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Found 24 results

  1. GargencUA

    Consumables sale price ?

    hi guys.. all consumables will be exchanged for credits but how much credits doesn't it write how much is the selling price for one consumables ?
  2. So, this has been nagging me practically everytime I switch between ships that share some consumables ... the hotkeys are all over the place. A consumable that gets activated on one ship with say thr "T" key gets activated on another with the "U" or "Y" key, and the "T" key in return activates something else. On yet another ship that same key can be bound to yet another consumable. Muscle memory can really, really screw you over bigtime whenever you don't consciously doublecheck the keybindings on the ship, which can be a bit problematic when you find yourself in a pinch and just react rather than take a gander at the consumable loadout bar on your UI. I'd vastly prefer it if WG unified those keybindings specifically to each consumable. For example Hydroacoustic Search is always the "T" (shared with Defensive AA since the two are mutually exclusive consumables if I recall that correctly for every ship) key. The Damage Repair Party will always be the "U" key, Smoke will always be "Y" ... so forth and so on. I'm sure I can't be the only one who accidentionally hit the wrong button after switching ships and I think it would do improve the intuitiveness of the game controls if we didn't have to actively work against the natural accumulation of muscle memory. Please WG, consider this change. I'm pretty sure it should be a relatively trivial workload to change too.
  3. Spotting aircraft consumable reload time is way too high. Unable use it more than twice. It should be lessened by at least 60 seconds.
  4. Good evening all, I just quit a match with the HMS Hood where my defensive fire consumable (Y) and AA in general would not work. Now I am aware of the P button that can switch AA and seconadries off but this was not the issue. I have logged a ticket with WG but I wasn't recording the match. So my question is has anyone come across this bug with any of their ships? Basically a consumable not working even though you are pressing the corresponding key and/or guns of some sort not working? Because of this bug I was an easy target for the carrier once he realised I was defenseless. I am well aware of the old bug making guns useless whereby no matter how many times you click you cannot fire but I though this had been fixed. If it is making a comeback they better patch it quick. Kind regards, Hj
  5. philjd

    Consumables - damage?

