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Found 26 results

  1. Hello Captains!! I create this post to present Pirates Army Youtube Channel in which you will find World of Warships videos and content related. I have been playing for two years and the Channel is not new, but I have been reading you and posting in the Spanish Community as Spanish CC. More than 200 videos with Gameplays in which I show how I play with all kind of ships, Streams for new ships (Premium or Tech Tree) and Events/Contest in which we let players get some kind of prizes, from Premium Accounts, Slots or Premium Ships for example. I try to do with the max quality I can to offer you the best experience, playing in 4K and recording in WQHD/2k/1440p Let me show any of the last videos, I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time. Youtube Channel Link - Pirates Army Youtube Channel Good Luck, Fair Winds and Following Seas Captains , I am sure we will see if still didn't.
  2. ABED1984

    Leningrad Black Camouflage

    Can't believe this is the Camo we get from all the others that participated in the Camo competition. What a lame & lazy design from a NA player who lacks the artistic skills. How did this camo get all the votes?! Unless there's something really weird happened to drag the votes to this cheap looking Camo.
  3. TrickySteelRat

    Is the Navy Go contest broken

    I know that we are only 3 days into the Go Navy contest but I feel like there are some problems with it, causing it to be Broken. These are 1) The fact that you can choose which team you are on everyday. It should have been the case, that at the beginning of the contest you choose your team and you stayed on that team to help it win. 2) Before you choose your team at the start of your first battle, you are shown how much it is winning by. This will encourage players to pick the team that is already winning, thus causing that team to have more players scoring points for it. It is human nature to want to be on the winning team. This leads onto: 3) Why was the option to change teams even given at all, and why are you rewarded for it with a container? People will change teams just to get a container. The loyalty bonus is not sufficient to tempt, well loyalty. 4) I chose to be on the Eagles team at the beginning of the contest and at the time of writing they have not won a single day. In fact they are losing by nearly 8 million points. Now i know some people will say " your only complaining because your team is losing/ not very good". I'm not complaining about that, I can just as easily pick the Sharks tomorrow and be on the winning team. It seems a silly way to conduct a " Contest" when everyone can switch teams when they want and be rewarded for it. If you had to pick your team and stay with it throughout the whole contest, then people would have a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the contest. What are your views on this, am I missing the point or am I making a valid point.
  4. Horin728

    The 1 XP contest

    So today I ran into this (black bar due "naming and shaming" rule): I have never seen so low amount of XP earned (besides the 0s for AFK) and even though I was quite upset it gave me an idea... I hereby issue a challenge for 1 XP. If you manage to get PRECISELY 1 xp I'll buy you a month of premium time. (Only for the first "winner.") Rules are simple - must be done in random battles and I have to be able to see the date and time of the battle (battles predating this post will NOT be accepted). Submit your screenshots in this thread and add @Horin728 for convinience ;)
  5. until
    Captains! The new USN Cruiser line is coming closer to release, and to celebrate the beautiful new ships, we're holding a contest for our talented community to design a permanent camouflage for the upcoming Cruiser VII Helena. Now's your chance to show off your talents and display your work for all World of Warships players to admire! What are you waiting for? Get drawing - instructions are on the Portal! Download Template Here Submit your Design Here
  6. PSChild

