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Found 13 results

  1. Cooey! I'm Jamdear(est), and I've been Twitching for just over a month now, so I thought it was time I posted here! I'm filling in that female British ships streamer gap in the market, so I hope to do WG proud. I offer a laid back, salt-free stream and I've been described as a "positive streamer", whatever that means. I'm an average player, nothing special. I'm in All at Sea [--] and we just made gold this evening! Wheyyy!I play all the botes, some better than others. Even dipped my toe into CV-ing after the rework. I'm still learning about Twitch and also about the more technical side of the game, which I can't learn fast enough. Take a cheeky peek at me Discord, it'd be lovely to have you! I stream weekdays, except Wednesday from 11.30am - 3.30pm GMT (or later). I'm hoping to build up my stamina too, to hopefully stream until gone 5pm. I'll pop the kettle on and get the biscuits out for when you pop in. D'you take sugar? F12! Jam o7
  2. Ahoy Captains, My name is RedRonie and not so long ago i started streaming World of Warships on Twitch. In my streams i focus on: - Entertainment. - Being informative. - Being interactive with my chat. And all that with some nice music on the background. I will not deny it, but im looking to grow a bit bigger and i need your help. Im looking for other streamers and content creators that want to promote themselves a bit. What is my plan?? Well at the end of each of my streams i will give you a nice intermission scene. Here i will show a Youtube video or Twitch highlight of your choice. I will also promote your Youtube and/or Twitch channel. As well as any of your Social Media feeds or even your Discord Server (if you have one). Also on the right side of your video/highlight, my Twitch Chat will be shown, so that you will also see all the reactions. How will it work? Send an email to me at: Redroniegaming@hotmail.com with the following information: - The link of the video or highlight that you want to be shown. (This must be World of Warships content only with a max lenght of 25 min.) - Links to any of your Social media and/or channels that you want to promote. - What kind of video is it? A meme or replay or highlight? Let me know. Everything is fine as long as it is WoWs content only. - In short a bit of information about you and your content. What do i ask in return? The only thing i ask in return is to go to my Twitch Channel and hit that "Follow" button. And dont forget to tell your freinds and clanmembers as well. Basicly we help each other to grow bigger. That is all and thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. Take Care.
  3. Thread about game credit payouts and requesting new content beyond ships in 2019 "In the other game" I had all US bombers researched. I didn't play it for 1,5 years or so, so yesterday I gave it a go again. The developers had reduced the airplane credit payout to 5%-10% of what it used to be ! In the beginning, I didn't understand what was going on with the credit payouts, I couldn't believe it. Even performing several kills with T6 airborne units the payout only covered 5% of the bomber repair costs. So basically they made the game unplayable for me, although the gameplay is still the fun it used to be. To cover the repair costs of a certain bomber and performing 3 player kills in every match would require paying 10 Euros every day to play it with the best T6 US bomber. Then I had a fast go on tanks, the credit payout seems to still stay much better in terms of ground vehicles. Here in the WoWs game the repair costs are just about ok, if your in a clan and are a good performing player. I love the WoWs game, but if WG would decrease the credit income to lets say another 10% of what it is now, I would be gone forever. After all the whining CV threads I came up with a thread yesterday on new game content, which was closed. Some players actually started to provide some constructive great content in it about the history of helicopters: Im off to to the Anno series tomorrow, I do hope that WG will add some more game content beyond ships in 2019, the game has become too boring for me. I like that they added rockets to the game, but I do expect something new to the game in this year. Wishing everyone good fun in the game. Best regards Edit: Moved into offtopic
  4. SamuraiShakaViking

    Golden Week: Great Event

    Just some positive feedback for WG devs and also PR / Marketing & Community divisions, which is often lacking on the forums perhaps. I think the whole Golden Week event and the accompanying rewards and discounts are awesome . Thank you and well done. This is a great idea and great implementation of cool content. It benefits especially new players, but also veterans too; and its both skill stimulating and also more FUN!. Its very encouraging and motivating and makes one want to keep playing even after getting the 12500 second crate. (usually i stop after 12,500 xp , but not when there's events like this that last a week, not just 2-3 days on the weekend only. (ofc some of us can only play more after work during the week, and are busy/away/out on weekends; so getting objectives and more to play for during week days is really VERYwelcome. Please bring it on more!! :)) I am always impressed by the historical links in WoWs and also the incredible programming and IT design goes into this game. The beauty of the ships themselves. The ambience of the maps and playing environment. And that 30 players from many countries can all participate together in a game!, Even some I know even on low spec machines. And all in a free to play game! And its extra awesome when events and challenges promote historical and naval events and campaigns. You also honour veterans, and promote awareness of naval history and events that really affected and even changed our course of history. Its fascinating to learn so much and be able to feel immersed into participating in this. The historical department do a great job; and even explain it all in videos etc. The campaigns and missions and so on too are commendable. Dare I say "We want more!" in future hehe ;). This is very promising for the direction and future of the game imho Well done, thank you, and please keep up the good work. Honto ni arigatou!
