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Found 38 results

  1. Commander_IronFist


    Hello fellow Commanders, As you all know container drops these days. Some of these containers drop very useful and even greatly appreciated items. I guess gold, credits and even premium ships are always a great surprise to receive. However not all the items that are dropped are appreciated and some are even unwanted depending on your preference on how you want to play the game. This is especially the case with drops from special containers that lead to a new collection. We have all have a number of collections in port that basically are obsolete or completely useless. However there seems to be no way of getting rid of the clutter, or even to remove the container with the drop from port all together. Therefore I would like to suggest the following: 1) An option in game to delete containers in port if you don't want the container in the first place. Even when you don't claim the containers in the Daily Shipments because you don't want them, they still end up in your port as the picture below shows. 2) An option in game to delete Collections which you are unlikely, or not interested, or not able to complete. Or Collections which are obsolete because the special has ended and you have not gathered all the elements to be able to complete the Collection. The Collections which are circled in red are highly unlikely to be completed, yet I cannot prevent from receiving them (Daily Shipments) and once I have them I can't get rid of them. Some may argue that you should not question things you get for free. Well in this current time were COVID-19 disrupts or even destroys many lives and communities. Nobody asked to get infected, so in essence they all got it for free, but if that means you accept it without question, is another matter. So yes, I question many things, regardless if it's it's for free or if I have to pay for it. Stay safe everybody, on or off the scene of battle. Whether it be on the Battlefield, in the Air, on the Sea or in real life! Commander Iron Fist.
  2. ilektrologos

    European containers.....

    Okay now its my turn. This is bloody outrageous... What is the hacking chance for token drops in european containers? Is it really so difficult for WG to announce those rates?! Okay i can accept this is rng wise situation but this is unbelievable; opening 15 containers and receive about 300 tokens... This is a slap in the face. Better be honest than this shet, like : rate of receiving 10 tokens is 50% or tiers 7,8,9, is only for those who purchase bundles. I dont care about the ships, the time spent on those directives is precious; at least for me.
  3. anonym_OQ8SFxmDxroh

    Lunar Containers Too Much Generous?

    Hello, can some of the "community contributors" inform Wargaming that their lunar containers are too much generous. I have just opened one lunar container and I just can not accept such a large gift. It's too much, really. Thanks
  4. I just thought it might be interesting to see if anyone actually get these ships that are dangeled in front of us to tease us to buy any of the Christmas containers. Of the whole list I choosen these four (Missouri, Musashi, Benham and Belfast) since imho I think these are what the mayority of the playerbase would consider the "Jackpot win" out of them all. Many of these are considered really rare and in some cases a bit OP. For instance I didnt include Kutuzov since its not really that OP/broken any more with likes of Colberts and Smolensks in the game. So I just wanna know, in the name of transparancy, who if any have actually gotten these mighty four out of the boxes. And I would like to see either a picture of when you got the ship (im guessing many would take a screenshot of a thing like that) or atleast a screenshot from the ship in your port with close to none XP on it. Thanks!
  5. Afghanicus

    Opening containers

    Just wondering... Is there (and why not) a way to select which containers you want to open? Because the way I see it now you can only open them in the chronological way you received them... What if I want to open certain containers but leave other ones for later? I believe it shouldn't be that hard to make this feature. Or there is one but I don't see it? Also, it would be nice if you use 'Open all containers' to see which containers brought you want, not to see all the goodies collectively. That would make it much more useful for insights and statistics.
  6. Jethro_Grey

    Lunar New Year Containers

    Did anyone buy some? Did anyone receive a ship or Doubloons for compensation? Which of the mentioned stuff did drop? The good stuff or the fluff? And why are there no Pan Asian commanders in the crates? At least a small Chance to get one would be nice WG.
  7. Jethro_Grey

    Unsinkable Sam Containers

    This might be a pointless question with WG selling containers for every occasion, i.e. Dunkirk, Bismarck, Motherland, US cruisers, a bag of rice fell over in China,..., but what are the chances we can buy USContainers in the premstore? Also, Ark Royal soon in the premium store? I know the official response to that question, but i'd like to know the answer to the first. Another Thing that bothers me...why the EFF is there no commemorative flag with unsinkable Sam that can be earned during the event? And i'm not Talking about that cartoon cat flag that looks like a oversized Garfield. @MrConway, @Crysantos
  8. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  9. Just trying to get a handle on the drop rate here. This is not intended as a Rant thread. Guess will do for the number of containers. I have opened about 10 containers from missions, directives, daily drops etc and not received any ships.
  10. Afghanicus

    Containers bug?

