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Found 17 results

  1. Hello. Most of you don't know me. It's fine, I have grown used to it. I just want to propose something quick that might make ranked a bit more tolerable for people. Right now, we have a start saving mechanic which I see both the benefits of and the problems with. On one hand, it allows for a player who plays exceptionally well on a team that does not do them justice to save a star. On the other hand, it promotes a certain kind of play that is not conducive to the health of the game. For a losing team, the carriers or Conquerors at the back of the map can keep stars because they can farm a lot of damage as the enemy team scrambles to kill them even if they did nothing but bloat up their team and allowed the members of the team more vital to victory to die first and therefore not save their star. If we took a poll though, I think that people on average perfer to at least have a chance to save a star compared to yoyoing constantly. I thought of a way to potentially fix this issue however. Instead of saving the star when you lose, you instead get two types of stars. If you are on the winning team you get a golden star as usual. If you are at the top of the team list in the winning team however, you get a gold star AND a white star. Now the white star is not going to allow you to go up ranks. You still need to get the same number of stars to rank out. It's just something you accumulate. Every time you win and top your team, you gain a white star which gets accumulated in one part of your statistics. Whenever you lose however, the entire team loses a star instead of having the person at the top save theirs. If you have a white star however, it becomes a sacrifice and gets expended in lieu of the gold star. Every time you win and come first, you accumulate the 'right' to keep your spot at your rank. On average, this would mean that the same amount of golden stars is being lost each match. In this system, those who play only to save the star at the detriment of their team will be heavily penalized as they will keep losing stars if they can't meaningfully contribute to their team's victory. Those who are shackled with bad teams as we all are occasionally will still be able to 'save' a star by burning through their excellent performance in other matches. With this system, those who parasitize off their team's infrequent victories by suffering few defeats will just end up sliding down the ranks. Those who perform exceptionally even on the willing team will be able to save their ranking. It also means that a person doesn't lose their rank just because they screwed up in one match and didn't make the XP for it on the losing team. Adjustments may need to be made. Maybe the first two members of the winning team get white stars. Maybe topping the team grants two white stars. The technicalities are unimportant, what is more important is that I believe that this is a system that will truly promote skill, benefit those who play for the team instead of just themselves, and ultimately make the game better for everyone.
  2. Can anyone explain this to me - why are cruisers able to kill BBs 1v1 so effortlessly on Conqueror????? This just happened in game - i saw Des Moines go in a narrow space, he did not see me. He was full HP, i was at about 80%. So i am thinking ok, this cruiser will die. What happened? He turned and started to run from me. Fair enough. And then we fire at each other. Difference is he is doing so much damage with every salvo while i do so little. My heal was on cd too. So that is how it ended - he killed me. I got him to about 20% he killed me. And what is so infuriating is that distance during all that was from 7 to 11 kms. Seems so absurd that cruiser can out damage BB so easy. And i simply had no chance, it was pure 1v1. This game is utter joke. Broken, just broken, looks like soon DDs will be outgunning BBs. Just stupid joke.
  3. Dear WoWs community, I've come to you to take a sip from your well of knowledge. It has taken me many Years, but soon I will unlock my first tier X and yes it will be a BB. I don't like other classes much, DD's are too hard for me so I will always stick to tier V and VI only not to be a burden in high tiers, Cruisers are a bit squashy so I think I will pass on them too and since I was always a bit large then big fat BB is just perfect for me. I do enjoy tier VII and VIII, Gneisenau and Bismarck those are my thing, then I do a battle or two in a tier IX just to get a few xp and go back to lower tiers. So I have a few questions for you here: Is it worth it to go for a tier X ? How does one deal with Conquerors, I see them every once in a while and they are just too bloody difficult for me to handle, my fear is that I will see even more of them as a tier X and I don't want to spend money for therapist to help me deal with this problem. I accept there is a choice of ammunition, but when I do push to help support my DD's I burn a lot and I burn fast, I imagine I will burn even faster at tier X :). I can't really cover behind islands, can I, my job is to soak up damage, but how does one do that when you have 4 fires and waiting for your repair party to come back online ? There must be a lot of torps flying around at this tier, but I've learnt how to deal with them so them torps should not be such big problem, but yet again tier X is a lot bigger and turning circles are getting wider so I might not be as prepared as I originally thought that I am. The last question will refer to HE and BB again, since there is a lot of ships with high velocity shells and accurate guns is actually a BB valid choice for tier X ? Or mobility, fast reload and accuracy is way more helpful for your team then a big fat stupid BB ? I will await anxiously for your advice and act accordingly, in the mean time I will go and have some fun in my Gneisenau :).
  4. Fonfalks