    Here's a thought to ponder - should it be possible to damage consumables? Examples:- 1) Spotter plane/fighter - the catapult could be damaged and hence prevent launching (no effect if already up) 2) Radar - dishes, aerials etc can be damaged 3) Hydro - (less likely) but the receivers/control rooms etc could be damaged 4) DefAA - HAFC could suffer damage (high angle fire control) 5) engine boost - turbines, boilers, piping etc 6) smoke - similar to engine boost. Damage could repair over time and/or the player could use the damage con. Would it be worth it, too much benefit for HE spammers, although engine/hydro/smoke should need penetrating hits, would it add to the game? I don't consider repair party as a consumable in the strictest sense. It's just that we can damage modules, and consumables are 'value adds' to modules, so.....? (edit typo)
  6. The problem with game development and game mechanics. This thing has irqued me for a while now, but it's hard for me to describe. Doesn't make it easier for me that I'm a non-native English 'speaker' but I will try. I noticed, back when I was still something of a yoloing rookie, that some people disliked WG to (how they described it) "copy+paste an existing ship, make it a premium and slap a price tag onto it". But otoh I also sense some frustration or perhaps resentment or jealousy towards having unique premium ships that have a mechanic that is either unique to non-silver ships or implemented in a more enjoyable way (for example, BBs with torps, this is mostly a premiumship thing). This is not about some of these premium ships that are OP because of these unique sets of game mechanics they possess (like the HMS Winfast or perhaps the Kutuzov) but more broader, in what game mechanics, what tech trees could possible be implemented into the game that add to the game and make a tree unique, have its own flavor. When there's very little tech trees, this is easy. For instance, designating one tree for close combat or brawling and the other for sniping. That way 2 tech tree branches can be differentiated. Adding a third? Lets make it somewhere between those two. But once you start getting more and more lines, the notions of "gimmicky lines" start becomming more obvious due to limitations if how to differentiate tech tree branches enough from each other without using some gimmicks. I don't see gimmicks as a bad development in itself. I believe this is somewhat of a necessity if one is to make lines more distinctive from each other. It adds more flavor to a line of ships, adds unique and more distinguishable lines of ships to the game and overall makes a game like this one more colorfull. Another one is balancing new stuff vs the old stuff. Powercreep is one of them, but one is to be careful when judging a course of actions as being one of purposefully powercreeping in a game like this one, the (lets call them) more unimpressing new premiums get akinda forgotten and relatively little use. In my opinion I think WG has (during the time that I played WoWS, close to a year now which is longer then I ever played WoT in a single go) done pretty good work regarding the balancing of new lines while not messing up too badly (and sometimes quite promptly nerfed some stuff back like the 2 top tier Brit BBs), while adding a unique gameplay mechanic. The Brit HE BBs I think are actually a nice addition to the game, or at least it has good potential. And it's definitely a unique and in my opinion interesting branch. The French BBs were to me a bigger succes regarding how a new and unique line (with respect towards the older stuff) is implemented correctly, I think they hit the spot right in the middle there! Not OP, but certainly not UP. And definitely unique, though personally I would've liked to see Strassbourg as a silver ship but who knows, perhaps someday. But imo I think the French BB line, which added speed boost consumable as a flavor (or gimmick) to this new line, is how balancing is done correctly. A couple of the ships are quite daring (like Lyon and Republique) and would make a line as a whole stand out a bit more, but in itself is not necessary for to make a line interesting enough to receive the wanted attention from players. Adding too much 'exceptions' to the game may even end up clogging up the game with many hundreds or perhaps even thousands of 'unique' playable entities, each with their own specialities, this can be seen in WoT where for me it's totally impossible to learn all of these weakspots, making me feel like "ok, nevermind, forget it, I'm out!". At some point one can get fed up with the artificially created 'unique' content, which is a trapping pit filled with spears one would not want to trap onself into when adding game content. One wouldn't want to make the game something that is ridiculous, even though WoWS is more an arcade game then a simulator. The really silly stuff can be confined to events, I think it's proven that this works very nicely with the ingenious halloween event from last year Long introduction, but this has been in the works for a while now. On to the gimmicky part Some new ones may get tested once in a while (like the reload booster during last halloween event, now getting added to Jean Bart) What kinds of gimmicks could be feasable to add to this game? So which unique consumables do we have? Here's a quick breakdown: - Damage Control Party - Repair Party (this one is the heal) - Smoke Generator - Engine Boost - Hydroacoustic Search (sees ships and torps in relative near proximity, relatively long duration) - Surveillance Radar (sees ships in relative wide area, short duration) - Defensive AA Fire - Torpedo Reload Booster - Spotting Aircraft - Catapult Fighter These ones here can be kinda lumped into an armament category: - Defensive AA Fire - Torpedo Reload Booster - Spotting Aircraft - Catapult Fighter Now we will be seeing a new one here, primary armament reload booster. But how about a secondary armament booster for some new brawler ships? (I'm not suggesting the speculated new German BC line, I'd prefer these have the earlier mentioned torps but this is kinda wishful thinking). Or something which I believe is not a first time mention, a consumable that lays a couple mines (perhaps in a similar fashion that puffs of smoke are laid) that last for a certain duration and can be spotted with hydro or only when really up close? - Secondary armament reload booster - Minelaying Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar use a unique game mechanic, I presume DefAA uses the same one but may kill aircraft, and smoke is possibly also using similar game mechanics. One possible new consumable could be a radar jammer but lets not get into that I wouldn't want it myself unless it's for some event or something - Radar jammer With the smoke there are already a couple variations using the same game mechanics, smaller puffs that are generated for a longer while while some ships (mainly Brits) have fewer puffs but are MUCH bigger. One unique one is the very short duration one that is basically meant to cover a ship instead of laying a smoke screen (Perth for example, iirc). One game mechanic that could be conceived is a puff of smoke that acts basically like the thunderstorms in Hermes, making accuracy towards ships inside this weird puff of smoke worse. But to me it doesn't fit into the game, or at least how things are right now, dunno if I'd want this one but it could kinda aleviate the radar meta). - Distracting Magic Stuff Accuracy Generator, or possibly make existing smokes a bit like this to aleviate the radar meta. Another one could be a consumable that lays anti-torp nets that last for a little while. This hypothetical consumable could somehow make it into the game without ruining the flavor of the game. I think this one might actually be interesting, though I'm not knowledgable enough to know if it's even possible to implement into the game right now due to engine limitations. - Torpedo Nets (stops movement of torps only, both friendly and enemy torps) Then there's the speed boost. How about a skill that is kinda like speed boost, but has a small area activation so ships nearby also receive a speed boost? Call it the "Get out!" or (not so serious) "Get to da exit zone!"-consumable. Raises the alarm, "full steam ahead", "signal all ships to disengage!", the name is kinda arbitrary but this one might be viable. Duration of its effect is debatable as is area of effect. Or perhaps an area consumable that repairs other ships (I think this one was mentioned before and was used during halloween event) or can put out fires (but not floodings), like how ships from those times already could put out fires by using fire hoses from other ships. Or make it so it can put out only a single fire by having an ally selected when activating the "Put Fire Out"-consumable. Perhaps it's possible and it could potentially fit into the game. Perhaps make it so that this doesn't work on one's own ship, there's multiple variations possible here when considering if it's possible using existing game engine mechanics. - Area Speedboost - Area Heal - Area Damage Control Party Like the mines mentioned earlier, one could 'drop' heals or heal packages, like a medkit used in some shooters, but dunno how this could fit into the game. I wrote this mostly to explore what could be possible within the boundries of what WoWS could offer (apparently something like radar/hydro not going through mountains is not possible for the current game engine, while other options are but are unwanted due to what WoWS is about) and I wrote it for fun.
  7. Commander_Cornflakes

