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Found 6 results

  1. Charger76

    Moskva Permanent Camo

    You sold me permanent camo for a tech tree ship for 5,000 gold. You now tell us that you are converting this ship to a "coal ship" and that those of us who bought gold and used it to but permanent camo can go to hell, you don't care. Not a new attitude from you Wargaming, but the clearest indication of it so far and the one that for me ends any chance of me parting with real money ever again. I have spent over €5K with you over the last 5-6 years and in the last year especially (it was creeping in before that, hence in the last year my spend has been WAY smaller than in previous years) all you have done is give me reasons not to trust you, not to do business with you again and spat in my face as a paying customer. If you decide to replace a ship on the tech tree, your customers who bought a permanent asset for a ship in that position in that tech tree should get the premium camo transferred. Anything less than that is theft and an abuse of your terms and conditions. If you can afford to lose my business and those of others who have acquired in game assets, then good for you, but I suspect the day will come when someone treats their customers with a little more respect and you will have lost out.
  2. thechopsm


    Could I please enquire as to why, when you work soooooooooooo hard to earn containers and select the item that you actually require i.e. money, consumables, resources for the armoury, etc, you nearly always get palmed off with stuff that you really DO NOT want (and DID NOT select) i.e. 1 of the item you wanted plus 3 flags and 3 camo? It really does make the idea of earning your 3 containers per day seem absolutely pointless, infuriating and the reward system a bit of a joke!!!!!! Also, and with this serious issue in mind, might it not be an idea to make steel and coal available for purchase? Grateful for your response to edited! Edit: Since we can't be sure that e-mail adress belongs to you, and it is forbidden to share peoples' e-mail address out in public according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) I removed the address.
  3. Afghanicus

    Containers bug?

    Just wondering if it's due to the major EU server issues or just a random bug... When going to open crates, the platform is flat but no crate is being displayed. On the next screenshot (last night) I have 2 crates ready to open and as far as I know (and it was a case til now) the last obtained crate is being displayed but no here, not now... On the next instance (this morning), I got the XP to collect the next container but seems like the last one is "stuck" and doesn't get out on the cargo hatch. (from the top view, seems like a french crate) I've probably opened about a 1000 crates so far and never saw this bug so I'm wondering if anyone else noticed the same and what could be causing it. Doesn't affect the outcome so I don't find it critical but still... nobody likes bugs.
  4. Themistocles_

    Random English destroyers

    A new event is always welcome and it is a thing that will spice up the game.The way it is implemented though ,i find it,faulty. Giving random tier dd is a minus to anyone who will get it (if he will get it).You give an advantage to random players by luck!So what happens if someone does not get the tier 8 dd?Why should he stay behind in research? I think there should be a timeline where EVERYONE gets just one tier the lowest so the advancement will be equal for all.
  5. While I am happy that the latest patch has a lot of good contents for everyone, the interface for redeeming the crates should be made more user friendly. By that I mean we should be able to exchange shark or eagle token for team crates in bulk. Right now, we can only exchange the crates one by one, which is a horrible experience and it is killing my mouse For example : - I just bought 30 premium shop crates for the event, which gave a total of 600 tokens. - 5 tokens can exchange for a single team crate, so 600/5=120 crates - It means I have to exchange the tokens for crates 120 times. - I also need to open the crates 150 times (30+120), and the best thing is, you can't even skip the crate opening animation !! - That is a total of 270 clicking and waiting, which is really horrible. Unlike the Santa crates, they don't drop ships, so there is nothing to look forward to during the process... just more and more clicking... TL;DR : please add in an option where we can select the number of crates we want to exchange !!
  6. I just completed To the Bottom achievement and Hoarder 2017 too and I received only flags and camos, not crates. Do I need to do anything else besides completing the achievements? Or is there a normal delay for this reward? Anyone having the same problem?