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Found 141 results

  1. Consiglio cruiser T10

    Salve ragazzi, vi chiedo consiglio su un argomento sicuramente trito e ritrito, di cui col tasto cerca ho trovato thread di utenti stranieri, ma che non hanno chiarito al 100% i miei dubbi. Posseggo già come cruiser T10 il Des Moines, che gioco stealth riparandomi tra le isole. Vorrei però ricercare un cruiser T10 che permetta un approccio diverso, e la mia attenzione si è soffermata su 2 cruiser: il Moskva e l"Hindenburg. Mi potreste consigliare quale tra i 2 merita di più, andando ad indicare caratteristiche principali di utilizzo, pregi e difetti? Grazie mille anticipatamente
  2. USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Just noticed when you unlock the USS Seattle B Hull the range is reduced by 0.9km from 14.3km to 13.4km (1km from 15.7km to 14.7km with the range upgrade.) What is this about? Can somebody explain this? Possible bug? (unlikely). I can't think of any other ship where this occurs. The guns are exactly the same - 152mm/47 D.P Mk17. Nor does the actual Artillery stat go down, it remains at 42/100.
  3. Update 0.7.6

    In the previous version, the American heavy cruisers underwent an upgrade. Pensacola, New Orleans, and Baltimore stepped down one tier, a newcomer—Buffalo—joined the ranks, and Cleveland jumped up two tiers, moving to the branch of light cruisers. Update 0.7.6 brings four new ships into the light cruisers branch: Tier VI Dallas, Tier VII Helena, Tier IX Seattle, and Tier X Worcester. What's inside? Light Cruisers ● Arsenal ● Operation Cherry Blossom ● Clan Battles ● Unique Upgrades ● Game Balance ● Maps ● Port of New York ● Content ● Other Fixes
  4. Prinz Eugen

    Salve ragazzi, ho una domanda per voi: che voi sappiate, in Prinz Eugen è stato aggiornato e depotenziato di recente? tra l'altro avevo montato il potenziamento della batteria principale per aumentare la portata, ma adesso lo slot è vuoto e quel potenziamento non è più selezionabile (ce ne sono altri ma non quello). Grazie anticipatamente a chi mi risponderà
  5. Agano class cruiser proposal

    Agano class cruiser Light cruiser Agano The Agano class cruisers were light cruisers build for the Imperial Japanese Navy as a replacement for the older classes of light cruisers as a part of Fourth Replenishment Program. Named after Japanese rivers they were beautiful, modern looking ships with a graceful deck lines. Designed as a flotilla leaders for the modern Japanese destroyer squadrons they were fast ships yet at the same time possesed underwhelming main gun armament of only 6x2 152 mm guns and weak armour protection. On the other hand they could be proud of their torpedo armament which featured two quadruple Type 92 torpedo mounts placed on the centerline of the ship which could fire a full broadside on either direction. Agano class construction Ship Build at Laid down Launched Completed Agano Sasebo NY 6/18/40 10/22/41 10/31/42 Noshiro Yokosuka NY 9/4/41 7/19/42 6/30/43 Yahagi Sasebo NY 11/11/41 10/25/42 12/29/43 Sakawa Sasebo NY 11/21/42 4/9/44 11/30/44 Agano class Specifications Displacement 8,534 tons full load Dimensions Lenght:572.35ft overall /beam 49.9ft /draft: 8,5 ft Speed 35 knots Range 6,000nm at 18 knots Crew 51 officers and 649 enlisted personel as designed; Sakawa had 55 officers and 750 enlisted when completed Agano and Noshiro as built: 6 × 152 mm Type 41 guns (3 × 2) 4 × 76.2 mm Type 98 DP guns (2 × 2) 6 × 25 mm AA guns (2 × 3) 4 × 13mm Type 93 AA machine guns (2 × 2) 8 × 610 mm torpedo tubes (2 × 4) 16 Type 95 or Type 2 depth charges 3 Type 88 mines Completed on 31 October 1942, Agano participated in the battles for Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands during 1943. Agano was badly damaged in Rabaul harbor by aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS Saratoga and USS Priceton, and in a subsequent attack by aircraft from TF38 on 11 November she received a torpedo hit. Ordered to home waters for repair, she was torpedoed and sunk north of Truk by the US submarine USS Skate (SS-305), on 16 February 1944. Light cruiser Noshiro Commissioned on 30 June 1943, Noshiro participated in operations in the Solomon Islands and was damaged during the US carrier aircraft raids on Rabaul on 5 November 1943. She served in the Marianas in the summer of 1944, and was part of Admiral Kurita's force during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. At the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. She was west of Panay while withdrawing from the Battle of Samar on the morning of 26 October when she was sunk by aircraft from USS Wasp and USS Cowpens. Light cruiser Yahagi Commissioned on 29 December 1943 Yahagi saw action in the Marianas in May/June 1944, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. After the US invasion of Okinawa on 1 April 1945, she was ordered to accompany the battleship Yamato on its suicide mission against the American fleet at Okinawa. Yahagi was hit by some seven torpedoes as well as a dozen bombs, and sank on the afternoon of 7 April 1945. Light cruiser Sakawa Sakawa was not completed until the end of 1944, by which time there was little fuel available. She survived the war unscratched and was used as a transport to return demilitarized troops from New Guinea and other areas after the war. She was expended in the atom bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in 1946. *Data based on Imperial Japanese Navy Light Cruisers 1941–45 and Wikipedia. In conclusion, I think that it would be nice to see those magnificent looking light cruisers in game at some point. Possibly a tier V-VI ship, with many ways to make it interesting and unique. Torpedo reload booster, higher rate of fire, better aa or maybe Aiming System Modification 0? There is many options to choose from for this class.
  6. Radar mehr Radar