    Warnung über leere Verbrauchsmaterialien

    Wenn man nach einem Gefecht auf Weiterkämpfen klickt, ohne zwischendrin zum Hafen zurückzukehren, sollte eine Warnung auftauchen falls Verbrauchsmaterialien wie Tarnungen oder Signalflaggen alle sind. Es ist doch recht unschön, wenn man plötzlich im Ranked als DD ohne Tarnung steht Obligatorischer WG-Ping: @Crysantos
  8. Hi, can somebody please check my math. I've noticed that with my Bismarck (it might not be true for all the ships) in a match of max 20 minutes there is simply not enough time to use all the "Spotting Aircraft" both I and II. ver I) Active 100s / Reload 360s / Charges 5 = (100*6) + (360x4) = 600 + 1440 = 2040s divided 60 = 34 minutes ver II) Active 100s / Reload 240 /Charges 6 = (100x6) + (240x5) = 600 + 1200 = 1800s divided 60 = 30 minutes So, if I am correct, what's the point to give so many charges? I haven't checked yet other consumables. Thanks
  9. I was thinking about Yamamoto and in which ship I should put it in. The Kraken perk is nice, but that won't happen too often, so I would decide the ship type related on the consumables. I would love him in a cv... but cv don't really have good consumables, so why not making some good and interesting ones? I have some ideas, maybe you guys, too, write it down here! Battle preparation: Reduces the preparation time of your aircrafts for x seconds (or y %). Fighter support: Activates the ability for fighters for x seconds to attack ships and disturbs the anti air defense. (Reducing aa dmg of an attacked ship, would work like a Fighter vs Fighter attack) Night strike: Lowers the detection range for x minutes. (There are no real night missions, but this could "simulate" it somehow, or just rename it to something different, the point is, I would love to move with my cv close the the bb'S giving more aa support and just be with my ship in the game, and not far away from any ship)
  10. 1. Im still grinding for des moines and cannot see what modules/consumables are possible to choose from: Which consumables are allowed to be swapped for something else in the current Des Moines build? - Anti Aircraft and/or ??? - Radar and/or ?? - Heal and/or ?? 2. Is there any changes expected to the Des Moines, with the release of the Worcester Tier X US Cruiser?
  11. dasCKD

