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Found 10 results

  1. goodman14

    Canale YouTube di Goodman

    https://youtu.be/im1oGNwwcwY ho aperto da poco il mio canale youtube, date un occhiata al mio ultimo video e lasciate un mi piace se volete :)
  2. Having made the previous one and enjoyed making it; I decided to turn my compilations into a series; Don't expect them as frequently as this; but if you did enjoy them make sure and keep watching as I'm sure to make more ! Episode 1: Episode 2: Constructive criticism is highly appreciated; as these are my first two video editing attempts; in any case thanks for watching ! On a side note; I would totally be Up for commentaries; ship tutorials and stuff like that; if people want that sort of thing aswell I'm no unicum, but there are a fair few ships I could give decent reviews /tips for. Anybody want that kind of thing?
  3. Firstly I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right area, correct me if i am wrong. In the process of trying to make my third compilation for world of warships ( separate forum post here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/84855-my-world-of-warships-compilations-and-my-channel/#comment-1978067), But to be honest, not enough funny things happen in a short period of time for me to have enough clips for a full video, and as such, I'm looking for people who would be willing to send me replays/ clips that i can use in my videos. If you think you're okay with my current (and improving) editing style I'd be interested in taking your clips :of course credit will be shown in video also. As far as the kind of clips I'm looking for: torpedo wipe-outs, Massive citadels, detonations, torpedo dodging, any of those kinda things, anything that made you say "wow" or laugh at the time is what I'm looking for. So if anyone is interested please let me know by email here: poivideosoff@gmail.com. Include the clip/ replay and also info regarding where in the video any moments might be.
  4. Hopefully mildly entertaining WoWS video I made with my mates. At the end something crazy happens though :o
  5. Greetings fellow captains! Habe mich an einem Funny Moments Video zu WoWs versucht, da ich auch so schon mit anderen Leuten aufnehme. Außerdem sind dann die ganzen Replays endlich mal zu gebrauchen Ist zwar aktuell nur ein Video zu Warships aber weitere sind geplant. Hoffe euch gefällts! Man sieht sich auf den virtuellen Meeren! DrPatex
  6. Greetings fellow captains! Since I am already recording some other stuff with friends and also playing a lot WoWs lately I tried to record this game aswell (Those replays are finally useful for me ) It's only one video related to Warships but I am planning on creating more because of the good response so far. I hope you guys enjoy it like I did editing May the RNG be with you! DrPatex
  7. Everything about ranked battles, if you have something to say about it say it here.
  8. Ok, so this weekend's been pretty bad, feel free to share your absolute worst teams in this thread here, Pls do not rant excessivly at the bad players or you will probably get the thread locked.
  9. Hey Leute, meine erste Compilation. Natürlich Destroyer.