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Found 120 results

  1. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    T9 IJN Azuma

    Hey All, So after checking out a lot of threads and reviews on the IJN Azuma, I decided to pull the trigger and get it. I have to say that despite all the negative press surrounding it, its a rather fun super cruiser to play when it isn't paired up against a 1v1 with a enemy battleship...let alone +2 BBs... Obviously this ship, unlike the Alaska or Kronstadt, cannot tank or bounce enemy battleship shells which seem to be the biggest weakness of it so it requires a long range or "evasion" style of play. I just took Flamu's last captain build as a starting point, but I noticed he didn't have a "revamped" newer released version. That said, I was curious what other Azuma captains are taking for skills and upgrades on this ship?
  2. ___HADES____

    Danae — British Tier IV

  3. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flint
  4. ___HADES____

    Neptune — British Tier IX

  5. Captain_Riley

    HMS Exeter's return

    Does anyone know when HMS Exeter will be back in the game/shop? I'm dying to get my hands on her.
  6. ___HADES____

    Fiji — British Tier VII

  7. Hi all, since our dearest fiend @Excavatus recently started a thread on Gneisenau, I got this brilliant idea to do the same on my newest crush, THE MOGAMI! Along the same lines, so asking for tips on the little bugger. I am currently getting about average games on it as far as I can make out, I usually score some 43-44k per game, but having a decent game seems to be very highly situational and of course one often ends up in tier 10 games, where it seems almost impossible to do anything more than to present a floating target for the big boys. What I have noticed so far: 1) Mogami is basically unarmored, with its citadel duct-taped to the main mast, if any BB so much as sneezes in your general direction (from any distance) you are toast. Also, the much advertised "Angling" seems to be utterly futile... I have never noticed any heavy shell of any caliber actually bouncing from anywhere or from any angle. They detonate very impressively tho. 2) And this is strange, is it just me or does this happen to everyone? Mogami is ALWAYS a priority target to be knocked out the instant you fire your first salvo, regardless of if you are the first or the last one in you team to fire, every enemy will instantly drop everything they might be doing at the time and focus on you. What's up with that anyways? I have no idea what is going on here. 3) Good torps and concealment, so I often use it as a kind of an awkward super-sized torpedo-boat instead to harass oncoming enemy BB's but this only works, if they are coming towards you, so the opportunities are limited (also, please drive in straight lines and do not dodge). Placing torps to go behind islands to surprise oncoming enemy and torping Cruisers or DD hiding in smoke has also proved rewarding. 4) I use IFHE and 155mm guns, as I wanted a break from the usual 10*203mm IJN Cruiser configuration. It has been fun and sometimes quite a devastating DD hunter though the slow turret traverse somewhat hinders performance (and also the fact than once you start firing every enemy will immediately switch targets and begin focusing on me). Also works well on RN and other CL. I have used AP from short (roughly 10km or less) ranges on other CA with some success although it does not seem to work so well on higher tier (9 or 10) Cruisers but perhaps that is to be expected. 5) Due to the short 15km gun range, you always end up close to the front line and so it is pretty much impossible to just snipe and spam HE, one has to try and play aggressively within 12-15km range though that is risky and may instead lead to ignominious demise rather quickly. That said, I have also had some very good games just playing defensively (survive long enough and you will do more damage, of course). 6) I have tried to learn using islands for cover as much as possible, if there are any to be had in the middle of the map, so that I would fire a salvo, just before going behind it, then turn or break a little or if it seems like many are focusing on me stop behind it until concealed again. But many high tier maps are quite open and do not provide opportunities for such guerilla tactics. 7) WASD occasionally seems to make things even worse, since I get citadelled even when hit in the stern while wiggling my posterior as fiercely as I can. 8) AA is quite poor, so I opted just to config the ship with a hydro and choose the vigilance skill to help combatting DD's instead. Of course, this always seems like a bad idea, whenever there is a Carrier in play. I think I am slowly beginning to get the hang of it perhaps, but of course there are still way too many horrific disasters and far too few awesome successes to be quite sure. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Azuma Tier X Japanese Heavy Cruiser This doesn't appear to have reached the EU just yet, so I thought I should bring it over. ST, Japanese cruiser Azuma, tier X Hit points – 71800. Plating - 25 mm. Main battery - 3x3 310 mm. Firing range - 19.1 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 5100. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 8650.... Reload time - 18.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 36.0 s. Maximum dispersion - 196 м. HE initial velocity - 836 m/s. AP initial velocity - 836 m/s. Sigma – 2.0. Maximum speed - 34 kt. Turning circle radius - 920 m. Rudder shift time – 13.9 s. Surface detectability – 15.1 km. Air detectability – 13.4 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 11.7 km. AA defense: - 12x2 40.0 mm, range - 3.5 km, damage per second - 132. - 18x3 25.0 mm, range - 3.1 km, damage per second - 110. - 8x2 100.0 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 166. Available consumables: - 1 slot - Damage Control Party - 2 slot - Hydroacoustic Search / Defensive AA fire - 3 slot - Spotting Aircraft - 4 slot - Repair Party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Quite honestly it just looks like a significantly inferior Stalingrad, especially as she apparently has no special rules for her AP. So compared to the Stalingrad, the Azumaya has: Poorer armor Poorer shell AP krupp Poorer shell AP bounce angles Poorer shell AP fuse time Worse shell velocity, and consequently a longer shell flight time Worse AP shell weight Worse accuracy Worse cruise speed Worse AA No radar suite at all A garbage armor scheme for a ship her size A worse rudder shift period Whilst both being: Large gun, large shell cruisers With the same overmatch threshold The same HE penetration threshold Occupying the same Tier X cruiser slot And in return she gets: A marginally better turning radius Better surface concealment A 4.5% better AP DPM and a 26% better HE DPM
  9. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I have returned once more to propose a ship for the consideration of the public and of course, wargaming. Jeanne d'Arc Right now that ship is the French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc, a schoolship of the Marine Nationale between 1930 and 1964. History In game In light of her moderate characteristics, I am going to propose a few "game-mechanic-based" improvements. First off, characteristics: Survivability Armament: Anti Air Maneuverability: Concealment: So here we are. A somewhat slow, fragile, gun and AA-based cruiser that outdoes the Duguay in terms of gunnery and AA, but falls behind in speed (even with a boost) and hitting power, not having any torps at all. I hope you like this proposal, feel free to discuss/suggest. Here are a couple of pics of her https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Jeanne_d'Arc_(ship,_1930) Cheers PS: I was planning on writing up Suffren and Colbert this evening, but it's 0400 already, so you'll have to wait a little for those two (both destined for T7) Sources: world-war.co.uk navypedia netmarine.net navweaps.com
  10. ___HADES____