    I have a question for good Conqueror players, how do you utilize that ship in random, solo battles. I have tried a few battles in it now and i find that its is something of a glass canon. You can not really tank anything in it, even DD can shave of half of your HP while in smoke with ease, every BB will rip you a new one and cruisers will punish you very hard too. So is there really no other way but to sit 20ish km away from battle and snipe? I try to angle as much as i can, etc, but the damage it takes is just too much.
  5. Hey everyone! Last week, I got my 2nd T10: Worcester. Such an amazing ship, I love her so much. The thing is: I don't know what line I should grind next. I'm doubting between these ships: Montana (currently at T7 Colorado) Conqueror (currently at T7 King George V) Minotaur (currently at T8 Edinburgh) Harugumo (currently at T8 Akizuki) Gearing (currently at T8 Benson) Midway (currently at T7 Ranger) Here is a link to my stats page, so you guys can see what ship class I like most and what ship class I perform best in (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/). I like cruisers most, but I now own 2 T10 cruisers so I wanna try to get a BB, DD or CV next. Please answer the poll so I can see what you guys think of it :D. If there is another ship you think I should grind and didn't include it in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance, I'm really struggling on deciding :/ ~TheRedboss
  6. DuneDreamer

    Conqueror's AA problem

    I just experienced something I didn't believe was possible. I was playing with my conqueror in a game against Midway. The carrier was able to attack me twice with torpedo bombers and sink my ship while my conqueror was only able to down 1 plane at the very last moment. My AA defense rating was 93 and I've been using the AA Guns Modification 2 upgrade. How was that possible? Was that a problem with the ship, and if not, how can I fix it? Almost forgot to ask the second question or should I say two ... Is there a way to determine how many AA guns are destroyed or remain intact during play? Were my AA guns destroyed prior to the two Midway attacks?
  7. Hi guys! I bougth this one not long ago, but I am very unsuccessful with her. WR is bad, average damage is not so bad and I have few kills. I didn't reserch 457's yet. So may I ask some screenshots about your captain skills and ship upgrades? I insert mine.
  8. Bonjour tout le monde, Je dépose ici trois vidéos d'une série que j'ai mise en place pour commenter certaines stratégies, étrangetés de batailles et autres parties juste amusantes à regarder. La série continuera avec d'autres navires, dépendant de la matière que j'aurais moissonnée ou que d'autres joueurs m'auront envoyée. Bon visionnage à ceux et celles que ça intéresse. 1. Deux épisodes des mésaventures du Conqueror. Une bataille au nombre incongru, puis une autre avec une quasi destruction qui occasionne une vengeance - et dans ce cas, c'est un plat qui se mange... grillé :) 2. Deux épisodes modestes sur le cuirassé République, les deux premiers, où on se demande si les Lemmings sont aussi bêtes qu'on le dit, et où une autre bataille nous montre un mouvement en pinces assez fascinant. 3. Et tout nouveau tout chaud, deux épisodes de la série sur le Cuirassé MONTANA, où un joueur nommé N7Falcon nous montre sa maîtrise du Montana en bataillées classées dans deux cas où des erreurs peuvent entraîner des victoires :) A bientôt pour de nouvelles vidéos :) ... ou pas Starkadd :D
  9. Rokko1v

    yamato or conqueror?