    Soviet Victory Day

    World of Warships Contest - Soviet Victory Day 09/05 22:00h Very special day for Soviet/Russian country. We will conmmorate the Soviet Victory Day with original footage from 1945 and with a Contest to win 2 premium ships: 1 Premium Soviet Cruiser Tier 6 - Makarov 1 Premium Soviet Cruiser Tier 6 - Molotov You can join contest posting here or messaging me. Players will battle in DIV with the Stream Contributor and winners will be 2 players who get more basic XP in a battle. You must POST the 2nd screenshot (Team results, basic XP) in this POST to claim the prize. Directo World of Warships - Soviet Victory Day 09/05 22:00h Día muy especial para Rusia, conmemorativo de la victoria de la URSS sobre Alemania. Podremos ver imágenes originales de 1945, y jugaremos para disfrutar... y para que ganéis dos barcos premium. Disponibles a elección vuestra: 1 Crucero Premium Soviético Tier 6 - Makarov 1 Crucero Premium Soviético Tier 6 - Molotov Puedes entrar en el concurso posteando aquí o enviándome un mensaje. Los jugadores jugarán con el CC en DIV y los ganadores serán los dos que más XP básica en una batalla. Debéis postear la segunda captura de pantalla, Resultados de Equipo XP básica en este mismo POST.
  7. Ciao ragazzi , in occasione del mio compleanno 03/05 ho deciso di fare a voi un regalo speciale : un piccolo contest per tale data Primo premio : una bellissima Graf Spee in porto ! Secondo posto : 2500 dobloni Terzo posto : 1000 dobloni Le regole del contest sono semplici, durante la giornata del 3 MAGGIO (solo il 3) con un QUALSIASI tier 6 in random dovrete: -Vincere la partita -Avere i "danni su tuo avvistamento" più alto possibile . La classifica sarà data da chi avrà il maggior "danni su tuo avvistamento" vincendo la partita . N.B. In caso di parità di "danni su tuo avvistamento" il vincitore sarà colui che avrà più EXP base. In caso di parità di "danni su tuo avvistamento" , EXP base ... vincerà chi farà più kill Per poter partecipare mandatemi nel forum un messaggio privato con il titolo : CONTEST GRAF SPEE allegando tutti e 4 gli screenshots della battaglia . Il vincitore sarà decretato Domenica 6 Maggio , salvo gravi impedimenti personali . Un saluto da RepublicOfVenice[IRN] e dal Clan IRN ;-)
  8. Since I stumbled over it on reddit, I thought it might be a good idea to forward it to the forums. In the news article from Dec. 27th 2017 WG announced the winner of the Normandie camo contest along with the comment that: Source Now, March is almost over and ... it'd be a bit tight to squeeze an 'exciting chain of missions' into the remaining 3 days, don't you think. So, @Crysantos or @MrConway any news on that one?
  9. until
    Want to have your work featured in World of Warships? Then this is the competition for you... Submissions Window: Starts 28 February at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) Ends 14 March at 22:00 CET (UTC+1) SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN The Challenge: Create a patch (just the symbol, without a background) by hand or using a graphics editor which would correlate with World of Warships visuals. Create a short title (just a few words will do) for your creation. Publish your work in the contest topic on the forum (link will be provided on the 28th February). Save the source materials to present to the World of Warships team if necessary. Before participating, please read the Terms and Conditions (and pay special attention to Section 10). Prizes: As well as ships and signals, the first three prizes include having your patch implemented into the game. If you don't make it into the top five you will automatically be entered into a lottery, with x20 Big Santa's Gift boxes up for grabs (one per player) - Full contents can be found in here. For detailed rules and regulations please check the Portal article
  10. While I cannot judge whether it is a good decision or not, to make submissions in the EU thread hidden from others in an attempt to make it more fair, I noticed the NA, ASIA, and CIS forums did not make it hidden. However, from browsing the selections on the forums of other regions, the early-bird entries were mostly of unastonishing quality. While I hate to be a wet towel, the majority of the works, while closely correlating to the "WoWs" style, were just cartoon animals adapted to some kind of naval theme. Most of the elements were thrown haphazardly together without significant craftsmanship or creativity. Though to be fair, most of the WoWs official insignias I was able to find examples of were cartoon animals. Thus judging from what I have seen so far, I personally would think it is best to not make submissions hidden from public. We may do a thought experiment of what would happen in situations of either all regions deciding to make it public, or none. Let the debate commence, point by point: For public: 1. If all regions public, then the liveliness and participation will encourage further participation. 2. The basis of participation is more important than the contest itself; i.e. this is a community event first and foremost, and making it a strictly no-eyes only event greatly lessens the community effect. 3. Being able to view other's submissions will help to prevent repeat topic submissions, (such as mermaid/seal/anything+torpedo), and encourage more creativity and breadth of topic. 4. Because submission is limited to 1 per person/group, being able to see others' submissions will allow the largest variety of submissions possible as people will not repeat on the same topic. And people will not face unwarranted "useless" posts because of them unwittingly posting something already thought of. This is beneficial for both WG in getting quality material, and the public's own interests. 5. All the other regions are doing it. This is a majority vote. 6. It is more fun to be able to see other submissions before the "official" tally. being able to see them before being categorized via WG judges allow the community to make unbiased and un-guided decisions and thoughts on the works themselves, in preparation for the public vote. 7. The decision to make public or not was not offered to the public. Those who would only submit under clear private circumstances would already have done so, in a job offer to WG. 8. What if I really want to submit more than 1, but since I can't I would like to offer the idea to others instead. How can I do so without possibly giving away someone else's idea because I can't see whether a work based on that idea was already made or not? 9. No, I simply want to be able to decide between creativity, and beauty. I'd enjoy make something interesting if there wasn't one already, but I'd still prefer to make a go at making something actually beautiful if possible, should the creativity be already supported by others. 10. Animal? 11. So can I "discard" my "worse" idea now? Against: 1. It is unfair to those who have to submit earlier as their works will be used as basis to create more "competitive" posts. 2. The basis of this contest is WG-held, WG directed, and WG sponsored. In order to ensure maximum fairness and minimal influence on WG decision making, external variables should be limited as much as possible, including "tiered" submissions. The amount of submissions is more than enough, anyways, for WG to pick winners from. 3. Even repeat submissions can differ on level of craftsmanship and creativity, and not be worthless. To ensure this was done in the most fair and unbiased environment possible, it is necessary to hide submissions from the public. 4. This is part of the competition, and will actually help the truly creative and competitive posts to shine out. Those truly capable will probably not be affected by mere "popular" topics anyways, 5. We are the outlier. The experiment is a worthy endeavor. 6. The vote of professional and officially hired artists from WG, as well as the game devs and designers, will arguably be more unbiased than a public vote subject to unwarranted influence. Allowing the WG side to first present a few "critically judged" works will in fact free up the remaining works to be judged by public, without them being overshadowed by the few obviously best works. 7. Then go submit on the NA, CIS, or ASIA forums, if you so want your work to be public. Or on offtopic here. But for the duration of the competition itself, it must hold itself up to competition standards, including fairness in submission. 8. This is your luxury and yours alone. You may present the idea afterwards, after the whole contest. But honestly, you just wanted to see other submissions so you could discard your "worse" idea, and see it becoming a "loaded" idea from being offered to the public, so your "best" idea would have more competitiveness? 9. If you want to be "above" the public concerns then you will have to choose, should you make the best entry to win a prize, or make the best entry possible, overall, which would also be likely to win a prize if it was worth its salt? If you were truly at that level you wouldn't even be affected by the allures of a "prize" or not. You'd do it for the art. And to ensure most completion of your art while being un-influenced by external bias such as that "prize concern" we just mentioned, perhaps it is best entries were hidden, so you could ponder your decision in silence. 10. No, no animal. Though I do think WG should have established more prizes and categories, such as "reader's choice" "most unexpected" "winners' choice" "funny" and of course, "no animals". 11. No. For one, WG did not make a specific thread for that. And two, you might regret it later ^. Ahem ... that wasn't really a debate. That was more like madness. But you get the idea now. What do you think of this contest and how it was structured? What do you think of a private submission thread versus public? What do you think of insignias in WoWs? And do you have an idea you want others to do instead of you? To make this fair, I'll also release one of my own "animal" ideas, basically, a "radar cat", depicting a semi-menacing looking cat with divergent eyes beaming lighthouse beams across dark waters, illuminating dark figures at the edge of the portrait. It is overshadowing a radar-ship silhouette. Also, another discarded idea, if anyone wants to make an insignia of wave-figures "boxing" at each other, as if two pillars of flames, go ahead. I can't be bothered to want to work water textures and wave forms into figures. But this could be one of the most aesthetically dynamic and impressive submissions possible if done right. Also some of you may perhaps consider insignias based on people, just in general, such as the sailors themselves. For instance, dark waters, both young and old, waiting for rescue after their ship is downed. These "contextually significant" meaning-heavy insignias are also a way to go.
  11. hatte eben diese meldung ingame hatte das noch irgendwer ? kann mich garnich errinern irgendwo teilgenomm zuhaben ^^ hab auch in mein e-mails geschaut aber finde dort keine email von world of warships contest
  12. Egoleter