    Just wondering if it's due to the major EU server issues or just a random bug... When going to open crates, the platform is flat but no crate is being displayed. On the next screenshot (last night) I have 2 crates ready to open and as far as I know (and it was a case til now) the last obtained crate is being displayed but no here, not now... On the next instance (this morning), I got the XP to collect the next container but seems like the last one is "stuck" and doesn't get out on the cargo hatch. (from the top view, seems like a french crate) I've probably opened about a 1000 crates so far and never saw this bug so I'm wondering if anyone else noticed the same and what could be causing it. Doesn't affect the outcome so I don't find it critical but still... nobody likes bugs.
  11. AwesomeBoat

    Camouflage and signals

    Hi How do you stack up hundreds of camouflages and signals? Should I pick the camouflage & signals containers? Thanks
  12. AwesomeBoat

    Free XP signals

    Hello I'm currently saving free xp for the Nelson, I have no more free xp signals. Is the camouflage and signals container type better than more Resources for economic signals Thanks
  13. hedgehog_s

    Naval Aviation containers

    I think there is something bugged with the containers, the last NINE I have opened are all Fairey Barracuda duplicates, the first two today ?? Fairey Barracuda duplicates again - now 11 in a row of the same duplicate - thats more than chance WG that's a problem. These are not purchased containers - just earned ones.
  14. Srle_Vigilante

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    With the upcoming black Friday deals comes of course the appropriate containers. There is the free bad odds containers and there's the paid better odds containers. Now why am i making this topic? I am honestly concerned for WGs approach to lootboxes, with the current regulations of lootboxes that are coming up in the EU. Because, technically they are gambling. I personally have nothing against these types of lootboxes, but there are some people with actual gambling issues who just cant control them selves. But that's a subject for some other time. Is this really the right way of selling goods on the shop? And now for the actual reason for making this topic. I just wanted to start a discussion with the community here, to see your guys/girls input on this matter. Because in general around the gaming community the lootbox seems to be quite a negative thing at the moment. And with the new containers, come some spicy rewards as well. Even more then just skins. So i was wondering. Is this really the type of content that we want in our game? Don't get me wrong i love this idea of boxes and containers, but this latest one is really pushing the line in my opinion...
  15. anonym_sngxMubCbqzo

    Freedom Containers, Level 4, Missions.

    EDIT, _________________________________________________________ As answered in the thread, the chance for missions was removed, so anyone stumbling upon this thread, you wont get missions from Freedom Containers. My problem was that I watched Youtube videos of these containers being opened, saw each and everyone one get missions with far lesser quantities, they also mentioned the missions themselves was not in the description of the item. So I naturally and completely logically as a new player who as entirely expected did not thoroughly read every patch note before him, got those containers with the expectations to receive the same rewards, I did not, the chance were removed. I'm fully aware that it is far-fetched of me to expect them to have considered this scenario, it was just after all an UNFORTUNATE situation, so I will recommend a small description to be added notifying any future costumers of it. As it so happens I'm a first time costumer in WoWS and hopefully my feedback will be helpful. _________________________________________________________ OP, Hello, I was gifted some $$ by a family member to help boost my start in our World of Warships adventures, among them 25 Freedom containers, few problems, but it's late so I thought I'd turn here for some guidance. It was mentioned to me they should contain a chance at some missions for Ships of various tiers and classes, having nothing better to do this late I opened them. To my dismay as I opened container after container I did not see a single mission. I understood later that I needed to progress my "Level" to use the other items which is fine, but fact remains not a single mission was to be seen in those containers, from my googling adventures it seems they should have a pretty high chance to "drop". So I'm wondering, by opening them at such a low level (level 4) did I inadvertently reduced my chance of getting the missions to zero? All the best Hanikamu
  16. I bought a couple of Dunkirk containers using Coal to complete my Dunkirk collection and get the Jack Dunkirk 10-point Captain. I have 7/24 pieces of the Bismark collection already, but not bothered about the camo reward. Is it worth my while buying containers for either the Vive le France, or 2-year anniversary collection? I understand that the French ones are considerably discounted since they were first made available to buy with Coal (12,000 Coal iirc, now 5,000). Any advice greatly appreciated :)
  17. valoaa