    Radar Wargaming wir brauchen mehr Radar im Spiel damit es noch mehr abfucked!Macht absolut null sinn DD zu Spielen ab Tier 7 weil jeder edited !Bei sovielen Radar Schiffen brauch man auch keine Erkennbarkeit mehr bei den DDs es sieht einen sowieso jeder Stricher Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 1
  7. Nuova offerta per chi ha account WOWS tramite Steam, termina il giorno 8/6/2018. https://store.steampowered.com/app/872610/World_of_Warships__Indianapolis_Pack/ Riporto dal sito: RIGUARDO QUESTO CONTENUTO Questo DLC non è compatibile con un account creato fuori da Steam. L'Indianapolis è un guerriero versatile. Grazie al consumabile Sorveglianza radar e all'elevata cadenza di fuoco, questo incrociatore è perfetto nel ruolo di nave supporto. Il suo efficace armamento primario consente di sfidare tranquillamente incrociatori di pari livello. Infine, come non citare il fatto che i suoi profitti di esperienza e crediti sono aumentati! Questo pacchetto contiene: capitano con 6 punti abilità spazio nel Porto 2.500 dobloni 50 segnali Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, India Bravo Terrathree, Zulu e Zulu Hotel +200% Exp per le prime 25 vittorie con l'incrociatore Indianapolis L'Indianapolis ti aiuterà a completare la nuova collezione americana. Solo con questa nave, dall'1° giugno al 25 luglio, potrai completare alcune missioni speciali. Con il suo aiuto potrai ricevere direttamente in gioco fino a 18 container della collezione Incrociatori americani.
  8. Signori.... ci siamo!!!! https://worldofwarships.eu/it/news/updates/us-cruisers-changes/
  9. New orleans after cruiser split?

    I have asked this question before about the clev and pepsi. But now I am grinding towards the new orleans. The cruiser solit is close as supertesters already have access to it. SO 1. What will happen to my ships if I have new orleans. 2. If I only research the new orleans and not buy it does the same rules apply. 3. Some tips for the pensacola I struggle in it :p
  10. US Cruiser split question?

    Hey I am wondering when will the us cruiser split happen Aslo I wanted to ask something. I have a cleveland and a pensecola what will happen to these ships when the split happens. Will I lose them or will I still have them? The tiers will change so what will happen to the cleveland and pensecola in my port? Also what is the avg service cost of tier vii ships?
  11. Which class determines victory? Answer the poll above - A really simple question which I find myself arguing over endlessly with clanmates. I find there is also a very big problem currently with the game because of my opinion on this. If equal numbers of ships on each team, which carries? Which class seriously and simply outright determines the outcome of a battle? We're talking random battles here and I've left carriers out of this poll on purpose.
  12. [Question] Omaha crew skill(s)

    Hey Fellow WoW Captains, Let's introduce myself a little bit (yeeeey my first topic on WoW), first i took a long brake from Warships (was playing more tanks and some other games), second after not playing 1 year and half maybe longer or maybe less i thought i would suck when playing again (1 week so far) but actually i had pretty good games on my Omaha so far anyway let' get to the point and explain my question. I've read (most posts were from 2016 or older) that allot of ppl use "Vigilance" skill for the 3th skill for Omaha tier 5 American cruiser. Personal i have a double feeling about that skill coz i rarely use my torpedoes and 25% bigger range its about 1 km more range if i didnt calculated wrong. Most of the time i'm lowest tier, if a tier 6- 7 comes closer i try to keep them on my maximum gun distance so i dont use torpedoes in this situation. When playing this game for 1 week, i used my torpedoes twice i know it's not allot but what do you think i should do? What is your opinion about the 3th skill on Omaha? Pls explain why, vigilance or..... ? Thanks in advance and big love on the forums but destruction in the water! *edit* You can always say what skills your captain have with a small explanation if you want :)
  13. Hey there fellas, So I was on YouTube a while ago and I saw that The Uss Salt lake City was going to be Tier 6, where the Pensacola was going to be moved to. ( This also applies to some of the other Cruisers, like the Baltimore, but I forgot what it was renamed to) Does this mean they are renaming some ships? Or are these totally different ships??? -USSARIZONA_2015
  14. US Cruiser Line Split Question