    [Contest] Create a WoWs Guide

    Greetings fellow forumites. In the past few days I have seen many posts about lacking proper tutorials within the game. Mostly in response to veterans of thousands of battles not knowing about some basic stuff. Sadly you and I, we can't do anything about that. What we can do, is to create our own guides to help our fellow players, new and old alike, to get better at the basics of World of Warships. This contest is for everyone who believes to be able to construct a guide good enough to help new players to understand the game better. As a little incentive I have a few prizes to give away. 1st price: Emden plus 7 days premium time + 100 MGT camos + MGT flag + 1000 doubloons 2nd price: Emden plus 7 days premium time + 100 MGT camos + MGT flag + 500 doubloons 3rd price: Emden plus 7 days premium time + 100 MGT camos + MGT flag 4th and 5th price: Emden plus 3 days premium time Why are all the prizes Emdens? It is what I had available when I came up with the idea for the contest. It is from a Tier that fits the theme of the contest (read below). If you already own it, I hope that the camos, the flag, as well as the doubloons will be enough of a motivation for you to still participate. What do you need to do to win? Please create a guide you would show a new player. It doesn't need to be about everything in the game. You decide if you want to explain the HUD-elements, the Tier I ships, the difference between ammo types, the various game modes, costs and rewards, or one of the many other things that are a part of the day to day gameplay. Of course you can also try to do a complete guide covering all the topics but it will not be judged by the amount of content but by its quality. We do not need guides that go into the details of high tier battles. At least not as far as this contest is concerned. Everything a player could witness until Tier V should be fine. Everything beyond that might be too advanced (I'd make an exception for manual attacks by CVs) but we will decide that case by case. A guide for the ocean map, that only Tier VIII+ players will ever see, would probably have a lower chance to win then a similar guide about Solomon Islands. Your guide does not need to be in writing. You are free to use any form you deem proper to transfer your knowledge. You can write, draw a picture book or make a nice video. Or you can come up with something really special. Once you are done, please post your guide to the proper forum section and place a link here. Your entry must be created during the time of the contest. Content created sooner will not be recognized as a proper entry and is not eligible to win one of the prizes. The entry must be created by you. Posting content originally belonging to someone else as your own will disqualify your entry and may exclude you from further participation. As the entries are to be posted to the forums, all forum rules apply. So please restrain yourself from any use of derogatory terms, insults, obscene language, or any other inappropriate content. Entries that do not follow those rules might be disqualified as well. The contest is open for entries from Thursday, 19th October till Thursday, 16th November 2017, 20:00 UTC. How will the winners be selected? After all entries are submitted, I will take some time to sort through all of them. Together with a few other volunteer judges I will rate the entries for their ease of understanding, form of presentation, creativity, and a few other criteria. In case of a tie by our internal measurements we might look at the amount of likes an entry has received (original post or link here, whichever is higher). I hope to be able to present the winners a day after the contest but depending on the number of entries we might need a bit more then that to sort it through. The lucky ones will be named in an update to this thread and will receive a PM with their reward. What will happen after the contest with all the entries? My plan is to collect the best ones, not limited to the ones that won, sort them by the topics they address, and post it to the Newcomer's section. This will then be an easy to find resource we can point to if others need help with the basics. Hopefully Wargaming will pin it there. If you do not want that to happen to your guide, please post a note to your entry in this thread. It will not in any way harm your chances to win. Now get creative, help our current and future players, and win some nice things. All pictures are property of their creators or otherwise legal owner. I do not claim any ownership to them. Doubloon chests and Emden at sea are property of Wargaming. German Sailors is property of Alamy.com Peregrine2015 is property of the Royal Navy.
  13. DutchDelightsNL

