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Found 13 results

  1. LuckyTiti_warrior

    Connection impossible

    Bonjour, Il m'est impossible de me connecté! Je rentre comme d'habitude mes logs et mot de passe, mais rien se passe, je reste sur (voir image ci-dessous). 1. Bug constaté sur le support suivant : mise à jour 2. Bug constaté : En bataille ou dans le port Ni l'un, ni l'autre, n'arrivant même pas à me connecté 3. Type de bug : Connection impossible, je reste sur l'écran de connection 4. Répétition du bug Oui, même en relançant le PC... toujours impossible de se connecté. 5. Importance du bug : Très désagréable 6. Ajouter une image & une vidéo du bug en question Voir ci dessus Mon PC : Processor : IntelCore i5-7400 Memory : DDR4 12G Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 2GB LuckyTiti
  2. bataille628


    souci de connection avec identifiant et mot de passe donne par courriel ci joint capture qui peu m aider mentionne error connecting server incorrect email address or password vous remerciant pour une explication avec solution Cordialement
  3. newbeltane

    Server connection issues

    At the moment I can't connect to server for Round 2. All it says is technical issues and I have been disconnected from server. The Game Center says I have latest update and nothing else has changed since Round 1, which I played fine. Not sure what is going on and wondered if anyone else had same issues on EU server? BTW I am running integrity check so will see what that says. UPDATE: OK I ran the integrity check - didn't say anything was wrong and so I tried again and now I am connected! Not sure wqhat happened there.
  4. Xander_Harris

    Cannot connect to server or something else?

    For now the crashing issue seems to be solved, but the problem of connecting to the server still remains. At least if I am reading the problem right. You know the anchor icon with the blue whirly bit? That thing just keeps turning forever and I cannot load either port - which is where it usually hangs - or I cannot load into battle without restarting the game through hard reset from task manager. The game clearly finds a battle, but it just stops loading it on my client. To recap: -Game hangs on loading port or battle, completely, no amount of waiting seems to help -Occasionally this is also accompanied by the error message that I don't have right login credentials (which I do, since the game center client does approve them and they're remembered) Is there any way to force alternate connections or am I just screwed by my ISP and just have to hope the situation so to speak "unf***s itself"?
  5. AkaZecik

    Cannot connect to battle

    Hi, I have some problems with starting a battle. I can enter the Port but when I press the "Battle" button I can hear the sound but nothing else happens (no errors, no messages). Game doesn't let me join the queue and I can't upgrade ships/commander skills. My friend is having similiar issues, we can't join a division too. I also don't see his presence in 'contact' pannel. I have checked NA and EU forum for info but found nothing (only ingame errors or connection problems). I have activated "ALBANY" code a second before noticing this problem and I can see a new ship in my port now, so game is connected to server correctly. I have a possible reason: we tried to join a battle in division but game got stuck in queue (timer reached 5:30 and probably could reach more - game didn't disconnect us at 5:00) so we quit WoW. Problem described above showed right after this issue (first try was one hour after this overextended queue). Thanks for help in advance! Edit: sorry for wrong section. Please move this topic to correct one as soon as possible
  6. Askold76

    Terrible laggs

    Greetings I v got a terrible laggs during the game. "Normal" lagg in the game is 100, top lagg is about 387 getting stronger approaching to islands.So playing the game seems like watching different pictures in slow motion.I am from ithuania, playing on European server.
  7. duck_dodges

    Can't connect in the game

    when i press CONNECT after i put email/pass it starts loading but it never stops :/ Help plz
  8. gariter

    Can't Connect to EU in China

    So i'm in China i download the EU WOWs client i try to log in but it doesn't work some DNS IP thing i tried running express vpn before connecting still doesn't work Does anyone have any ideas on how i can connect to the EU server? Thanks in advance
  9. I never had problems with connection, ping, or fps in wow till today, but after this new patch, i get disconnected minimum of 2 times in every battle I played today. Co-op is so-so, but in random battles right from the start i was getting disconnected over and over. Even when sitting idle in port, some disconnects occured... right before the disconnection the game freezes and ping drops to -35... I didn´t change anything since yesterday, my internet works fine in other online games (I play through cable). I read old topics and some people wrote something similar, that after a certain patch they had conenction problems like this. Thanks.
  10. White_Shadow_09

    Problem with the server

    hello I just create my account in game but when i put me e-mail and the code always shows me this message .Also i can't connect in another server.
  11. When I start the game I get an error: "Unknown Error" I have no idea what the problem is.I'm certain my login credentials are valid since I tested them on the website.See attachment for example. I got in to the game one time, but when I clicked "Battle!" it disconnected me again. (see screenshot 2) also when I got back into the game it said my ship was in battle (screenshot 3) Thanks in advance for the reply. For all those intrested, I found the cause of the problem. It was my Kaspersky (Anti virus) that caused this error. I did try a few things: Add Exception Rule for the game to Kaspersky --> Not OK Disabled my Kaspersky --> Not OK Uninstalled my Kaspersky --> OK So the only thing that worked here was uninstalling my Anti virus software.. Gonna keep looking for solution in which I can run both the game and my Anti Virus. I hope this helps a few people now or in the future with the same issue.
  12. I'll try to provide as much information as I can, feel free to ask questions. THE PROBLEM: Playing on the EU server, I have experienced minor connection stutters and overall lag. During the Beta Weekend, I have played on the US server, and although my latency was higher I did not experience any kind of noticeable lag. This is what strikes me the most: I have experienced more lag on the current build while having a lower latency, than I had on a previous build with a latency twice as high. THE SYMPTOMS: Other player's ships and aircraft squadrons teleporting small distances at random intervals. No noticeable lag with my own ship; e.g. animation of cannons is fine. Does affect playability as it is a slight annoyance during combat (e.g. missing shots because the enemy's position was incorrect due to lag). FPS stable at 58-74, latency always around 30-40 ms. On the US server, I had a latency of 70-80 ms.
  13. Myasaki

    beug de Warship ?

    salut a tous ! avant la mise a jour de warship je tournais a 60 ms stable (conection a 1MO/s) maintenant c'est carement injouable ! mon navire s'arette; je suis redirige vers l’écran de conection ... bref ... c'est impossible a jouer ! si d'autres joueurs ont le meme souci que moi ou des reponses a ce souci merci d'avance ! ^-^/