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Found 62 results

  1. Hi all, On "Public Test Server" (PTS) the signal flags are now available for credits (as announced before by devs)! Apparently 1 Coal = 300 Credits ! So... if this is how it is going to be on "Live" then it is... well... expensive... Source (Reddit): "PTS Signal Flags for Credits (1 coal equivalent to 300 credits)" Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Table with current Inventory selling prices - as you can see the selling price is just fraction of buying value (i.e. not customary 50%)... +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Name | Achievement | Price (per 20) | Each | Inventory Selling Price | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Hotel Yankee | Die Hard | 240.000 | 12.000 | 750 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India Delta | Dreadnought | 2.400.000 | 120.000 | 7.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India Yankee | Fireproof | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Charlie | Detonation | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Yankee Bissotwo | Unsinkable | 480.000 | 24.000 | 1.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Mike Yankee Soxisix | Close Quarters Expert | 960.000 | 48.000 | 3.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Sierra Mike | Double Strike | 2.400.000 | 120.000 | 7.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | November Foxtrot | High Caliber | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | November Echo Setteseven | Clear Sky | 1.920.000 | 96.000 | 6.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Victor Lima | Witherer | 3.840.000 | 192.000 | 12.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | India X-Ray | Arsonist | 2.880.000 | 144.000 | 9.000 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+ | Juliet Whiskey Unaone | Liquidator | 1.440.000 | 72.000 | 4.500 | +--------------------------+-----------------------+----------------+---------+-------------------------+
  2. wilkatis_LV

    Shooting down planes & rewards for it

    S_O on a Q&A stream with a Russian CC: Shooting down planes currently doesn't give any rewards. No xp or credits. They likely will be re-introduced when the meta stabilizes and better balance is achieved. Sir_Nelson, MrConway and Crysantos on Balance Q&A #2: Shooting down planes gives rewards, it always has. Values probably are reduced compared to what they were previously. Uhh, which one is it then?! These are 2 completely contradicting answers about the same thing within a few days of each other. Another typical case of "The C in Wargaming stands for Competence"? @Sub_Octavian *pretty sure Sir_Nelson isn't on EU forums so can't tag him* @MrConway @Crysantos
  3. KptLt_Thomsen

    Berechnung Credits falsch ?!

    Moin Kapitäne, obwohl das Thema schon mehrfach aufkam, bin ich trotzdem ratlos. Laut Gefechtsbildschirm, hätte die zur Berechnung zugrunde liegende Menge an Credits bei 489k liegen müssen. Schaue ich aber in den Reiter für Kreditpunkte und EP, liegen dort "nur" 337k als Grundlage an. Wie kommt diese Different zustande ? Danke für die Hilfe.
  4. Hi all, Big Poll - economy status - Games/Premium/Doubloons/Credits/FreeXP/Coal/Steel With all recent talk about more generous WoWs economy I wanted to check things out... BTW, I do believe that some "old hands" have many thing in abundance but also I thin that many many players are still in deficit for lost of things (I know it from 1st hand because even in big Clan we have playerse with lowish assets that have to think twice before buying anything)! My data: For how long are you playing WoWs? 3+ years (stared in Open BETA) How many "Random" battles have you played? 6.848 Do you currently have "Premium" (and if "Yes" how many day left)? Yes (181 days left) How much Doubloons you have? more than 30.000 (got them all with 30% and 50% OFF - saving for another "Premium" year) How much Credits you have? more than 200.000.000 How much FreeXP you have? 1.300.000 How much Coal you have? 80.000 (I regularly spend them on certain signal flags I use during combat) How much Steel you have? 1.600 Leo "Apollo11" P.S. On suggestion from fellow "Forumite" I now used option to "hide" who voted for which option... so the vote is anonymous... sorry for overlooking that at the start...
  5. Hello, I've came across this post again, and i was wondering if there is any updates on the situation, for I noticed many players dont even buy high tier ships, because of the high repair costs. (a tier8 cruiser for example, costs approx. 100k credits for full repair if not more) Couldnt find anything related on EU forums, so please enlighten me on the situation, i am convinced it would be nice to have a tad smaller repair cost overall, especially on tier9
  6. SkullBreaker007

    Question regarding contests?