    Lone Star Camo save Texas (**CONTEST**)

    Go Texas! Do you want the "Save Texas, Lone Star camo?" We give 2 permanent camouflage One (1) for the EU server, One (1) for the NA server (read carefully before entering) What do you have to do?(all requirements have to be met before you are allegeable for a prize!!) 1.Like and share this! 2.become a member of https://www.facebook.com/groups/WoWSDiscussion/ (under the original message there!) 3.Leave your IGN and Server! 4.But most of all why do you think that USS Texas should be preserved? GL&HF Note if you want to know more about the "Mighty T" go here; https://battleshiptexas.org/ and of course look at the wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Texas_(BB-35)
  14. OttoTTV

    Beta - Seven Seas Tournament

    The Seven Seas Tournament Beta Hello guys and welcome to the launch of a new event called The Seven Seas Tournament. This event has been created by members from the World of Warships Community, And The Bunch of Wally's team from your very own EU server. The Seven Seas Tournament is a friendly way other World of Warships players can battle an opposing team, showing the world what they're made of by sinking tons of enemy shipping to be the victors. The set up has been designed to encourage Players to engage and strategically, Manoeuvre around the theatre of war and send them souls down to Davy Jones locker. Prizes yet to be announced. Scroll down for the main rules and visit the Seven Seas Tournament website for full information. The Seven Seas Tournament is officially upon us. Registration opens 01/08/2017 with the first round starting on the 18th of August, And continuing every weekend until the final. Teams registering before this date will not be accepted. All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Also feel free to sign up for our mailing list via the website. This way you will have signposting announcements, emailed to you. Such as registration opening dates. <Subscribe> Quick Look At The Rules Registration Opening Soon 01/08/2017 ⦁ Registration ⦁ One player is chosen as Team Captain and is to register their team. <Register> ⦁ Each game consists of 7 players per team. ⦁ Team Captains can register up to 10 players. (3 reserve players). ⦁ Captains may change a team’s roster; however, it must be done prior to the changes deadline. 48 hours before tournament starts. ⦁ Each clan can only enter 1 team. (Please read FAQ Question #9). ⦁ All team players must be members of the same clan. (Please read FAQ Question #9. ⦁ Registrations and changes received after the deadline will not be accepted. ⦁ Discord will be used to coordinate the start of each match. Using Discord is mandatory (It’s free to use - see below). ⦁ The registration confirmation email will contain a link to the Discord channel; Team Captains will need to distribute this link to their team. ⦁ All times will be set by UTC. Between 17:00 to 00.00 Friday to Sunday,Also you can check yours time zone <here> Teams ⦁ Players ⦁ Players Must have 7 players and can have up to 3 more as reserves. ⦁ Seven players must be present ten minutes before the battle start time in discord. ⦁ The team who is a player short, will still play as normal. ⦁ A team that does not show will be taken off any future Tournaments. ⦁ A player abusing any member of Staff or other player will be given a Strike, Receive 3 and you are gone. ⦁ Once a battle has finished players may switch around with reserves. ⦁ Each Team/clan can only enter one team. ⦁ Teams/clans can have a second team entering only if it's a totally different name. ie WALLY - W4LLY will be accepted. Ships ⦁ Rules Around Ships ⦁ Ships ⦁ All ships must be Tier 6. ⦁ Team members must ALL be using a different ship (IE: Your team cannot take 2x Leander’s into the same battle). ⦁ Teams will consist of 1 Aircraft Carrier, 1 Destroyer, 2 Cruisers and 2 Battleships. ⦁ The 7th ship may be either a Cruiser or a Battleship Discord ⦁ Discord ⦁ All players must be connected to the Discord server (and in their assigned channel) at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their match. ⦁ Groups and channels will be designated for each team, allowing you free voice communication during each match. ⦁ You may use other systems for in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel. ⦁ Players are not allowed in Mod chat rooms; access levels have been set to reduce confusion. ⦁ Only team members (and Moderators) will have access to a team’s individual voice channel. ⦁ Players will not be able to join other team’s voice channel. Keep Connected Anyone wishing to ask any questions feel free to join some of our many social media channels. Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube TwitchTv FAQ's Your FAQ's ⦁ #1 What if the number of teams registering is not divisible by 4, for the preliminary stage of the tournament? We will use some groups of 3 or 5 and re-balance how many teams progress from each group. Seeding is based on team registration times; the first registered team will be slightly more favoured, but minimally. ⦁ #2 I use Mods in World of Warships, can I use these Mods in the tournament? Wargaming’s terms of use policy is still in effect. Currently all modifications offered in the ‘Aslain’s Mod Pack’ are fine as Wargaming permits their use. Using any banned mods, such as “War Pack”, is considered cheating and will result in the player being permanently banned from this and future tournaments, a report given to Wargaming and that player’s team will be immediately dismissed from the tournament. ⦁ #3 What if there aren’t very many teams who register? Will there still be a ‘preliminary stage’ to the tournament? Yes. The preliminary stage will still be used to determine the seeding into the tournament with more teams per group progressing. A key principle of the tournament is to play, have fun, and encourage more players to take part. In all circumstances, every team registering will have the opportunity to play more than just 1 or 2 battles. ⦁ #4 What if some of my team cannot make it and I don’t have 7 players? You can play shorthanded, but will still have the same limits on ship type selection. IE: Only 1 destroyer. ⦁ #5 If I know one or more of my team have a good reason for being unable to be at the game, can I nominate someone else to fill the space? No. There is a ‘reserve player’ system in place and why captains can name up to 10 players when registering. If the reason is more serious, please contact one of the moderators as soon as possible. ⦁ #6 What if there is a technical problem, causing significant interruption to the game? One player experiencing lag or connection issues is unfortunate, but the game will continue. If the server itself, for example, is the problem, then the game will be aborted and rescheduled. Any decision will be at the sole discretion of Tournament Staff. ⦁ #7 I have a Tier 5 destroyer that I would rather use, can I? No. All ships must be tier 6. ⦁ #8 A member of my team accidentally had a Tier 7 ship selected when battle started, what happens? If anyone takes an incorrect ship into a game (such as 2x Destroyers, or a different Tier ship), the game will be aborted and restarted. Strikes may be given to the person and/or the team as a whole if it happens again. Accidents can happen, but please try to avoid them. ⦁ #9 Can my team consist of players from different clans? No. Each clan is only allowed to register one team. We consider [WALLY] and [W4LLY] to be different clans. For example: One full team of [WALLY] and one full team of [W4LLY] – Yes. One team with both [WALLY] and [W4LLY] members – No. Two full teams of [WALLY] – No. Half the team with [WALLY] and half the team with [OTHER] – No. ⦁ #10 I am not a member of a clan, can I still take part in the tournament? All teams need to be associated with a clan. If your team does not have a clan, you can always start one yourself, or there are plenty of clans looking for more members. ⦁ #11 Have a question about discord – good to explain that although discord is mandatory, you don’t need to pay anything or install any software on your computer, if you don’t want to. This is important to help remove reasons why someone might not want to take part. And also something about there’s a general chat channel in Discord to talk to everyone and anyone before and after battles – meet some new friends ⦁ #12 My clan normally uses Teamspeak, do we have to use Discord to talk? No. You can use other systems for your in-game communication (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc); however, every team member must still be connected to their Discord channel as described in the tournament details. Please keep in mind that The Seven Seas Tournament is still a Beta, And we are testing the water to see what response we receive by the community. Our main aim is to help people connect with new players from around the world, Making the World of Warships community Stronger. We also designed this event for new and experienced players to engage in a sporting manner. If you do not have a team of 7 to 10 players and want to join a team, Then feel free to join the WALLY clan <Discord.> And also join the Seven Seas <forum> and make it known you are searching for a team. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Hope to see you all out on the high seas. Good luck fellow captains
  15. Hello everyone! In celebration of 10k Twitch followers and already approaching 30k subs on youtube I decided to host another competition, this time in the form of landing torpedo hits! Send in your entries at http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com before 18/03/2017 12:00 CET and have a chance to win an Okhotnik, Halloween camos, or both! All the details can be found in the rules section http://flamu10k.hscampaigns.com/#rules ! Reminder, no co-op battles please! I chose the Okhotnik as the prize as NO ONE has it yet, so everyone will want to add it to their collection, not to mention it's straight up one of the most fun Premiums WG have released in a long time! Good luck! Also I'll probably be playing some of the top entries(replays) live on my stream next Saturday (18/03), will make sure to youtube highlight it as well for those that miss it!
  16. TobiAssho