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII

  11. ___HADES____

    Minotaur — British Tier X

  12. Dimli_Gloinssohn

    Deutsche Kreuzer sind eine Zumutung !

    Geht das nur mir so oder sind die deutschen Kreuzer eine Frechheit. Ich fahr mit der Karlsruhe und verursache and Zerstörern pro Schuss mit HE nur 500 Schaden???? hallo??? Bei Schlachtschiffen prallt man mit HE sowieso permanent ab und bei der ultra geringen Feuerentzündungsrate bin ich froh wenn ich bei 200 Schuss 2- 3 Feuer gelegt habe. Ich red schon lieber gar nicht von dem niedrigen Leben und der laut Wargaming ,,schwer zu knackenden" Panzerung... Ja, also ich weiß nicht wo 10 mm Panzerung auf der ZITA ne schwer zu knackende Panzerung ist. Bisher seh ich die einzigen Rausstecher mit der Nürnberg und der Hermelin. Weiter konnten wir bisher noch nicht testen. Wenn ein WG-Staff das hier lesen sollte, dann bitte fixt den Müll und passt wenigstens den Schaden und den Durchschlag an. WIe kann es sein das selbst der Kreuzer der amis oder japsen mehr Schaden je Schuss haben, obwohl sie kleinere Kaliber haben???? hallo?? Größeres Kaliber ->> mehr Sprengstoff ->> mehr Schaden ... Ach nein das ist ja unlogisch... Wenn die Teile nicht gebufft werden, wird es da noch viele böse Worte geben. Guten Tag!
  13. ___HADES____

    Emerald — British Tier V

  14. ___HADES____

    Leander — British Tier VI

  15. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Belfast
  16. Hi all, First time posting to the forum!! HMS Exeter is missing 2 AA mounts. While under repair in 1940–41 after her battle with the Admiral Graf Spee, the Royal Navy decided to upgrade her armament and fire-control systems. In game we seem to have her 1940-41 refit because 'her single four-inch AA guns were replaced with twin-gun mounts for Mark XVI guns of the same calibre (the dual 102mm guns in game - Secondary and also AA) and a pair of octuple mounts for 40 mm "pom-poms" were added abreast her aft superstructure. This is true when looking at he AA, we can clearly see the 2x8 40mm PomPoms. HOWEVER Enclosures ("tubs") for single 20mm Oerlikon guns were added to the roof of both 'B' and 'Y' turrets under her 1940-41 refit. We have the "tubs" vvisualised, but no 20mm guns! I know it's such a small change and won't affect much in the way of AA, however for history Accuracy, I'd like to see them added. Please bump up this post so Devs can see it. As I said, it's my first time posting so don't roast me too much! Have fun and RULE BRITAINNIA! Kind Regards Chopsy
  17. conceited

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    I`d like to thank wargaming for making the furutaka. Thanks to the furutaka... I uninstalled the game and gained soo much free time to study for my medical exams! Thanks wargaming! If the worst battleship and worst destroyer had a baby.. it would be the furutaka. Youll be outgunned by cruisers a tier below you... and your reload rate is no where good enough to be accurate. You`ll spend ur time change your ship direction because u`ll get killed, each time you fire is essentially like making that very first shot. avoid this ship at all costs. I dont post but i log on just to express my anger at those [edited]idiots we call wargaming
  18. ___HADES____