  5. Hallo zusammen man konnte sich doch bevor die Englishen BB´s Veröffentlicht wurden 3 Schiffe anhand der Blaupausen Flaggen erspielen. Das habe ich getan aber nun ist mir aufgefallen das die Flaggen bei mir nicht mehr Vorhanden sind. Warum??? ich dachte diese bleiben für immer oder habe ich irgendwo etwas überlesen?
  6. We are moving into the second half of the year. This is what they promised for 2017. • More branches for the British tech tree - possibly next • Two new branches of French ships - half done • Soviet destroyer changes! Look for two destroyer sub-branches: "Destroyer Leaders" and "Artillery Destroyers" - half done • Legendary Commanders - just one (Seagal) • Earnable ship upgrades - check • Commander Skill Tree changes - check • PvE (Cooperative) missions - check • Clan battles - perhaps delayed • Sound improvements: Dynamic music and the ability to modify the sound files of shots, torpedoes and more! - check • Graphics improvements - check • And much, much more! - for example, the Depot and the alternative interface for CVs. What ships can we expect? From the top of my head: More or less confirmed or probable in the near future: 1. British battleships 2. Premiums: DD: HMS Galant, USS Kidd, perhaps a Polish DD CA: Admiral Makarov (distribution unclear) BB: Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya CV: USS Enterprise 3. Three ships of the High School Fleet (anime). 4. Definitely no new CV line this year (SubOctavian at the Yekaterinburg meeting) In the medium-term by SubOctavian at the Yekaterinburg meeting: 1. Another half line of Russian DDs: Smelyi, Neustrashimyi and a Project 56 destroyer perhaps in 2017. 2. The IJN Akizuki line extended to tier X. P.S.: I forgot Steven Seagal!!