    Hey guys so I am stuggling to get credits faster to buy north carolina. I read on some forums nd heard that there is a contest forum in which you can participate and if you win you get rewards I tried looking but didnt find. I have some questions, do these contests happen regulalry? im on eu so where can I find them?
  7. Brett50

    Premium economy

    it may just be me but it seems that my premium ships don't seem to really make any more credits for me than my regular ships which means that at the moment i'm unlocking ships and modules way faster than I can afford to buy/equip them (when even a module is more than a million credits, it's a real credit grind). One decent game in my Aoba will make me 100k-250k credits, a decent game in the Atago seems to make about 200k, the Atago is a good fun ship to play but for the money spent on it, I'd like it to be a bit more of a money maker like the tier 8 prems in WoT. Other than this I think the whole economy could do with a bit of a look over in WoWS, I'm currently running a prem account so I'd hate to see what the credit gind would be like without one!
  8. This proposal to WG is not made from self-interest, and i will manage either way because i love the game, it is truly honest proposal because I want to see WOWs progressing and becoming even more interesting game. In order to make battles more interesting and more engaging i propose following: My suggestion to WG is to make winning team to get more credits than losing team. How much more winning team should get credits it is for WG to figure out, I propose 20% credits more. This new system would make teams fight harder for the win, also would bring in additional motivation, especially for high tier ship owners to win battle and cover repair costs more easily. Currently winning team get double XP points from the game, and this is fine but not enough for players who are reaching final stage. For tier 10 ship owner more XP points means nothing since there is nothing left more to research, amount of earned credits is given from amount of damage and some other achievement in the battle, and that is fine. But winning team should get extra credits for victory reward and incentive to play more to win it. To show example. I stopped with Izumo as my top tier BB and i have Zao as ultimate tier, but now when i am playing with these ships as my final tiers I am rather indifferent if i get double xp or not. Sure i am aiming to win, but honestly things would have been much different for me if i knew that win will also bring me more credits. Credits are always needed and wanted and many players reached the point when actual XP points are not needed any more. Final tier players have come into position to feel OK even after battles is lost as long they made significant damage to earn enough credits to repair their ships, but additional percentage of credits for winning team would change this totally. This little change would help WOWs in many fields and save multiple problems that players complain about (passive play and high costs), but most importantly to keep all players highly motivated to fight, to increase battle intensity, and especially to provide endgame players additional boost, that is tier 10 players to fight harder. as double XP points for win is insignificant for them.
  9. Hi all, How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition) In early 2017 I run the same poll: and we had 333 entries with results like this: Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I have around 150.000.000 Credits right now (and will get more from USN cruiser split because I had them all)... and I wish I have something useful to spend them on in addition to "usual" choices...
  10. barratheon

    Zu wenig von allem!

    Heute ist nicht Freitag oder? Gut. Also, mein Thema ist das folgende; Das Spiel belohnt einen für die "falschen" Dinge und gibt zu wenig exp (und damit auch credits) für Dinge die man richtig macht. Wann ist mir das aufgefallen? Nun, eigentlich ist mir das bisher noch nie aufgefallen und erst als kürzlich Flamu in einem Video davon sprach und es auch, mMn schlüssig, erklärt hat habe ich mal darauf geachtet. Heute dann hatte ich eine Runde in der Kagero mit 0 Schaden - da würde man ja jetzt sagen "crap happens" aber wenn die BBs ganz wo anders sind, dazwischen jede Menge Radar unterwegs ist und massig T10 DDs (was aktuell wieder echt geil ist 5 DDs gegen 5 DDs), sowie obendrein noch alle Weltmeister im Ausweichen ...dann passiert das. Aber ganz Nutzlos war ich nicht, denn wie oft rege ich mich auf das nicht gespottet wird oder nicht gecapped wird - in dem Spiel tat ich beides, ausgiebig. 2 caps solo und eines zurück erobert, hielt quasi die gesamte Flotte bis zum Ende offen und hab das getorped was möglich war ohne dabei harakiri zu fahren. Wir gewannen das Spiel auch relativ einfach und ich dachte ich lande trotz der 0 dmg Runde wenigstens im Mittelfeld (spotting, capping) - MÖÖÖP falsch gedacht... letzter. Ein BB, der offensichtlich AFK war und irgendwo am ADW (komplett am anderen Ende des Kartenrands, eine Richelieu) herum dümpelte war sogar vor mir. Der hat vielleicht 3-4 mal auf irgend etwas geschossen...wenn überhaupt. Die Leute waren sogar froh das ich gespottet hab und es hagelte förmlich Lob das endlich mal einer alle offen hält, so konnten die (Radar)Kreuzer fix zerlegt werden und das dürfte das Spiel zu unseren Gunsten beeinflusst haben. Und bevor jemand fragt - ja die waren natürlich gleich hinter mir her, aber ich wurde im ganzen Spiel nicht einmal erwischt- kein Kratzer an der guten Kagero^^ Aber das ist eh uninteressant. Warum bekomme ich für dieses Spiel nicht wenigstens "durchschnittliche" XP? Ist denn wirklich nur Schaden entscheidend dafür? ich finde da müsste mal etwas getan werden.
  11. Sticky_Icky


