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Found 77 results

  1. A proper commentary, not just a preview of the ship now that I have finally unlocked it.
  2. Even though the Lo Yang is quite similar to the Benson, it does have its own identity thanks to Hydro acoustic search consumable, and is ultimately quite a strong ship.
  3. The NC has truly earned a special place in my heart for how straight-forward the ship is. If you play it well you are very likely to be rewarded, if you misplay you get punished. Sounds simple, but actually mastering the strengths and weaknesses is another thing entirely!
  4. Russian DDs seem to be a hot topic on these forums, especially since the recent nerf. The Udaloi however is not as reliant on HE as most DDs, its powerful guns punching through armor with surprising ease.
  5. Hello, I don't post BB commentaries as often as I post DD/Cruiser ones, but considering I made a lower tier commentary to help newer players I figured I could share it here as well.
  6. This is a Premium Ship Preview, not really a final review as this ship is going to be changed a fair bit before release. Tbh the biggest issue this ship has right now is that she's T6, which means constant garbage MM. If you are willing to overlook that then it seems like a really fun prem. Change notes for this ship for live; o Increase rudder shift time from 19.2 to 17.9 (confusing, as the actual rudder shift is already lower, but these are WG notes) o Decrease loading time from 35 sec to 30 sec o Decrease turrets’ rotation rate from 3.3 dps to 3.8 dps (once again confusing, as they are increasing the turret rotation rate, but once again, WG notes are WG notes)
  7. My next low tier cruiser commentary features the Karlsruhe, a much discussed ship. It truly does have some glaring weaknesses as it attempts to transition the line from the Kolberg to the Königsberg, yet it is not purely composed of weaknesses, it does have its share of strengths as well.
  8. Chaconine

    The German Oddity - Yorck Commentary

    A much requested commentary on the T7 German Cruiser, The Yorck. This ship plays differently from much of the rest of line, instead of focusing on the strong AP the line is famous for, it instead relies almost entirely on HE damage.
  9. Chaconine

    Chapayev - Target & Terror Of T8

    Returning to the Chapayev for the first time since the release, showing you various ways the ship can be a huge threat, as well as showcasing various ways of survival at low hp, like full or partial line-of-sight covers, full range stealth firing or smoke firing. This game turned out to be a good example of just how much you can do with the ship even if you have no hp, as I got punished for overextending quite hard at the start.
  10. Chaconine

    Returning To The Ibuki In

    So many requests for a re-make of this commentary that I decided to include two fairly short games, trying to show off the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the ship, and how to work around them. As usual you can find my recommended build in the end.
  11. Realized I never got around to making a Fuso commentary, and seeing that it has been talked about a bit in this forum I might as well make a guide on that ship.
  12. Chaconine

    New Mexico - Still A Beast

    As my viewers have been requesting a Colorado commentary from me I'm working my way towards it on my alt, meanwhile I took a quick pit-stop at the NM to check out how it's faring these days.
  13. My take on the new RN cruiser. If this ship is released in its current state to the live version of the game then it has my absolute seal of recommendation. No weaknesses, multiple great strengths, this ship is a credit and XP monster. I don't easily call a ship overpowered, but it's hard to find any other way to describe it.
  14. Chaconine

    A Look At The Pensacola in 0.5.11

    A much requested commentary from me, featuring one of the most challenging cruisers, the Pensacola.
  15. The Shima was probably the ship changed the most in the recent patch, and as usual we have people proclaiming the sky is falling instead of adapting. Decided to reply to those claims with a commentary of my own.
  16. Chaconine

    Royal Navy T6: Leander

    This commentary ended up being more than just a commentary on the Leander, as I also end up ranting a fair bit about how unfinished the entire RN line feels, as well as bringing up the unfortunate bug that plagues the line. Example of other people reporting on the smoke bug I mention at ; http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/64468-bug-reports/page__st__20__pid__1379205#entry1379205
  17. A much requested commentary, so I tried to do the ship justice by picking a really nasty game. T10 ships and radar cruisers actively hunting me, all friendly DDs dying early, a real nightmare! As usual you can find my recommended build at the end.
  18. Chaconine

    Colorado - Slow But Dangerous

    A much requested ship on my channel, the Colorado is often overlooked and ignored, until you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of its broadsides. The ultimate USN brawler before moving on the North Carolina that features a completely different playstyle. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end. Since I happened to complete both the Nagato and Colorado lines without any large patches changing the meta substantially, I decided to post a comparison of my stats in both in random battles at . While I considered the Colorado and Nagato very equally matched during the more controlled gameplay of the last ranked season, it's clear that in the chaos of random battles the Nagato has a significant advantage and overall performs better. Well, in my opinion at least.
  19. Hey, haven't done a DD commentary in a while so decided to feature the Anshan, a very fun ship to play.
  20. Decided to cover both the upcoming T7 DDs, the Shiratsuyu in the "gunboat tree" and the Akatsuki in the "torpedo boat tree". Neither ship is bad, the Shiratsuyu especially is pretty damn great, but the way they have designed and placed these ships into the trees makes no god damn sense at all.
  21. Chaconine

    Kutuvoz - Yamato BBQ

    Realized it had been almost a year since I last covered this incredibly powerful premium ship. Got bombed through Def AA which was a bit annoying, but it was still a good game though and showed just how brutal the Kutuzov can be against BBs attempting to push into it. As usual you can find my recommended build at the end.
  22. Hey Guys! Just opening up my new Warships YouTube channel! World of Warships Gameplay with Epic Music. Will try out commentary as soon as i got a decent microphone. http://www.youtube.com/TheSnakerino Since Im just starting this channel every Feedback, Like, Comment and Subcription is very much appreciated! Thank you all very much! :) Your friendly Neighbourhood Snake ;) Hope you enjoy! ;)
  23. The new US BB Premium. It's no Texas, but luckily it's no Atlanta either! A solid ship that doesn't quite reach the potency of the New Mexico though. Some other youtubers spoke of a supposed accuracy advantage, I did not notice any such thing. The spread felt just like the NM.
  24. Tag zusammen, hatte neulich eine recht gute Runde in der Kongo. Zeitnah hab ich einen kleinen neuen Youtube Kanal entdeckt - Maggi's Zockerbude. Der Kanal steckt noch in den Kinderschuhen, verdient aber definitiv mehr Views und Abos. Am besten macht ihr euch selbst ein Bild. Würde mich freuen und jemand der viel Zeit und Mühe in einen neuen Kanal steckt verdient Unterstützung! Cheers
  25. Haven't posted a vid in this forum in a while, so decided to post one that was much requested, a low tier US DD one featuring the Nicholas.