    ahoy folks, quick question.. im about to grind a bb line and im torn between yamato and conqueror. i get mixed messages from youtube etc about how well they perform. i have fun with both lines tier 5 and 6 so far but effectively only really time to grind one out. what would you suggest as first tier x battleship?
  10. While trying to find at least something good about Republic that would justify playing her over other BBs I started thinking - my argument for Conqs heal being "completely fine" was that Conq has no armour compared to others AND lacks the HP, and I still think that it's fair that way. BUT now the Republic - exactly same lack of anything you could call armour, the same 32mm all over (on a much bigger target profile aswell), so you could say she's in the middle between Conq and other BBs. And yet, Republic has perfectly normal heal, as if that lack of armour meant nothing. I'm just not ok with that. Either armour (or rather lack of it) is a reason to improve the heal, in which case Republics one should be improved (not as far as Conqs, of course) or Conq gets its superheal just because it has less HP, and that one is a big no no - too strong of a compensation just for that little of a loss, and thus it should be reduced. Feel free to skip the rest of this What the heal should be instead? I'd say one of them needs it changed - but the destination probably can be identical for either one. Normal heal is 0.5% HP per s for 28s Superheal is 2% HP per s for 20s If we assume that SH indeed was a compensation for both - armour and health - you can scale those heals by simply doubling the % and taking off 4s for each of them (0.5*2*2 = 2% & 28-4-4 = 20s) This leaves a nice middle-ground of 0.5*2 = 1% & 28-4 = 24s heal. Of course, that's just a guess as to how that would look, game balance reasons would probably tweak that way off of what I got here, but one of them definitely needs to change
  11. Bracciofortebraccio

    Corazzate tier 10 (anche per ranked)

    Buongiorno, per chi usa le corazzate nelle ranked, quale tier 10 preferisce? Lo chiedo perchè sono al rank 10, e devo decidere quale corazzata acquistare (usando buona parte della mia free Xp): Yamato o Montana? Con inglesi e tedesche sono indietro, non le posso sbloccare. Con le francesi sono addirittura alla Courbet... Però se queste sono migliori delle statunitensi o giapponesi, ditemelo, che non spreco frre Xp e resto rank 10 a guardare gli altri che scalano la classifica...
  12. cro_pwr