    I believe this is a serious problem right now, and its making the game much less enjoyable for me and many others, mainly because its detrimental to the outcome of the battle, and also because its a direct result of WG's ingame economics (and therefore can be just as easily get fixed by tweaking it) as i have seen, and been told and experienced myself, the main reason of borderhugging BBs is the ridiculously high repair cost of their ships (mostly on tiers 7 and above) i clearly had a Yamato captain today say this exact thing to me (as i was flaming him for running away of the fight): "do you know how much these things cost for a full repair? i pay 300k every time i die..." so i propose a meaningful balancing in WG economy... two main proposals here, please add your own in the comments if you have a good and meaningful idea: 1) make it so that in a defeat they pay full repair cost, no matter the hp they survived with. as an incentive to actually play like a man in this game, trying to actually win it, rather than survive unscathed, and make Wins give even more Credits to compensate for the defeat credit loss. that way, players will struggle more to win, rather than stay alive in order to not lose too much Credits... the defeats will feel very punishing, and the wins will feel very rewarding 2) make it so that wins give much more Credits that defeats, and Defeats much less than they do now. Still, defeats will feel punishing, and wins will be more rewarding and therefore sought after I believe 1) is much more straightforward approach and will actually end up solving the problem that many people are complaining about and are driving us brave captains TOTALLY NUTS! i get the concept of having to farm with my lower tier ships in order to play my high tiers, and i support that, really. i dont ask to actually farm Credits from high tier games, but the way this is going now, all it does is create cowardice, frustration, and low winrates.... and in this game that is so teamplay based and personal performance cannot secure you a win, i believe WG HAS to make a change. what are your thoughts?
  12. Only recently noticed that the end screen after each battle does show the total ammount of credits earned but without subtracting repair and ammo cost. To me this is irritating as I would expect the ammount of credits shown to me to be added to my account, similar to XP, you know, one system across the board in similar situations...
  13. MS_Surface

    That 426K DMG Gearing replay

    I was just trying to understand this. Recent Gearing game with Premium account:(RECORD || 426K DAMAGE || GEARING - World of Warships - ) 4285K base XP 426K DMG after bills are payed: 591K credtis no cammo or modifiers used ------------------------------- Nov. 2016 game, also Premium:(World of Warships - Gearing Torpedo Whisperer - ) 2896K base XP 124K DMG after modifiers and bills: 615K Without modifiers (inc. permanent cammo): around 450K credits --------------------------------- So the difference between a 4.3K base XP + 426K dmg battle and a 2.9K base XP + 124K dmg is around 140K credits? Does this mean that a battle like: 1389 base XP and 300K dmg (diferences between both battles) would give, after bills and modifiers:-200Kcredits? Somehow this doesn't look fair for the first player but maybe i'm missing something.
  14. Brainzzzzz

    Economy nerfed in 0.5.3.?

    Hi all, I am not sure if my assumption is correct, so I would like to hear your opinion or maybe someone can even back it up what I have been witnessing. With 0.5.3. I am starting to loose money. And I don't mean like a few %, but a ton of credits. I have attached a screen to tell you what I mean. I know that reps are costly, but that is getting insane if you win and are top player. And the repair costs seem to have been skyrocketing as well, boosting the effect of not getting credits anymore. I mean, even a win on this game and without premium you are in the red ones. Even Tirpitz and Atago don't seem to be the money trains they have been before So before anyone jumpstarts on me, I just want to remind you that I am asking for your experience, opinion or similar feedback. Thanks for keeping this thread flame-free
  15. Hello everyone and welcome to my first topic. I would like to know what your highest amount of credits was. It would be nice if you linked a proof. Since without one we can not say that the number is real. My highest credit game (just yesterday): 2.268.480 credits in the Enerprise If you have feedback on the implementation of the topic, please let me know.
  16. ionelf

    Kagero credits

    Why with Kagero everytime I play I lost at least 21 000 for repairs even if I didn't receive any damage at all?!? I didn't notice on other ships this....
  17. _Teob_