  7. Hey Leute, ich habe ein kleines Problem. Ich wollte mich mit dem Thema Modding mal ein wenig auseinandersetzen in WoWS. Ein wichtiger Ordner ist ja der Content-Ordner welcher sich eigentlich im res-Ordner befinden sollte. Nur ist eben dieser bei mir nicht vorhanden, bzw. nicht sichtbar. Denn das Spiel läuft, was ohne diesen Ordner ja nicht gehen würde. Den Pfad kann ich auch nicht mithilfe des res_mods-Ordners spiegeln, sodass die Mod funktionieren würde. Haben sich die Pfade vielleicht mit einem der letzten Updates grundlegend geändert? Als Betriebssystem benutze ich Windows 10 64-bit. Außerdem bin ich als Administrator eingeloggt und kann versteckte Dateien einsehen. Daran kann es also eigentlich auch nicht liegen. Vielen Dank schonmal für jegliche Hilfe, FistBro
  8. 1. Hello, I would like to discuss how it could work for a single gameplay design to appeal to different tastes. Being able to cater to multiple target consumer types is a strong trait for a game, as it can increase exposure and market power, and lower risk while facilitating development. Since types of development are not compatible with all game models, the focus will be on WoWs and its unique characteristics. Earlier I have roughly considered the ideas of [1]:Expanding on game design, to extend the initial game concept into more forms; and [2]:Greater synergy between the core game and derivative material. These were proposed because of the weaknesses of WoWs gameplay: mundane, repetitive, materialistic and grindy. These limitations pose an unfortunate limitation to the appeal of WoWs as a game. While WoWs is still under constant development, the priorities atm are highly technical and principle for the likes of WoWs, such as bugs, optimization, balance and tech tree expansion. Expansions on more dynamic elements for the game, even for a core element such as environmental effects aka weather, are only under preliminary integration. In one sentence, these are all contributing factors limited to the "gameplay" experience, and not the more encompassing "game" experience. As a MMO game, WoWs is not as lively as more 'artistic' and 'experience' based online multiplayers in the market, ones emphasizing on "atmosphere". Even though WoWs is designed to be a vigorous game, it comes out instead as a bit "rigid", or so limited in its experience. Partly we must consider the historical nature of the content: it is not as buoyant as fantasy materials, and less easily expressible via repetitive gameplay. We must also consider the business model WoWs inherited from WoT, thus that it's game mechanics are inflexibly based off a former system as well. In third, while WoWs is a multiplayer game, it is a strictly Zero-Sum game. These factors combined pose severe limitations on the space of growth in the game concept for WoWs. While this is not necessarily a problem, as with all sports type pvp entertainment, overcoming certain limitations and generating new forms of interaction with the core concepts can significantly improve the experience of the game concept. The addition of more user-friendly concepts or custom styles of expression for the core content, is considered. This is based off the logic of either improving in a generalist way, or improving in customized ways. As mentioned, there is limited growth readily available in a generalist way, of which most priorities are already underway. Thus the potential of customized features. 2. Imagine chest. One can either play it in its tournament form: statistics, variables, calculations. Or one can play it the way they heard of it as a child: the mimic of a battlefield, Soldiers of different tales pitted against each other, heroic sacrifices, the Queen is ransomed for a pawn, then the King is finally cornered. Add some lasers, it resembles a battle of unique spaceships; play it in a non-traditional way, and there is no end to the scenarios that can occur. Elementary mechanics, but endless versions of the experience. Can such a line of logic be applied for WoWs? In rare occurrences, when not limited by the limiting and normalizing control factors, players already try to project their human agency into their ships via different playstyles, they apply skins to characterize the ships into fantasy or historical actors; expanding to voice effects, GUI designs, and... not much more? a pity. However, the key idea is that these have all been applied without changing the game play mechanics. It does not matter if you fantasize yourself shooting a spaceship, or a monstrous beast, the variables determining if you win or lose, live or die, are the same. However, the user finds solace in imagining different backdrops under which such mechanics occur. Thus, he can find many more kinds of thrills and gratitudes from the game experience. In fact, different theorems is inherently necessary for people to strategically function in the game at all. Some people are driven by adrenaline, some by set-on-paper goals and objectives. In the end, it does not matter if you theorize chess with math, or with story-based scenarios; whatever you can make sense of it with, whatever your playstyle, use that to master and excel at the same game mechanics. 