    Okay so I just researched the Cleveland before she's moved up to T8 in the US cruiser line split. I'm just wondering, when the Cleveland is moved to T8, will I get a T8 Cleveland? Or just a T6 Pensacola and have to research the Cleveland again? Happy sailing, Pagster123
  15. A Cruiser's Wet Dream Come True

    Whilst falling asleep, you have an awkward dream. A dream about something you never expect to come true. You sit in a slick Royal Navy cruiser, when just in front of you pops up.... but watch for yourself.
  16. If I buy the Pensacola BEFORE the USN Cruiser split what happens after? I know that the Pensacola itself will move down to Tier 6. Will we be provided with one of the new Cruisers at Tier 7 as well, as a replacement? i.e. after split will I have the Pensacola at Tier 6 and A.N. Other at Tier 7 or...?
  17. IFHE on T-IX& T-X CAs/CLs

    Cheers All, Is IFHE on T-IX& T-X CAs/CLs dependent on the nation? If so, which ones do benefit from it? And if there is any statistical/numerical study that shows the rate of damage with&without IFHE in an average game of T-IX& T-X cruisers? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, As we have seen in the reviews of the WiP Duca degli Abruzzi, the ship is in a very "meh" state. I'm fine with it being a glass cannon. Being a cruiser main i am quite used to the consequences of broadsiding ecc, but as of now it also lacks heavily in the dmg dealing department. Is there any plan to change it before release? I am really in a "take my money!" state of mind , but not in the current state. Thanks a lot
  19. radar and hidro change

    hi, I have an idea that might make the game a bit more interesting for DD's. What id suggest is that u change radar detection based on the ammount of reflective surface on a ship. so big ships = further detection ship moving bow in = more stealthy. it might make for some interesting gameplay and teamplay (using radar together to sniff out a DD). also new skills "radar and or sonar detection" that show u where the sonar or radar is coming from (same way as with radio location) so for example: A DD is saling broadside to a cruiser outside of detection range. 7.2 km The cruiser pops radar and the DD gets detected from 11km by the radar when at a 90% angle (broadside) The DD gets a warning the radar is coming from the cruiser and he nouw has to make a choise. Turn towards the cruser or turn away from the cruser. Both will reduce the effective range of the radar but one is alot more dangerous than the other. also if the DD is saling straigt to the cruiser he might not get detected at all and get the drop on whatever he is escorting. also on hydro. maybe variate the range by the speed the enemy/torpedo is going? hirdo ususally works on listening to the cavitation of the propeller or the sound of the engine noise.
  20. Hi all, since our dearest fiend @Excavatus recently started a thread on Gneisenau, I got this brilliant idea to do the same on my newest crush, THE MOGAMI! Along the same lines, so asking for tips on the little bugger. I am currently getting about average games on it as far as I can make out, I usually score some 43-44k per game, but having a decent game seems to be very highly situational and of course one often ends up in tier 10 games, where it seems almost impossible to do anything more than to present a floating target for the big boys. What I have noticed so far: 1) Mogami is basically unarmored, with its citadel duct-taped to the main mast, if any BB so much as sneezes in your general direction (from any distance) you are toast. Also, the much advertised "Angling" seems to be utterly futile... I have never noticed any heavy shell of any caliber actually bouncing from anywhere or from any angle. They detonate very impressively tho. 2) And this is strange, is it just me or does this happen to everyone? Mogami is ALWAYS a priority target to be knocked the instant you fire your first salvo, regardless of if you are the first or the last one in you team to fire, every enemy will instantly drop everything they might be doing at the time and focus on you. What's up with that anyways? I have no idea what is going on here. 3) Good torps and concealment, so I often use it as a kind of an awkward super-sized torpedo-boat instead to harass oncoming enemy BB's but this only works, if they are coming towards you, so the opportunities are limited (also, please drive in straight lines and do not dodge). Placing torps to go behind islands to surprise oncoming enemy and torping Cruisers or DD hiding in smoke has also proved rewarding. 4) I use IFHE and 155mm guns, as I wanted a break from the usual 10*203mm IJN Cruiser configuration. It has been fun and sometimes quite a devastating DD hunter though the slow turret traverse somewhat hinders performance (and also the fact than once you start firing every enemy will immediately switch targets and begin focusing on me). Also works well on RN and other CL. I have used AP from short (roughly 10km or less) ranges on other CA with some success although it does not seem to work so well on higher tier (9 or 10) Cruisers but perhaps that is to be expected. 5) Due to the short 15km gun range, you always end up close to the front line and so it is pretty much impossible to just snipe and spam HE, one has to try and play aggressively within 12-15km range though that is risky and may instead lead to ignominious demise rather quickly. That said, I have also had some very good games just playing defensively (survive long enough and you will do more damage, of course). 6) I have tried to learn using islands for cover as much as possible, if there are any to be had in the middle of the map, so that I would fire a salvo, just before going behind it, then turn or break a little or if it seems like many are focusing on me stop behind it until concealed again. But many high tier maps are quite open and do not provide opportunities for such guerilla tactics. 7) WASD occasionally seems to make things even worse, since I get citadelled even when hit in the stern while wiggling my posterior as fiercely as I can. 8) AA is quite poor, so I opted just to config the ship with a hydro and choose the vigilance skill to help combatting DD's instead. Of course, this always seems like a bad idea, whenever there is a Carrier in play. I think I am slowly beginning to get the hang of it perhaps, but of course there are still way too many horrific disasters and far too few awesome successes to be quite sure. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  21. German cruiser line

