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Found 7 results

  1. Nebuched

    Too hard to support a ticket ?

    When you want to contact support you get directed to a page with generic limited categories. When you click on such a subject, you get some generic solutions. From a CS point of view you get too many roadblocks before you can support a ticket. It's the ultimate way to keep customer's wallets closed. I own or play about 15 games and WOWS games is the only one that has given me black screen problems. Really makes you think what the cause is, my PC or WOWS.
  2. Anyone else experiencing constantly crashes after I've never had any crashes except now and then - once every 4-5 months - shenanigans, but this micropatch made my game unplayable..
  3. SlaWeKMx

    Wows nie uruchamia się

    witam dzis o 11 grałem i wszystko śmigało poczym wyłączyłem komputer normalnie i około 15 odpaliłem bo znowu chciałem zagrać i pojawiło sie takie coś luncher odpala się normalnie ale jak klikne graj to ukazuje się to co na screenie
  4. Mad_Jock_McMad

    OSmac service provision

    High, As a newby I am having massive problems with the WOWEU sever chucking out Windows server operator exceptions to the point I am about to chuck my hand in. My internet is giving me 5.9MPS so is not the problem My Macafee claims there are no bugs or virus on my system My BT firewall claims it has stopped attempted breaches of my firewall So what is up with the new 2.7 WoW version and Mac os?
  5. EgyptionDesperado

    Game keeps crashing after 5 mints into the game

    Please look at my crash report and tell me what to do. Application D:/WOWS/worldofwarships.exe crashed 05.28.2017 at 16:21:23Message:Failed to create vertex buffer (): Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the operation. System info: OS Name: Windows 7 OS Version: 6.6 SP1 OS Architecture: x86Memory info: Virtual memory: 1965912Kb/2097024Kb (94%) Working set (process physical memory): 1745348Kb/2097024Kb (83%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1809072Kb/2097024Kb (86%) Global physical memory: 2559100Kb/3302984Kb (77%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 3572168Kb/6604212Kb (55%)System info:COMPUTERNAME = AA-PCAPPLICATION = "D:\WOWS\worldofwarships.exe" wows_wait_for_mutex4 PROCESSOR(S) = 0 - 6 3c03DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0F00&SUBSYS_0F0010B0&REV_A1DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0F00&SUBSYS_0F0010B0&REV_A1DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAYV1, RDPDD Chained DD, DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAYV2, RDP Encoder Mirror Driver, DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \\.\DISPLAYV3, RDP Reflector Display Driver,
  6. so i just tried to join 2 games in my tier 9 taiho (CV) both times it crashes by the end of the loading time and then proceeds to crash every time i try to relog (including after restart). this in effect means that i lost some 4-500k credits, a massive loss since i don't operate a premium account. other than that a lot of ships seems to bug, especially Hindenburg seem to have a render issue where the entire mid ship becomes invisible to me (my graphics are on high in case it matters) and me trying to load Russian cruisers in the dock seems to often result in either no result or only the small pieces (such as cannons, radar etc.) seem to load with the lag of the entire hull. these are issues i've never had before the last 2 mini patches and it really annoys me because it basically make me unable to play the game, i simply cannot risk losing the credits for taking a game as it is.
  7. Gorneylin


    A new kind of crash for me, just after being killed, when I tried to switch to following another ship. DxDiag in spoiler. No crash log in logs subdirectory.