3. Now applying that to the idea of [1] and [2], for [1], while fully functional alternative game-modes are yet out of the question, features based on simplified and gamified mechanics, or alternative representations of mechanics, such as craftable consumables, signature ship (w/ bonuses), and some other either semi-randomized, user-management based or luck-based rewards. Even the daily exp itself is an example (despite it more likely was implemented via business logic rather than game logic). However I am finding difficulty to consider along the logic of [1], as shown from the reasoning regarding limitations earlier. I had strongly used Blizzard as an example of a company expanding its concepts into forms, but I am currently finding difficulty in considering that for WoWs. I still recommend introducing more behaviour recognizing algorithms. The main focus will thus be on [2] for now, increasing appeal via alternative methods. -The one thing I praised WoWp for was its intro cinematics, I can't believe we don't have cool movie-quality camera shifts on our battleships yet, like the battle introductions from the recent Battlefleet: Gothic Armada. While WoWs did hold an event for "historical" screenshots, perhaps it should have just held an event for "dramatic, creative, or special-effects representations of the game content, either directly obtained from within the game engine or recreated through any artistic medium necessary". I personally would have drawn a tilt-shifted perspective drawing of my favourite battleship. (I learned drawing from mimicking technically accurate sketches of fighter jets.) Easy for wargaming to obtain community creative input that way, while there is still the popularity. This is a very widely used method. -I am not a game designer so I don't know how to implement varied background stories for the same game content, but remember I did mention the example of chess, and some ship skins. -I would like to contrast the "Arpeggio" content with the example of "Kancolle Enchant" mod by Xandier59 @ PravdaTeam. The mod, if I understand correctly via description, completely changes the style of the game itself so that it resembles one based on core content that is different from now. This provides a different user atmosphere, but still limited to the same game mechanics. That is, I believe the intention of the ARP content. However, ARP is not as complete as the "Kancolle Enchant" at providing a immersive alternative atmosphere for the game. While I understand the difficulties of creative effort to officially redesign a GUI system based on ARP features, the end result was a mediocre effect of immersion (I personally could not even get the voice-acting on the ARP captains to work). If the option of changing ports to the ARP option completely revamped your game, thus that it actually justified special selection of a port mode, it would certainly have made a specific variety of consumers out there happy. However, it seems that official undertakings are out of the question. -Derivative material such as the "Bad Advice", "Head over Keels" and "Puka fleet" series all contribute to the variety, but as was said, they are presented in a cluttered and insignificant way, alongside all the other news. And are only lightly linked to game experience as of now. However, I find it difficult to come up with a method of granting them any significant and meaningful influence on the game as of now. -The only behaviour recognition algorithm based acheivement in-game, the "lone warrior", currently has no meaningful value besides some material benefit. The "Kraken" flag is based off of kill-stealing. There is little value of player agency in the game for now. Perhaps...? 4. I am out of creative oomph (was out since part 3) and u are probably out of patience (thank you for reading) so the end! So, any ideas to add some more flavour, variety, soul to this game? Considering the limitations, it will be very difficult, but using the same game mechanics and basing experiences to be different for now is the only compromise I can think of. I did not use any specific examples from other games because cough* but if you have any please do share.
  9. MS_Surface

    Help on Youtube Publishing License

    Hi i wanted to upload some gameplay videos to YT, i heard some time ago someone saying he needed some kind of authorization, or a license from WG but i can't find any info on the website. Can someone give me directions or tell me what do i need to do? Can i just send an email to WG asking for it or something? I would like to know the publishing rules or if you are limited in some way with what you can publish. Thanks
  10. DarwinAwards1859

    The Last of the Mohicans

