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Found 30 results

  1. SSGdoncollier

    Cv and shift button

    When playing cv sometimes zooming in is necessary. But shift button does not work for cv. So what about activating this feature? And your thoughts...
  2. howardxu_23

    cv control binding quetion

    well, im technically more used to where the "1" key is the first ability button, in other games I have played, not moving the bloody carrier around(I have died several times because I thought I moved by fighters to point B, instead i sent my carrier in the middle of the enemy team lol.) sooo is the only way to fix this is to rebind the scheme completely, or something else, if I need to rebind it completely, what is the keybinding is for it called. also how to switch camera so that it views the carrier like with other ships? i find regular camera is better in terms of torp evasion.(harder to tell which end is the front in the birds eye view)
  3. Why on earth I still cannot remap the right mouse button?? I really want to know.. Why?? Why I can change a lot of key mappings.. but no to the right and left mouse buttons? Why WG.. ? Really.. Since a couple updates back, (the one which fecked up the division screen) Now it is impossible to remap the mouse buttons. I've even asked it to the support If there is a way that I didn't know, they only answered me, Sorry it is impossible to remap the mouse buttons. They are fixed. Just WHY!!
  4. Pollikcon

    Main Gun Controls

    When each game starts, main guns are in a default "rest position", which also happens to be the ideal position to carry the guns if you go into a situation where there is doubt about which side you want to fire from. Forward guns point forwards. Aft guns point aft. Mid guns point either forwards or aft, depending on the ship; I know I can set the guns to a fixed relative bearing. I know I can set the guns to track a sector. CTRL-X and SHIFT-X. But is there a way to set the main guns to the default start position? Locking the guns to a relative bearing dead ahead doesn't work because the stern guns will be locked to either the extreme port or extreme starboard. A similar problem arise if the guns are locked to dead astern. The idea travel position, sometimes, is the default start position. Is there a way to set the main guns in this way, does anyone know?
  5. LazyInsight

    Problems with CV controls?

    Since 0.7.2 update CV controls produce really weird issues for me (did not play CVs when 0.7 hit so no idea how it looked on relase): - generally less responsive than in 0.6 - problems with drawing selection box over squadrons (fails to select all squadrons in the box or does not draw box at all) - it seems I can not remove squadron from a takeoff queue (as I remember it was possible by right clicking, or am I remembering that wrong?) - yesterday at the end of my third match in Ryujo, I lost capability to do >>anything<< with left mouse click - could not order squadrons, check different screens in post match report. LMB did not work in port either (had to kill game via task manager) - this happened after the mini patch. Do other captains have similar problems? Trying to figure if its problem with my laptop, or just WoWs.
  6. MrSaberra

    Backend camera

    Hi, could you add an option to swap A, D keys while looking backs? It may seem strange or unnecessary, but it would really help (at least me, maybe I'm the only one retarded) maneuvering looking backwards.
  7. Schmidt_Fritz

    0.7.1 Controls Broken?

    Basically, keyboard controls have reset and you can't bind RMB any more to Artillery Camera (hotkey reserved). Free look can be bound to, say mouse thumb button (mouse 6). This is a feature more familiar to WoT, for which I have custom mouse button mappings since zoom can't be a custom bound to, say RMB, like in normal fps games. There has to be a strange slav twist in your games WG? Edit: This might be an intended feature or it might be a bug.
  8. DeadRabit

    Can't manual attack

    Proud Zuiho owner here. Youtube tells me to press alt to manually aim torpedoes and to gain the upper hand with IJN fighters against US ones by outflanking them with superior speed. Doesn't work, Is it a bug because I've got the "alt" view enabled? As it is, I can't hit anything in smoke, my bombers just sit there like twerps and I loose all my aircraft well in advance of the end of the fight because I have no counter to US fighters. Equipping both Airgroup mods and dogfighting expert doesn't seem to help, I even loose against lower tier aircraft! Also, I'm not familiar enough with the game yet to know which ships have strong AA or carry fighters.. Learnt the hard way to avoid British cruisers, is there any way to identify the AA capabilities of a ship once in-game? Or any rules of thumb?
  9. Drasnighta

    Disabling Auto-steer?