    Something to do with Credits

    So some of us have amassed a considerable amount of credits and there's nothing to actually do with them. I realize that this isn't an issue for everyone but I know quite a few people with over 100m credits. For instance I am on around 600m credits at the moment. A solution here would be to have a clan vault where we could deposit the credits and other clan members could benefit from them. Obviously there would need to be some restrictions so we don't wind up with gold sellers. Something like having to be in the clan for at least 30 days and having contributed at least 500 oil before you can take out 5m or something. I am sure some sort of draconian set of rules could be put in place to ensure the economy doesn't go crazy. I realize that WG sells some credits so this might be an unacceptable solution because of that. Or there may be restrictions with moving currency of any kind between accounts. If the above solution is deemed unfeasible then can we please convert them at extortionate rates to doubloons or free xp or something like that. Basically we need a way to spend this resource.
  18. Hi, I am struggling to finance all the ships I have researched by the time I got the experience to unlock them. Thus I figured I would like to buy a premium ship to speed things up vastly. My question is, what ship does earn the most credits in an average game ( I am not that great of a player ) when all factors such as shell-cost, repair-cost etc are considered? I lean to towards Alabama or Tirpitz however I am not set on any particular nation as this will be a ship ONLY to farm credits, the crew training aspect is secondary at best.
  19. Bad_Mojo_incoming

    Modules sink?

    I don't understand this....Both in WoT and WoWP when you gain enough XP you can unlock new modules for your tank or plane and after you buy them, you can sell the previous (now unused, unnecessary or inferior) modules to get some credits back. Is this feature not available in Warships? I mean, purchasing new guns, ship hulls, torps, planes, targeting systems cost HUGE PILES of credits! Not to mention upgrades, signals, cammo, captain training...Which makes incredibly hard to farm money without premium account and premium ships. All in all, can't we sell the unused modules in Warships? Or have I missed something?
  20. fatmonk

    Double the base XP

    I don't know if this suggestion has been discussed already, but I tried to search for it. - so forgive me If that's the case. Sometimes weekends are horrible, and this one is no exception. Yesterday my two div buddies and I, had quite a few tier X battles that lasted like 7-10 minutes. Its actually much much shorter than most tier 1-2 matches. When looking at the scoreboard after the game, either team had any player who made anything remarkable, in fact it was poor allover. The top player on the winning team had like 1300 XP´ish - in a tier X game! I doubt its satisfactory for any player, winning or losing regardless. Suggestion: If the game lasts XX minutes, under the full 20 minutes, then boost the XP proportionally, with xx percent. Maybe it could be tweaked, so the boost would not be 200% if the game only lasts 10 minutes, but 180%, as some games lasts 18 minutes.- It should be based on average/expected match duration. - I assume the credits, is linked to the base XP? I'm not a math guy, but I'm sure somebody here could make an equation, of how it should be calculated. Another solution could be a better and more fair matchmaking, but that's probably not gonna happen...
  21. sleki

    Update 0.5.1

    Just a general question. Who didn't receive in game credits when reaching level 11 after update 0.5.1. Cause support sustains that it was given to every player. My post: Hi,Before reaching level 9 I had more then 4 million credits,When reaching level 9 I received 2 million, so that means that I had more then 6 million.After update 0.5.1 I reached level 11 but didn't receive the 3 million for reaching level 11.In general now I have 6.8-6.9 million credits, but it should be 9.8-9.9 million credits.Thank you, Their answer: Wojtek Niedźwiedzki 6 November 2015 10:08 Hello Commander, Thank You for contacting Wargaming Support. I am sorry that you have problems with your Warships. Thank you for providing a screenshot. Today, there has been a new patch for World of Warships which has changed the rank system a bit. If you have been ranked 9 before the patch, you did receive the 3,000,000 Credits, Since your rank went up after the change, you will not receive the same amount of credits again. You can read more about the patch update, and how it had affected you here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/cbt/patch-alert-051/ If You have any other questions, feel free to contact us again, Have A Nice Day, Wojtek Niedźwiedzki Wargaming.net Customer Service Representative https://eu.wargaming.net/support/ Pomóż nam! Oceń nas! Po zamknięciu zgłoszenia, wystaw swoją opinię na temat naszej usługi. Rate us! Improve us! Leave feedback on our service after this ticket is closed. Any opinion?!
  22. Sn0rkS

    Buff to high tier credits

    Hi I would like to suggest a light buff in credit reward in the high tiers, espcially T10. Yesterday I played a battle in IGN Yamato with a credit reward of 400.000 credits. After repairs, ammo and consumables I was left with 81.000 credits. This is with both 10% additional credit bonus from flag and 10% additional credit bonus from Clan. Removing the consumables it would still only add up to 148.000 credits. I think it's worth poiting out that without premium I would have gone minus. How do you guys feel about adding a light buff to credit rewards to make it slightly easier to earn credits? Players who has the Missouri has a way around this issue but I feel it takes forever to build up credits as it is, playing the high tiers.
  23. barratheon

    Credits, ich brauche Credits!