    Please, do not read this if you are narrow minded, funboy, troll or something not invented yet...I am thinking your well being here, it's for your health... This can been seen as an article, instead of accusing it for wall of text. The modern Internet era were we need to apply more labels and aphorisms to things we don't understand. Anyway.. I don't know the future, but this is a wake up call in some regard. I am researching things for games i like. So i'll give some facts and then make some speculations. I have been watching the development of this game for long now. I've never played WoT and i am saying this for another reason that is another topic by itself. I don't like p2w and Premium ammo/tanks/ships etc. The reason though i mention WoT though is to state that i didn't knew much about these Devs. Meaning, how they handle their games, supporters, costumers, how they respond to suggestions, feedback, player interactivity in general. If, you are someone that observes things in the world, in people, in marketing, in industry, you always see patterns, come to conclusions based on facts, not fiction or conspiracy theories. The truth, is what matters anyway in a world full of deception, isn't it? Now, for this game. The game started and i entered CBT. So the question to start with would be, "What has changed?". Well, minor improvements i would say, major too but for a game that is now out as "Full release", minor. If this is a full product, well, there's your number one reason for why it may be headed to failure. But, player interactivity. Is there any from players towards the Devs, making suggestions, giving feedback etc.? Definitely. Players like the game, so they want it to get better and sustain an amount of ppl capable of holding it's numbers high as possible. That would be around 50k i guess, i was never an optimist and in this case the Devs have proven they don't have much planned for the long run. and even worst they do not respond to suggestions/feedback. They don't even have a "Suggestions/Feedback" Subforum in EU. That tells a lot! While researching for plane games, i came across an article showing a graph of how World of Warplanes failed. For anyone that doesn't know it for some reason, the game officially is considered a failure. The article as reference, since we like facts, is here ( http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/04/11/why-is-world-of-warplanes-a-failure/ ). Quite old already, i wonder if Devs read things about their games and if they discuss them in-depth in their teammeatings. Then, how do you explain the success of WoT? Well, there's always stats, telemetry to be found but, the main reasons are that, there is space in the Genre. It's not a MOBA! That genre for example is full. And, the F2P model with, the implementation of Cash Shop that offers benefits in game to whoever pays real money. It's not a Cash Shop for cosmetics. Here you can actually purchase things that will give you advantages over others. It is a business model used by some Gaming Companies and sometimes it creates for them the "Milking cow" effect. Hearthstone did it too ( http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/9/5699178/hearthstone-pay-to-win ) . So it's not uncommon theme and you can see in the Hearthstone article that this is the very definition of P2W. No need to make up excuses. The writer though finds in the end a silver lining, or, he thinks he does. First off, in the long run the game will have more content, meaning the gap (similar to wage gap??..) between paying players and F2P accounts will remain big. Even more, the paying costumers will keep paying, the f2p accounts will keep being f2p. So, he actually misses the fact that the gap will never really close. The game is, very much so P2W, despite the RNGesus argument. Here we have ships. Some may decide to buy them (btw, absurd pricing. 50-60 Euro for a virtual ship, that's an AAA title!), some not. The game is F2P, meaning you know people will play it for free. Isn't that the reason they decided a F2P model? Wider player base, not consumer base, player. And, if they like what they experience, they might help the game by paying. I have done it, but not for games that offer advantageous things over others. I guess it's where the ethical boundaries of each are placed. If one has, that is. A win is worth bragging about, if it's on equal terms. Like a game of chess. And in every case i hardly believe a cosmetic Cash Shop will bring the same profit for any quality game. Gamers want to show their appreciation for the game they are having fun with. But i actually digress. The reason this game is failing is, the lack...the lack of content, complexity as iChase mentions ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6l2PxcV7WI ) and the player interactivity. At least in the EU forums. This is a graveyard. The are, tons of suggestions by players, yet there almost always no response by the Devs. Not only that, they are focused and determined in the Marketing area almost 100%. Fixing minor bugs, balancing etc. it is what we usually see from any game. So i am not impressed when that happens here as some YouTubers and ppl are. I am too old to know better. I get that PvE is difficult to co-exist with this business model they after, perhaps it's the fixation of the modern times in E-Sports. PC Gaming started from PvE, ppl still love it, we play Fallout because of it, not despite of it. We play Tomb Raider for it. The depth a game Dev decides to give to their game, makes the game a success or a failure. When you become a Developer and earn that