    King of the Sea II

    Blown up ships and planes are scattered over the ocean. As the smoke lifts repeat champions OMNI-Masochists, firmly on their throne, look upon the fallen challengers. They have defended their title, and may now enjoy their victory. A throne is comfortable. But being the king makes you worthy prey. Your treasures will never be safe, and the temporary silence deceives. Even as the sea calms already new captains and old veterans gather again to wrest the crown and proclaim themselves the new KING OF THE SEA. The World of Warships competitive community proudly presents: King of the Sea Tournament II The next test for the King will be held on the: 4th and 5th of March starting at 16:00 CET Signup will open on the 25th of February at 18:00 CET here. Be ready, it is first come first served. If the last tournament is anything to go by, we expect the spots to go very quickly so have your team roster sorted out and ready to submit as soon as the signups go live. You cannot sign up a team without at least 9 people (max 12). General rules: 9 vs. 9, Tier 8 12 members per team Up to 3 teams per clan/community 32 Teams All teams progressing past the first round will receive a reward Map pool: Trident, Shards, Islands of Ice, Sea of Fortune, Neighbors, Warriors Path, Loop ​All rules and the prize pool can be found here. Schedule is up and brackets are online, drawn by Izo. The events will be streamed and a prize pool worth over 250.000 doubloons awaits the teams. Prepare your ships, ready your guns and load your torpedo tubes, the hunt is on! Streamer schedule day 2: English: Izolate / Flamu German: Cloud / ElAtze Frensh: Cheveu 16:00 OMNI vs AAO 17:30 TTT vs OM 19:00 Final Please contact Eclaire (TTT), Tobiassho (AAO), Ataw (TTT) or Domin1c (AAO) if you have any questions or want to help organizing the event.
  17. Commander_Steph

    Time for Divisions Contest

    Hey, The link to the contest: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/time-for-divisions/ It's supposed to be ended at 8th december, when are the winners will be announced?
  18. There is nothing I hate more than losing too, what I think are, inferior posts. If you like one the best please put in the comments why you did/did not pick a choice.
  19. Jacob_J_Weebs

    [Contest] 0.5.9 Citadel competition!

    Hello there captains, having recently hit 10k subs I decided to host a small competition, focused on how many citadels you guys can land! Guide on how to enter is in the video & the description. Top reward is a Warspite and your replay being featured on my channel, but there's also a Katori and a couple of Smith's up for grabs for 2nd-4th places. You have until the 6th of August to send in your entries!
  20. Fiery_Kathy