    Here is my question, i saw almost every nation has its special gimics ,mostly from t8 and some from t4 (yeah looking at you royal navy cruisers) and was wondering what the soo special in german cruisers? yes i have seen they have a little better hydro and thats all? no better secondary range like the battleship line , no repair on the heavy cruisers (but you have them on light cruisers ) not even on the premium one. So if there would be a buff on them one day, what buff it would have been?
  22. HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën-Class Light Cruiser Completed for the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1953 as HNLMS De Ruyter (C801) For in the game, I think De Ruyter needs something special (Surveillance radar II) -> 11,7km with a 30 seconds duration. The dutch navy was and still is one of the best radar producers on the world. I see the ship for Tier 7 maybe 8. It has 4x2 152mm main armament, AA is decent. Construction: General characteristics: Some Pictures of the beauty: Will be glad to see this beauty in-game with a new nation :) Greetings,
  23. Will Belfast Return ?

    Hi, A question for the developers, will the Belfast ever return to the game? When the ship was first released it was viewed as being overpowered etc. I am not interested in that debate, whilst you generally get the balance of ships right, on occasions it does go wrong. When you made changes to the smoke meta you offered people refunds which was the right thing to do, and Kudos for doing so. But then you removed the ship from the game. So are you planning to return the Belfast to the store in it's current state, or a revised version with some changes to it. i.e. dump hydro and add defensive AA, so more AA support and also more susceptible to the new deep water torps for example, or just remove hydro completely. I would love a response from the developers on what their future plans are for this iconic British ship are, and even other peoples opinion on what could be removed or added to make the ship more balanced so it comes back in to the game. Thx.
  24. Prinz Eugen model/skin in-game.

    Hi. This is one of those small things that wont actually matter much but i´ll give it a go anyways. The Eugen is beautifully represented in the game as are all the other ships too, although one thing has been bugging me. There is spare floatplane float in green camo mounted on starboard side of the ship, just behind the floatplane. The ship originally had the AR196 floatplane which was green and the ship in game uses the Messerschmitt floatplane which has grey camo but the spare float is still green. Is this intentional or just some leftover old texture from previous iterations of the ship model? I know you guys have a lot of more important issues at this point, but i wanted to ask about this thing as it bugs me too see it in harbor. :D (the image is from the internet, not my account.)
  25. Looking for a clan

    My username is d_Lynn. I'm 19 years old and I'm living in France. I'm a student, in computer sciences. I'm mainly studying developpement and programming (Hey, WG, if you look for an intern !). About what I like... I love anime, cooking and playing video games (That's obvious tho). For my caracter... I love making jokes and laughing. I'm quite an easy-going person and I don't realy mind about Winning/Loosing, as long as I have fun ! I have a relatively good english, and I speak French (native language). I'm currently looking for an English/French competitive clan, I'll study all the propositions ! Fast image for my stats : Direct link : https://wows-numbers.com/player/534973001,d_Lynn/ I'm a versatile player. I love playing all classes ! My two predilectives classe are CV and CA. My favourites carriers are Kaga and Taiho and my favourites cruiser are Des Moines and Minotaur. I have all tier X unlockable at the moment. I'm looking for a clan that share the same passions as me with a good atmosphere and if possible, a competitive line up ! Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to ask any questions. Have a nice day !