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Found 11 results

  1. Wilkinson87

    New consumable for DDs

    Hello guys.I was thinking today about destroyers.Waning, this is an idea, so please leave your opinion here below.So, what if the DDs receives a consumable with a 2 time charge that provides a small amount of health regeneration field around the destroyer....Of cours need to be small with a bonus of each surrounding ships around the destroyer with a max limit of 3..if more ships in the area can reduce this health regen.Wonder how this will affect DDs team play.This is just an idea:)
  2. This is probably the 10th time in the past week that I died because the consumable key (T - smoke) is not reacting in time. Yes it was green (consumable not on cool down), but when I press it, the consumable icon just blinks. I had to press it 4 times !!!! (it blinked every time) before the smoke deployed, allowing enemy to delete me. Is this a known issue? I have had it in the past, but recently it is way more frequent.
  3. Cybernoodle

    P2W u went there, and died

    Consumables make the "game" pw2. I want my money back.
  4. Dragoniel

    A couple of bugs with "Repair Party"

    Battleship consumable "Repair Party": Does not heal the ship after activation sometimes (but does consume the charge and goes on coolown); If the captain has a talent "Superintendent" (+1 additional charge to all consumable mounted on a ship), Repair Party can only be activated once (or sometimes twice) per battle, despite still having 1-2 charges remaining. The picture displays the consumable as recharged and with charges remaining, but it doesn't react to keybinds or mouse clicks. I have encountered this on a tier IV Battleship "Wyoming". Sorry, no idea where to post bugs. Figured this was the most likely place. Haven't seen this reported before, unless I missed it.
  5. elblancogringo

    Smoke or Torp reload on Kagero/Yugumo?

    Hello fellow captains! I recently unlocked Kagero, and I love this amazing concealment and those hard-hitting torps. Since there recently was the smoke change, and because those ships have the better concealment ingame, I really wonder if it could be a viable option to mount torpedo reload instead of smoke on this ship (and Yugumo also because she also has an amazing concealment). What do you guys use?
  6. Tyrendian89

    Repair Party mechanics

    Greetings fellow captains, I can't for the life of me figure out what determines the amount of HP repaired by the Repair Party, or rather why it sometimes hardly repairs anything at all... Can someone enlighten me? Activating it only to see it repair a mere 200hp is rather frustrating at times...
  7. Hi everyone ! I have bought Atlanta, and i think this ship is under powered. I have discovered that all the tier VII ships have 3 consumables. Why Atlanta has only 2 ? Also, fire range is poor (11.1 km), and this ship is very weak. Do you plan to modify in new versions of the game these features ? Thanks !
  8. Hello fellow forum dwellers, Today I'm here to discuss the upcoming MGRB consumable and more importantly its implementation. Most of you know that I'm generally against gimmicky consumables, however I can accept their existance in cases where they actually elevate gameplay or improve upon ships in ways that are needed. One such example is TRB on destroyers which only have a single torpedo launcher, as the TRB practically gives them another launcher where there physically is none. I find that to be a somewaht elegant solution to a gameplay problem, as the TRB seems to have similar cooldown time to those torpedo tube reload times. I won't comment on radar right now, as that is a completely different can of worms. However, I think the Main Gun Reload Booster is a consumable that is uncalled for in the majority of cases. I can see it working out fine on Henri IV, as that ship was indeed in need of some sort of buff and perhaps a periodic sharp increase in firepower may be the way to buff it without overbuffing it, however, playing through the Charles Martel and Saint-Louis, I am firmly opposed to the projected reduction of rate of fire in order to fit the consumable. The thing is: the two aformentioned ships are mostly fine with their current sets of characteristics, especially firepower-wise. Messingwith them would very definitely fall into the "trying to fix something that ain't broke" category. I don't see the gameplay reason (the cynics amongst you who are about to say "but there's a monetary reason!", perhaps, but I'll still argue gameplay) for these two ships having their firepower messed with, and I don't see the point of the MGRB consumable that just seems to add one more layer of unnecessary complexity to ships are already somewhat complicated to exploit to their full potential. Maybe it has to do with me being a fan of good, oldschool simplicity in game mechanics, but to me the MGRB consumable seems largely superfluous, at least for "regular" ships. I can (perhaps) see it justified for Henri, but even then, a simple rate of fire buff would have been my choice. I understand that the game developers are thriving for nations to be specialised, and that in tanks the "thing" for the french has been mobility and high bursts of damage, so making it so for ships would be somewhat logical, but I'm really not sure (read: I really doubt) that adding one more gimmicky consumable is the way to do. Discuss please, maybe I'm not seeing something Cheers PS: One more thing: Having so far only looked at them on paper, I also find the idea dubious for Jean Bart and Le Terrible. I don't like the idea of depending on a consumable in terms of damage output in a DD for example.
  9. Commander_Cornflakes

    Consumable-Circles on the minimap

    Hello WG Is there a plan to add more options for the minimap to display circles around your ship that show the range of your consumables like radar and sonar, maybe even smoke radius? If not, do you plan it now after you read this question? (This is very important to me, because after the last update, the detection range in smoke is shown as 2km circle on the minimap which means, I can't estimate the 8.5km radar range with the 8.7 spotting range on my Belfast anymore, making it absolutely unplayable)
  10. Hi everyone ! I have bought Atlanta, and i think this ship is under powered. I have discovered that all the tier VII ships have 3 consumables. Why Atlanta has only 2 ? Also, fire range is poor (11.1 km), and this ship is very weak. Do you plan to modify in new versions of the game these features ? Thanks !
  11. Hi, Pretty simple, this one. I have 625 doubloons but don't want to spend them on camo's & consumables. I select the upgrade consumable and choose to pay in credits. I select re-supply and un-tick the in-game currency option. I do the same on camos (22.5k to pay for Type 5 on my Edinburgh). Every single time following a game it will remove all of the consumables and camo's. The only exception is the signal flags but I have stock of those. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? At first I thought I was forgetting to select it but i'm just not. The more I read the more I realise there are numerous, long standing known bugs in the game so this might be one of them. Thanks, Me.