    Feedback to Jingles' 500K sub contest

    DISCLAIMER: Every single one of the video's jingles selected as winners deserve it for 100% DISCLAIMER 2: I don't really know in what part of the forum this should be in since I was doubting between this, video and streams and contests. I liked to participate in this contest and it really was a very nice initiative and it got me started in editting my videos. BUT, it's a shame that you made a 2nd playlist (the shortlist), my video was on the playlist for 1 day before you made your 2nd playlist. On that one day my video got approximately 100 views and 5 subs (which is very nice) The day after the 2nd playlist was introduced, I didn't get 1 single view, not 1 (which is very sad) I know it was propably a lot easier for you to make one to at least know out of which people you have to chose the final winners, but in my opinion making that 2nd playlist PUBLIC was a big mistake. No-one will even take a look at the first one because that's where the unfiltered "trash" is, it didn't help either that you never mentionned the first playlist after its first debut on your social media (facebook) Instead you were already promoting the shortlist, you had to scroll down to the 8th OF JULY to find the original playlist. This thread might look salty, that's because it kinda is, because I think it is unfair, both for me AND for the other people who didn't get selected. (As I said in the disclaimer, all people who did get selected really do deserve it tho) The point was to promote new youtubers (At least that's what I thought it was), but you kindoff sank (haha ship pun) your own idea with the introduction of the 2nd playlist AKA the shortlist. To anyone who is still reading this, thanks for reading. (I'm terrible in writing an ending to an opinion thingy) I hope maybe an other youtuber with the same idea as Jingles had might keep this feedback in mind) Sorry for eventual bad English. Have a nice day.
  21. Hello and welcome! Introduction With the Grand Naval Battles event going on there are Community Contributor run events as well where you can earn some extra diamonds. For Week 2 I am running two separate types of contests: 4 prizes for a guide contest (200 diamonds each) and a replay contest for the most amazing tier 5 or below battle (200 diamonds). To take part in the guide contest just post a guide below in this thread (text + images preferred) about a good introductory guide for one of the four ship classes. To take part in the replay contest just submit a replay with the end screen images according to the details below. The match must be during the Grand Naval Battles event from the 4th of May onward. Submissions must be done before the 17th of May 2016, 15:00 Germany's time (CEST). No repeat winners from the first weeks! Prizes 200 diamonds for best destroyer guide. 200 diamonds for best cruiser guide. 200 diamonds for best battleship guide. 200 diamonds for best aircraft carrier guide. 200 diamonds for the best replay in a tier 5 or below ship from the 4th of May onward (judged by me, sorry if you don't get picked). Time Submissions end for both the replay contest and guide contest on the 17th of May at 15:00 Germany's time (CEST). What do you want to see in a guide in this contest? I would like to see guides that explain the basics of that ship class and how to play them, what kind of commander skills to use and what kind of module upgrades to get. Basics of the gameplay for carriers, for instance, would include things such as how to do manual torpedo bomber drops, how to strafe (and why), how to dive bomb, what kind of targets you should select (and when), what kind of mistakes to avoid etc. I would like to see similar things for all the ship classes (so destroyers would definitely talk about capping, battleships about why they shouldn't be on the map edge and so forth). Remember that images are really helpful to get a point across. Also, remember that a good guide doesn't have to explain every little detail. What do I need to submit? For the guide contest submit a guide in a post in this thread. I would prefer that the guide be in a text + images format but it doesn't have to be. I will look over the guides and pick the one I like the most and possibly make it into a video guide later so others can learn to play the guide. For the replay contest you need to submit the replay file, and 3 images of the end screen: your personal result, team scores and your detailed report (damage done). If you submit at http://wowreplays.com/Upload/Aerroon then that will include all the info needed. Just make sure to include "GNBAerroon2" somewhere in the title or description of the submission (no quotes). Then post the link here or email it to me. Also give a succinct explanation as to why you think it was a great match. How do I submit a replay for the replay contest? Main (preferred) way to submit: Go to this website: http://wowreplays.com/Upload/Aerroon and submit the replay. Include "GNBAerroon2" in the title or description of the replay on the site. (Without quotes, no space.) Post the link to said replay (from the site) here in this thread or email it to "aelloonthorne@gmail.com" (If you email it include "GNBAerroon2" in the title of your email AND include your in game name). Alternative: Post in this thread or email me at "aelloonthorne@gmail.com" the following things: Replay file of the match. Image of personal score end screen (the one that has your ribbons and xp and credits on it that you see right after the battle). Image of team score end screen. Image of detailed score end screen (the one that says damage done). If you email me then include your in game name in it. Help, my replay link doesn't show up on wowreplays.com In that case you can go to the "Newest" tab at http://wowreplays.com/ and look for it there. Alternatively you can search for your ingame name on the site as well and then pick out the replay and post here or email etc. Other rules: There is no submission limit, but please do not spam. Obviously no cheating of any kind either. And please no gaming of the system in a way that seems abusive. Yes, this last one is hard for you to know exactly, but I imagine you guys get the essence of the contest so try not to go too hard against that, otherwise I will not take your replays and that means no diamonds. No repeat winners for my events during the entire GNB (and no, I will not reward a higher diamond prize either, so winning here is as best as you could do anyway). You can't win in multiple categories. Even if you do post the best guides in all 4 categories you'll only get rewarded for one and passed in the other ones - I might still use your guide for the video though. Rules Update: if you've already received a prize in someone else's contest for the same replay then I'm sorry but I will pass you on for someone else's match. This doesn't mean you can't submit to multiple people but I will not reward a prize then. Sorry. How do I record replays? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays or check out Aslain's mod pack or even ask in this thread. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!
