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Found 8 results

  1. XNAVI Croatian extream naval tactics Je novi klan u nastajanju, zbog dosegnutog limita od 50 igrača u prošlom klanu donjeli smo odluku napraviti novi klan, tako da svi igrači koji su željni napredovati su dobrodošli. Stoga, ako ste : - redovan igrač - najmanje 500 odigranih bitki - min. Jedan brod razine 10 na raspolaganju za igranje klanskih bitki - voljni pridružiti se klanskom Discordu i na istome redovno sudjelovati Dobrodošli ste u naš klan. Discord https://discord.gg/5pXm2yF Ako ste zainteresirani javite se jednome od naših regrutera 1. IcemanZG 2. Rovad XNAVI Croatian extream naval tactics Is a new clan in making, becouse our last clan reached maxsimum number of players we diceded to make a new clan. so all players that want to play and have fun are welcome.
  2. Kaptain_Newo

    [ECHO] Klan COmmunity

    [ECHO] ! Pozivamo igrace da nam se pridruze klanu! >>>Multinacionalni Klan<<< >>>>>>CILJEVI<<<<<< *napredne igre i organizovanje *Klanske igre * Teemske igre >>>>>>>>ZAHTEVI <<<<<<< *komunikativni igraci * 50% W/B min. * Komunikacija Discord Obavezna * 2.5 bitke minimum >>>>>Discord link<<<<<
  3. Recruiting Croatian language based players (preferably!). Discord link: https://discord.gg/5QmXRS3 PM me ingame/Discord for invite.
  4. Hrvatska Ratna Mornarica je klan za hrvatske igraće i one koji se tako osječaju Klan je napravljen sa namjerom za zajedničko igranje i druženje Nema nikakvih pravila za ulaz u klan osim da se za komunikaciju koristi Discord koji je potpuno besplatan i jednostavan za korištenje
  5. Do you have what it takes to become part of the crew? [0SC] is an active Balkan clan, a sister clan to OSC formed after there was no more room in our primary clan. We are oriented towards competing in community tournaments, and basically any competitive team effort including the upcoming Clan Wars. Clan shares TS adress with its sister clan so we can all be one big happy family. All aplicants need to have at least two tier 8 ships useable in competitive gameplay. *------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* What are we looking for: 1) Players from Balkan area exclusevly 2) Players that use TS for communication 3) Players with 53% WR and more 4) Players with WTR above 1000 0SC is still recruiting! What do we offer: 1) Weeeeell lots of fun! 2) Divisions, Team battles 3) Community tournaments 4) Organised, experienced group of mofos*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Contact via forum or PM for more info!
  6. As the title says, im open for some Division play. I spend over 600 battles doing solo and its really boring to continue this way. Im not very skilled nor im here so long but I like to play in teams. Send me a private message or contact in game.
  7. Basically, I was searching for Croatian clans and cant seem to find any. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in creating a clan or if you have one already.
  8. SexyCroat

    CRO Pirates