    Caledon — British Tier III

    Temat poświęcony tierowi III http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Caledon
  19. Supersubway

    Italian cruisers

    Hello, We were told that a Italian cruiser line was scheduled for q4 18, is there any update on that? Thanks
  20. ThemistoclesGR

    Atago + Atago B

    Hi fellas, For us who alredy have the Atago in port...wouldnt it be easier to just give us the black camo for the ship we already own? I think its more practical to just give us the premium camo instead of a new identical ship. Now i have to switch the captain all the time, change flags, buy again the upgrades etc etc....just not practical
  21. Which class determines victory? Answer the poll above - A really simple question which I find myself arguing over endlessly with clanmates. I find there is also a very big problem currently with the game because of my opinion on this. If equal numbers of ships on each team, which carries? Which class seriously and simply outright determines the outcome of a battle? We're talking random battles here and I've left carriers out of this poll on purpose.
  22. Whilst falling asleep, you have an awkward dream. A dream about something you never expect to come true. You sit in a slick Royal Navy cruiser, when just in front of you pops up.... but watch for yourself.
  23. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Do BB`s CL`s and DD`s need each other?

    When the game first came out, there was a premise that each ship class was to an extent reliant on the other class`s to perform well. For example...a BB alone will be vulnerable to a DD`s torps or a CV attack, so it is better to have a BB supported by a cruiser...the cruiser can provide AA cover and can aid in spotting torps and if a sneaky DD strays too close has the rapid and more accurate guns to better deal with a DD. Your friendly DD`s are great at forging ahead to spot enemies or capping, and launching surprise torp attacks, but they are vulnerable if attacked because of low HP and no armour....but here comes the cruiser to offer close fire support and the DD is not so vulnerable. And the eye in the sky CV, he can support everyone.....fighters to spot pesky DD`s sneaking up on a BB...torp drops not only to damage ships but to turn them into an even more vulnerable position of showing broadsides to your BB and cruiser team mates. It is both more complex and more simple than I could ever explain it, but each class of ship had a niche, had role to fill, had a job. Now, after a year those roles or jobs has blurred or even become surplus to requirements...how you ask. Well lets look at the toys and consumables that BB`s get now....Hydro...Radar....at higher tiers better AA than most cruisers can offer. So where does that leave the cruiser in this? out of a job is where it is, what can a cruiser offer that BB`s cannot? defensive fire? wont be too long until they give that toy to BB`s. Why is it that a top CV player avoids BB`s in favour of DD`s? even if that BB is isolated? because BB attacks have a cost in planes lost, and a DD attack generally doesn't. What I`m trying to get across is that each class of ship had its own identity, a clearly defined job within its fleet...and now that identity is being lost. Do I have the answer to this, one that everyone would look at and say "hell, that would work" probably not. Giving any ship class more and more toys/consumables will only make the problem worse, the classes are out of sync with each other...just look at the MM in a random match and you may see 6-7 BB`s 2 cruisers and 3-4 DD`s...that is out of balance...of course you`ll have a new line of ship come in and throw those numbers out of line again...but BB`s are so much less reliant on help or support from other classes that more people sail them. I`m not suggesting WG bring out the nerf bat and start swinging it wildly at the BB`s, but that they should look at why there are BB`s/cruisers/DD`s and CV`s in the game...diversity, choice, roles....reign back on the toys/consumables, bring back the synergy between the classes...the need for supporting each other...the team play. If WG continue to give more and more toys to any one class of ship, not just BB`s(sorry BB drivers, easiest ships to make my point) then it may come to pass that they may as well drop all ship classes and just have one that can do everything, and welcome in a time of tediousness. Having the choice of what class of ship you sail, what role you want to fill is a fundamental part of the fun in this game...and its slipping away. Lets hope WG actually do take a long hard look at the direction they are taking, the cynic in me doubts it...but still...you never know
  24. Hello, I've came across this post again, and i was wondering if there is any updates on the situation, for I noticed many players dont even buy high tier ships, because of the high repair costs. (a tier8 cruiser for example, costs approx. 100k credits for full repair if not more) Couldnt find anything related on EU forums, so please enlighten me on the situation, i am convinced it would be nice to have a tad smaller repair cost overall, especially on tier9
  25. At the moment, there are about 10-20% cruisers in hightier-matches, due to the fact that battleships just have superior firepower and can easily oneshot them. On the other hand can destroyers still use their stealth-advantage to engage battleships. Cruisers tend to do damage over time, so it is much more essential for a cruiser to survive longer, to be rewarded xp and credits. Now I'm asking more experienced players (I only recently played york and nagato): Would smaller citadels for t8+ cruisers enhance their survivability in high-tier battles? I think the cruisers would still get large damage due to the weak armor, if hit properly and a skilled BB-player with good aim (and some good rng) could still annihilate cruisers with one salvo, but in most cases cruisers could survive 1-2 salvos more and get to safety and/or ask for support to continue doing damage. Of course we would drift off from the historical inner structure of the ships, but if it supports a more healthy gameplay in higher tiers, i think it's worth a try.