    Conqueror citadel

    There's been what, 4-5 days since WG removed the unintentional bug that made Mongqueror easier to citadel. So, after that happened, I was eagerly awaiting for a new video from @wilkatis_LV to show us where to aim to reliably citadel him, as he did once in a past, but still didn't see one. Now, it really saddens me, because I'm always happy to learn something new from him, especially when it comes to Conqueror, or overall balance of the game. Sadly, Mods removed the parts of his posts where he called us r3tards etc, but context of his posts is still quite obvious I dare to say. Anyway, wilkatis, feel free to post another vid, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would enjoy seeing another one.
  13. What a stupid design! Underwater citadel = impossible to hit at ANY distance from ANY ship. Oh, sure someone got that one LUCKY hit, but it's LUCKY and nothing more!!!!!!!1 It's NOT reliable!!! Conquerors can sail flat broadside to everyone and NOT EVEN GIVE 2 EDIT ABOUT IT bcuz they will be NEVER PUNISHED!!!! FIX THIS EDIT ALREADY!!111!!!! How often have you seen posts like that? I have to say, I've seen far more of them than there should ever have existed. What's most mind blowing is that a lot (if not most) of people posting that seem to actually be quite a bit more skilled than your average potato. And yet - something that I see as so obvious - it has slipped right past them. So here you go fingers crossed it's the last example you will ever need for it Hopefully writing this for the last time - just learn where to aim. It's obvious, it's easy, and it's reliable. If my tier 8 BBs can do it, surely your 9s and 10s should have no problems. And for those who still didn't get it - yes, everything above the line was sarcasm.
  14. Here I have a list that needs nerfing/reworking and my suggestions on how: British battleships - Fire chance should be greatly reduced, their overpowered heal should be set to a heal that is marginally better than their counterparts, and on higher tier ships their AA should be reduced a little Cruisers - Increase rudder shift time, increase turning circle radius, decrease RoF with high explosive loaded Belfast - Remove Radar and smoke Flint - Remove radar and smoke All Battleships - increase accuracy, reduce the chance to be set on fire HE in general - reduce fire chance and decrease RoF Large guns (above 283mm) increase RoF and increase accuracy Until these changes or something similar is implemented, the Belfast, Flint and British battleships should be BANNED from Random and ranked battles
  15. So you are a, let's say, the now largely obsolete Montana and you meet a Conqueror in a situation that is mostly 1-on-1. You have your standard choice of AP loaded. You know you can't citadel this guy because the citadel is so low it might not even exist, the HE isn't going to be that great because Conqueror's super heal makes short work of any damage (especially fire) and she will out-HE you easily AND she has a better concealment to make things even more difficult and aiming AP at superstructure isn't going to be good enough either. Actually, scratch Montana. Let's take the same scenario with Yamato. What do you do? Can your AP keep up? Maybe you don't even have a chance against an equally skilled Conqueror player, but at least what is the best course of action here? HE? Or keep AP? Conqueror SUPPOSEDLY has the weakness of low overall armor making her "vulnerable" to increased HE direct damage, but I am not convinced it's a strong enough weakness when the fire DoT damage (that is supposed to be an integral part of dealing damage with HE) is so strongly mitigated by the super heal. (you can heal 100% of the fire damage and boy does Conqueror heal a lot)
  16. Mahlzeit Allerseits Zuerst mal die Quelle zum Übel Also ich weiß ja nicht, wie es euch geht, aber ich kann mich daran erinnern, diese Woche in diesem GC-Q&A gelesen zu haben, dass WG nicht mehr vor hat, Content kurzfristig vor Release nochmal zu ändern, um den CCTs aufzubürden, Falschinformationen zu streuen. DAS DA OBEN, finde ich, gelinde gesagt, nicht mal 1 Woche nach dem Graf Zeppelin-Desaster eine Frechheit und zeigt einfach mal wieder, dass eure Offiziellen einfach nur inhaltsloses Gewäsch von sich geben, dass dem wütenden Mob einfach nur nach der Schnauze labert, um ihn zu beschwichtigen. Da bringen Facebook-Gruppen, Pseudotests und Refunds absolut garnichts! Wenn ihr zu eurem Wort nicht steht, dann seid ihr ganz einfach Lügner und ich überlege einfach, ob das der richtige Geschäftspartner für mich ist! Was für mich dem Ganzen die Krone aufsetzt, ist nicht mal, dass die CCTs den "alten" Conqueror "beworben" haben, sondern dass ihr das unfertige Schiff Gamescon-Besuchern zum Spielen vorgesetzt habt und damit ebenso Werbung für eine unfertige Sache gemacht habt, die ihr später wieder ändert. Und sagt mir nicht, dass ihr das letzte Woche noch nicht gewusst habt! Dann lügt ihr grade wieder! Nur damit ihr meinen Hintergrund vielleicht versteht- es wird massiv die Werbetrommel für ein (zu) starkes Produkt gewirbelt und jetzt kommt der Ninjanerf vor Release. Ich gehe felsenfest davon aus, dass es wieder Leute gibt, die beim letzten 35 Free-XP/Duplone-Special Geld investiert haben, um schnell den Conqueror zu haben, weil sie sich etwas Starkes erhofft haben und die sind jetzt gelinde gesagt verarscht worden! Dass der Conqueror in seiner "beworbenen" Form untragbar fürs Balancing war, das steht hier nicht zur Diskussion. Aber wie das wieder im Vorfeld gemacht wurde, hat definitiv ein sehr intensives Gschmäckle! Vor allem da der alte Shitstorm immer noch eine kleine Duftnote in der Luft hinterlässt und ihr die selbe Scheiße gerade wieder abzieht! Ihr wollt es nicht lernen, oder? So, habe fertig! Und habe Hals (auch wenn ich keine Duplonen geopfert habe- mir ist diese elende Lügerei mittlerweile zu wider!!!) edit: Dass es vielleicht auch die Cheffität erreicht @dies_ari @Sehales @Crysantos
  17. Someone leaked this new armament setup for the Conqueror. Rumors are HMS Lion got smoke, too.