  22. MrConway has recently announced that 1000 diamonds a week will be given to community contributors which they will hand out to the players for fulfilling specific tasks: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50704-dream-team-evening-0805-win-diamonds/ Since there are quite a few contributors, I thought it would be a good idea to keep a list of all their contests to make it easy for everybody to keep up with all of them. This will give everybody the chance to milk them for their diamonds in an organized and professional manner. The Contest List Jammin411: Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50613-wowreplays-may-contests/ Requirements for this week: Aerroon: Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/52384-gnbaerroon4-week-4-replay-contest-bb-duel-and-skin-modding-contest/ Requirements for this week: DeleRT_: Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51307-gnbdelert-week2-best-fanart/ Requirements: Crysantos:Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51348-gnbcrysantos-week-2-bb-fail-gif-contest/Requirements: iEarlGrey:Thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51146-gnb-iearlgrey-week-12-spectacular-gif-contest/Requirements: Jingles:Video: https://youtu.be/zakhK7lRtLg?t=11m32s Requirements: Voulezvous:Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTUm5wNRsmw Requirements: MrConway:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships/posts/1014290908653938 Requirements: A list of YouTube and Twitch links of the participating contributors: Jingles: https://www.youtube.com/user/BohemianEagle Jammin411: www.youtube.com/c/Jammin411 iEarlGrey: https://www.twitch.tv/iearlgrey Izoz: https://www.twitch.tv/izolate Aerroon: https://www.youtube.com/c/Aerroon Raskeria: https://www.twitch.tv/ferdinandnl PointyHairedJedi: https://www.twitch.tv/pointyhairedjedi Flamu: https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu Crysantos: https://www.twitch.tv/crysantos Voulezvous: https://www.twitch.tv/voulezvoustv / https://www.facebook.com/Voulezvoustv-1639279359620394/ Deserte: https://www.twitch.tv/sts_deserte Strangers123: https://www.twitch.tv/strangers123/ DeleRT_: https://www.twitch.tv/delert83
  23. Hello and welcome! Introduction With the Grand Naval Battles event going on there are Community Contributor run events as well where you can earn some extra diamonds. For Week 1 I am running a replay contest for the highest base experience per ship class + 1 wild card. To take part you simply submit a replay with the end screen images before the 10th of May 2016, 18:00 (pm) Germany's time (CEST). The replay must be from a match during the Grand Naval Battles event - that is it must be from 4th of May onward and no later than the 10th of May (so this rules out time travellers ruining it for everyone). Prizes 200 diamonds for highest base XP in a destroyer. 200 diamonds for highest base XP in a cruiser. 200 diamonds for highest base XP in a battleship. 200 diamonds for highest base XP in an aircraft carrier. 200 diamonds for wild card match - a match that I personally find great (essentially random - could be super high kills or damage or some crazy stuff happening etc). Time Submit a replay before 10th of May 18:00 Germany's time. (2016 of course) Replay must be from the Grand Naval Battles time, so after 4th of May 2016. What do I need to submit? You need to submit the replay file, and 3 images of the end screen: your personal result, team scores and then your detailed report (damage done). If you submit at http://wowreplays.com/Upload then everything needed is already there. You just need to make sure you include "GNBAerroon" in the title or description of the submission and then the resulting link should be posted here or emailed me. Don't fret if you don't find it because I will use search on the site to find it, it's just better if you do. How do I submit? Main (preferred) way to submit: Go to this website: http://wowreplays.com/Upload and submit the replay. Include "GNBAerroon" in the title or description of the replay on the site. (Without quotes, no space.) Post the link to said replay (from the site) here in this thread or email it to "aelloonthorne@gmail.com" (If you email it include "GNBAerroon" in the title of your email AND include your in game name). Alternative: Post in this thread or email me at "aelloonthorne@gmail.com" the following things: Replay file of the match. Image of personal score end screen (the one that has your ribbons and xp and credits on it that you see right after the battle). Image of team score end screen. Image of detailed score end screen (the one that says damage done). If you email me then include your in game name in it. Help, my replay link doesn't show up on wowreplays.com In that case you can go to the "Newest" tab at http://wowreplays.com/ and look for it there. Alternatively you can search for your ingame name on the site as well and then pick out the replay and post here or email etc. Other rules: There is no submission limit, but please do not spam. If you keep submitting 2000 XP destroyer replays in hopes of getting the wild card pick or something akin to that (eg if my spamfilter picks up your stuff) then I'm sorry but you will be disqualified. Obviously no cheating of any kind either. And please no gaming of the system in a way that seems abusive. Yes, this last one is hard for you to know exactly, but I imagine you guys get the essence of the contest so try not to go too hard against that, otherwise I will not take your replays and that means no diamonds. No repeat winners for my events during the entire GNB (and no, I will not reward a higher diamond prize either, so winning here is as best as you could do anyway). How do I record replays? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/19170-enabling-wows-replays or check out Aslain's mod pack or even ask in this thread.
  24. strangers123