title, please, do not stop to be a gamer. Yes, unfortunately i do think Developers become obsessed with success, like other Bankers, it's their fix and drug, in some cases at least. I witnessed many collaborations in the last few months for this game. From Curse to Razer to the anime thing no one asked for. I'm not against it, it's just that everyone thinks it is not a priority. "Well, what is a priority Jinlges tell us.." All right. The answer is not 42. The answer is in the Forums, people give feedback from Alpha and to this day. Why they give feedback? They like the damn game. "How the Devs react Jingles?". Silence of the lamps, more premium ships and another mode that wasn't a priority but may bring them closer to E-Sports. I am certain, at this point, Nosgoth will be a similar failure and close by will be Armored Warfare. For the same reasons all of them. btw, i like the guy (Jingles), but you will benefit more from ppl that play devils advocate. What you consider "negative" feedback, is actually the most constructive feedback you'll have in your lives. People are giving feedback and suggestions because they like a game. There's a revelation for ya. Something they like and want to see it grow, develop into something better and better. They spend time and thought on it, they even keep notes, make calculations, all for free, for the freaking love of the game. Don't spit on it, think on them!! That's appreciation from your side Devs. Every "gift" has a trap. Go to his channel/stream and you'll get a ship for free. Really? He says i need to pay him! (Subscribe) Just to get a chance... Who do you think are the players that will be appealed by such offers? The ones that can afford to buy Premium ships and Doubloons to unlock the XP buy Credits etc. or the ones that actually have nothing and/or can't afford for much? I would call it exploitation of the consumer. The naive consumer though, in this age of information seems to becoming a species close to extinction. So, there's another reason i think these type of games will keep failing. The complete lack of content and the complete focus on marketing, rather real development of a game. Can you see a game staying in history because of that, really? Were is the quality if not in the depth. CS or Battlefield have it. Each in it's own special ways. And i mention these two because you see that they are as simplified as any game on this genre too. Personally, even if i know for a fact some Premium ships are better than the normal/free ships, in terms of stats that is, i do not consider this a P2W game. One reason is, i do not care about competition, or PvP, or stats and so on. Stats only to understand were i might be wrong and how to improve and were. The thing that disappoints me is the compete lack of content and that the Devs never mention anything about modes, appealing new modes with innovation in mind. Is it so hard really? And why? You make accurate historic ship models and you never think of historic scenarios, maps that can evolve, even Cooperative Campaigns and a million things. I mean, it's not MMO's ofc, i do not expect a great innovation or variety from these games but there can be some. There's actually a million other things one could discuss about, but i have not much faith in people to be able to discuss. Not in this age, not in my lifetime anyway. So, i just put my thoughts for the last time here and move on. I guess i'll be one of those that will be returning back whenever a "Major Update" comes out and i'll be hoping the peaks then will be the same, around 20k+.
  11. Sonic_157

    Feedback Friday Q&A

    Hello all. One week ago WG started a thread in Reddit where players could ask things about the game and a selection of them would be answered the next week. The link for the thread is this: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/3v77yf/feedback_fridays_are_here/ Yesterday the first wave of answers appeared. I collected all of them and posted them here, so we can have a reference and a more easy read. The answers are in bold. -When is Murmansk, Atlanta, and Ishizuchi getting their camos that the premium shop accidentally leaked awhile back? 0.5.2 -What is WG's opinion on high tier (T8-10) balancing, especially on CV? Do you feel the situation now is completely fine, completely unbalanced or what? Short answer is no, balance is not perfect. Long answer is a little more complicated  According to our stats CVs are now performing at a balanced level compared to other classes (excluding outliers that we need to address individually) BUT we don’t like how it feels to play. CVs are not comfortable to play at the moment. Ok so our current feelings on the other classes at the higher tiers right now, BBs are kings and performing exceptionally well. Cruisers right now are under performing. Destroyer performance have improved significantly over the last few patches but are still not quite where we want them to be. We are working to address these balance issues in 0.5.2 but this will be an ongoing process as the game continues to evolve so please keep sending us feedback! In 0.5.2 we are adding the ability for Cruiser’s Heal ability to