiser line for me is a stinker. It seems like no matter what I do I cannot get a win to save my life and I cannit figure out just what I'm doing wrong. Feel free to look at my stats (I would make screenshots, but I'm typing on the phone), you'll see that in any other tier I do decently, but on T9 my WR is in the red. I cannot figure out why. Is the ships? Am I doing something wrong? I had more than one heartbreakers in T9 cruisers (my overall damage record in a losing game in Ibuki and recently a game in Saint Louis in which I pushed and killed two TX's and killed two other T9's), but it seems that no matter how I do I cannot get a win. Even in the more utilitarian cruisers like Old Baltimore and Buffalo I can't (couldn't) win, even when obliterating literally all the DD's the enemy team had. Halp.
  22. Salve e tutti di nuovo! Come neofita,avevo già iniziato la linea tedesca degli incrociatori (ho quasi sbloccato la Yorck tier 7) e delle corazzate tedesche (sono alla Konig verso la Bayern). Come comandanti,approfittando del reset gratis ho resettato ed ho a disposizione un comandante con 11 skill sulle BB ed uno a 12 sugli incrociatori. Tenuto conto delle attuali e magari anche delle prossime navi delle 2 due linee,come mi consigliate di skillare i comandanti? PS ho anche la Scharnhorst e spero che almeno uno dei 2 setup possa essere adatto anche a lei. Grazie mille di nuovo a chiunque voglia rispondere
  23. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flint
  24. Henning_15

    Norway WW2 Cruiser Frøya

    The minelayer HNoMS Frøya was built for the Royal Norwegian Navy by the naval shipyard in Horten during World War I, with yard number 108. A fast ship for her time, she was kept in service until the German invasion of Norway in 1940. At some point between her commissioning and 1940, a 76 mm gun was added to her armaments. Frøya was the first purpose-built minelayer commissioned into the RNoN. At the time the Germans invaded Norway, Frøya was underway from Finnmark to Horten naval base in the Oslofjord, and on 8 April she anchored at Brekstad harbour at Ørland at the mouth of the Trondheimsfjord. Due to bad weather Captain T. Schrøder-Nielsen was reluctant to cross Hustadvika bay on with the ship's full load of mines and had sought shelter at Brekstad overnight. When, on the morning of 9 April, the German assault came, the crew of the Frøya observed the intruding German warships making their way to Trondheim. Trapped in the fjord, the decision was made to move the minelayer into the nearby Stjørnfjord. In the Stjørnfjord Frøya repeatedly came under attack from both land based artillery and Luftwaffe bombers. On 13 April Captain Schrøder-Nielsen decided all hope was lost and, refusing to let his ship fall into German hands, he ordered her scuttled. After removing some equipment and Frøya's load of mines for possible later use the crew of Frøya rammed their ship at great speed ashore at Søtvika, opened the ship's valves and at 12:30 fired explosive charges, demolishing her. Shortly after being scuttled the wreck of Frøya was discovered by Kapitänleutnant Wilhelm Rollmann of the German submarine U-34. As the U-boat captain believed her still to be salvageable for the Norwegians the submarine torpedoed Frøya, blowing the stern off the already wrecked minelayer. Tier II Premium Cruiser Frøya __________________________________________ SURVIVABILITY Hitpoints: 17 600 __________________________________________ ARTILLERY 4 × 1 105 mm guns Reload TIme: 8.0 s 180 Turn Time: 11.0 s Maximum Dispersion: 97 m Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1700 Chance Of HE Shells Causing A Fire On Target: 4.0% HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity: 19 mm Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2000 Main Battery Firing Range: 9.1 km __________________________________________ TORPEDOES 2 × 1 460 mm torpedo tubes Reload Time: 31.0 s Maximum Damage: 6013 Torpedo Speed: 49 knots Torpedo Range: 4.5 km ___________________________________________ MANEUVERABILITY Maximum Speed: 22.0 knots Turning Circle Radius: 460 m Rudder Shift Time: 5.0 s ____________________________________________ CONCEALMENT Detectability Range By Sea: 8.4 km Detectability Range By Air: 4.0 km Assured Detectability Range: 2.0 km Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke: 3.7 km ____________________________________________ ARMOR LAYOUT Deck: Aft End Deck 6 mm Middle Deck 20 mm Fore End Deck 6 mm Plating: Aft End Plating 6 mm Middle Plating 21 mm Fore End Plating 6 mm Turrets: 6 mm Citadel Plating: 9 mm ____________________________________________ CONSUMABLES Damage Control Party Action Time 5s Reload Time For I 90 s Reload Time For II 60 s ____________________________________________ PICTURES OF THE CRUISER FRØYA SCUTTLE OF THE SHIP 13 APRIL 1940
  25. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    T9 IJN Azuma

    Hey All, So after checking out a lot of threads and reviews on the IJN Azuma, I decided to pull the trigger and get it. I have to say that despite all the negative press surrounding it, its a rather fun super cruiser to play when it isn't paired up against a 1v1 with a enemy battleship...let alone +2 BBs... Obviously this ship, unlike the Alaska or Kronstadt, cannot tank or bounce enemy battleship shells which seem to be the biggest weakness of it so it requires a long range or "evasion" style of play. I just took Flamu's last captain build as a starting point, but I noticed he didn't have a "revamped" newer released version. That said, I was curious what other Azuma captains are taking for skills and upgrades on this ship?