    Hi all, Is there a way to disable the auto-steer function? Auto-steer (for me) is when you are approaching an island (or another obstacle) and your ship will automatically turn to the left/right, changing course to avoid the obstacle. However, it has worked against me several times now, most recently today in my T5 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, where an enemy destroyer came into detection range before turning away again. Realising he must have launched torpedoes at me, I pulled hard right. Then I switched concentration to fire at an enemy Algerie. Unfortunately I was approaching an island that (if I'd done it manually) I could have steered around either side. I only noticed too late that the auto-steer had turned me back around, so rather than avoiding the torpedoes by sailing behind the island (as I had planned), I wandered straight into them. This was super irritating. Any way to disable it?
  10. thepuma2012

    settings - controls

    is there anywhere to find everything explained of the settings and then mainly the controls. for example - alternative mouse settings: what does it do? under camera - track object: what does it do? and more important: before latest update I had the white aeria for aiming torpedo s under middle mouse button. Now it is gone and i can t pre-aim torpedo s and i cannot find how to set it.
  11. who_dares_wins


    So, I have enabled replays, but don't know any of the controls. Could somebody tell me how to pause/slow down/speed up the replay etc?
  12. Wargaming messed about (for what reason) with most of my controls. I went into the game one day - after weeks of playing - and I discovered that I cannot turn my ship (or it does the opoosite direction) etc. and I didn;t know hwat was going on. I went quickly during that battle in to the settings and I discoverd that all the controls suddenly, out of nowhere have some different keys assigned. Now, few day later I discover another spoof - ctrl key doesn't play its' function anymore (I cannot point any sqaure on the minimap to the team, I cannot choose any aim for secondary artillery or the anti-aircraft artillery). And I cannot change it, cause - as far as I see (unless I'm wrong) - there is no such an option in the "controls" settings... ??? -- Any help on that?
  13. geniemiki54

    "Ctrl" key not responding

    Ohai fellow captains! I've ran into the issue of my "ctrl" key not responding, therefore making it impossible to ping the map, or designate a priority target for secondaries or AA, making my games a little bit more challenging, in the frustrating way. Before you ask the problem is not hardware relate, my keyboard works just fine, I can perfectly copy/paste into the game chat using my keyboard. I tried reseting the controls, didn't fix the problem, also tried AZERTY keyboard configuration, didn't change anything, to my greatest despair. You have any idea on the origins of the problem, how to fix it, or are in a similar situation be sure to contact me please Fair seas and glory in battle fellow captains! ;)
  14. A lot of the problems i have with the controls stem from the rather outdated 1995 command & conquer style control scheme coupled with a bunch of system problems. Unit selection and issuing commands: selecting units and issuing commands both uses the left mouse button -> missclicks and wrong commands have large consequences -> lots of readjustments needed. drag-selecting over empty space does not retain the current selection, instead the carrier is selected. the game does not seem to register inputs every frame -> even slightly above average APM starts producing bad inputs in combination this means many quick clicks are registered as a drag when the mouse is moved by just a pixel -> command gets registered as a drag-select -> nothing was selected -> carrier gets selected -> carrier stars moving where the squad was commanded to go to. Handles to adjust attack indicators around are very small and hard to click on. Possible solutions: Use the de-facto standart controls for RTS with left click to select units and UI elements and right click to issue commands. retain the current selection when nothing is selected (sticky selection). The keybind to select the carrier is sufficient for quick access. read inputs into a buffer or increase the polling rate. Camera: When double tapping a squad/carrier selection key or through the minimap, the camera should jump there instantly, not take a lengthy pan over the map. There should be a key that jumps the camera to the current selection. Separate scroll speeds for keyboard scrolling and mouse scrolling and higher maximum scroll speeds. Overhead view zoom speed should be a separate setting from ship/binocular view zoom speed. option to rebind keyboard scrolling to WASD and ship steering to arrow keys while in overhead view.
  15. I am new to the game (less than 2 weeks of play) and run into couple of problems. 1. UI. Is there a way to permanently show rudder position/engine output/currrent speed diagram?. Is it possible to make it differnt colour to make it more visible? So far literally every match I run aground or do unintended manuvers like doing circles or moving at half speed when I need to go at max. 2. Controls. Is it possible to rebind Alt (manual drop for CV planes) and Shift (waypoints) to other keys. Without rebind I really dont see myself being able to play a CV in battles other than vs bots. How do you sreenshoot? Is it possible to lock some turrets (main battery) while having other free? (eg. lock on bearing for turrets that are on back of the ship while front batteries can still be aimed normally) 3. Binoculars and aiming. I have read and watched some guides about aiming and other topics. Is it true that scale on binocular sight is tied with projectile travel time against target moving at 20kts? (if I have 10s travel time vs not angled target at 30kts I should aim at 15th mark on scale?). How is static scale used then? Dynamic scales itself with zoom, so static only works properly at max zoom? Is it possible to make fligt time indicator and range finder to stand out more? They are really small and kind of blurred. Making them bigger and differnt colour (like HUD green for example) would make my life easier.
  16. superbibor