    Team (doesn't) work

    Bottleship Report #004 - The teamwork sucks, and the game isn't helping. Before you ask, this isn't a rage thread provoked by a series of bad games. Since the changes made to tier 4 and 5 carriers as well as the breaking of the carrier control system beyond what it was before, I have been at a constant level of simmering rage that one day threatens to simmer its way through my skull. Crawling out from the smoldering hole in my head, it will claw its way to the closest piece of machinery, a primal force let loose upon the world. It will then rise up, a horrific chimera of the machinery of modern society and fated to destroy it. The rage personification shall rise up into the atmosphere, forming a second red moon. As the inhabitants of earth gathers around the eldritch nest, the rage and the machinery of war shall be melded into the core that only grows more resentful and more massive. Then, when the day of the prophesy dawns the egg will - I - umm... Where was I? Ah yes, teamwork. Teams & Divisions Spotting Consumable use Knowing when to use consumables, and when to save them. Intermission Linguistic barriers This is probably more of a problem that is restricted to Europe and Asia, but a problem it is. Function keys Spotting target marker Well, that was this week's Bottleship Report. Perhaps next week I'll talk about something less serious, like implementing missile cruisers and destroyers. Now that this is done, I can finally get back to playing World of Warships.
  12. Lucius_Ning

    Missing API

    Not sure it's the right place to post but as there is no developper forum for WoWs, I throw my message in a bottle here. I would like to create an offline ships database so that it's easy to make custom reports or queries. Unfortunately, the extracts available in the developper room (https://developers.wargaming.net/) do not offer the option to fetch consumables available by ship: -Hydro -Radar -Spotter plane -... Does anybody know if I can find it somewhere else?
  13. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked & answered before but I didn't find any thread with it... It always puzzled me why the "Flags" and "Consumables" you can freely take ON/OFF whilst "Camouflage" you can only destroy and not exchange... Any ideas guys? Leo "Apollo11"
  14. So, since I just had a game in the Belfast and musclememory royally [edited] me over again as I accidentally pressed the wrong button I'd like to use that frustration and vent constructively: As I had already pleaded the devs to consider back in this thread which resonated greatly with the players, when will Wargaming finally either unify the keybindings for consumables to avoid issues where consumables are bound to different keys on different ships, or allow players to rebind those keys to their own preferences? This is the most basic control/UI 101. Can we please, PLEASE (with cherry on top and a flirtations wink from Dasha) get this utterly unnecessary problem solved?
  15. B4zza

    Premium Shop

    This will upset some people and to them, if someone wasn't willing to spend some money on this game then the game wouldn't exist so please don't make this about P2W. Some people are willing to spend money on this game and that is their choice. Now that said what is up with the premium shop, it is very stale and has been for a very long time. Same bundle of flags, same rotating bundle of doubloons, permanent not so special specials. I used to enjoy looking at the shop and seeing something new, deciding if I should spent some cash on it. Now it is like looking at the same old website that hasn't changed. I don't get it when the business model is a free 2 play game with the option to spend money that you don't offer more or change the offering. The flag bundles don't change, you can't buy individual flags or consumables. You can't build your own bundles, like some flags, some doubloons, extra premium time and so on. Maybe getting better discount the more you spend. Offer a gift card service, my other half wanted to gift card me something from this game over Christmas but couldn't because she had no idea what I have in my account. In the end she made a voucher up for me and allowed me to get what I wanted instead of buying a gift card from your shop. Also why don't you offer a subscription based service with perks? Like subscribe to get premium time and be allowed to test sail a premium ships for a week once a month. If you buy it during this time you keep the exp if not you lose it all for that ship, try before you buy or get a top up of flags, consumables as a bonus for subscribing as an idea. What would you like to see in the shop?
  16. Hi all, Perhaps some of you missed this from the most excellent: "Some interesting info from RU" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__4640__pid__1548113#entry1548113 Also from Reddit: "Planned major nerf to smoke reload times and other consumables." And, last but not least: Leo "Apollo11"
  17. HMS_SideSwipe

