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Found 5 results

  1. Chaconine

    The Best T10 Cruiser?

    Since I so often get asked which Cruiser I think is the best one, I have compiled a video featuring both the play style and general strengths and weaknesses of all the T10 Cruisers, helping people decide what line they want to aim for. This one just like my T10 DD comparison has been very well received, so decided to share it here as well.
  2. arcyaxiom

    ship and module comparison

    (It could juat be that I have not found a way to do this yet so help is welcome) In world of tanks garage you can quite easily compare the stats of vehicles and modules by click them and it brings up a window which remains persistent, allowing you to view the stats in that window while you continue to browse your garage/tech tree comparing the information against other vehicle/module stats. In world of warships it seems you can only see information by hovering your cursor over and the information box is not persistent so you cannot make comparisons between various upgrades or ships, for example checking range, damage and r.o.f between two ships with 14 inch guns to see where they differ. With the limited ships and modules currently in game this isn't a huge issue but later on certainly it would be a great feature to have. p.s. it seems strange to have designed the whole interface including stats/profile and especially the end battle results from scratch considering how much of an improvement world of tanks has made over the years. Why has WoWS not simply taken that interface and adapted it? I gather they are separate development teams but doubling their efforts seems like wasted time and resources to me and leaves the players with a less enjoyable, less intuitive (coming from WoT to another Wargaming product to find it is quite different to navigate) and less functional interface in my opinion.
  3. Video comparing the Shokaku class carrier Zuikaku and the Yorktown class carrier Enterprise. Disclaimer: I made it. Notes on Accuracy & “Methodology”----------------(1) To put it simply, when it comes to data about WW2 ships everything seems to be a bit off. Many sources differ. I have like 3 different crew values for the USS Enterprise, basically every book, website and Wikipedia article has one or several different values.(2) Furthermore, thanks to various commenters on reddit and the paradox forums I know that this is very common. Just to give an example, take a look at this very well illustrated and sourced forum post: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/...(3) The same goes for articles (see sources: Wildenberg and the link).(4) So, I tried to use only one source for each value in order to keep the data as clean as possible, also I did some cross-referencing, but take everything with a grain of salt.(5) Mid 1942 is also the general “cut-off date”, thus proximity fuses, Japanese deck parks, etc. are not taken into account.(6) Values and equipment is from Mid 1942 or before. Zuikakus plane loadout is from the attack on Pearl Harbor, because she and the Shokaku were not present at the Battle of Miday.(7) Note that especially the AA loadout changed considerable several times, in the end the Zuikaku had 96 25mm AA barrels and the Enterprise was equipped with 40mm bofors.
  4. Chaconine

    The Best T10 Destroyer?

    I got tired of being asked which T10 DD I thought was the best, so I made a video featuring both the play style and general strengths and weaknesses of all the T10 DDs, helping people decide what line they want to aim for. People seemed to quite enjoy it and found it very helpful, so I decided to share it here as well.
  5. Ictogan

    Ship size comparisons

    I noticed the size comparisons that dseehafer has on the NA forums earlier today and thought I'd share them here(with his kind permission). Because there is apparently a limitation on how many images can be put into one post even when they are in spoilers, I'll put the images into a bunch of posts below.