    Cleveland's Consumables

    After having played 30+ games with my trusty Omaha I finally got my hands on a Cleveland only to find out that launching the Catapult Fighter had completely changed from what I remember in the closed beta. Every game so far I've activated my Defensive fire when I really wanted to launch a plane I think it would be a lot easier if the "new" consumable (in the Cleveland's case the Defensive AA Fire or the Hydro acoustic Search) would be set to the next key. I know in the closed beta it was mapped properly being -T- for Catapult fighter and -Y- for the Defensive AA. Is there a reason for the switch or was it just a momentary laps of attention? Cheers
  17. ...I mean like EVER?.....! (this is not something new - it's going for MONTHS now) Or should THEY JUST REMOVE the possibility of defining your control keys (to not force people to constant reinstall of the game)?? (each time you redefine something in your controls, all or most of the ctrl key functions /which you ALSO cannot find and/or re/define in list of controls/ dissapear: so, you cannot point out ANYTHING to your teammates on the minimap, you /often/ cannot move yourself along the list of the players of your team /reporting/praising/switching view in audience mode/ and you cannot choose the target for your secondary and anti-aircraft artillery) http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31064-controls-what-happened-to-my-ctrl-key/ http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/17563-ctrl-click-not-working/ http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/22813-the-ctrl-button/ http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/30169-control-key-issue-please-help/
  18. When will they finally fix the fact that with any mindle of the assigned keyoboard keys the ctrl key stops working on the minimap?... (and that the OLNY way of fixing it is resintalling the WHOLE game?) :-0000 ( http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31064-controls-what-happened-to-my-ctrl-key/ )
  19. When will they finally fix the fact that with any mindle of the assigned keyoboard keys the ctrl key stops working on the minimap?... (and that the OLNY way of fixing it is resintalling the WHOLE game?) :-0000 ( http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31064-controls-what-happened-to-my-ctrl-key/ )
  20. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31064-controls-what-happened-to-my-ctrl-key/
  21. the CTRL key does not free the mouse for manual targeting. the help option lists it as the default . the settings lists X as the "lock target" default. the CTRL+X doesnt work, since CTRL does not free the mouse. pls advise.
  22. master_blaster_2001

    Severe Control Bug!

    i have been having this very strange controls bug it completely freezes my guns into fixed position without pressing X, Crtl + X, or shift + X commands and my steering completely locks up forcing me one direction without any kind of control no idea what sets this bug off but this bug has been happening for last 5 days since friday afternoon (7th august) and once every two to three games making the game right now very un-playable with many zero xp games. it is not my keyboard since i can type with it just fine right now all the buttons do work. it is not my mouse because i can look around just fine but again no control of my guns or steering. can anybody help with this or confirm if anybody else is having same problems?
  23. Universae

    Carrier controls

    So, I just got the US Aircraft carrier...Is it possible to change my camera/controls to command my carrier in battle and use my main battery in self defence? like you'd command any other ship? Or am I stuck in this overview mode helpless to react while my enemy sits there low on health picking me off =( Thanks Guys
  24. klemi007

    Reset controls

    Anyone knows how to reset controls, ie. keysettings to default? I changed some controls, and accidentaly assigned "P" to some function. Now I cannot turn off AA, and I need it when playing DDs. I tried the option in the cotrols settings, but it doesn't seem to work for that command, and the command itself is not listed, unless I missed something,
  25. Silvir

    Ship controls

    So having started playing today i have noticed something that is bugging me quite a bit. Turret controls. 1: the aim is a bit iffy forcing me to change zoom a lot and at times fire each turret at a time to make sure i actually hit where the cross-hair is aiming. Parts of it getting used to but the whole zoom in and out just so that the turrets will aim correctly is a bit weird or is that intended??? 2:This is my main concern!! - Rear, Front and side turrets. Does anyone know why there isn't an option to divide controls between these.?? I have many times ended up with ships firing at me from different directions but i can't properly divide my firepower or properly plan my movement, because all turrets are trying to aim where i am looking this is very VERY frustrating!!! Loving the game so far though. and has there been topics about this before...Is there any information on the turret controls??