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Found 5 results

  1. mttreggiani


    Buongiorno, volevo chiedere aiuto per quanto riguarda un coupon che ho ricevuto e che consente di riceve un "rimborso del 200% del valore in dobloni di un qualsiasi acquisto nel negozio premium" mi è chiaro quindi che acquistando una nave dal valore dal valore di 18,86€ quindi di 4700 dobloni ne riceverei poi 9.400. La mia domanda è se questo coupon si possa applicare anche per l'acquisto in store di un pacchetto di 5.500 in modo da arrivare poi ad averne 11.000 ? Grazie per l'aiuto
  2. Warderer

    Arsenal ships and coupons.

    Hey everyone! So as probably most of you already know, on the 24th/25th the coupons for the Arsenal section are renewed. Do you guys think that we will get new ship options then? I am in an awkward situation where I dont have enough for the T9 ships and I am thinking about getting Aigle or Oktyabyarskaya. I am not completely sold on either of those ships but I dont want to loose the coupon. Yet again if there going to be new ships in the Arsenal soon I would wait for them. Help guys. What would you do if you were in my position?
  3. Max_Caufield

    About Warships and Some Other Things

    I am kind of new in the forum but I am playing WoWs for a certain time. So, my questions are as follows: 1. How to get coupons? 2. I know it takes a lot of effort, time and creativity to make a warship, that's why they are expensive. But what about the containers? I think containers like anniversary container should be a little bit cheap in bundle. 3. I have made a ticket about my recent problem in game problem. I play in steam. The error message is attached. Do you know how to fix it? Thanks!
  4. Anaxagoras

    Spezialcoupon dank Großkaliber

    Sehr geehrte Mitschiffer, eigentlich dachte ich, mich könnte bei WoWs nichts mehr überraschen.... war natürlich falsch gedacht. Nachdem ich gestern auf der Jagd nach Zitadellen den Cesaren ausführte und Großkaliber erreichte, bekam ich nacht der Runde ingame ein Pop-Up, dass mir zu der Leistung gratulierte und mir im Premium-Shop einen 20%-Rabatt-Coupon bereitstellen würde. Der Sammler in mir freute sich natürlich, dachte ich doch ich könne mir nun diese Schönheit Roma billiger in den Hafen stellen. Weit gefehlt, lest die Bedingungen für den Coupon und gebt mir bitte einen Rat, was ich mir denn davon holen soll. Sind Euch solche Coupons auch schon untergekommen?
  5. Humorpalanta

    30% coupon as a middle finger

    So I got a coupon. I'm like good I wanted to buy some dubloons and it is a nice option. Then I see this. Ok then, I'll buy dubloons as that's not gold. But noo. Then I'm like then let's buy a damn overpriced stupid space camo. Nope, special offer. Great. You can buy anything except everything. What an honour WG. Thank you. Thank you. So nice. I'll definitely spend my money in the shop. Buying a skin for the price of 3 games on a market starting with S.