    [Guide contest] Tier 8-10 IJN BBs!

    Ahoy captains! Last week we released the Specialists Global Warships Academy learning community, and to go along we would like to host a contest! The goal: Create an awesome Battleship Guide for tier 8 to 10 IJN Battleships! And I mean a serious guide, not just: Dont play BBs! The contest will run for 2 weeks until the: 31st of March The guide should cover everything from setting up the ships, the benefits of the different upgrades researchable in the tech tree, captain skill, floatplane fighter or floatplane scout and so on. The guide must cover how BoringBoat ehr I mean Battleships plays in PVP Random Battles such as positioning on maps, targets to focus, which targets your guns work best against and which they don't, what to shoot Armour Piercing ammo at and what to shoot High Explosives at and what to do in situations you commonly find in Random Battles. The guides will be judged by a few main criteria, primarily: Depth of information Detail Structure Shiny graphics The guides will be judged by the Instructors and Staff of SGWA, supervised by Wargaming staff Please post submissions in this thread One last note: By participating in the guide contest, you agree that your submission may be published with credit, be it on Official Wargaming Forums or elsewhere. Prizes: There is one main prize: The winner gets the awesome WARSPITE, tier 6 British Royal Navy Battleship! If there are more good guides we feel deserve an honourable mention, there may just be Signal Flag packages (with 20x each signal) for you too! Happy guide-writing and may the best guide writer win!
  25. chamorro

    Ship Match contest

    Hello everyone! It is been a while since I made a contest, unfortunatelly I've been a little bit busy. But that is over and I'm back to the fray again! Unlike the previous contests, this one will be slightly easier (I'll admit it, previous one was quite the overkill). That said, lets get to the rules! PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE PROCEEDING First round of images: Here you go! Enjoy and good luck to everybody! Rest of the images will be posted below