    New suggestion since release of RN

    Maybe, just maybe a new way of thinking is required.... since the release of the RN cruisers with AP only shells, it got me thinking - What if; Before you go into battle ALL SHIPS had to choose either AP or HE as the ONLY ammo load out they could take - - NO MORE SWITCHING in battle just 1 type selected in port.
  18. The_Tyke

    Renewing consumables

    Little itch here that I need scratching. Battle ends, and you have consumables you have not needed to use. Why then are they renewed back in port? You pay only for the ammo you use, why not the same for them? Itch scratched, thanks for listening
  19. ... please delete this thread. I spent about 30 minutes writing it and when I hit post I lost 90% of the text for some reason. Sorry you had to click on the title for nothing >_>
  20. WhoopieMonster

    Smoke or Mirrored Glass?

    I've been play quite a few ranked battles. One of the things that stands out is how skilled destroyer players utilise their smoke consumable. I've just finished a game on land of fire and noticed how two well place smoke consumables at the gaps between A & B meant we could not detect a single vessel, but were under constant fire from DDs, CAs and BBs. My question is thus. Does smoke behave differently for friend and foe? If I lay smoke can my allies see through it or does it have the same obscuring effect? From my experience it seems to behave more like mirrored glass, where allies can see through it but enemies cannot. For clarities sake the consumable states "Generates a smoke screen behind the ship that reduces the risk of being detected by the enemy".
  21. superbibor

    Cleveland's Consumables

    After having played 30+ games with my trusty Omaha I finally got my hands on a Cleveland only to find out that launching the Catapult Fighter had completely changed from what I remember in the closed beta. Every game so far I've activated my Defensive fire when I really wanted to launch a plane I think it would be a lot easier if the "new" consumable (in the Cleveland's case the Defensive AA Fire or the Hydro acoustic Search) would be set to the next key. I know in the closed beta it was mapped properly being -T- for Catapult fighter and -Y- for the Defensive AA. Is there a reason for the switch or was it just a momentary laps of attention? Cheers
  22. HeXsteriA

    Purchasing Consumables

    Hi. When you hover over the consumable options it says that you can pay either in credits or gold. My question is how do you change the setting, which seems to be defaulted on buying with gold? Thanks.
  23. I've recolored the premium consumable icons, they're all golden now! I'm using this to identify the kind of consumables that I'm using on the different ships a lot faster, maybe it helps you as well! This is how it currently looks in-game, so you get an idea: DOWNLOAD ca. 30kb, direct download! Installation instructions: - extract goldpremconsumables04.zip to your \World_of_Warships\res_mods\\ folder - start the game and enjoy!
  24. HMS_Zulu

    Future Plans

    Hi guys so this is my first post and I want to make it a good one. I thought I would kick things off with new ideas for upcoming patches in the future; here are my ideas, but please share yours too! Game modes: At the moment there are only point and capture the flag based elements, but an Idea could be attack/defense on a port. This could be developed so that there are real players attacking a fort (port) which is either held by AI or other real players - this possibly creating a more exciting and wider range of attraction for the game. Another idea could be a simple thing like protecting or fighting for an island which contains an airstrip. Each team would have to have a carrier, this making it possible for each team to get some planes landing on it; this may sound a bit like ctf but even so it is something different. Nations: I don't really know which nations are going to be added in the future but can you guys just confer it? I think the Royal Navy is being added as well as the German Navy (kriegsmarine). If anybody knows anything else, please can they list it in the comments? Consumables: In this respect I know that there are auto consumables such as the battleship repair ability but will there be things like in world of tanks. Maybe a captain could be injured and you need a medical pack to heal him? Another idea could be for the boiler crews - tea and biscuits; again like WoT it increases speed and turning speed etc. I know that these ideas may already be out there, but if not I simply made this topic to be approved, ideas to be thrown about, and just generally for them to maybe be seen by the developers and actually added them in the game. Please post your comments, replies and other ideas below! Thanks, HMS_Zulu