    Okay, das Thema wird hier viele gar nicht berühren - daher bitte gleich weiter gehen... oder vernünftig Antworten bitte. Ich hatte die Frage andernorts schon ein mal gestellt und habe dort irgendwie nichts mitnehmen können das geholfen hat. Die Sache ist die - ich hab zu wenige Credits! Ich könnte jetzt die Moskwa, Alsace, Chung Mu, New Orleans, Maas, Gnewny und ein paar andere kaufen, wenn ich nur die credits hätte die dazu nötig wären. Aktuell spare ich auf ...ich hab keine Ahnung, es ist so viel das ich gerne spielen würde, aber nicht kann mangels credits. Ist das so gewollt, das man sich ewig credits zusammen fahren muss um sich mal was leisten zu können? Ich meine nicht jeder hatte die Chance sich eine Missouri zu holen, oder kann mal eben 80€ raus blasen um 60mio. credits zu kaufen, was ich nebenbei für ziemlich unsportlich halte. Ich habe immer einen Premium Account und fahre wie ein irrer die Premium-Schiffe - zugegeben, mit durchwachsendem Erfolg - dennoch finde ich das es viel zu lange dauert bis man die Kohle zusammen hat um sich etwas leisten zu können. Ich habe nach einem halben Jahr noch keinen 10er (Bin auch nicht sonderlich daran interessiert um ehrlich zu sein, wenn ich sehe wie das gespielt wird... bekomme es im 9er ja ständig mit und zu oft mit den 8ern) - ist das wirklich SO gewollt? Keine Kritik! Nur eine Verständnis-frage. Gut, ich kann mir denken das WG Geld verdienen will, was auch kein Problem ist. Aber ich finde das 80€ für 60mio. einfach unanständig viel ist, hier und da gebe ich gerne mal etwas für Dublonen (und Premium, mal ein Schiff) aus aber DAS "Angebot" ist mMn völlig daneben. Vielleicht gehen da auch ein paar kleinere Chargen, vielleicht auch mal wirklich zu Preisen die einen nicht direkt an ein Freudenhaus erinnern. Was die Preisgestaltung angeht ist es wie mit Schrauben - nach fest kommt los und ich finde es ist deutlich zu fest. 80€ - dafür gibt es ein Vollpreis Spiel, sogar 2 und hier brauche ich das um mir 4-5 Schiffe kaufen zu können die ich mir zuvor noch erspielen muss.... sorry, aber ...nä. Daher meine bitte; dreht mal etwas an der Credits-Schraube im Spiel selbst und passt eure Preise diesbezüglich ein wenig an, denn das hat mMn mit Spaß nichts mehr zu tun, das ist (tut mir Leid für den Ausdruck) Abzocke.
  24. Rippthrough

    UI needs to be less gold focused

    Is it just me or is everything on the UI designed to trick you into accidentally spending your in game credits/gold? You sell a ship and the automatic upgrade default is to use your gold to demount rather than just sell them with the ship (guess who hit that one yesterday), you hit retraining on a ship commander and enter to confirm and guess what the default was, no, not the free basic training, but the 500 gold instant retrain. Great, another 500 down the drain. I really don't want to have to be concentrating on every little trick the UI has up it's sleeve to deliberately trip me up when I've logged on for a quick game at 1:30am and I'm half asleep. I don't mind spending in-game credits, but I'd quite like it to be where I wish them to be, can we not have the default options be the free ones ?!
  25. PPKinguin

    Im broke

    So I am officially out of Credits. This has never happened before so I am kinda confused and wondering wether something changed in pay per match? Bought myself the Amagi and Fubuki at the same time and that left me with little money, just a couple of hundred thousands. Then I played and I didnt play good, to be expected with new ships, but overall I stayed in the upper half of my teams ranking. And then I went bankrupt as hell. I earn about 70k in the Amagi, not playing too hot and only doing like 60k dmg, and lose 100-120k in repairs and ammo. And thats on a win!... Dafaq is happening?