include 33% of citadel damage to increase their survivability after heavy damage. For Destroyers, we are decreasing torpedo detectability and reducing the maneuverability of BBs and CVs BUT the high tier acquisition modernization is being reworked and will increase torpedo detectability and the maximum auto spot range. Again, balance is something that we look very closely at and we need your feedback, so keep it coming captains! -Regarding CV, the attack command queue (ability to queue up attack targets of fighters) was removed quite some times ago. Will that be added back in the future or will it be discarded? It was very buggy and we needed to remove it. It may return in the future once it’s issues are fixed. -Regarding premium ships, will there exist any way to educate new players on how to play before allowing join high tier battle? (AKA. fresh new player buying Atago) It’s a great question and we are continuing to think about how to do this. -Regarding events. Here in Reddit we noticed that WG regional offices handle them very differently. Do you expected to continue this model of operation?” Yes, each region is unique and we want to provide each community something they will enjoy. -Will we ever see interesting new game modes like night battles (meaning DARK, not maps illuminated by a supermoon), or harsh weather conditions including waves, fog etc.? We are working on new modes and in effects but we aren’t ready to announce anything until we get further in development of these types of features. I don’t want to get your hopes up too soon -More maps are really needed. The way it is right now, it's the same maps over and over again, often many times in a row. More maps will becoming each update! The last 2 patches have added 2 maps each and 0.5.2 will have 2 new maps as well. We have been focusing on high tier maps as players spend more battles at those tiers to get to the next ship. -Have you looked into the HE complains we've had here recently? Since a few patches ago small calibre HE has been doing far less damage and on USDDs been setting far less fires than expected. We reduced the chance of fire in 0.4.2 and it looks statistically ok from our perspective. There is some extra skills involved in lighting fires now as you need to hit lightly armored parts of a ship. Try aiming for the super structure, bow and aft of a ship to have a better chance to light them on fire. There was also an issue with citadels in a previous patch that was addressed but it might have affected your play. -IJN DDs also need some love on their guns. Now they are outmatched in every aspect: worse torps, worse guns, worse survivability.And please remove that frustrating perma spot of torps by planes. There are some torpedo changes coming in 0.5.2 as previously mentioned. As for the IJN torpedo progression, this is due to balancing. What does improve significantly is speed over the tiers and this is a very important part of how strong a torpedo is. No plans for that ship at the moment Also seems like we should Nerf Umikaze? /Troll -Are you thinking about improving the economy on higher Tiers (VIII+)? Because, if I'm playing really well, I can make up to 180k Credits in Tier V-VII. But at IX or X, even if I would play superb(my highest is only a Tier VII) , if I get sunk, I will pay so much... Do the devs at WG have plans to improve this situation? 0.5.2 is re-balancing this. -Do you still plan of changing the max. caliber below 155mm for the Advanced Firing training captain perk in an upcoming patch? We feel this perk is not working as intended and we have some hunches BUT we need to examine are data to confirm if this an issue and how we should address it. -Do you plan a rebalancing the penetration and dispersion values for high tier USN BBs compared to their IJN counterparts at any point in the future? Right now we are ok with the balance between the BB pairs at high tiers except for Yamato and Montana. Yamato is performing nicely but Montana is not quite as competitive.
  12. As most of us already know, the release of the long awaited Bismarck, tier 8 German Battleships and the Tirpitz, tier 8 Premium Battleship, is on the horison. However, as yet, we have only heard of a few of the ships that will appear in the German Tech Tree. Therefore, as the title suggests, I have to wonder whether the German tree will be released in a completed state or not. If the answer is no, and the only standard battleship in the German tree is the Bismarck, at release, this would mean that a player would be able to go straight from a tier two or three cruiser to a tier 8 battleship. Perhaps I am just being incredibly naive here but if this were to be the case, then when the rest of the tree is released, would players who already have the Bismarck, lose it and have to grind back from the bottom of the tech tree. Maybe this is very naive of me but I still thought it was an interesting point and perhaps worthy of some discussion. I would appreciate your opinions on this along with any official statements you have seen on any of the Wargamng forums. Hacker_Vision