    Freedom Containers

    The new freedom containers in store. Thought I'd get some, why not, chance of winning a ship I don't own, probably not going to get of the special missions to unlock them. Buy 5 containers Get TWO missions for premium ships. BOTH for the only two ships in the list I already own. Fantastic. Yes I know I may have been quite lucky to get two, not sure on the frequency this time around. And yes I know now get credits I don't understand why it can't just see you already have that ship and then roll the dice again. Thoughts?
  18. TrickySteelRat

    Is the Navy Go contest broken

    I know that we are only 3 days into the Go Navy contest but I feel like there are some problems with it, causing it to be Broken. These are 1) The fact that you can choose which team you are on everyday. It should have been the case, that at the beginning of the contest you choose your team and you stayed on that team to help it win. 2) Before you choose your team at the start of your first battle, you are shown how much it is winning by. This will encourage players to pick the team that is already winning, thus causing that team to have more players scoring points for it. It is human nature to want to be on the winning team. This leads onto: 3) Why was the option to change teams even given at all, and why are you rewarded for it with a container? People will change teams just to get a container. The loyalty bonus is not sufficient to tempt, well loyalty. 4) I chose to be on the Eagles team at the beginning of the contest and at the time of writing they have not won a single day. In fact they are losing by nearly 8 million points. Now i know some people will say " your only complaining because your team is losing/ not very good". I'm not complaining about that, I can just as easily pick the Sharks tomorrow and be on the winning team. It seems a silly way to conduct a " Contest" when everyone can switch teams when they want and be rewarded for it. If you had to pick your team and stay with it throughout the whole contest, then people would have a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the contest. What are your views on this, am I missing the point or am I making a valid point.
  19. A large number of players play more hours a day, and earn more than 37,000 (which is necessary to earn to open third container), so in my opinion the WG should allow a greater number of containers that can be earned daily. As the number of containers increases, the value of XP which must be earned bz playing, should also be increased. For example, for 4 containers, you need to earn 50,000 XP, for 5 containers you need to earn 75,000 XP and so on... By introducing this innovation, WG will reward players who play more and at the same time, stimulate players to gain more experience and become better. What do you think?
  20. Been wanting to post this for a while. Whatever happened to getting 10,000,000 or 20,000,000 credits in containers? This definitely used to be a thing. Does anybody else get these anymore? When was the last time you received one? It think it may have changed when they made a few amendments to super containers a while back, changing 5 reward signals to 4 for example.
  21. Greetings, I have a question, is it just me or are there only duplicates in these week's Hunt for Bismarck containers? I was so looking forward to these new missions to finally get that historic camo, but when I open those containers I always get the same 2-3 items. It is so frustrating, for months I am waiting to finish this collection and now I just wanna quit... Why WG?
  22. Warderer

    Wows Christmas event

    Hey guys! I dont know if i skipped any news but when does the Christmas/ New years events begin? I have not seen any info about that. I couldn't participate in them last year so im a bit confused when are they happening and how they go. WoTs loot boxes are now on, thats why im asking. Thanks ^-^
  23. RNjisus

    Collecting containers

    I always pick containers with flags. It would be a nice convenience to have an option "Collect containers automatically" and as soon as I hit the 2000,12500 or 37000XP mark the system would just give me the already-chosen type of container. That way I wouldn't have to click every time "collect container" AND "more signals and camouflages".
  24. 300ConfirmedKills

    Spend free XP on containers

    Could we please have the option to spend free XP towards obtaining our daily containers? When one plans on finishing a session of play upon obtaining the second or third container of the day, or one is endeavouring to obtain said container just before the daily XP progress resets, it is very frustrating when one returns from a battle only to find oneself a handful of XP short of achieving one's goal (e.g.: the attached image). The ability to spend free XP on daily containers would largely eliminate any reason for one to feel this frustration. I realise this is more of a suggestion than a question, but I can't see any better forum than this to address my suggestion to.