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Found 4 results

  1. I would like to see a few more quick chat commands in the game like: - Look out for my torps (playername) - I am retreating - Lets push WEST/EAST/ ABC cap now - (player name) go left / go right - (player name) stop rushing pls added some from the reactions - I need to heal, cover me pls. - (target) is flooding shoot HE - (teammate) slow down/wait for me - Sorry - I need surveilance radar - Hold positions / wait for my mark - Defend this flank - Dont camp the island - We need to cap etc etc Reason: If you cant communicate all thats left is frustration or uncoordinated battle with little result. Anyone some more reasonable suggestions?
  2. Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong section - I've never really worked out where the suggestions should go since the actual suggestions section was removed :/ Secondly, I really, really do NOT want automated spamming of radio commands like we get in WoT. Ok, that said, I was thinking about how difficult it is to communicate in WG titles, because here on the EU server we speak many different languages. The standard radio commands are a bit limited frankly. Then I remembered the original Battlefield Vietnam (awesome game by the way) which featured a basic set of radio commands and then an expanded set and I really think that WoWS (and also WoT) could benefit from something like this. The premise was that once you enabled the expanded radio commands (via a tick box in the settings) pressing an "F" key would then give access to a subset of commands. E.g. pressing F6 and then F6 again would tell your crew to bail out of the vehicle. Sounds complicated (and to be honest some of them were but those ones were never used) but was generally really simple and you quickly learned the combination needed to say a certain command. Admittedly, this was slightly helped by the commands being displayed at the top of the screen, but then I figure that anyone who wanted to use these would learn them quickly enough in WoWS even if they are not always displayed. So how would it work in WoWS? I guess you could make them available once a player reached a certain rank (to stop complete newbies spamming them) then once you have unlocked them you just turn them on if you want to, just like in BFV. Yes, I know that trying to communicate to many players is a hopeless task (they may have chat off, may not be able to read, or may just not care) but that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. These are some initial thoughts: F1 Help screen F2 Smokescreen F1 - Requesting a smokescreen! F2 - Laying a smokescreen! F3 Designating target F4 Yes \ No F1 - Affirmative F2 - Negative! F5 Attacking! F1 - Attack their base! F2 - Attack area A F3 - Attack area B F4 - Attack area C F6 Defending! F1 - Defend our base! F2 - Defend area A F3 - Defend area B F4 - Defend area C F7 Requesting support! F1 - I need a Destroyer escort! F2 - I need Cruiser support! F3 - I need Battleship firepower! F4 - I need fighter cover! F8 SOS F9 I am spotted by F1 - An enemy ship has spotted me F2 - An enemy aircraft has spotted me F10 Torpedoes F1 - Torpedoes spotted! F2 - Launching torpedoes! F11 Chat F1 - Thank you F2 - That was a great battle! F3 - Good luck everyone F4 - $%*#@! So to request fight cover you would press F7 then F4. To advise that you have spotted torpedoes, you would press F10 then F1. Thinking about it, the F keys could be altered to make them closer, e.g. "Torpedoes spotted!" and "Launching torpedoes!" could be on F10 then F10 and F11 (to make it quicker and easier to use the commands). Thoughts? Thanks, krazypenguin Edit - added smokescreen suggestion thanks to ShockPirat
  3. I got into a Random Battle about 12:20 GMT 9 Jun, visuals, minimap and HUD all good, but my ship wouldn't respond to either my keyboard or my mouse. The HUD showed when I was pressing the WSAD, etc. keys, but the ship did nothing.
  4. Tatoosh

    Custom Key Assignments?

    Are you customizing the key assignments for various commands on your keyboard? As a newbie, I still don't know or understand how to use many of the key assignments I see in the settings menu. But I did just move my HP/AP/Torps artillery commands from 1/2/3 to z/x/c so it easier to switch without moving so far across the keyboard. (Just lost a destroyer while I was futzing around trying to switch to torpedoes.) I may have changed a couple of other commands without realizing it, since I see the LMB command in a couple of different places now on the key assignment menu. I hate to say that it took me awhile to figure out what LMB was. Initially I thought, Loose Bowel Movement, but that did not quite match up sequentially. Then the little Archimedes moment and I got it sorted out. I am thinking about dropping a few coins on custom game pad with assignable keys so I can really tighten up the amount of distance to various commands. But I need a few more weeks of getting sunk so I can become more aware of what I really need to access quickly. I'd love to hear what sort of changes you have made to key assignments for your game play in WoWS.