  13. The Ocean Map is very intriguing. But don't fear, all you have to do is be aware of the icebergs and the wind cause they change position accordingly. If you pay attention to environment, you'll be just fine. #sarcasm Sarcasm, shouldn't explain itself. That's it's purpose...nvm. In seriousness, can i make an argument as to why PvE/Co-Op content can enrich a game and expand it's life expectancy? I think not if we bring examples like Counterstrike, arena games in general and MOBA's ofc. Further more, when i see great ideas, like BF3's Co-Op missions being thrown to trash can in the next "chapter", it is just disappointing. Similar to the great idea Brink had for Co-Op campaign. The idea was great, it's not the reason failed, but nmv again. This is not an article, so i won't go into dept. This is a plea, i would say, to Developers of all kinds to add PvE and Co-Op content. A game has 2 options. Then these options are choices. One is for PvP, the other for PvE/Co-Op. Ideally, in my mind as a gamer (not a fanboy of anything), is a game that chooses both. Why would such a choice be profitable? It is all about fame in the end. When you read an article, the reviewers or journalists go back to previous titles that left a mark on something. One a single aspect of a game, or a game as a whole. Similar to what i did while mentioning BF3 and Brink. People who read know this. What makes a game exceptional? Originality? Sure, but not only, we all share ideas but we also expand them. We take something to the next level. We play chess or backgammon even if it's the same game, again and again, because the opponent may change, hence the tactics. Is this a key word? Tactics. Some may dwell on it..not an article, right. We play them because we have fun, ofc. Pass time easy, sure. Simplicity is the key. Minimalism is overwhelmingly accepted in games. Weird it is not in our RL. My argument, i guess, in my Steam profile is that i prefer playing with others, not against them. It has a sense of solidarity, cooperation. Through cooperation we have evolved, believe it or not. Someone said the Earth was round, but we needed more ppl in the passing of time to confirm it, to work on that direction and change our false, till then, mindset. Alright, Arena games as much repetitive are, we just feel content with them. Similar as we feel for the repetitiveness of chess. But it is also the style of the game. In chess you don't need others. Ok, so it is the style of the game. So for this style of game, wouldn't more PvE/Co-Op content work? Seeing WoWS's low XP given for PvE, all i am thinking is this grind attitude they choose can be forgotten so easily of they just add content for it to balance out the boredom of grinding. I understand the factor of profits. Premium,=more XP etc. Yes, ppl buy games and support Developers who create games out of pure love and passion. the examples are out there. People know the difference between quality and quantity. Well, some of them at least. I often listen Mighty Jingles, complaining about WoT (i am not criticizing/judging here). And it does feel weird to me, that ppl in general play games that have major flaws in their design. Because i do believe thats what makes someone complain all the time. The Developer, which is the "God" of the game, being a stubborn "God". Of course he enjoyed the game experience, but it is always bumpy. The matches that give smooth happy experience can be counted on one hand during the course of a whole day. That is bad design in my book. Yet, seeing games like WoWS's is great. The coding and design of ships and the effort, you know we really don't think too much about these things these days. We take everything for granted. It is not. I understand the effort, i even understand the programming and coding aspect, since i am a gamer 30 years now and have done some. So, this is not a case, not an argument. A game Developer has an idea and puts it into theory/paper/design/action. Imagination is important as our friend Einstein said. Keep it simple, but add content. There is a serious lack of tutorials i have noticed too. People spam Torpedoes out of their range and the most common effect on WoWS's is friendly fire. This is bad design, the God of the game did not implemented any rules whatsoever. Why? Would you want a society with no rules really? Have you thought about it? You, the Developer, create the community of your game. Quality, or quantity...? Also, the lack of UI customization options. We don't all have the same sense of efficiency, considering everything really. The more customization options a UI can have, the more versatile it is for ppl to feel more comfortable with it. Anyway, i am going to stop here as i am bored too from myself writing all these and i could go on for long. I just regret i didn't became a game designer/developer, seeing so many companies failing on simple tasks and things. Perhaps because i don't understand the market and we know it's all about that in the end of the day. "Goodnight and goodluck". (PS: I know during WWI & WWII many battles took place in open ocean. You know there was a story behind it, orders given, ppl talking behind radio, the enigma machine even? There is a difference between a game...and reality). ;)